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Kangoku Gakuen 51

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Nov 30, 2012 16:12 | Go to Kangoku Gakuen

-> RTS Page for Kangoku Gakuen 51

Reserved for Lazy Ass

Prison School Chapter 51

Page 01

(Not knowing that Andre broke out, Shingo is all lovey-dovey with Anzu in the park)
Aw, stop it~
Reflect on your action~
Such bliss.
...Actually isn't this going well?
Anymore than this...

Page 02

A k- kiss should be possible....
(Drooling over her soft lips)
Hah [all over]
Chapter 51: Talk to her

Page 03

What? Are you angry? You look really scary.
I... I'm not angry. Not for such a thing. Rather, I'm really happy...
Eh? Happy?
Ah, well...
Why do you make such a face when you're happy? (Just weird!)
I made it since you were pinching my cheeks!! (I have no clue)
Really? Then pinch mine too.

Page 04

...How's it?
Do I look scary?
H- Hey! Say something!

Page 05

Page 06

Ah~ I can't stand it anymore.
Hey, what are you doing!
Stop throwing sand. It's dangerous if it gets into the eyes.

Page 07

It's fine. He's at fault anyway.
Right. He just went ahead and played with a girl.
What's the problem with that.
Everything! We have a rule not to play with girls.
Well, he might be at fault to have broken the rule, but that doesn't justify throwing sand at him.
Shut it. It's a fight.
I told you to stop it!!

Page 08

Aww~~ Sorry for shouting...
But such bullying isn't manly, you know.
He's your friend, so forgive him...
Everyone makes a mistake at some point...

Page 09

You... what are you doing!?
Don't bully them!!

Page 10

Let's go, guys!!
Kids are so selfish.
But it turned to be alright. (Looks like they made up)
Not bad, Shingo.
You looked cool scolding them.

Page 11

Because it's a friend...

Page 12

forgive him... huh.....
Even though I didn't forgive them at all.

Page 13

Eh? What?
What's up?
I said it was an errand for the USC,
but actually, I...
I sold information of my friends to the USC,
so that I could get out in exchange.

Page 14

Everyone is working, but I alone am going to the game center and playing with you.
I'm the worst...

Page 15

Andre went outside the barricade.
That's a proper

Page 16

You baited him outside!
Oh? What are you talking about?
You saw it, didn't you? // Andre broke through the barricade by himself.
Sorry, guys..
After Kiyoshi's, this makes the 2nd break-out.
According to the contract, your period will be prolonged by 3 months.

Page 17

Sorry for bothering you with that story.
It's still a bit early, but I'm heading back to school.
I want to apologize to the others.
I don't want to become even worse.

Page 18

I'm sorry.. Shingo...
(He realized his own weakness and is about to say his farewell to her, when she suddenly starts to cry.)
(Next time, shocking development!! What's the reason for Anzu's tears...!?)

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