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Smoky B.B. 14


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Oct 28, 2013 14:07 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Box: 2nd half of the 7th inning, 2 out.
Referee: Strike, batter out!!
Text: Betting everything on his revenge!!

Smokey B.B.

Enjiro: Now…come!

Enjiro: I challenge you, Mikami!!

Title: 14th inning Timing

Mikami: Hey, hey. Where did you get that energy!? // No matter how many times you try, the result will be the same.

Mikami: Without causing any drama or trouble. // Just quietly leave as the loser.

Author: Komiyama Kenta // Manga: Kawada Yuuya

Hayata: This guy is the wall who has stood between Benten and the Koshien until now.

Hayata: Right here and now, bring him down // Enjiro!

Tora: Don’t lose this time!!

Tora: Haimura!!



Komado: A hit…

Referee: Foul!
XXX: That was close!! He almost got his 3rd hit today…

Tora: It’s hard to grasp the timing, source and characteristics of Haimura’s throws. // Yet that guy brought him down at the first try.

Kitazato: What’s the most important thing to a batter!? // Ask this question to ten people and you’ll they’ll all give the same answer. // It’s timing!!

Kitazato: This is guy is blessed with a god-like timing.
Mikami: Next… I won’t miss.

Satou: Haimura… you’re like a frog in a pan of water. // Slowly being boiled. // You can only throw a straight pitch.

XXX: In short, it’s hard to hit, but with a single timing it’s not enough. // There’s no variety in speed!!

Hayata: Someone like Mikami can easily adjust to such a pitcher. // He’s a monster of timing!!

Enjiro: What should I do… // Should I try a slow ball!? // No, he’d notice right away.

Enjiro: How can I break his “timing”!? // How!?

Enjiro: Like this it would be…

Enjiro: It’s suicide!!

Enjiro: Damn…

Enjiro: Damn!!

Hayata: It’s over…

Hayata: Right in the middle!!

Hayata: He’ll hit it right in the stands.

Referee: Strike!!

Enjiro: What!? I just…

Mikami: What happened!?

Enjiro: What did I do!?

XXX: Did he throw a curve ball!? Did it make a subtle turn!?
Satou: No… it was a straight, just like before. // The speed and course didn’t change at all!!

Enjiro: …is it possible.

Satou: Bring him down with the next!! // I’m honestly happy he’s on our team.

Satou: I’m sorry, but I absolutely don’t want to pitch against him. // No matter how good you are, the gap of power between you and him will throw you into despair!! // In the end you’ll lose any ideas of what to do next.

Enjiro: Remember… // How did I throw it!?

Enjiro: Follow the thread of my memory… // THAT’s the only… // way to beat him.

Enjiro: Damn… I don’t get it… // I can only try // and pray!!

Enjiro: But… even if I somehow get it right…

Enjiro: Will this monster notice it!?

Enjiro: If I’m beaten, // I’ll just have to stand up again.

Tora: Baseball is a sport that allows to be redone!!

Enjiro: Go for it… // Don’t be scared, Enjiro!!

Enjiro: Do it one more time. // Don’t hesitate. // Don’t be afraid!!

Enjiro: To yself // To my opponent // A challenge!!

Enjiro: I’ll have to overcome myself!

Enjiro: Or I’ll never be able to overcome my opponent!!

Mikami: What!? // The bat…

Mikami: I can’t… feel it!!


Satou: Hey, Mikami! What happened? // How is it possible that pitch broke your bat!?

Mikami: Shut up! My bat gave in and I forgot to record TVK’s SAKUSAKU. Today’s really a horrible day.
Satou: This has nothing to do with Local TV!? // It was different, right!? That guy has some other hidden pitch prepared!?

T/N: Local TV = Kanagawa TV

Mikami: No, it was just a normal straight!! (Local!? how dare you…)
Satou: What!?

Mikami: Nothing changed about the pitch itself. // There is only one thing that changed.

Mikami: His “forefoot”… the one used to step in.

Mikami: That guy held back his full landing after stepping in to successfully alter his “timing”!! // Therefore he created a sort of stickiness to the landing // causing the ball to come later than expected.

Mikami: It’s a technique that only top-ranking pro players can use.

Satou: Seriously… at the last moment that guy…

Satou: He threw the same straight pitch, // but directed a change-up with his form!?

Satou: So they also have a monster!!

Komado: …I’m truly happy Enjiro came to Benten. // But even though he tries so hard, I… // …I am.

Komado: I’ll tell him the truth… // I don’t want to lie to him any longer.
Text: The smoky veil is clearing away!!

Smokey B.B. 14th inning / End

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