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  1. Feedback Inquiries? Come on in!
  2. Feedback New Portal Features!!
  3. Feedback Forum Additions
  4. Feedback New Banners! New Skins!
  5. Question Do you want a repping system at all? What should it be like?
  6. Support mIRC Guide (Windows)
  7. Feedback Ignore boards hack!
  8. Feedback Problems with the site since the server change?
  9. Question hop and op stuff
  10. Question Channel Set Up Help
  11. Support Chat Abbreviation FAQ
  12. Feedback Ads added
  13. Question Wanna Make a Banner for Us?
  14. Feedback New(ish) Layout, let us know what you think
  15. Request New Username Request Thread
  16. Feedback Problems with the site?
  17. Question Explination of User Titles
  18. Question Rules Applied to Chinese Scans
  19. Feedback The new Shoutbox Format!
  20. Question How about we make an online manga magz (not making manga) ?
  21. Question Mac IRC client
  22. Question Site Question-Where can you request for a sig?
  23. Question No Mirror's Allowed?
  24. Support International groups stealing scripts
  25. Question when was Mangahelpers created? who created it? etc.
  26. Question The new world for Scanlation
  27. Question help: sending huge files
  28. Question how and where do i put up requests for scanlaters?
  29. Question Help...
  30. Support Links in FAQ broken
  31. Support Account Deletion, Please Help
  32. Request fake spoilers
  33. Question Manga Releasedates
  34. Feedback The search seriously needs improvement!
  35. Support Lost many many posts
  36. Question How do you post manga chapter picutres?
  37. Feedback I could care less :: Note to trans/scanlators
  38. Support Mangahelpers mail problem?
  39. Support Read this first! - About Beta.
  40. Support Example by njt
  41. Support Example by njt -- Time is off.
  42. Support Thanks Function
  43. Support Some Bugs
  44. Support Control Panel, User Profile, etc.
  45. Feedback ttxdragon [one bug inside, rest just little buggers]
  46. Support nav menu (in IE6)
  47. Feedback Hayashida
  48. Support Time is 2 hours off
  49. Support Font is larger in "My AFF"
  50. Support Firefox layout issues resolved with latest update
  51. Support Browsing Manga - ratings
  52. Support Public Beta Announcement
  53. Feedback Browsing Manga - Chapters - not listing ALL links
  54. Request Browsing Translator - Filtering Release Tabs + Views
  55. Support Uploading Manga Fan Art
  56. Request Suggestions~
  57. Support Browsing Scanlators - show 'new groups' not showing
  58. Support General Suggestions
  59. Request Suggestion
  60. Request Add Scanlation multiple links
  61. Quick Browse Manga box bug
  62. Feedback Manga Downloads section tweaks
  63. Feedback Hayashida2.016
  64. Feedback Shoutbox setting
  65. Request Multiple translators
  66. Feedback Manga drop-down list
  67. Feedback A little bit of everything?
  68. Support Development Update
  69. Support Online Viewer - Not displaying first page of chapter
  70. Support Page Drop Down/Chapters Link on Read Online in Top Right Corner
  71. Support New Translators Rank Changed to Translators
  72. Support Other Alphabets [Encoding issue]
  73. Support Empty Manga List when adding new release
  74. Support 403-forbidden [Error 403 issue]
  75. Support Tab button/log in @forum
  76. Question English Scanlation Alerts Only
  77. Support Problem with posting
  78. Support Access Forbidden (401)
  79. Request Toggle preview images of chapter before downloading
  80. Support Alphabetical order
  81. Support User profile forum
  82. Support Download doesn´t work [Error 403 issue]
  83. Support 403 error when downloading
  84. Question More than one scanlation group?
  85. What happened to the release forum?
  86. Support I can't to replay on a thread
  87. Support Search Scanlators
  88. Feedback sharebee.com [filehosting]
  89. Feedback Forced Registrations on Downloads.
  90. Question Question about the individual Translator/Scanlator Forums
  91. Support Update Files
  92. Feedback My Manga
  93. Support Old Scanlations
  94. Feedback 2 Suggestions
  95. Support Uploading/Editing Manga Releases - selecting quality
  96. Number of Downloads
  97. Support Double releases
  98. Request Pagination
  99. Request Uploading new scanlations and new release alert
  100. Support Error 404!
  101. Support Signature Bug
  102. Feedback Some bugs
  103. Question Why did you guys make everything harder?
  104. Request Chapter Name
  105. Feedback Reversed "I'm a fan" Pictures
  106. Request display of manga chapters under translator latest work
  107. Request report releases button?
  108. Feedback The RTS Scroll
  109. Request Personal RSS Feeds
  110. Question Where to post One-Shot translations?
  111. Question Question about RAWs
  112. Request Latest Translations
  113. Request Suggestion for New Shoutbox
  114. Support other peoples translations on my page
  115. Support Not my translation
  116. Feedback Beta is cool but...
  117. Feedback "Projects" info in translator pages
  118. Request Chapter number for omake releases
  119. Feedback Filter by language: Latest Scanlation section
  120. Feedback Redundancies in RAW Posting
  121. Support How to make multiple chapter release
  122. Request Shout Box Release
  123. Why no language filtering on front page?
  124. Support 404 Error when editing a release
  125. Feedback Weekly featured
  126. Question Manga Suggestion Form
  127. Support My Translators not Displaying Correctly
  128. Support My Post Count doesn't count
  129. Request Breadcrumbs
  130. Support Registration
  131. Feedback misplaced chapter in Read-Online feature-
  132. Request Make translation language default english, not japanese
  133. Question Latest Tankoubon Raws
  134. Question Trouble with Strangely-numbered chapters + Special chapter uploads
  135. Feedback Invisible -> Appearing on Recently Active Members
  136. Feedback Improvements for subscriptions
  137. Support Error when posting news in the translator's home
  138. Support No IRC link allowed in Release Notes
  139. Support advertisements go over navigation
  140. Support Manga title not showing up in Quick Browse
  141. Support Help. Feed for subscribed manga broken
  142. Request Update the Member's Guide under Help
  143. Request Translator & Scanlator recruiting to frontpage
  144. Request "Active", "dropped" and "completed" translations separation in the sidebar
  145. Support description/body box doesn't show up
  146. Support Release numbers/DL numbers not showing for joints
  147. Request Introductions etc...
  148. Support Problem with Commenting
  149. Request Pop-up notifier for PMs in non-forum areas
  150. Support Ah! My Goddess Page Incorrect Thread Link
  151. Support Error in the scanlation name
  152. Question What is googleapis.com used for?
  153. Request Other release type other than series chapters shouted in the shoutbox?
  154. Request Adding RO in releases tab of your groupHQ
  155. Support Pages not showing in correct sequence
  156. Request Series Scanlators
  157. Support Cant post translation with IE browser
  158. Question A site related (dumb) question
  159. Request Psyren
  160. Support Favorites and Shoutbox not working 100%
  161. Request Couple Suggestions
  162. Support Incorrect chapter numbers
  163. Support Latest manga downloads show old chapters
  164. Raws Upload List Per Member
  165. Support Truncated Chapter Numbers In PM's
  166. Question Raw Manga downloading quota
  167. Support I have problems to view this page.
  168. Feedback I hope this won't happen to MangaHelpers...
  169. Question quesion about posting anime raws links
  170. Support Naruto 437 cant read onlone
  171. Support Problem with an upload
  172. Feedback Beta not compatible with Firefox 2.0.0.#?
  173. Question Reporting bad uploads
  174. Feedback One Piece's RAW Quality
  175. Support Ubuntu and Firefox
  176. Support Background AD on main homepage
  177. Support Someone else's translations listed as mine. O_O
  178. Request Reading List
  179. Request Member List sort
  180. Support International groups stealing scan for there own
  181. Support problem with adding a scan
  182. Feedback Is DDL getting slower?
  183. Request MangaHelpers Iphone APP
  184. Question Question about Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo, can't find it
  185. Support Shoutbox Sorting
  186. Question Displaying animated gifs in the forum...
  187. Feedback Site Usage questions
  188. Feedback Shoutbox...
  189. Support Menu
  190. Support Problem with read online
  191. Support Not receiving messages on new scanlations
  192. Feedback Complaints about Fairy team
  193. Support Title Vanishes from Favorites List
  194. Support How to delete?
  195. Support how can i upload a fansub manga?
  196. Feedback Spoiler Thread Discussion
  197. Request More customizable RSS feeds
  198. Support manga chapters not showing up in menu
  199. Question English to Filipino Translations
  200. Request Member Status Change Request
  201. Feedback Links loading, then disappearing
  202. Support Theme works for everything except the main page
  203. Feedback Links disappear
  204. Support Psyren Chapter 20 RAW
  205. Request Translator "Projects" and "Releases" need an overhaul
  206. Feedback Sorting Manga Chapters
  207. Feedback Downloading Rumble (Regarding the 403 error)
  208. Support Why are you accusing me of this? *Download problem*
  209. Support Announcements/Shoutbox on Main page
  210. Question DDL PDF
  211. Support Segregation between lines of Sig
  212. Feedback Suggestion regarding website...
  213. Support Number of translations
  214. Translation Scripts next to Raws
  215. Request Favorites and Subscriptions
  216. Question Scanlation Releases on Megaupload not allowed ?
  217. Support Page Issues
  218. Feedback Website layout error?
  219. Support What do i do?
  220. Support problem with a scan group
  221. Support Not receiving E-Mail Varification
  222. Support Bleach Related Bannings
  223. Support An Italian Solo Scanlation Group
  224. Upload zip to server from http link
  225. Request request for a new feature in mangahelpers
  226. Question need to learn the etiqette of using raws
  227. Question Shoujo-Ai ^///^'
  228. Support No e-mail notifications for PMs
  229. Scanlator sorting doesn't work; fix included.
  230. Question Looking for Naruto Raws
  231. Support Viruses detected in Zetman chapter raws and scanlations
  232. Question i,m looking for gakuen alice..
  233. Feedback annoying ad sounds in the background
  234. Question Manga pages gets small...
  235. Support Problem with a Spanish group
  236. Question Is there a non- JMusic request thread?
  237. Support Reserved Translations.
  238. Support drop down list not working
  239. Feedback Problem in the generation of online reading
  240. Support Spanish group...Major Complaint!!
  241. Feedback Reporting Dead DL Links
  242. Question I want a permission for trans "chaosic rune"
  243. Support Cannot view website background...
  244. Support Newbie needs help with Image Hosting
  245. Question Difference between International Translator and Translator
  246. Question Questions On Submitting Some Raws
  247. Manga db points to Air Gear thread instead of forum
  248. Support about sharing chapter with an online read
  249. Question Archived Posts?
  250. Support problem with the description on the release