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  1. Theory Karin and Naruto's chakra
  2. The Enigma that is Minato
  3. Discussion The Secret of Madara uncovered?
  4. Space-time versus edo tensei
  5. Sasuke - The Future Host for the Ten-Tails?
  6. Discussion Each Bijuu's chakra Element
  7. Discussion Part 2 = 'bigger' part 1?
  8. Reaper Summon AKA Shiki Fuujin
  9. Discussion Everyone in Naruto is suicidal
  10. How closely related are Sasuke and Madara to each other?
  11. MS genjustu =/= Tsukyomi
  12. Discussion Is Naruto vs Sasuke a classical Werewolf vs Vampire?
  13. Discussion Why was it ok for Shikamaru to get revenge?
  14. Discussion Madara and Kakashi's MS power
  15. Theory Bee's Eyes
  16. Discussion Dark Naruto Rants
  17. Discussion Powers That You Want Naruto to Have
  18. Theory Sasukes dark chakra
  19. Tobi Identity & Mega Convo Thread
  20. Discussion The "Kyuubi Sage" Discussion Thread
  21. Discussion My Real life Sharingan
  22. Favorites How would YOU advance Naruto
  23. Discussion Why does naruto seem so weak compared to sasuke
  24. The Kirin Discussion Thread
  25. Colour-Blind Mangekyo Sharingan?
  26. Theory identity crisis in naruto
  27. Theory Naruto and "royalty"
  28. The Kages....
  29. The 5 Kages...
  30. Theory The remaining senju in Konoha
  31. Discussion Children in Naruto?
  32. Discussion Why didn't Kakashi's Kamui work on tobi/madara?
  33. Favorites Best Quick Skirmish In Naruto
  34. Question How will Naruto finish training control Kyuubi?
  35. Theory yin and yan: naruto and qb: a symbiotic relation: CLARIFIED ALREADY!!
  36. Question Will Naruto need help of first, second, third, fourth Hokages?
  37. Discussion Which animals are strongest in Naruto? And which Kuchiyose animal is the strongest?
  38. Minato's Seal
  39. Discussion Horoscope influence in Naruto
  40. Question Would you have destroyed the Uchiha clan?
  41. Discussion Uzumaki Kushinas Entrance was Forced
  42. Favorites Coolest jutsu ever!
  43. Discussion Naruto's reliance on the Kyuubi
  44. Info Densetsu no Sannin
  45. Discussion New opportunities for Naruto due to his association with Uzumaki
  46. Theory Could Sasuke's moment of clarity be his death?
  47. Your Ideas on a Akatsuki Recruit
  48. [FEATURED] RasenShuriken: Complete? Almighty? Impractical??
  49. Discussion Is Naruto as haxed as Sasuke
  50. Discussion Will Naruto inherit Kushinas chakra (the dense chains impaling QB in chapter 498)
  51. Discussion So what did Jiraya teach Naruto for three years of time break?
  52. Discussion Who is using who? Sasuke & Madara
  53. Sasuke isn't Sasuke?
  54. What heights will Naruto reach?
  55. Discussion Is Naruto the next Sage Of The Six Path's?
  56. Theory Naruto, Sasuke, and the Sage of the Six Paths
  57. Discussion Naruto's Next opponent...
  58. Naruto's new form
  59. Theory Naruto Has Sharingan Seal (proof)
  60. Team Minato = Kakashi
  61. Discussion Alternative history: The Leaf - If there was no 9 tailed fox.
  62. Itachi... a perfect Hokage candidate?
  63. Discussion Sasuke... A man who will bring peace and stability
  64. Discussion Why does it appear that everyone cannot pronounce Sage Mode correctly?
  65. Discussion What would be the outcome of a sharingan and a normal eye, and a byakugan and normal eye?
  66. Theory Rikudou Sennin: The First Sharingan User
  67. Question Is Konohamaru going to become Hokage instead of Naruto?
  68. Will Naruto Learn Fuinjutsu?
  69. Discussion Which Kekkei Genkai should be imported in whom?
  70. Discussion Anbu are weak until...
  71. Theory The Rikudō Sennin's Genjutsu
  72. Discussion How did Madara find out about Kushina?
  73. Discussion Sasuke's Genjutsu had its day?
  74. How do you feel about Naruto being distant blood relative of the Senju?
  75. Theory Naruto using fuinjutsu to beat genjutsu?
  76. Theory Uchiha vs. Uzumaki
  77. Theory Chakra can do anything!
  78. Question could rikudou sennin be from the eddy tribe
  79. Theory Rinnegan and Uzumaki clan symbol
  80. Discussion itachi with sasuke in his arm 16 years ago
  81. What will become of Sasuke without sharingan
  82. Question What kind of technique is Sasuke's gonna awaken with EMS?
  83. Discussion Who do you think had the saddest death in Naruto??
  84. Pein's Jutsu
  85. Question Can Naruto's parents still train him?
  86. Discussion GREATEST NINJA between generations after Senju Hashirama
  87. Theory Tobirama Senju "The Dark Secrets of Konoha"
  88. Discussion Sasuke's father is alive?
  89. Itachi and Shisui - Strongest Uchiha
  90. Shunshin no jutsu- what is it and who is the fastest
  91. Is Naruto smart or clever or natural fighter or just a lucky guy
  92. Discussion Who is the fastest character in Naruto?
  93. Discussion Why Naruto wasn't captured before?
  94. Discussion Any hope for Byakugan?
  95. Question Why didn't Nagato revive Yahiko back then?
  96. Discussion Who took care of baby Naruto?
  97. Question Why didn't "Madara" use his MS when fighting Minato?
  98. Question Why didn't the Third Hokage try and train Naruto?
  99. Question Is Hiruzen Sarutobi a crappy leader?
  100. Theory How and when did Hashirama die?
  101. Durability of placed seals
  102. Theory Naruto and Hiraishin
  103. Discussion Konoha and Rinnegan
  104. Theory Kage Bunshin at the root of Fuuinjutsu.
  105. Discussion How did the 1st Hokage defeat Uchiha Madara
  106. Theory Did Minato use the seal that he placed on 'Tobi' to seal half of him in the Death God?
  107. How long can a user use shiki fuuin?
  108. Question 8 Tailed vs 9 Tailed beast "Chakra lvl" (or Kuubi vs hachibi) at current state
  109. Discussion Nagato and his Life
  110. Discussion So is Naruto's chakra a blood line limit?
  111. Discussion Attention everyone: Masashi Kishimoto is not Dostoevsky.
  112. Question Who will be the one to defeat Kabuto? (original team 7)
  113. Question Kyuubi Jinchuuriki choice
  114. Question What's the family name of Jiraiya?
  115. Discussion Minato's Death: Pointless, Noble, or Both?
  116. Naruto's Shunshin Minato's Hirashin on battlefield
  117. Favorites your favorite akatsuki character
  118. Theory How did Rikkudou get the power to defeat 10Ts?
  119. Discussion Will Naruto run out of kyuubi chakra?
  120. Discussion Next Hokage
  121. Discussion Naruto powering up too fast.
  123. Discussion Defeating Tobi's Advanced S/T Technique
  124. Discussion Power levels are seeming dragonballz-ish.
  125. Theory Itachi "Genjutsu Sharingan" - Sasuke "Ninjutsu Sharingan"
  126. "With a seal only a non-jinchuuriki like me can use, the dead demon seal"
  127. Theory Sand's Timeline
  128. Question Naruto's sixth sense
  129. Discussion Was it weird for Pain/Nagato to accept Orochimaru into Akatsuki?
  130. Discussion Could Hanzo be related to Naruto and Minato
  131. Discussion How would you rate Madara/Tobi as a mastermind?
  132. Question Who will win, Sasuke or Naruto? or will they both die?
  133. Theory (Possible Spoilers) Two Theories About The Manga...
  134. Tsunade's Time To Shine...
  135. Discussion Naruto's New seal/losing the nine tails
  136. Discussion The Motivations behind individual Akatsuki members.
  137. Discussion Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuuga Hinata's Child
  138. Theory The Four Beasts Inside the Gai
  139. Theory Could Hatake Kakashi actually still be a virgin?
  140. Discussion Naruto & Sasuke's Powers
  141. Theory A Training Method...
  142. Discussion Naruto Avatars
  143. Discussion Are Naruto's and Sakura's new resolves really any different or mature?
  144. Discussion Kakashi and Guy
  145. Discussion Yang Kyuubi Chakra
  146. Discussion Characters you can sympathize with
  147. Theory The Fourth Hokage and the Jyuubi
  148. Theory What if Madara's Moon's Eye Plan Suceeded?
  149. Discussion No Love for Ten-Ten
  150. Discussion Why does Kishi enjoy mindlessly hyping characters
  151. Discussion Mix Akatsuki Zombies & 6 paths: best combo
  152. Tsunade Is a hybrid of senju and uzumaki
  153. Hoshigaki Kisame Mega-Convo
  154. Discussion Why Tobi allowed Itachi to join Akatsuki?
  155. Theory This Is It! Naruto and Sasuke conclusion
  156. Discussion The Uzumaki clan discussion thread
  157. Was Nagato a Waste?
  158. Discussion Was Madara's Story All a Lie?
  159. Orochimaru Genjustu Prowess
  160. Discussion What 5 hearts would you give Kakuzu?
  161. Theory Gai and his 8-Gates jutsus
  162. Discussion Do you like one sided fights?
  163. Discussion Cursed clan Uchiha: The truth behind it
  164. Does Sasuke need a chakra source?
  165. Discussion How Madara gave Nagato the Rinnegan
  166. Will we see Enma again? =)
  167. Who is the best battle teammate for Uzumaki Naruto?
  168. Discussion Who is the best battle teamate for Uchiha Sasuke?
  169. Theory The Sages of The Six Paths
  170. Discussion Convert no jutsu
  171. Naruto Final Form
  172. Four Element Seal: Revised
  173. Discussion What will the remaining MS techniques be called?
  174. Theory Maybe Minato attempted to combine Rasengan with Hiraishin chakra (explained)
  175. Theory The real reason Mangekyou Sharingan users go blind, Izanagi (I explain fully inside)
  176. Discussion Naruto's legendary item
  177. Question When will we see Will of fire again?
  178. Theory is kabuto the real orochimaru
  179. Kabuto's true intentions
  180. Discussion Naruto's Plot: Was the Rikudo stuff a good idea?
  181. How does Kakashi fair against the kages?
  182. What Hinata saw, that Kakashi didn't see?
  183. Mystery of Gedo Mazo...
  184. Discussion Would you read prequel arcs?
  185. Question Is Gaara going to die soon?
  186. Is Sakura due for a power-up?
  187. Discussion Weakest Akatsuki Member
  188. Theory How does Kabutomaru know so much (about Madara)?
  189. Theory Madaras power
  190. Theory Is it possible that Kabuto is Nidaime Hokage's Grandson?
  191. Theory Kakashi's Final Clash...
  192. Discussion Technology level in Naruto
  193. Mangekyo Sharingan vs Edo Tensei.
  194. Discussion Fantasy Team Anko
  195. Question How Does Emotion Affect Chakra?
  196. Discussion Which Naruto generation is the best?
  197. Discussion Tsunade's "finger flick"
  198. When Will Naruto Obtain The Rinnegan
  199. Discussion The Blackest Night
  200. Discussion Ever dreamt of something related to Naruto?
  201. Favorites Favourite Ninja from each Village.
  202. Question Will we see Uchiha clan again?
  203. Discussion Who's gonna go down in history?
  204. Discussion Gaara's Sleep Deprivation
  205. Discussion What was the point of Kabuto leading the Leaf to the hideout earlier?
  206. Kabuto & Orochimaru - A comparison between the two characters
  207. Uchiha Itachi - What will he say to Sasuke?
  208. Discussion Black market for bodies...?
  209. Discussion Is Tobi Minato's former team member?
  210. Discussion Kabuto's army: who else should we see in the future?
  211. Discussion Who was Sasuke? Uchiha, Uzumaki or sarutobi clan?
  212. Theory Pain shuts down Izanagi, literally.
  213. Discussion What would happen if Kabuto lost control?
  214. Theory Uchiha Madara and The 4 Heavenly Organisation
  215. Question Would the Ninja Alliance be better off killing Kabuto and leaving his ET summons?
  216. Question Will the Alliance's genjutsu plan fail?
  217. Theory Mystery of Madara
  218. After Shippuden...Hokage Naruto Series
  219. Discussion Akatsuki pairs
  220. Theory Joining the dots
  221. Discussion Official : Naruto modes
  222. How will Madara be defeated?
  223. Sasuke, the Tragic Hero?
  224. Discussion Another one of those Naruto tattoo's
  225. Kabuto's "That" Jutsu
  226. Naruto's weaknesses
  227. Kakashi: Due for A New Power-Up?
  228. Discussion 2011 Naruto's best and worst moments
  229. Theory Connection between Sasuke, Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths
  230. Predictions Naruto in 2012 - Predictions and Expectations
  231. Theory Madaras Lies About Itachi
  232. Discussion Will Sasukes power be even greater than madaras
  233. Theory Naruto and 10-tails
  234. Favorites Which character had the best flashback?
  235. Favorites Favorite/Strongest Sword of the Mist
  236. Discussion How/When will Sasuke betray Tobi for good?
  237. Theory Kabuto is the mastermind behind Orochimaru
  238. Discussion Romance & Society in Naruto
  239. Question How does the Fuuinjutsu work?
  240. Discussion Clash of Jutsus!
  242. Question The Army of Zetsus
  243. Discussion War strategy
  244. Discussion Greater influence: Senju Hashirama, Namikaze Minato, or Uchiha Itachi?
  245. Theory Kingaku Ginkaku discussion
  246. Discussion Is Black Lightning The Answer To Amaterasu??
  247. Discussion About naruto entering the war
  248. Bloodline = Limit vs Expansion
  249. Discussion What do you think about DARUI???
  250. Discussion Who deserves to be next Hokage???