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  1. Hangout Shingeki no Kyojin Hangout Thread
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  5. Discussion Fantasy in Shingeki no Kyojin
  6. Art The art of Shingeki no Kyojin
  7. Discussion The Titans thread
  8. Theory The current community behind the walls is not the only one
  9. Discussion Society in Shingeki no Kyoujin and the manner it represents our world.
  10. Eren Jaeger Discussion thread
  11. Favorites What do you like about Shingeki no Kyoujin, and what convinced you that it's worth reading?
  12. Info Shingeki no Kyojin Info Thread
  13. Hangout Which branch or the military would you have joined? Would you have joined at all?
  14. Discussion 3D gear battle system
  15. Predictions About Annie
  16. Art Shingeki no Kyojin manga color
  17. Discussion The Cannon thread
  18. Discussion "What can be more important than preventing total annihilation of the human race?"
  19. Question The Ape Titan (aka Big Foot)
  20. Theory Armored and Colossal Titan.
  21. Discussion Important translation difference between official English volumes and scanlations
  22. Anime Shingeki no Kyojin Anime Discussion
  23. Art Shingeki no Kyojin FanArt Thread
  24. Discussion Attack on Stress - Overcoming Your Titans With Optimism
  25. Discussion Isayama playing with Panels (Manga readers only due to Spoilers)
  26. Discussion Incoming popularity
  27. Theory Titans, Their Origin, and Their Purpose.
  28. Annie vs Mikasa
  29. Theory Time Leap
  30. Discussion Renier and Berthold's Village
  31. Discussion Why did Annie kill the two titans held by the Recon Corps !?
  32. Engrish Name Fixes
  33. Discussion Thinking About Making an Infographic on Shingeki no Kyojin
  34. Theory As a titan shifter loses their mind they merge into the titan (proof)
  35. Discussion All these Theories are killing me !
  36. Discussion Language(s) in the Titan World
  37. Discussion Compilation of the true history and facts about giants
  38. Discussion Hanji Zoe's Gender (Beware of spoilers)
  39. Discussion Greek and Norse Mythology: hints at SnK's plot?
  40. Theory The Titan serum
  41. Ymir's decision and background
  42. Discussion Did anyone else notice these Titans?
  43. Discussion Timeline of Humanity vs Titans and Questions
  44. Discussion Damn alot of stuff was revealed in chapter 47
  45. Discussion Who is the dead one? /Manga Spoiler.
  46. Grisha Jaegar Discussion/Theories
  47. Discussion Shingeki no Kyojin online video game!
  48. Discussion information and assumptions to consider...
  49. Theory These two titans look a lot like... [Manga spoilers]
  50. Theory Parallel Realities
  51. The Small, Double-Edged Blade of Loyalty - Mikasa Ackerman
  52. Theory Mikasa is a titan shifter
  53. Theory A theory on Titans in the Walls
  54. Theory Second ongoing Shingeki no Kyojin manga series
  55. Discussion communication devices
  56. Discussion Responsibilities and Beliefs (SnK Theme)
  57. Predictions Mikasa and Rivaille
  58. Theory About Petra - Contains Spoilers
  59. Theory Potential Story Leak - Beware of Spoilers.
  60. Discussion To you in 2000 years
  61. Theory Connie's Village
  62. Discussion Annie's, Reiner's and Berthold's 'Homeland' Beyond the Walls (Manga Readers Only)
  63. Discussion The Reason Reiner need Historia
  64. Discussion Pilot/Chapter 0 - Summary, Discussion, Comparison
  65. Theory Possible connections between Ymir and Ilse (Do not read if you have not caught up to chapter 48)
  66. Theory Titan that fight elite group at the very first of chapter 1.
  67. Discussion Ending Spoilers (Winged beings, War in the inner district)
  68. Theory Christa the Valkyrie?
  69. Discussion How come Ymir didn't age for 60 years while in her Titan form?
  70. Discussion Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall
  71. Discussion [Spoilers] Incoming Timeskip?
  72. Question Levi spin off?
  73. Question Could this work against the titans?
  74. Discussion The concept of 'Warrior' in Shingeki no Kyojin
  75. Favorites Top 10 favorite characters
  76. Theory (MANGA SPOILERS) Theory: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  77. Discussion I don't understand Reiner's and Berthold's way of doing things
  78. Discussion I don't understand this....
  79. Favorites Reiner and Irwin are officially the two most badass characters of the manga.
  80. Discussion Utgard Timeline
  81. Discussion Krista's Death Wish
  82. Theory Just an other theory!
  83. Discussion Poison Weapons?
  84. Discussion PIS and eternal sunsets.
  85. Discussion Was Eren originally a titan?
  86. Discussion Smarter Than Average Titan?
  87. Discussion Ymir: "Enemy? If I were to say it..."
  88. Question Doubt on image
  89. Discussion Night Inactivity
  90. Question A quick question about Annie
  91. Discussion Thunder / Lightning - Titan Shifters
  92. Info Attack on Titan Creator Aims to End Manga in 20 Volumes
  93. Discussion Christa: Goddess or potential Wolf in Sheep clothing?
  94. Discussion How would...
  95. Theory Another far-fetched idea?
  96. Theory The reason behind it all...
  97. Question Question about Smiley Titan
  98. Discussion Can we consider Titans as living beings at all?
  99. Discussion I'm scared.
  100. Theory Titans Eat In Order to Find a Host?
  101. Discussion What do you think about these two pictures.
  102. Question Levi vs. Mikasa
  103. Theory a kinda big theory
  104. Question Anyone have a comprehensive timeline?
  105. Question Colossal Titan Dissapearence
  106. Discussion Mikasa and Levi's future role
  107. Discussion The Power of Command
  108. Discussion "The last person in the world who should possess it is you... Eren."
  109. Discussion Annie's dad apologizing
  110. Question Where is the "Warrior" hometown located?
  111. Discussion The King?
  112. Discussion The *REASON* Titans try to eat humans is as essential as Shifters needing one to transform...
  113. Question Why there are only one race of titans and the giant forests
  114. Art How to Draw Levi / Eren from Shingeki no kyojin -Attack on Titan -( with video )
  115. Question Those Teeth! Those Ears!
  116. Art The Art of Attack on Titan
  117. Question Wall size
  118. Theory SnK UNIVERSE
  119. Question If Irwin loses command who should replace him?
  120. Question Who would you cast in SnK live action movie/show?
  121. Discussion Armin and Erwin's relationship
  122. Question Attack on titan syndrome
  123. Question Marlo's MP Squad and the 104th
  124. Discussion The serum
  125. Discussion Grisha
  126. Discussion Possible Titan Shifter left to discover
  127. Discussion Earth landmasses in SnK
  128. Question Impossibilities in SnK?
  129. Discussion This series started off great, and now they are just scrambling in a circle of bad writing and no direction *Rant
  130. Discussion My theory on what the basement holds, the motives of the fodder titans, and what the coordinate can be
  131. Discussion Weird scene not shown in the anime or manga
  132. Discussion Eren's dream in the anime?
  133. Question Monthly releases
  134. Discussion Foreshadowing in Armin's name? (Spoilers)
  135. Theory Of Theories
  136. Info Manga will be available on Chrunchyroll!
  137. Theory up until now, we have been just told a story
  138. Discussion Deus Ex Machina
  139. Theory Who I think the enemy is (Spoilers from Chp. 50)
  140. Info Chapter 51 sightings thread *spoiler free*
  141. Chapter 51
  142. Question other SnK like manga?
  143. Question Who was eaten by Bertholdt with Ymir? And why?
  144. Ape Titan Theory
  145. Question Its only been 100 years since the WALL was made...
  146. Info Real-world version of Shiganshina District found
  147. Theory What are titans made of?
  148. Question When is the next SnK: Before the Fall?
  149. Discussion Thoughts on Volume 8
  150. Discussion Levi's new second in command
  151. Discussion How convenient is Titan's (lack of) genitalia
  152. Question How should Attack on Titan End?
  153. Discussion Shingeki No Kyojin, Gaiden: Kuinaki Sentaku (A Choice with No Regrets)
  154. Question The Flower
  155. Question Titan control
  156. Discussion Volume 9 Official English Release
  157. Art Shingeki No Kyojin Volume Covers & Official Art
  158. Discussion Wall Maria districts
  159. Question The Translation/Interpretation Thread : Shingeki No Kyojin Edition
  160. Question [question]X-mass new chapter 53s?
  161. Discussion Chapter 50 extras
  162. Info AoT Volume 12 First Print Run becomes 2 highest ever.55x it's first.
  163. Question Will She Join Them? (pls see post before voting!)
  164. Question Canned food in SnK universe?
  165. Discussion Could these be real new shifters ?
  166. Discussion Anime complaints in relation to the manga
  167. Discussion The author is changing the story's ending (interview with Hajime Isayama in French)
  168. Discussion What would you like to see/add/remove/change in this manga?
  169. Theory Is Historia's mother based on Rosa Ushiromiya from Umineko?
  170. Found an unaired Snk episode!!!!
  171. Discussion Let's talk about Mike
  172. Theory The Oblivion Theory
  173. Theory SnK Factions
  174. Hangout The SNK "What If" Thread
  175. Question "Geographia's" Ability long been hinted at and used?
  176. Anime Shingeki no Kyojin English Dub Cast Announced.
  177. Theory My Shingeki no Kyojin Theory
  178. Discussion SnK Favorite Moments
  179. Discussion What do we know about Jean?
  180. Theory Asians = Demi Gods?
  181. Discussion Clearing the misconception about Levi being an 'oriental'
  182. Theory A tip about the basement
  183. Theory Plot hypotheses
  184. Theory A new titan theory ?? Hanji maybe a titan ?
  185. Theory Levi the experiment
  186. Discussion Annie Leonhart Visual Novel Summary and info
  187. Question A few general questions regarding the plot
  188. Discussion Eren's murderous tendencies
  189. Discussion Ymir to Berthold and Reiner: 'I only want to return to you what I took from you back then'
  190. Discussion Shingeki no Kyojin is on its way to becoming #1 in 2014
  191. Theory New theory about the Ape Titan
  192. Theory The Ymir Incident
  193. Question Another Foreshadowing?
  194. Theory Mikasa's Parentage - Ackerman Clan Discussion
  195. Question How close to the brink is humanity?
  196. Discussion George Wada (Producer of AoT Anime) Q&A from Animagic - Season 2 confirmed also YH =......
  197. Theory Theory about why Titans try and 'eat' humans even though they get seemingly no benefit from doing so.
  198. Discussion Post your vague suspicions
  199. Discussion One thing I noticed in the new OVA
  200. Discussion I miss Annie, Berthold, Reiner and Ymir so much
  201. Theory The Origins of Titans & The Founders
  202. Theory Plot Explained! My Theory on History of Snk and the Walls, Origin of Titans, Titan Shifters, Homeland.
  203. Theory who is grisha
  204. Discussion Best looking Girl and Guy in SNK
  205. Question Pronunciation of "Kenny"
  206. Discussion Do people realize the severity of the Reiss' Power on the Manga?
  207. Discussion Hanji's Gender Is Now Manga Canon "She"
  208. Question So ***** is a Titan too?????
  209. Discussion The "Skin" Theory/Discussion
  210. Games Attack on Titan Tribute Game (Shingeki no Kyojin)
  211. Discussion Attack on Titan / Avengers crossover
  212. Discussion I dont like how the author turned Eren into Cannon Fodder =\
  213. Theory Mikasa In Chapter = Frieda?
  214. Discussion An exhaustive list of Norse mythology references in the SnK universe (from /r/attackontitan)
  215. Discussion SnK Popularity Polls
  216. Discussion Just Thought of This
  217. Discussion They must have a goal
  218. Anime The Reluctant Heroes
  219. Theory Attack on Titan Season 1 Ending 2 Breakdown
  220. Discussion What's inside the basement? What's the true target of RBA and Titans? Come inside!
  221. Question RBA, the Ultimate Power?
  222. Predictions Titan Shifters next move - Contact
  223. Theory Titans, what i think of them so far
  224. Question I need some help
  225. Question Couple of things that don't fit together
  226. Discussion Special Bloodline abilities: Human-form
  227. Question Ideal titan?
  228. Discussion Red-Eyed Female Titian (Not Annie's Titan) and Red-Eyed Levi While Battling Annie
  229. Discussion Was Historia originally supposed to have such a role in this story?
  230. Discussion What did Erwin mean? (ch 69 spoilers)
  231. Question Eren's Titan Form (Puberty?) Ymir's Form Didn't Change/Upgrade After She Ate Marcel
  232. Question Why Do 98% of Titans Strongly Resemble Males?
  233. Question What did Mikasa mean by "not again"?
  234. Discussion "The Homeland" security - Team RBAM Mission Go - Explained
  235. Theory Historia\Reiss Blood line power
  236. Discussion Theories
  237. Discussion 'Illse's Diary' Mysterious Titan
  238. Discussion Attack on Titan - Live-action movie
  239. Theory why grinsha said that eren avenge to your mother ?
  240. Theory titan power serums
  241. Theory The Titan Theory
  242. Question [Anime Spoilers] Can you give me your opinion about this SNK montage pls?
  243. Discussion The Ackerman's Fated One
  244. I made a store, with an Aot/SnK shirt for sale. (Should I post this?)
  245. Predictions Just My Prediction... What do you think about it?
  246. Theory Some Shingeki No Kyojin theories and thoughts
  247. Anime Season 2 discussion and expectations (there will obviously be anime spoilers)
  248. What fights/match-ups would you like to see in the future story?
  249. Theory Theory on the major questions : What is in the basement? and the history of humanity
  250. Anime Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou