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  1. The Yondaime Mega Convo
  2. Akatsuki Mega Convo
  3. Favorites Our Most and Least Favorite Characters - and why
  4. Jutsu Discussion Mega Convo Thread
  5. Favorites What's your favorite Naruto pairing?
  6. Hatake Kakashi Mega Convo
  7. Discussion Naruto's Universe -- Most Beautiful Characters
  8. Gaara Mega Convo
  9. Favorites What's your favorite battle in Naruto so far?
  10. The Official Rock Lee Thread
  11. Discussion Who Do You Think Is The Smartest Ninja In Naruto?
  12. Sharingan Mega Convo
  13. Discussion Check it! A blooper in the Naruto manga
  14. Question Naruto FAQs and Simple Q&A's <3
  15. Discussion Most Powerful Move?
  16. Discussion Are women in the Naruto world weak?
  17. Who Will Sakura End Up With?
  18. Info Naruto Names and Meanings
  19. Kabuto Mega-Convo
  20. Byakugan vs Sharingan
  21. Sai Mega Convo
  22. Discussion The most shocking and spectacular moment you have ever seen in Naruto!
  23. Favorites What's Your Favorite/Strongest Kuchiyose?
  24. Discussion What Character's Do You Want Resurrected the Most?
  25. Discussion Who is the coolest villain in Naruto?
  26. Discussion The most comical Episode\Manga moment in Naruto
  27. Discussion Naruto is getting worse/boring/unattractive Thread
  28. The Official Uchiha Sasuke Thread
  29. Discussion Who Is The Biggest Pervert In Naruto?
  30. Favorites Your Favorite Hokage
  31. Pain Mega Convo
  32. Discussion Who's the coolest good guy in Naruto?
  33. Discussion Who is the Strongest Shinobi in Naruto?
  34. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu
  35. Favorites What Are Your Favorite And Least Favorite Jutsus?
  36. Itachi Mega Convo
  37. Discussion Who is the freakiest character on Naruto?
  38. Hidan Mega-Convo
  39. Discussion What do you think makes Naruto so popular?
  40. The Official Yamato Thread
  41. The Rasengan Mega-Convo
  42. Naruto's "That Jutsu"
  43. Discussion Which Konoha Shinobi have the ability to become Hokage?
  44. Complete List of all Characters' Elements
  45. The Official Deidara Thread
  46. Discussion Which is the best bloodline/kekkei genkai or unique skill?
  47. Info The Naruto Birthday Thread
  48. The Official Temari Thread
  49. Discussion The Official Hinata Thread
  50. The Official Naruto Thread
  51. The Official Orochimaru Thread
  52. Konan Mega-Convo
  53. Ino-Shika-Chou combo!
  54. Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Touta
  55. The Official Kakuzu Thread
  56. Jiraiya Mega Convo
  57. Question The Real Antagonist
  58. Naruto's Second Element
  59. Discussion The Official Haruno Sakura thread
  60. The Official Kimimaro Thread
  61. The Official Aburame Shino Thread
  62. Question What character will/should die in the war?
  63. The Official 9 Jinchuurikis Mega Convo!
  64. The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist
  65. Discussion Do you think Iruka could be a Root member?
  66. The Official Uzumaki Kushina Thread
  67. Favorites Favourite Student & Teacher
  68. Discussion 4th Great Shinobi World War
  69. The Kakashi Shrine!
  70. Discussion Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Results Discussion!
  71. Discussion Who's the better Woman for Sasuke?
  72. Discussion Is Kishi trying to wrap up Naruto?
  73. The Zetsu Mega Convo Thread
  74. Discussion Naruto Bloodline Limit Discussion
  75. Rinnegan discussion thread
  76. Discussion Juubi & Bijuu Mega Convo
  77. Naruto's Hakke Fuujin Seal & the Kyuubi's Yin Chakra
  78. Madara's phasing
  79. Predictions Will there be another Timeskip?
  80. Evolution of the Doujutsus
  81. Hyuuga's Advanced bloodline limit.
  82. Discussion List your 5 preconceptions about Naruto's future.
  83. Byakugan Mega Convo!
  84. Favorites Your Favorite Nut Job?
  85. Discussion Will Naruto be the Strongest?
  86. Discussion Naruto Moments You Would Change
  87. Discussion Are Naruto and Sakura Siblings?
  88. Kage Bunshin Mega-Convo
  89. Discussion Which kunoichi would you choose for a 3-man team?
  90. Puppet masters: stronger than we think?
  91. Discussion Destiny vs. Choice: Naruto was wrong?
  92. Discussion Are the doujutsus overrated in Naruto?
  93. Discussion How Similar are Naruto and Yondaime?
  94. Predictions Is Tsunade going to die too?
  95. Discussion What could be the 'omfg freaky' plot twist coming up?
  96. Susanoo Discussion
  97. Discussion Who is the most important female character in Naruto?
  98. Discussion Who has better Taijutsu? Rock Lee, Neji, Naruto or Sasuke.
  99. Discussion Would you like to see another Chuunin exam? <3
  100. Discussion Is it just me or does ANBU seem a little overrated?
  101. Theory Orochimaru to return?
  102. Discussion Is Sasuke overrated in the manga ?
  103. Discussion The concept of "Genius" in NARUTO
  104. Theory Under Kakashi's mask...
  105. Favorites Who Has The Best Signature Move?
  106. Discussion Kishimoto's characters represent more than you think
  107. Discussion Sharingan contact lenses
  108. Discussion Rank your strongest shinobi
  109. Discussion Sleeves in Naruto
  110. Discussion Real Reason Behind Uchiha Massacre
  111. "Kirin" Vs Rasen-Shuriken
  112. Predictions What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming chapters?
  113. Kuchiyose(space-time): Hiraishin, the incomplete technique?
  114. Discussion This thing deserves it's own thread - Awesome Sasuke vs Itachi parody comic
  115. Discussion Is Naruto going downhill or not
  116. Discussion Most Meaningful/Meaningless Death
  117. Discussion Whats missing in Naruto?
  118. Discussion Konohamaru Gaiden!
  119. Discussion Why do shinobi shout out the names of their jutsu?
  120. Nidaime Hokage Convo
  121. Discussion Ways to obtain Immortality in Naruto
  122. Who is the strongest hokage in the history of Konoha
  123. Is Naruto a senju???
  124. Discussion Itachi = Boss
  125. Theory Why did'nt Itachi kill Orochimaru?
  126. Discussion My tobi mask....
  127. What is Sasuke to Madara?
  128. What will be Naruto's new powers? discuss the possibilites!
  129. Discussion When will Naruto ever be promoted?
  130. Discussion Jinchuriki's and the people who sealed them
  131. Discussion Who has the coolest looking MS/EMS?
  132. Susanno Vs Shiki Fujin
  133. Theory Akatsuki/Madara's plan B( Can't possibly fail if invasion/Bijuu plan does not work)
  134. Uchiha Sasuke: An Analysis on his Arsenal of Jutsus
  135. Theory Itachi - Jiraiya's Spy (explained with a fanmade page)
  136. Senjutsu Mega-Convo
  137. Discussion Who's Done More for Naruto's Growth: Akatsuki versus Sasuke
  138. Discussion Naruto's Path if Sasuke Dies
  139. Discussion Who is that one person that you will choose to know more about?
  140. Discussion The "Tribute to Dead Characters" Thread
  141. The Sandaime Hokage Official Thread
  142. Discussion Naruto Shippuuden Settei Sheets
  143. Discussion Who do you think would be (even more) amazing if they were still alive?
  144. Killer Bee Official Discussion Thread
  145. Discussion How is Naruto Going to Save Sasuke?
  146. The "Invincible" Jutsus thread
  147. Predictions LET THERE BE BLOOD!!!
  148. Discussion Most overrated and underrated character(s) of the series
  149. Discussion Ninja Strength from 1-100
  150. Discussion Who is the biggest hitter in the series?
  151. The Nii Yugito Mega-Convo
  152. Bijuu & Kekkei Genkai: The Twist
  153. Theory The real reason Sasuke has anger toward Konoha
  154. Question Next big plot twist?
  155. Discussion Who has most potential? Itachi or Sasuke?
  156. Discussion Will we see a "strongest jutsu" from each element?
  157. Discussion The boundaries of good and evil
  158. Discussion Ninja's level in Naruto(Part 1 & 2)
  159. How is Naruto going to stop the cycle of hate?
  160. Discussion Spoilers?
  161. Discussion Most Talented Shinobi
  162. Strongest shinobi alive
  163. Discussion Which of the offscreen battles wold you most like to see?
  164. Discussion The saddest/most pitiable Naruto character?
  165. Genjutsu Mega Convo
  166. Discussion Is Naruto coming to an end?
  167. Theory Most "Out of Left Field" Theory you can think of!
  168. Official Omoi thread
  169. Discussion Kishimoto and the Japanese/Chinese mythology
  170. Discussion Should Naruto have a weapon?
  171. Discussion Will the Konoha 12 get to show off their moves soon?
  172. Should Sasuke die?
  173. Discussion Are the villains that evil?
  174. Discussion Who is the strongest Kage?
  175. Theory Where is the second half of the Kyubbi?
  176. Discussion Massive Character rating thread
  177. Discussion Haircut of the characters
  178. Discussion Naruto, Sasuke, Madara and the Kyuubi
  179. Discussion The most cocky character
  180. Discussion The Most Complete Shinobi
  181. Discussion The best clan
  182. Theory Theory on Madara, Danzou, Itachi and the power Itachi gave to Naruto.
  183. Discussion How does Naruto make you feel?
  184. Discussion Who's the strongest Kage?
  185. Discussion Naruto History Timeline
  186. The Official Rikudou Sennin Mega Convo
  187. Discussion In what order are the Five Great Nations ranked in power?
  188. Will Naruto ever be a Kage?
  189. Discussion Most promising ninja in Naruto
  190. Discussion Sakura's "manipulation" and the destination of Team7
  191. Discussion Top 12 of the Genin12
  192. Theory Rikudō Sennin's tablet and Madara's misconception
  193. Discussion Jinchuuriki and Controlling the Bijuu
  194. Discussion The Exit of an Akatsuki without Death
  195. Discussion How would you make Naruto strong?
  196. Theory Naruto is gonna lose Kyuubi 100%
  197. Discussion Team Taka's role
  198. Discussion Poll for Sasuke's fate
  199. Discussion Orochimaru and the Army of the Undead.........
  200. Discussion Rikudō Sennin Seal
  201. Favorites Whose Mangekyou Sharingan looks best?
  202. Discussion Sasuke's crusade: Justified or Not
  203. Discussion Nagato feels lonely?
  204. Discussion The Truest Shinobi
  205. Discussion What do you hate about a character?
  206. Sasuke and power-ups....are they free gifts or not???
  207. Discussion who is the main character in Naruto+is it a retconned series or not
  208. Discussion Is Masashi Kishimoto Sexist?
  209. Theory Minato's "that Jutsu" possible Theory!
  210. Discussion Are the First two Hokage's overrated?
  211. Discussion Kakashi's and Madara's MS abilities are similar
  212. Discussion Naruto: Analysis and Solutions of His Goals and Objectives
  213. Discussion How do you like Sasuke's EMS design?
  214. Discussion 5th Hokage?
  215. Question Are the main characters regressing?
  216. Izanagi Discussion thread
  217. Discussion Hatred vs Will of Fire
  218. Discussion Songs for Naruto
  219. Sasuke's Tsukuyomi?
  220. Enton
  221. Discussion What do you still like about Naruto?
  222. Discussion Do you think Sasuke will return to being good
  223. Discussion Justice and Revenge
  224. Discussion Does Kishi use more Star Wars elements then we imagine?
  225. Discussion Tobi's mask.
  226. Discussion Part I vs Part II
  227. Discussion Shinobi Rankings: Speed, Power, Smarts, etc.
  228. Is there two other ~gan(s)?
  229. Discussion Who is the best addition to the cast in Part II?
  230. Shisui's Eye
  231. Discussion Why does Tobi/Madara have all of those Sharingans eyes
  232. Question Who's the "real" founder of Akatsuki, Madara or Yahiko?
  233. Discussion Who has the biggest mental issues?
  234. Discussion What do you hate in Uchiha Sasuke?
  235. Discussion Where did Kakashi go wrong with his students?
  236. Discussion The relationship between the sharingan and hatred
  237. Discussion The History of Kirigakure
  238. Sword of Totsuka
  239. Theory Body Takeovers?
  240. How did Madara restore his arm?
  241. Question If a MS user, near blind, died, and implanted his eye in an non-Uchiha......
  242. Discussion What will be the greatest legend of Naruto?
  243. Question Half of the Nine tails Chakra in Naruto => Will it affect the Juubi?
  244. Discussion Naruto, Sasuke & Pain - Why Sasuke can (out)match Naruto and be inferior to Pain
  245. Sasukes a jinchuriki!??!
  246. Question where did the sharingan come from?
  247. Discussion The return of Kisame makes sense.
  248. Discussion Why does everyone think Itachi is so "good"
  249. Theory That Jutsu, Edo Tensei & How sasuke will be defeated
  250. Discussion an overview of Uchiha history