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  1. Discussion Discussion of Bounties in One Piece
  2. Discussion Straw Hat's Crew Strength (Ranking)
  3. Discussion Garp Discussion Thread
  4. Info "What Chapter/Episode...?" Questions
  5. Discussion Devil Fruits
  6. Discussion Doflamingo's Ability
  7. Discussion The "Blank/Void Century": What is it Really?
  8. Predictions Raftel Discussion Thread
  9. Theory Tashigi and Kuina: What's the connection?
  10. Predictions What do you think One piece is?
  11. Theory Theories and hypotheses about Gear 4th
  12. Theory Opinions About Luffy's Mother
  13. Theory Obscure characters connection in One Piece
  14. Discussion Smoker Discussion
  15. Question How strong do you think Dragon really is?
  16. Question Who's Your Favorite Female Character?
  17. Discussion The Gecko Moria thread
  18. Info One Piece Databooks & 10th Treasures
  19. Discussion Luffy's Journey (How Long Has it Taken?)
  20. Discussion Shanks Discussion
  21. Question What will happen when luffy meets his father?
  22. Discussion What is your favourite story arc in One Piece?
  23. Theory The Will of D.: My Theory
  24. Discussion Robin could have the deadliest ability
  25. Favorites Favorite One Piece characters
  26. Discussion How does Lucci compare to the Shichibukai, Yonkou or higher level Marines?
  27. Discussion Trivial Questions From the Story
  28. Discussion Who will be the last opponent?
  29. Discussion Fan sites
  30. Discussion The "SBS'ing Oda-Sensei Project"
  31. Theory Criteria for the appointment of Shichibukai
  32. Favorites Which Crew Members is Your Favorite?
  33. Predictions How Can Brook Die?
  34. Theory The Unknown Yonkou: Kaidou and the mysterious fourth one
  35. Discussion One Piece: Coming to an End!?
  36. Theory All Blue
  37. Discussion The 11 Supernovae
  38. Discussion Power Advancements
  39. Discussion Shodai Kitetsu FOUND!
  40. Discussion Use(s) of Haki
  41. Question Where can I find One Piece? (To download, view online, etc.)
  42. Discussion Akainu
  43. Discussion What's the best allround ability
  44. Question Are the Yonkou not interested in One Piece?
  45. Discussion Admiral Kizaru Discussion Thread
  46. Theory Ace's Bounty
  47. Theory Shichibukai - 7 sins? :O
  48. Question When Did Luffy Learn Gear Second?
  49. Discussion Is Kuma as Strong as We Think?
  50. Discussion Nature of the Yonkou's Power and Influence
  51. Discussion General Marines Discussion
  52. Theory The Power of the Shichibukai
  53. Discussion Seimei Kikan (Life Feedback)
  54. Discussion Mysteries of One Piece
  55. Question How were you introduced to One Piece?
  56. Discussion Which Devil Fruit Power Would Fit the non-DF Users in the Straw Hat Crew?
  57. Favorites Beauty Pageant :)
  58. Predictions The Fate of the World Goverment
  59. Theory The Dropped Name: Who is Dr. Vegapunk?
  60. Theory The New Era
  61. Predictions Will There be Pirates Stronger than the Likes of the Yonkou, Shichibukai, Dragon etc.
  62. Question Crews that Could Possibly Ally with the Straw Hats?
  63. Question Time for the top 3 SH's to move up to Shichibukai level?
  64. Discussion Does Buggy know Haki?
  65. Discussion Haki in the Real World
  66. Favorites Your Favorite Supernova
  67. Discussion Magellan Discussion Thread
  68. Discussion Blackbeard's Strength
  69. Info One Piece: Collector's Edition Anime/Manga [Download Here]
  70. Theory The Strength of the Vice-Admirals
  71. Question Natural Opponents
  72. Discussion Generational Gap
  73. Question So is Blackbeard evil or what?
  74. Theory Oda's Character Inspirations and Origins
  75. Discussion Weapons of One Piece
  76. Discussion Where in Impel Down would you throw them?
  77. Theory Franky, Pacifista, and Vegapunk.
  78. Discussion The best use for each devil fruit
  79. Discussion The strongest crew in One piece.
  80. Discussion Man, now I really hate Blackbeard!
  81. Favorites Best partners
  82. Theory Doc Q "Shinigami" is a Swordsman
  83. Theory Lafitte is a Wingman!
  84. Discussion The dissappointment of Devil Fruit
  85. Predictions A friend in the World Government!?
  86. Discussion What's going to happen to the OP world?
  87. Discussion Mythical zoans
  88. Predictions Zoro the one that is the closes to master his Haki
  89. Question Debating: is Kuma with the Revolution Army or not?
  90. Discussion Paramecia... Paramecia... Why this name?!
  91. Question What do you say to people who hate One Piece?
  92. Predictions The Next Shichibukai?
  93. Question WB Pirates Discussion Thread
  94. Discussion Haki alternative?
  95. Question Recent "Decline" of One Piece on the TOC
  96. Question Most evil One Piece character?
  97. Question Pirate Ranking System (Titles) ?
  98. Question What is One Piece (the manga)?
  99. Discussion Guess character POWERLEVELS
  100. Theory The Origin of Dragon
  101. Discussion Three Great Powers
  102. Predictions Roger's power/Devil fruit?
  103. Predictions Buggy's future prospects
  104. Theory Strongest character in One Piece as of yet = Garp?
  105. Question Colored pages
  106. Favorites Your favorite admiral?
  107. Discussion Crocodile Discussion Thread
  108. Theory New ways for the Straw Hats to power up
  109. Discussion Wind Blast
  110. Predictions The end of the ID incident
  111. Theory Crocodile Sex Change Theory
  112. Discussion Tyler Durden as a pattern for Doflamingo?
  113. Discussion Non-Devil Fruit Powers.
  114. Theory Whitebeard pirates fame after "Edward betrayal"?
  115. Question What types of pen nibs does Oda use?
  116. Discussion "Il y a encore plein de choses que je veux ♡" ;)
  117. Question If Luffy will use weapon in future... What it will be???
  118. Question Little Help With A Project
  119. Question Will Vivi and Carue come back?
  120. Discussion Inazuma Discussion Thread
  121. Theory The "New" Blackbeard Pirates Discussion Thread.
  122. Question Love or hate Blackbeard
  123. Discussion Your opinion about Ace
  124. Question What will happen to Ace's body?
  125. Discussion How the treasure of One Piece connect to the void century?
  126. Discussion Does Davy Jones exist in One Piece?
  127. Theory Marines and Shichibukai breaking after the war?
  128. Predictions The Future of Croc.
  129. Theory Unknown Roger Pirate - Chapter 0
  130. Question IS Blackbeard really a villain?
  131. Discussion another proof oda is god (not my previews proof)
  132. Predictions Luffy,2nd devil fruit, and ace
  133. Discussion The Doctors of One Piece
  134. Theory Representations of the SH's
  135. Predictions Predictions for the final attack that will be used in One Piece by characters
  136. Theory StrawHat Pirates Allies
  137. Question Did Blackbeard fight Shanks before he had his own crew?
  138. Discussion Bountyhunters
  139. Theory Smoker's Crew to match Luffy's
  140. Question How many times were Luffy or his crew defeated in the manga and why?
  141. Discussion Weapons that can destroy the world, what are they?who made it?
  142. Theory The true role of Eustass Kidd
  143. Question Which Straw Hat has the saddest backstory?
  144. Question The strongest marine
  145. Question Secrets of Doflamingo
  146. Discussion Who will be the first enemy for the straw hats in the new world ?
  147. Discussion One Piece as a modern day Epic just not with the poetic forms and all that
  148. Discussion Gomu Gomu no King Pistol
  149. Theory Luffy, powerups and the end of One Piece
  150. Theory Impel Down based on a French penal colony?
  151. Discussion Brooke's Ability
  152. Discussion Luffy will die when One piece ends.
  153. Theory Ace tells a major secret to Luffy upon his death.
  154. Theory The Theory To End All Theories --Wraps It All Up
  155. Discussion Sabo Thread
  156. Question Zoro Too Sleepy?
  157. Predictions Future divisions within the Marines.
  158. Discussion How Powerful Is Enel considering everyone now?
  159. Discussion Who best uses their Devil Fruit?
  160. Discussion One Piece Pairings Thread
  161. Discussion The Ability of Eustace Kidd
  162. Question Why does WG tolerate the Tenryubitto?
  163. Predictions How will Luffy get stronger?
  164. Discussion Dragon Thread
  165. Theory Ages of characters.
  166. Theory Leaders of the "Revolution"
  167. Discussion Luffy's message to his nakama
  168. Predictions Who will be next Admiral?
  169. Question Most Idiotic?
  170. Discussion Strawhat training (Timeskip)
  171. Question Future of the Whitebeard Pirates
  172. Discussion The pacifista discussion thread
  173. Predictions Who will kill shanks
  174. Discussion One Piece Prediction: Next Adventures and Locations
  175. Discussion Most clever and original Devil Fruits
  176. Discussion Jewelry Bonny...what is her relationship with the World Government and Whitebeard?
  177. Question If Shiki or Enel end up appearing in the story don't you think they will join BB crews not Marine?
  178. Discussion Is Brook Immortal?
  179. Discussion One Piece Characters Discussion & Predictions Thread
  180. Discussion kizaru could a mirror beat him?
  181. Discussion Will the thousand Sunny make it all theway through the Grand line?
  182. Predictions What will happen when Chopper will master his DF?
  183. Discussion List of Conqueror haki users
  184. Question New Supernovas?
  185. Discussion Luffy's haki specialty
  186. Theory Theory on Bartholomew Kuma
  187. Theory Theories of the world
  188. Theory The eyes of DoFlamingo
  189. Theory Theory On The Reason Pacifista Kuma Appeared Again In Shabondy
  190. Theory the Strawhats should get fodder crew members
  191. Discussion Robins past and the Admirals
  192. Question What Admiral will be defeated next?
  193. Discussion Strawhat Intelligence, Strategy and Battle
  194. Discussion DF Natural weakness
  195. Question Is there stronger characters in the WG?
  196. Discussion Ships in OP
  197. Predictions Will there be a gear 4
  198. Predictions who do you think is Lola's mom
  199. Discussion Hana Hana no Mi, the most powerful fruit?
  200. Discussion Another color of haki after conqueror ?
  201. Favorites From the OP world i want to know your favorites
  202. Discussion Zoro's Arm
  203. Theory One Piece Ranking System...
  204. Discussion Mugiwara's Next Target!
  205. Question Hell Wink sound effect WTF?!
  206. Discussion Nami's origin
  207. Predictions Promotions and Growth in the Marines
  208. Discussion withstanding haki
  209. Discussion Franky's upgrades
  210. Discussion Devil Fruit All Purpose Thread
  211. Question Blackbeard! The opposite of Luffy or just the same.
  212. Theory Vegapunk the revolutionary?
  213. Theory Roger's bloodline's not over!!!
  214. Predictions Trafalgar Law predictions
  215. Discussion Sanjuan Wolf: Confirmed Non-Devil Fruit User or not?
  216. Theory The Shichibukai pirate crews
  217. Theory Straw hat families
  218. Discussion Zoro's Eye
  219. Predictions Luffy's new possible technique G2+legs and G3+arms
  220. Discussion Coby official thread
  221. Discussion Reasons you don't wanna die in One Piece! :0(
  222. Discussion What is Your favorite Devil's Fruit in the series so far and why?
  223. Discussion USOPP'S ADVENTURE!!
  224. Discussion New Mugiwara flag
  225. Discussion How Would A Devil Fruit Effect a Fishman
  226. Discussion Training Levels
  227. Discussion What stops pirates from reaching raftel?
  228. Discussion Caribou's Logia Power
  229. Theory The strawhats are already stronger than most new world pirates
  230. Predictions All post-time-skip topics of interest
  231. Predictions What fates await the Mugiwaras in the end?
  232. Theory GIANTS
  233. Discussion Anyone think that Latiffe has a mythical zoan fruit?
  234. Discussion what will be the last episode of one piece
  235. Discussion Ensurance of certain death...
  236. Discussion Wapol
  237. Discussion Do You Think Zoro Is Only Limited To 3 Swords
  238. Theory How Gol D. Roger was able to write in ancient language
  239. Discussion Why arent there any stronger and older Whitebeard crew members?
  240. Discussion Mythical Zoans
  241. Discussion How long does it take for a devil fruit to "come back"?
  242. Discussion Purpose of Marguerite.
  243. Discussion Zoans and animals in One Piece- their meaning
  244. Theory Gorousei's emblem
  245. Predictions Blackbeard's next DF ability
  246. Predictions Vegapunk's deals and goals
  247. Discussion Chopperman (One Piece spin-off) 1
  248. Discussion How many story arc left for luffy to reach Raftel?
  249. Discussion Do you think there will now be a new fourth Emperor, if yes, who?
  250. Discussion Is Zoro as strong as Rayleigh?