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Doraemon 128

Mad Watch

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 14, 2013 20:35 | Go to Doraemon

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Translated on request of madman freak‎ (MADMAN SCANS)

1-2 (22-23)
Title: Mad Watch

Mama: Nag // nag // scold // grumble // grumble

Nobita: She really talks a lot.

Nobita: And she keeps repeating the same thing.

Nobita: It always feels like these moments last forever.

Nobita: Well, I think it'll be over soon.

Nobita: Time! // I have to use the toilet.

Nobita: How long did she scold me?
Doraemon: 15 minutes.

Nobita: What? So there's still 45 minutes left? Mama's scolding usually lasts an hour.

Nobita: I'm in trouble. Shizu-chan will be here any moment to play. // Help me.

3 (24)
Doraemon: In that case. // I'll do something.

Doraemon: "surprise time".

Doraemon: With this you can fasten or slow down the passage of time.
Box: multiply counter // slide switch, C--> Fasten, S--> slow down. // button, push - start, pull - stop, twist - go back to normal.

Doreamon: We'll set it on C.

Doraemon: Now 60 minutes will pass in 1 minute.

Nobita: I feel nothing special.
Doraemon: Well, the time is passing really fast in this room. // But we exist outside the flow of time.

4 (25)
Doreamon: Just look at the clock!
Nobita: The hand is moving really quickly!

Nobita: The TV too. // It's making me dizzy.

Nobita: It's already getting dark outside.
Doraemon: It's already evening.

Nobita: You're joking, right!!?

Nobita: Shizu-chan would come today!!
Doraemon: Don't worry. The time only passed in this room.

Doraemon: If we step outside, look, the sun is still up.

Doraemon: If you twist the button, you'll go back to the present time.

Mama: How long will you make me wait!!?
Nobita: Yes, yes, I'm coming.

5 (26)
Nobita: Well, please continue.

Mama: Putting it on 20 should be enough.

Nobita: It's like fast forwarding a video tape. // I have no clue what's she's saying.

Nobita: Is it over?

Nobita: Well, until next time.

Doraemon: That went good. // Can I have it back?
Nobita: Let me keep it for a bit. // It's really interesting.

Doreamon: It's not to be used carelessly!
Nobita: Don't be so serious.

6 (27)
SFX: click

Nobita: I slowed down the passage of time a 100 times in this room. // It'll take you about 2 or 3 hours to get outside.

Mama: I forgot to tell him something. // Nobi-chan!

Mama: What is.....

Nobita: Shizu-chan is late. // I'll go fetch her.

Car: Beep beep.

Nobita: Watch out, you dimwit!

SFX: click

7 (28)
Nobita: It's your own fault! // You shouldn't drive so fast on this road!
SFX: slow, slow

Nobita: You can go.
SFX: click

SFX: Vroom

Nobita: Hey, Shizu-chan!
Shizuka: Sorry, I'm a bit late.

Nobita: That's fine, that's fine, we have plenty of time.

Nobita: I'll get some tea and sweets.
Shizuka: Okay, take your time.

Nobita: Mama. // Mama!

8 (29)
Nobita: She's gone. // Maybe she went out to get some groceries?

Nobita: We're out of hot water.

Nobita: Well, that's fine.

Nobita: It'll be done in an instant.

Shizuka: What shall we play?
Nobita: What shall we do?

Nobito: We have more than enough time. // If we set our mind to it, it could feel like days or even months.

Shizuka: A card game?
Nobita: Only if we play Old Maid.

Shizuka: How about Othello?
Nobita: I never win that game.

Shizuka: Let's listen to a record.
Nobita: I only have Pin Pon Pan and Romper room.

9 (30)
Shizuka: I hate it to waste time doing nothing.
Nobita: Come, come.

Nobita: Let's just relax.
SFX: click

Nobita: Sitting like this together...... // It's nice to spend time together, right? // You know, I am surprised...., // just looking at your face......,

Nobita: is incredibly peaceful....., // feels like a dream......

Nobita: Eh? Did I fall asleep? // Sorry.

SFX: click

Nobita: Do you really have to go home? You only just came. // I'm really sorry.

10 (31)
Nobita: Ah.

Nobita: I forgot to turn the passage of time in this room back to normal.
SFX: click

Nobita: No, it's already dark outside!

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