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  6. Question Which Straw Hat has the saddest backstory?
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  38. Question what kind of dirt does Ivankov have on Crocodile???!!!
  39. Question Why does nobody want Rebecca to join the Strawhats?
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  50. Question Who is waiting for Viola at the port? (since chapter 725)
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  53. Theory Crazy Theories and Predictions
  54. Discussion Doflamingo, The Man Behind The SMILE
  55. Discussion Doflamingo's Fate
  56. Question Rebecca won her block with skill or luck or both?
  57. Theory Fujitora, Wano Kuni, and the 7th Warlord
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  67. Question So each of the Straw Hats will have their dream realized when they find One Piece?
  68. Theory Bartolomeo and his barriers.
  69. Discussion Team Sanji & Zou - how do you think Oda will incorporate it into the story?
  70. Discussion Doflamingo and Vegapunk?
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  72. Question Who will join the Strawhat Alliance?
  73. Discussion perona's ultimate DF
  74. Theory SMILE, Kaidou and Doflamingo
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  76. Discussion The worst part of One Piece so far?
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  78. Discussion Any rule against eating a natural df + an artificial df?
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  85. Question The Will of D. Mystery Revealed?
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  88. Discussion Is Emporio Ivankov the same strength as an admiral?
  89. Discussion overly new and large role of the revolutionaries in the new world?
  90. Discussion Strongest Devil Fruit - Without the Character that has it
  91. Discussion How do people leave grand line.
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  95. Theory One Piece theory: Low gravitational pull
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  97. Discussion The new Cover story is on Jimbei
  98. Question Law's Crew: Really waiting at Zo?
  99. Theory My Theory on Jewelry Bonney and how she will cross pathes with the Straw Hat crew.
  100. Discussion Why all female characters have the same backstory?
  101. Discussion Oda: One Piece might last another decade
  102. Discussion Monkey D. Dragon
  103. Discussion Theory on how a person can take 2 devil fruits !
  104. Discussion The Haki thread
  105. Theory Why I think Big Mama group is not on screen
  106. Discussion Sanji a big dissapointment?
  107. Theory Outcome of Dressrosa and the fight vs Doffy
  108. Discussion Rivals for Zoro and Luffy discussion thread
  109. Discussion How strong is Doflamingo?
  110. Discussion Match ups that will probably never happen that you want to see?
  111. Discussion Will The Entire SH Crew Possess Haki?
  112. Discussion Physically strongest person in OP.
  113. Question Will we see a full-body COA imbued Luffy against Doflamingo?
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  117. Question The Executives a big disapointment?
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  120. Discussion Ace was kind of weak?
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  122. Question Manga, Anime, or Both?
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  124. Theory The Emerald City
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  126. Question Why does luffy's power still work when he is in the water?
  127. Discussion If Luffy was ever defeated !?
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  129. Discussion How strong is Lao G?
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  133. Theory [Trafalgar Law’s Motif Analysis] & the Chance He Can Reattach His Arm
  134. Discussion luffy=law=kid????
  135. Question What sounds good for the D. name?
  136. Discussion Evaluating Oda's writing and popular fan criticism (edition 1: strawhats)
  137. Discussion Strawhat Divisions: The Commanders
  138. Question What do you think "One Piece" means?
  139. Discussion Ex Shichibukai
  140. Discussion There's Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)
  141. Theory Burgess(what he's up to)
  142. Discussion Doflamingo's Secret Secret Weapon
  143. Discussion Zoro and Sanji, Sanji fell behind?
  144. Question What If Kaido Learns About Chopper?
  145. Discussion Here's A Terrible Thought
  146. Discussion Do You Think The Emperors Partake In Davy Back Fights?
  147. Discussion Evaluating Oda's hiatus
  148. Discussion What Do You Think Will Happen If The Marines Learn The Truth About Chopper?
  149. Question Why doesn't Doflamingo use Parasite Strings in his current battles?
  150. Discussion OPE-OPE power
  151. Question Why is it that nobody can cut the bird cage strings?
  152. Theory What if one of Shank's powers is to....
  153. Discussion SHs Family & Donquixote Family: Beyond Enemies
  154. Theory The Great Tree Theory
  155. Discussion Best/Worse use of a devil fruit
  156. Theory Straw Hats vs Blackbeard pirates: theories about the swordsmen fight
  157. Predictions How does the next great war start?
  158. Discussion 'Awakened' Devil Fruit Abilities
  159. Discussion Doflamingo's eyes prediction
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  166. Discussion How would awakened fruits look like?
  167. Discussion Uholishia of the Nihou Navy
  168. Discussion Can the Shichibukai still exist?
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  170. Theory Ex-Shichibukai Crocodile and Doflamingo working together?
  171. Discussion What will be Caesar's fate?
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  173. Discussion Blackbeard without a Devil fruit
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  175. Discussion Shanks Vs Kaido, what really happened?
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  177. Theory Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus Theory (not the weapons)
  178. Theory Conqueror's Haki Breakdown
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  182. Discussion Who actually wants to be the next pirate king?
  183. Theory Straw hat ARMY+Straw hat Yonko theory
  184. Discussion Dressrosa bounties?
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  186. Theory The National Treasure Is the Ancient Weapon Uranus
  187. Predictions Which island do you think the SHs will visit next?
  188. Discussion Rob Lucci and CP0
  189. Theory Is Crocodile Whitebeard's son?
  190. Predictions The Search for Straw-Hat's New Nakama Part 4 - Zou Arc edition.
  191. Predictions Sanji and CP0
  192. Discussion Dressrosa arc
  193. Discussion Game of Thrones / One piece
  194. Theory Sanji, a SMILE equivalent?
  195. Discussion Is Zou the land of Zoan
  196. Discussion Grandline/New World general discussion....
  197. Discussion Timeline: Jack, Zou, Revolutionaries vs Black Beard
  198. Discussion Weeble Origins
  199. Chapter One Piece Chapter 807 Discussion / 808 Predictions
  200. Discussion Lack of strong bounty hunters in OP
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