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Translations: One Piece 761 by cnet128 , Bleach 597 (2)

One Piece 553

Conflict at the Summit

+ posted by strikertp as translation on Aug 6, 2009 17:33 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 553

Page 2:
~It's a tsunami!
DFlamingo- What Power~~!
A legendary pirate indeed!! Fufufu!
Dj- Ahhhh~~~!

Page 3:
Aokiji- "Ice Age"!!!

Page 4:
WB- Aokiji....
You little rascal...!!!

Page 5:
Marines: Uwa
--- It stopped...!!!
Gyaaaa---- Gyaaaa----
Aokiji-"Partisan"!!! (en:<- no idea)

Page 6:
Aokiji- arara (en: essentially "whoops")

Page 7:
~The whole entire bay is frozen!!
The movement of our boats has been completely stopped
~Bombard them!!!
Destroy the Moby Dick!!!
~Time to go
A good foothold has been made
Let's show them our strength!!!

Page 8:
~The Captains are out!!! Don't stop the bombardment!!!!

Page 9:
~Guhyahyahyahyahyahya!! A frozen ocean fires me up!!
My passion was getting to a point where it was unbearable!!!
Drive'em back!!!
It's the Naval HQ's - (this continued on the next page)

Page 10:
~It won't go that easy!!!
Vice Admirals!!!

Page 11:
~ You don't ever see Vice Admiral's line up like this gagagaga!!!
It's just like the "Buster Call"
Vice Admiral ?- Otsuru san you stay back!!
Otsuru: Don't say anything that cheeky, little fledgling
~Send the ships towards the iceburg!!!
Otsuru: Even if I retreated to the ends of the ocean
There's not a single place safe left in the entire world
Sengoku: At last...

Page 12:
Sengoku: It has finally begun....!!!
DF: Fufufu What are you actually gonna do it?
Mihawk: I'm just going to measure... so I can see it with my own eyes
the difference in actual strength between that man and I...

Page 13:
~: "Hawkeye"!!!

Page 14:
J: Uooohh~~!!!
~He stopped it!!!
The world's strongest slash!!!
~Third Squad Captain!!!
"Diamond" Jose

Page 15:
Kizaru: "Yasakatatanomagatama"
~Kizaru is coming!!
WB: Hey hey...
That's kinda bright...
~He stopped the admiral's attack!!!
What!? There's a swirl of blue flame...!!!

Page 16:
~ First Squad Captain!!!
Marco: You can't take the "king" on your first turn.
Kizaru: How scary....
"The White Beard Pirates"

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#1. by strina (初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner)
Posted on Aug 6, 2009
page 1 ????????

thanks for traslation
#2. by v3g374 (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 6, 2009
Thank you!
Page 15: Kizaru kita!!! /~Kizaru is here!!/ This is past tense or not?

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