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Translations: Gintama 510 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 389

Akisame vs The Lance of the East


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 389

Kenichi 389

Page 01:

Battle 389 – Akisame vs ‘The Lance of the East’

Text: To go further than the expectations. That is the Koetsuji way.

Page 03:

East Knight: Kahaaah!

East Knight: I, one of the Three Lances of the Black Imperial Guard, ‘The Lance of the East’ shall face you!!

Page 04:

Left top box: Ahahahaha

Ma: W-Wait Mad Sword-chan!! Please be gentle!!

Izayoi: Ahahaha!!

Ma: Heeey, Akisame-don!! Could you give my right arm a little first aid?

Akisame: Don’t die, Kensei!

Page 05:

Ma: You cheap bastard!! Uhyaa!

Akisame: My hands are also a little full at the moment.

East: Nuaghhhh!!!

Page 06:

Akisame: You’re quite destructive.

Akisame: With the world as it is, you must have been given a name on the battlefield right?

East: Ryouzanpaku, you who keep your power hidden while living in seclusion.

East: Be happy, the world that can release that power,

East: Shall soon be here!!

Akisame: What!? …

Akisame: I have a few questions I’d like to ask about the ‘Setting Sun of Eternity’…

East: That’s unfortunate, since you have attacked this base you won’t be able to wait till that day comes…


Page 07:

East: Rasen Nagibaki Guruma!!

East: Even if you are Ryouzanpaku, being in front of my fearsome lance handling is not a wall that someone unarmed can overcome.

Page 08:

East: Your wonderful skills you have obtained throughout history shall simply go rotten during this world of tranquillity.

East: That is the pinnacle of stupidity!!

Akisame: …What a mad ideology.

East: No, the thing that has gone mad is this very world!!

Page 09:

East: What a fool, you plan to jump in towards me from the very tip of my lance?

East: I told you…

East: He disappeared!!

Akisame: You’ve got significant horsepower.

Page 10:

Akisame: I almost had to let go.

East: Ngghh!!

East: H-He grabbed on to my lance so easily!?

East: I-I can’t move it!?

East: Ngghhhh!!

Akisame: Mnng!!

Page 11:


Akisame: Got you.

East: Guoooghhhhh…

Page 12:

Akisame: Woah, it’s dangerous to stab opponents with a lance when they’re this close…

East: It is true that the Jujitsu you wield was designed for unarmed hand to hand combat against opponents that are armed with weapons like swords and lances.

East: So for us whose main weapon is our lances, it would be expected that in our Soujutsu we would have grappling technique…
TL Note: Soujutsu, lance techniques.


Page 13:

East: Soujutsu – Kawazu hagashi!!

East: Come!!

Page 14:

Akisame: That’s unfortunate, in my style, we have counter attacks,

Akisame: For your anti-grappling technique counter attacks~

East: What…

East: Nggaahhh!!

Page 15:

East: You- W-What did you do!?

Akisame: Try and hit me.

Akisame: Even if you hit me or miss me, we’re still giving you an invitation to Big Lock.

East: Uoooghhhh!!

Akisame: It’s true that Jujutsu’s joint and strangulation attacks are inferior in speed to those who are armed.

Akisame: However, it’s also quite difficult to throw someone who is wearing armor!

Akisame: So for times like that, Old Styles of Jujitsu thought out countless strikes!!

East: Strikes…things like punches?

East: You fool! My armour is a special make of a master armour maker in ‘Yami’!! How will punches pass through something bullets can’t even…

Page 16:

Akisame: Even if bullets won’t pass through it…

Akisame: The ‘vibrations’ will.

Akisame: Kouetsuji, Kodama Awase!!!!

Page 17:

Akisame: The vibrations from my right hand were immediately opposed with the vibrations from my left hand.

Akisame: Right now, your head should have been knocked against the walls of that tough helmet of yours.

Page 18

Akisame: This ‘tranquility’ was gained from the tears and blood poured by our ancestors.

Akisame: No matter what kind of reasoning you put behind your cause, I won’t let you take it away easily!

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