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Bloody Monday Last Season 31


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 7, 2013 12:33 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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File 31 Sacrifice

1 (85)
Kaname: Oh. // Maya-chan.

Storyteller: I heard you'd take care of "Falcon". // Did you finish him off?
Maya: No, it looks like he knew I was on to him. // It's unfortunate, but he's still alive.

Maya: Ah, well. // As I arrived here ahead of him, it shouldn't be a problem.

2 (86)
Maya: But // he'll come here for sure.

Maya: To defeat the "enemy" // of this country, right?

Maya: If that would happen, the safety of my client will be top priority. // I'll have to guarantee that I get my reward.

Storyteller: Don't worry. // As agreed, I prepared 1 ton of gold and platinum each.
Maya: Wonderful.

Maya: One just can't rely on money. // You never know when it'll become nothing more than worthless scraps of paper.

3 (87)

Maya: For the time being, I activated the safety device of the entrance of the observation floor. // That's a 10cm thick steel door.

Maya: He's not the type to open something by brute force.

Kaname: Isn't such an act meaningless against a electronic mastermind like him?
Maya: Maybe. // He's one troublesome kid. // But....

Hibiki (kloon): It would be better to kill him // before he reaches this place.

Maya: Don't underestimate "Falcon". // To him this whole tower is his weapon.

4 (88)
Maya: That's right. // Your other selves // are currently taking on your target.

Hibiki (kloon): Got it. // After I take care of "Falcon", // I'll resume my actual mission.

Storyteller: Creating agents using clone techniques, solely to protect the country, huh? // They exist to change this strange world and yet // they are pathetic creatures.

5 (89)
Maya: Are those really the words // of a man who raised his daughter to be his copy?

Kaname: Ah, Maya-chan. // It was not as bad as you say.

Kaname: I got to fall in love, // assist him to fulfill his dream // and even have children with the person I love. // I was really happy.

Maya: Hm..

Maya: Orihara Maya. // Being the mastermind behind the antigovernment terrorist organization, your mother left Japan. // You told me you were born in that place where she went into exile. // That's where you were trained to be an agent. // Do you really not bear a grudge against your mother?

6 (90)
Maya: Oh, well. // I guess the thrills of my life are also enjoyable in their own way. // Wandering from place to place, // changing my face . // All that's left of my original self are the contents // and this mole.

Storyteller: ..that's also why we're here. // To close the books on such lives.

Storyteller: As you are an agent who filled an important role, I'll give you Japanese citizenship and a history, // when this revolution is over.

7 (91)
Maya: Looks like I'll have to change my face again. // Maybe I should also make a career switch. // You surprise me.. Maybe I should just become a common salary man, however being a full time housewife could be interesting too.

Storyteller: Women // really are strong, right?

Maya: Yes, ever since the past // I never cared about men.

8 (92)
Hibiki: I won't run away. // If they come, I'll get them....!! // Fujimaru.... // I love you. // I love you so much. // I'll come back // No matter what!!

9 (93)

10 (94)

Mamiya: What.... // When did they get up there!? // A different route!? // From where did they..

Kanou: Alright. // Well done, Makimura.

Kanou: Too bad, Mamiya! // We have an extremely talented navigator on our side, who can see through the whole tower!!

11 (95)
Makimura: Mamiya-san. // This is the end.

Mamiya: Little kids should....

Kanou: Makimura!! // Don't lay a finger on him!

Kanou: Shut up and watch!!

Makimura: What....!? // What are you saying, Kanou-san!?

12 (96)
Kanou: I'm challenging you. // Mamiya.
Mamiya: You want to fight me fair and square. // Right?

Kanou: You and I. // We are both human beings who came this far with him.

Kanou: Our last confrontation will be 1 versus 1. // Let's settle // this here.

Mamiya: Ha. // You sure take it easy. // Do you take pity on me?

Kanou: I don't take pity on you. // If I'd let this be, you would've killed Makimura and because of his sacrifice I would've been able to kill you. // These are my terms of exchange.

Mamiya: Hm.

13 (97)
Mamiya: It might have been different if we were colleagues. // I, who has been on active duty all this time and kept improving // and you, who is weakened by working inside the office of "THIRD-i" most of the time. // You really think you can win against me?

Kanou: ....I'll never know, // if I don't try it.

Mamiya: You've become too soft. // Kanou....

Kanou: 3..

14 (98)
Kanou: 2

Makimura: Kanou-sa....

15 (99)

16 (100)

Mamiya: ......tch.

17 (101)
Kanou: You're right // It's over, Mamiya.

Kanou: That was // my method....

Kanou: What's up!? // I turned the tables on you, Mamiya!

18 (102)
Mamiya: Using a palm gun in the simulation fight. // That was quite a surprise.

Kanou: Your face tells me you think it was a dirty trick.

Kanou: But it's a battle strategy, right? // Because you fight me fair, // my percentage of wins is higher.

Mamiya: ....I just don't like it.
Kanou: Really!! // You're too innocent.

Kanou: Well, // I kinda like that // straightforwardness of yours.

19 (103)
Makimura: You did it, Kanou-san!

20 (104)
Kanou: Really.... I'm getting sick of this. // That guy and her. // For some reason, the people who worry the most about their country // are made to do such things by him....

Makimura: Kanou-san?
Kanou: Hm? // Aah.

Kanou: Let's settle this! // Let's go, Makimura!
Makimura: ....yes.
Kanou: Fujimaru.... // Be safe!!

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