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I'm Kagome 2

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Nov 18, 2009 00:14 | Go to I'm Kagome

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For Rurouni Scanlation Productions



Man: The nekomata woman? What’s that?

[T/N: Nekomata - A mythical two tailed cat]

Woman: A woman possessed by a cat…

Text: Chapter 2 - Running Kagome

Woman: She runs through the freeway on all fours, at 100 kilometres an hour. // Her mouth goes all the way up to her ears and she runs beside cars shouting “I saw you!”

Man: Haha! You hear a lot of urban legends like that.

Woman: But I’m scared!

Man: How cute. / I’m here, so there’s no reason to be afraid. // Hmm? What’s wrong?


Couple: There she is!!

Text: Chapter 2 - Running Kagome


Box: One hour ago

Man 1: Hey, close that curtain. / We might be seen by the kidnapper.

Man 2: Security is ready.

Man 1: Alright.


Man 1: Let’s review the situation while we wait for the kidnapper to make contact.

Man 2: The 5 year old victim Rika is the only daughter of Kenjiro Honma, a 41 year old company manager and owner of this house. // Around the time that the incident took place, it is believed that a thief broke into the house.

Man 1: Where were her parents?

Man 2: Mr. Honma was at work, while his wife Miyako accompanied him as company director. // Rie should have been at nursery, but was sleeping at home because she had a cold.

Man 1: Was she alone?

Man 2: No, the housekeeper was at home. // It seems that the perpetrator broke in while the housekeeper was out shopping.

Man 1: He got in by breaking the glass…


Man 1: When the housekeeper got back from shopping, she found this

Paper: I’ve kidnapped your daughter. Have 1 billion yen ready and wait for my phone call.

Man 2: He seems to be well aware of their situation…

Man 1: The housekeeper contacted Mr. Honma and the parents reported the incident to the police when they returned home.

Kagome: I’m sorry! // It’s my fault! I…

Man 2: That won’t make any difference now. Leave the rest to the police…


Kagome: No, it is my fault. // There’s another thing I want to ask you.

Man: Hmm? // Blood?

Honma: It’s Lucky’s blood.

Text 1: The cat Rika loved.

Text 2: It must have been the kidnapper…

Kagome: Then where is its body? // Eh? I’m sure that earlier…


Kagome: Letting my employer’s child get kidnapped was a terrible failure… // It’ll be bad for the guardians’ reputation. // Lucky, you poor cat! / You were trying to protect your owner…

Text: and you got killed.

Kagome: I’m going to save Rika. // Help me. // The spirit of the cat which has died with regrets / come out from your cage.


Kagome: Possess me // and take me to the person who killed you!

Man: Hey! What are you doing on top of the roof?


Man 1: Whoa!

Man 2: What was that?


Woman: But I’m scared!

Man: How cute.

Woman: Ah…

Man: What’s wrong?

Couple: There she is!


Kagome: I’m close! // Very close!


Kagome: Almost there! // Over there…?


Kagome: Give me back my kitten!

Man: Who… // are you?!


Kagome: I’ve come to pick you up, Rika. Let’s go home together.

Rika: Noooo! Don’t come near me!

Kagome: Ah

Rika: I’m scared! // Mama!

In panel:
Don’t come near me!
I’m scared!
Don’t come near me!


Man 1: The perpetrators were badly injured, but they survived. // They were originally employed by Mr. Honma, but were sacked because of their bad attitude to work. / They were motivated by money and resentment. // Rika returned home safe and sound.

Man 2: What happened to the housekeeper then?

Man 1: Well…about that…

Man 2: Hurry up and say it!

Man 1: I don’t know anything. / Even the recruitment agency she worked for had no recollection of her.

Man 2: What?


Man 1: What are you saying? Who is she then?

Man 2: Who knows…

Kagome: Goodbye, Rika. / I won’t be able to see you anymore…


Kagome: That girl got kidnapped… // and saw frightening things… // I’m a failure as a guardian.

Kagome, Kagome
When will the caged bird be free?

[T/N: This is an extract from a Japanese children’s rhyme called “Kagome, Kagome”]

Kagome: I still need more training.

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#1. by DelGrecco (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 19, 2009
Thank you again for all of your hard work, I will start working on this very soon.

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