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Whistle! 120


+ posted by Zwivix as translation on Oct 23, 2007 17:06 | Go to Whistle!

-> RTS Page for Whistle! 120

Proof Reading RAWS Here
Chapter 120- Who Will Control Midfield?

--Page 1--

[Text: Stage.120]

[Text: Who Will Control Midfield?]

--Page 2--

[sFX: *Booom*]

Akira[Thought]: Heh! not bad B guys. // If they don't play near our level. It'll be

hard to find a chance to show off after all.

Akira[Thought]: Just one mark.

[sFX: *Glance*]

Akira[Thought]: Two marks. // Another one behind.

--Page 3--

Akira: This is a fight for a spot on the squad. The no.10 spot doesn't need to

people. // My opponent is...

Tatsuya: !

[side: ...You! // Tatsuya!!]

[side: How will you play it? Let's find out.]

--Page 4--

[sFX: *Shoom*]

[sFX: *spin*]

--Page 5--

Group B player: Gosuke stay back!!

Eishi[Thought]: He's holding his own against three of them. // He protects the ball

as well as I do, I see...

Sho[Thought]: Even though they're in Group B they're good enough to make the Select

Team. // Tatsuya is incredible.

[sFX: *Vish*]

[sFX: *Boom*]

--Page 6--

[sFX: *Vooosh*]

Group B Players: Oh no...

--Page 7--

[sFX: *Thooom*]

[sFX: *Fooom*]

[sFX: *Swaat*]

--Page 8--

Coach: Nice save by the keeper.

[sFX: *Thump*]

Coach: Corner Kick!

Group A player: Akira!

[sFX: *Slap*]

[side: I will never lose to you never!]


Coach: He's taking the shot!!

--Page 9--

Coach: But it was cleared.

[sFX: *Boom*]

[side: Not many sigh lines on the goal from this angle.]

[side: All right!]

--Page 10 & 11--

[sFX: *Fooom*]

[sFX: *Thooomp*]

--Page 12--

[sFX: *Fwaap*]

Coach: Nice clearnace, defender!!

Eishi: Tsk.

Tatsuya[Thought]: Accurate, ruthless, and efficient. / He always tries for the high

probability shot. // But becasue of that, he's easy to read.

Coach: The cleared ball is heading for...

--Page 13--

Coach: Tatsuya!! / A has the ball and B is covering the goal!

[side: But...]

[side: ...In my case...

--Page 14--

Tatsuya: !

Tatsuya: Sho?!

[side: As always he senses where the ball is going.]

--Page 15--

[side: He's blocking the line, predicting that I'd kick to the left.]

[side: He's playing with confidence.]

[side: But..]

Sho: Huh?!

Coach & Select players: Ahh!

Eishi: !

--Page 16--

Sho: Wha...

[sFX: *Booom*]

--Page 17--

Eishi: A rabona*!!

* A unique kick often used by South American players.

--Page 18--

Seiji: Oof.

[sFX: *Bip*]

[sFX: *Fwishhhh*]

Coach: Goal!

Seiji: Phew.

Eishi[Thought]: A useless move in the long run. // It's meaning less to flash if

you go to your left all the time.

Tatsuya[Thought]: Feeling good today. I'm in the zone.

Coach: Tatsuya!

--Page 19--

Coach: Switch! // It's time for a sub!

Tatsuya[Thought]: A sub?! for me...? // Does he mean to pick Eishi over me?

Eishi: ...

Sho: Tatsuya... was replaced...

Akira[Thought]: He should've gone to the outside right just now. // You were show

boating Tatsuya.

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#1. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Oct 24, 2007
#2. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Oct 24, 2007
Thank u zwiv for the trans! :amuse

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