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Omamori Himari 58

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 13, 2012 21:36 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 58

Reserved for Vortex

Omamori Himari Chapter 58

Page 01

Chapter 58: Pure lips of the Cat Team
---Looks like it started.
A nether world dimension that nobody can enter or leave.
(Not bad loli snake)
Why do you interfere?
The nine-tails is our last hope in our fight against the humans.
Huh? You want to start some large scale war?
You can just avoid humans.

Page 02

No matter the outcome, at least survive it, Amakawa Yuuto.
Because I'll get pleeenty of my blood reward.
Looks like you're ready, Demon Slayers.
Shall I take you two on at once?
Oh my, what a funny joke.

Page 03

Chapter 58: Pure lips of the Cat Team

Page 04

If I borrow his strength
I'll end up destroying this world.
Oh my, oh my.

Page 05

....W H A T
Wh- // What?
I hurried after you and here I find you kissing in front of the enemy...
Ahaha, certainly!
What a thing to do in front of the guy you're going to fight!

Page 06

Page 07

...The barrier is up, isn't it?
(It blew up.)
I believe so...
Amakawa Yuuto! Kuzaki Rinko! What are you doing!?
Get going already!!
Eh, wait. I just got here.
(She called me by my proper name...)
They have the Class Rep in their hands!! You go save her!
Or actually, standing like a pole here will just be a hindrance to me!!
...Hey, wait.
Hold it. We made a promise! // That I would have your back!!

Page 08

Isn't this the moment to fulfil that promise!?
...As you are right now, it's impossible.
But I got your protective charm...
with my lips.

Page 09

Now go!!
I don't like it, but Kuesu is right. We have to save the Class Rep.
Please, Amakawa-kun.
Kuesu! Don't be reckless, you hear!
Promise me!!
You'll make it through this safe at all cost!!
Geez, Yuu-chan.

Page 10

Who do you think you're talking to?

Page 11

Are you sure about letting him go?
You're specialized on range attacks, so I plan to come at you in close combat.
....You wanted him to go, didn't you?
I'll entertain you to the fullest.
Sword Ghost Reproduction: "Caladbolg"
Wouldn't you say a death by the sword just like in the old times is fitting for you?

Page 12

Yuuto, Rinko... Be careful, nano...
The cat and the fox are currently in a heated battle.. nano.
Shizuka? Okay, got it.
...That's them, isn't it.
Surely. (What's that thing)
Oh, Young Master. You're alright.
(You're allergy is showing)
Yet another exposing outfit...
This is just great! I can fight without having to worry about my surroundings!
Well, stand back and watch me.

Page 13


Page 14

Please stand back, Nine-tails.
I'm their goal.....Go on.
Wh- What's with that strength...
Himari, you...
What are you here for, idiot?
Why are you here?
Shut up. I had to come help Himari since you're so unreliable.

Page 15

Kaya-chan, did you see a girl wearing glasses around here? (A human one)
Mh? Ah, you mean
...Yeah, her.
(She's riding a ray....)
Class Rep!!
She doesn't react to our calls at all. Besides I don't know her at all.
I was about to cut her down.
We'll handle her!
Right now, the nine-tails is completely ignoring us. // But seeing as she still attacks us means she acts independent.

Page 16

I see. If we make her regain her senses...
Yeah. Then the nine-tails would need to recast the control spell.
Well, why don't we catch her and give her a good smack on the head?
Before on the ferris wheel I brought back her senses. // I'm sure we can bring her back by addressing the depth of her heart.
I'm fine with whatever.... Here she comes.
Wawah. (Where are you touching...)

Page 17


Page 18

Class Rep!

Page 19

Snap out of it already!

Page 20

Wake up, Class Rep!!
What now? Can I do something with my "light ferry"?
No, it's too dangerous to use on the brain.
You finally pushed her down, what are you waiting for, idiot?

Page 21

You're so dull.
(^She can see everything within the illusion house)

Page 22

Where's the Class Rep!?.....
Damn kissing fiend---!!
In the end, it's a smack after all----!?

Page 23

...If even that didn't get you back, I'll use a nail-bat next.
You damn BL loving four-eyes!!
(uhn..) Who...
Who are you calling BL loving!?
Oh, she's back?
Class Rep!?
Class Rep... Yuu, are you really back?
Yeah... Rather than back, I actually remember vaguely...

Page 24

Who Tama-san is...
and what she did to me....
And also...
Wah! More importantly!
If we let them roam free like that, // they'll surely die in time.

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