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Kangoku Gakuen 46

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 1, 2012 15:16 | Go to Kangoku Gakuen

-> RTS Page for Kangoku Gakuen 46

Reserved for Lazy Ass

Prison School Chapter 46

Page 01

The day her impudent body was discredited.
Chapter 46: Do as you please

Page 02

I'm terrible sorry for my screw up this time!
(The bowing Vice-Prez('s ass)!)
I'm willing to accept any form of punishment!

Page 03

You can't stop apologizing already. // Please stand up.
I can't... Not only couldn't I bring down the shitty Four-eyes
I also made you eat something that was laying around in the toilet...
Please punish me.
I told you it's fine already.

Page 04

I'm at fault too for leaving it to you.
(Underground Student Council Office)
Eh!! The shitty four-eyes broke the figurine?
Yes.. Just a bit more and we could have prolonged their sentence...
Mhm, but how did it turn out like this?
It's my responsibility!

Page 05

Please punish the stupid me!!
Please spank my butt
with this whip!!
Go ahead!!

Page 06

Hana... // This herb tea is really good.
Th- Thank you.
What does it consists of?
I put in lemon grass and hibiscus...
Could I get a refill?
S- Sure...
What's our next plan?

Page 07

This time...
I myself
will take command.

Page 08

I'm sorry...
for the troubles I have caused this time!!
What the Vice-Prez said is true...
Wanting that Kan'u figurine I helped in the break-out. No, actually...

Page 09

it was me who planned all this.
I'm sorry for not telling you until now!!
So it was true.
I knew something was suspicious when we got to know about Kiyoshi's break-out.
I should have taken the blame together with Kiyoshi-dono...

Page 10

Hey, what do we with him?
With this traitor.
We're... // not going to do anything. (*cough*)

Page 11

Because the USC didn't find about it... (*cough*)
Th- That's not the problem here.
Gakuto betrayed us.
If Kiyoshi hadn't helped me with my ant incident
I would have caused you guys a lot of trouble.
I'm in no position to blame Gakuto.
Tch.. What about you, Andre? You can't forgive him, right?

Page 12

I.. I also forgive Gakuto...
Are you guys insane!!
I mean, he broke his precious figurine
as to not cause any trouble for us.
He atoned enough with that.
Th- thanks.

Page 13

You're all just too naive!!
Gakuto and Kiyoshi share the same crime!!
While we were working, he was sitting in the toilet and playing with his figurine.
The figurine was in the toilet?
Yeah, but...
why do you know that, Shingo?

Page 14

Th- The USC said so!
Anyway, I won't forgive him!!
Did they really say that?
Lately Shingo is together with the Vice-Prez pretty often. // Maybe he heard it from her then?
All alone with the Vice-prez.... I'm so envious.

Page 15

(Underground Student Council Office)
Kuh... She won't forgive me even with punishment...
I was too naive to think she would forgive me if I was ready to accept any punishment.
Guess the Prez saw through me...
Actually, not giving punishment is a punishment in itself...

Page 16

J- Just Hana...
Ehm... This is from the Prez...
The... Prez?
This is....

Page 17

18th May (Wed) 15:30
left the scoop standing here!?
Ah.. I'm sorry, Vice-Prez!
Th- That was me!
Andre-dono really wants a punishment so bad.
Yeah, you can say that a-

Page 18

(Next time, the Vice-Prez isn't showing any ass or tits!?)

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