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Is a Zombie-Bitch considered a Bitch? 2

Zombitch, goes to a cafe.


-> RTS Page for Is a Zombie-Bitch considered a Bitch? 2

Reserved for VIScans

[] = box, narration or thoughts
"" = speech
// = split bubbles
() = small text, either outside or inside bubbles.
<> = sfx (if I tl it)

Line break = different panel. Bubbles in the middle might belong to either panel on my whim.

---page 45---

[] Nikaidou Sakina is a very common // female high school student,

[] except for one point...
[] This is bad...
Chapter 2: Zombitch, goes to a cafe.

[] If I don't think of ecchi things...
[] I'll die...!
() Heart Rate

[] That's right-- // if Sakina doesn't excite herself with erotic delusions to keep her heart beating, her body will decompose.
[] A bitch on top of being a zombie-- She's a Zombitch.
() Heart Rate
() Display gauge of Sakina's Heart Beat Rate.
If the gauge is empty, it means her heart stops beating.

---page 46---

[] I can't believe that my heart would act up...
[] in such a place... <Cafe>
T/N: <Cafe> is alternate text for 'such a place' (Do the same like for furi)

[] If I don't think of ecchi things before I die...
"" Sorry for the wait, Customer... // Is there anything else I may help you with?

"" Is this a takeaway?

[] Are...

---page 47---

[] Are you asking if
() Heart Rate
"" My house is right over there, and you can rest soon.
"" Are we really only going to rest?
[] When her heart is in a dangerous condition, in order-- // to keep her heart beating, Sakina's defensive instinct kicks in and she unconsciously put all sorts of situations through her ero-filter.
[] you can take me home--?!

[] Wh-wh-what's with that all of a sudden?! I... // I'm not such an easy girl!!
[] I decided that my first time will be with Koharu...

[] No...I'll die if I can't get excited here... and I can't even be ecchi with Koharu
[] if I don't even see him another time...

"" What's the matter?
"" ~~~Ugh!

---page 48---

"" I-I would like the takeaway...
"" Can you do it right away...?!

[] It's because I have to keep my heart beating... that's why I don't have a choice...!

"" Understood. // Here's the bill
() Contents of the play
70min 10,000yen
100min 13,000yen
off sh-
[] Bill?! <Contents of the play>
T/N: <Contents of the play> is alternate text for "Bill"

[] You were the one who invited me right?! Do as you like!
""'s my first time so...I'll leave it up to you.
[] First store visit?
"" Is that so...then,

---page 49---

"" how about frappuccino?
[] Is fe*la fine?!
"" How about a hot espresso coming right up?
() Heart Rate

[] Is that fine? Rather, hearing it makes me troubled!
"" W...well that's fine too! I'll leave it up to you!
"" Understood.

"" How about the size?
"" We have short and tall...

[] ...The- // the size...?!

---page 50---

[] That part's size...?!
"" You can choose which one you prefer, my girl.
[] Wh-what's with the short and tall?! Rather than being trendy, it's conversely vulgar instead!
() Heart Rate
T/N: it's covered by sfx though.

"" Th-th-th-th-that's impossible! Having the tall one suddenly is impossible!
"" SO you'll have the small size. Understood.

"" We'll prepare your order, please proceed to the counter over there and wait.
[] Counter

[] Asking me to wait here... // Exactly what do you want...?!

---page 51---

[] Wh-what?!
[] What's that sound?!
[] What's going on?!

[] Wait...his words at that time...
"" We'll prepare your order...
[] and that sound of flowing water...
[] His gaze! That hand position! I can't be mistaken...!

[] He's washing the area! <preparing>
T/N: <preparing> is the alternate text for "washing the area"
"" Just a little longer, honey...(*insert star shape*)
[] How meticulous that cool face is!
() In reality, it's just the sound of brewing coffee.

[] In other words, soon, he will...

---page 52---

[] come out from this counter when he's finished preparing!
"" I've kept you waiting, my girl. // Honey Milk Latte is served (*insert star shape*)
() Heart Rate
[] He must be planning to unleash his very black libido hidden behind that sweet mask!

"" Thanks for waiting.
[] It's here---!!

---page 53---

"" Eh...erm, // this is...?
"" ?

"" It's frappuccino...
"" Fra...?! // Rather than that, right now... what you want to...
"" ? Like I asked, I prepared it according to whether you wanted to takeaway or to consume it in the store...
"" ...?

[] Eh...?! way! At that time,
"" Is this a takeaway?
[] that "takeaway" had...

---page 54---

[] no sexual meaning--?!

[] When her heart beat rate stabilizes, // her defensive instinct releases her from forcefully deluding herself.
[] Sakina who regains her composure at this time--
[] realizes that she had made such a vulgar misunderstanding--

"" I-I-I-I'm sorry!
"" C-customer?!

[] Ahhhh I can't go to that store again!
[] That event's only saving grace is that Koharu was not there-- // That was what Sakina thought--

---page 55---

---page 56---

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