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  1. Society Where do you see your country...
  2. Discussion 78th Academy Awards Night
  3. Discussion Happy St Patrick's Day!
  4. Discussion What's the leadership like where you live?
  5. Politics Israel and Palestine : A Never-ending drama
  6. Discussion Finland won the Eurovision!!
  7. Politics Bush and Blair admit Iraq errors
  8. Discussion Natural Disasters: Do you have to deal with them?
  9. Politics Iraqi minister defend Iranian nuclear program
  10. Politics Fidel Castro Temporarily hands over power to brother?
  11. Politics Lebanon Issue
  12. Discussion Steve Irwin is DEAD
  13. Politics Thailand Issues
  14. Politics About Bush...
  15. Discussion Google buys YouTube for $1.65B
  16. Society Korea and Middle East! How does the world view them?
  17. Discussion The Playstation 3 Frenzy
  18. Discussion Global warming????
  19. Discussion Airbus A380: A bubble waiting to burst or a diamond waiting to shine?
  20. Discussion Rest In Peace: Anna Nicole Smith Thread
  21. Science Viagra saves baby
  22. Discussion Blackbeard's ship found!
  23. Discussion RIP Brad Delp
  24. Politics If You Became President/Prime Minister for a Day...
  25. Mixed News Hold your wee for a wii!
  26. Discussion At least 31 dead in rampage at Virginia college
  27. Discussion Guns: What to Do?
  28. Society Poland and Ukraine to co-host Euro 2012
  29. Society Do You Follow the News?
  30. Discussion Make a Funny!
  31. Society What fuels anti-Americanism?
  32. Society Religious Discussion and Q&A Thread
  33. Discussion Paris Hilton Gets 45 Days In Jail
  34. Politics Bush selects Pentagon official as ‘war czar’
  35. Society Manga distributors arrested
  36. Discussion Japan to recognize foreign manga authors
  37. Discussion Yummy Japanese Pizza Cones
  38. Politics US court says just viewing child porn is not a crime
  39. Discussion Soldier shoots himself to avoid Iraq
  40. Discussion Religious Book Seller Struck By Lightning
  41. Science New Hydrogel Can Repair and Regenerate Human Tissue
  42. Scientists invent device to stop Global Warming
  43. Dattebayo staff members arrest
  44. Science Photons flout the light speed limit
  45. Discussion Odex turns Legal on Anime Downloaders
  46. Society Lightning-fast broadband connections [in Japan] leave U.S. infrastructure in the Dark Ages.
  47. Science new alternative fuel: sea water!
  48. Discussion Baby shot excution style
  49. Discussion Death Note Linked to A Real-Life Murder!!!
  50. Politics United States Presidential Election Thread
  51. Discussion Guns, Germs and Steel
  52. Society Prop 8 & Legality of Gay Marriage
  53. Discussion Fight hunger with a "click"
  54. Discussion Samurai swords banned!
  56. Discussion replace those lost hours of sleep!
  57. Discussion bottled water: good or bad?
  58. Discussion Nuclear weapons !!!
  59. Discussion world hunger and obesity!!!
  60. Science Moving to the moon or mars??
  61. Discussion Prejudice
  62. Politics FIDEL CASTRO
  63. Politics Kosovo recognized as Independent
  64. Discussion Looks like the Brit's...
  65. Discussion The ignorances, the internet, and hate speech...
  66. Politics Bush, Africa
  67. Politics A Prison Country - North Korea - opinion article
  68. Discussion Are Human trying to play the role of God!!!
  69. Discussion 12/21/12 - The Rapture?
  70. Discussion Gary Gygax RIP (1938-2008)
  71. Politics the tide has turned, Iraq
  72. Politics Iran - suspected of training and equipping militants
  73. Discussion Caste system - India
  74. Politics Danish Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad
  75. Politics France criticizes the USA
  76. Politics Gov. Spitzer
  77. Discussion Japanese ISPs Agree to Ban Pirates from the Internet
  78. Politics Civil liberties, privacy, rights, hysteria
  79. Politics FDA Approve Cloned Meat and etc
  80. General World Events/Politics Thread
  81. Gonzo Works to be Streamed Simultaneously with Airing in Japan
  82. Discussion Boycotting the Summer Olympics in China?
  83. Discussion The movie "Fitna" goes out in the public
  84. Politics ME conflict from Israel's perspective
  85. Economy Recession
  86. Discussion Crime and Punishment
  87. Discussion Orphaned Works" legislation up for vote in Congress.
  88. Politics Stop Virgin or say goodbye to the Internet.
  89. Politics if you are the president of the USA!! (doesn't matter your origin)
  90. Discussion China Earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone..
  91. Discussion REAL Pirates Using Shanks Flag
  92. Politics Iraq surge - NY Post Op-ed, by Ralph Peters
  93. Ahmadinejad's Background - his goals of a nuclear Holocaust
  94. Discussion It's not just the media...it's also in academia
  95. Discussion Energy
  96. Discussion Man's Hubris
  97. Politics Israeli settlers beating up Palestinian farmers
  98. Discussion Tim Russert Dies, at 58
  99. Politics Fully Integrating US Prisons, good or bad idea?
  100. Politics Bush didn't lie...it's the media who did.
  101. Saudi agrees to "pump more oil"
  102. Politics Fareed Zakaria, Obama, Iraq, Newsweek
  103. Politics IAEA, Iran, Nuclear Weapons
  104. Discussion Charity, USA, religion
  105. Politics Hunt for Osama bin Laden
  106. Discussion Oh the humanity...?
  107. Politics Iraqis lead final purge of Al-Qaeda
  108. Politics US removes uranium from Iraq
  109. Politics Former Radical Islamist speaks out
  110. Politics U.S. Winning in Iraq, Combat Ending
  111. Discussion PBS the Newshour: Max Boot vs. Larry Korb
  112. Politics Why Bush is so vilifed?
  113. Politics Bush Leaving Next President Record Federal Budget Deficit (half a trillion dollars)
  114. Politics Democrats Stonewalling Decision on Energy Production
  115. Politics Oil Execs Gave McCain Huge Donations Right After Offshore Drilling Reversal
  116. Info Recommended News Websites
  117. Politics The DNC, and it's glaring omission of it's party's history
  118. Politics Foreign Affairs Magazine: "How to Leave a Stable Iraq"
  119. Politics US hands over Anbar to Iraqi control
  120. Politics Why Ayers Matters, by neo-neocon
  121. Discussion N. Korea plans to reverse disarmament, CSM
  122. Economy Economic Crisis 2008
  123. Politics Venezuela to develop nuclear energy with Russia
  124. Politics Left taking control of the US?
  125. Discussion Jennifer Hudson's Family Tragedy
  126. Politics President Obama Wins! Now What?
  127. Politics Hamas-Israel conflict
  128. Society Universal Healthcare
  129. Society Flemish Crazyness In Belgium
  130. Discussion Examining the Connection Between Morality and Religious Beliefs
  131. Discussion How Would You Deal With...
  132. Discussion Islam will overwhelm Christendom (demographics)
  133. Politics 10 Reasons to vote green.
  134. Society New York Reports Its First Swine Flu Death
  135. Discussion Latest quake highlights Los Angeles seismic danger
  136. Discussion Europe and the elections: where are we going to?
  137. Society Woman illegally downloads 24 songs, fined for 1.9 million dollars
  138. Society Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench
  139. Society Criminal Breaks In by Chewing Through Steel Bars
  140. Discussion Fraudster gets 150 year sentance
  141. Politics How the british government kicked itself in the nuts
  142. Discussion Pedophile shot in the head
  143. Discussion Riot in Urumqi
  144. Society Promising soccer player sent to jail innocent
  145. Society Iranians banned from certain uni programmes in Sweden
  146. Politics The race of H1N1 vaccine
  147. Society 12 years old strippers aren't illegal!
  148. Society Iranian Uprising
  149. 'Rape' in the name of legal execution!
  150. Society Editorial - Pandemic against Economic Recovery
  151. Society Dinner's ready! With the infant all ready and cook!
  152. Society More retirees fill empty hours with booze and pachinko
  153. Economy Recession reality bites Japan's anime industry
  154. Society Sexual Harassment: The Emergence of Legal Consciousness in Japan and the US
  155. Society Can't find a job? So sue...
  156. Science Pandemic Number 3 in the making...?
  157. Info Welcome to General World Topic Forum!
  158. Science Japanese 'robot suit' to help disabled
  159. Discussion Did Noordin die?
  160. Science Astro-Phenomena happening tonight!
  161. Politics North Korea's hostage situation
  162. Science Global Oil Crisis, World Energy Consumption?
  163. Politics Outrageous bill passed that betrays the Afgan females
  164. Society You're poor! You shouldn't marry!
  165. Discussion Web comics no laughing matter / Shoddily scanned, translated manga causing headache for publishers
  166. Politics Is Obama worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize?
  167. Economy With the recession put behind us, it is time for companies to start hiring?
  168. Discussion Japan embraces pedophiles and incests in manga world
  169. Politics Japan's reaction to Obama bowing before the Emperor
  170. Discussion Global Warming Meltdown
  171. Politics An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore
  172. Society 20 years for 'accidental' pedo download...
  173. Society 41 yr. man gets 1 year jail time for sleeping with a 13 yr. old girl
  174. Society Austin Pilot Left Anti-IRS Suicide Note
  175. Discussion Dead Woman Moves arm during autopsy
  176. Politics Americans misperceive the world and their role in determining its evolution
  177. Mixed News Japan: Nothing says springtime like a penis festival
  178. Society Heterosexuality contra Homosexuality
  179. Politics Obama's Performance as President
  180. Politics Do we need an American Putin?
  181. Discussion More universities offering majors in manga
  182. Politics Collateral Murder in Iraq
  183. Society Is there a conversion right for adopted kids ??
  184. Society The END of the World is near!
  185. Society The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
  186. Politics Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet
  187. Importance of renewable sources
  188. Discussion Live feeds from Ocean Intervention
  189. Discussion Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe
  190. Politics Colombia- Venezuela crisis
  191. Newswire
  192. Economy Welcome to Tokyo
  193. Politics Afghan - Iraq war, testimony & wikileaks
  194. Politics WikiLeaks founder suspected of rape
  195. Mixed News Philippine hold-up situation
  196. Politics Attack against South Korean ship looks like false flag operation
  197. Politics Capital Punishment/Death Penalties Debate
  198. Society Should Marijuana Be Legalized in the United States?
  199. Society US Religious Knowledge Survey - Atheists score better than Believers
  200. Science 1st Potentially Habitable World Discovered
  201. Society We and Millions of Sites are F!@$ if this Law passes
  202. Science Night Light might be Reason for Overweight
  203. Economy National Debt as antisocial Redistribution?
  204. Politics Huge Wikileaks release shows US 'ignored Iraq torture'
  205. Society Attacks reported on Ugandans newspaper 'outed' as gay
  206. Society The difficult case of a special imam in Germany
  207. Mixed News Self-inflicted Conflicts of Industrial Countries
  208. Politics USA: "CAGW" TV Commercial
  209. Society Is violence,sex and language damaging in video games,comics and films?
  210. Mixed News COP -16 Cancún, Mexico
  211. Politics North Korea declares war?
  212. Society Have You Ever Been Cyberbullied Before ? Read this short post!
  213. Politics Are the New Security Procedures too Invasive
  214. Society Why Does Man Feel The Need to Believe In Something
  215. Mixed News Mine Explosion in New Zealand- Coverup?
  216. Politics Do you think Wikileaks should be stopped?
  217. Society Biological Evolution of Altruism and Shame
  218. Politics Protests in the wider Arab world
  219. Discussion Amazon Drought and Climate Change
  220. Mixed News Norwegian Pilots admit to have slept during Flight
  221. Science Social Psychology Quarterly: Lower IQ makes Conservative
  222. Science beautiful photos from space
  223. Politics Un Report: Global Bee dying risks food supply
  224. Science 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Japan
  225. Society Green Energies
  226. Politics How do you vote in your country ?
  227. Politics US Financial Situation 2011
  228. Politics Osama bin Laden killed
  229. Society We are the same: 9/11 and 5/1
  230. Economy Industry and Arts
  231. Politics Explanation of One's Political and Philosophical Worldviews
  232. Mixed News Ratko Mladic arrested
  233. Society US High School student ostracised for standing up against school prayer
  234. Politics "To end the War on Drugs"?
  235. Economy Banks Out Of Control
  236. Discussion National Geogprahic's Geo Bee, Take the Quiz, How good are you?
  237. Mixed News LulzSec
  238. Politics Man robs Bank for medical aid
  239. Science Thoughts on the Life Sciences
  240. Science Nuclear Trouble Intensifies in Japan and USA
  241. Mixed News City of Orlando against Food not Bombs
  242. Mixed News "Crocodile" drug spreads
  243. Economy News International phone hacking scandal
  244. Mixed News Mixed/Short/Funny News
  245. Society The Stereotyping of Terrorism
  246. Mixed News Government sues Ecuadorian Newspaper for 80 million dollars and 3 years of prison for thier chief editor and owners
  247. Politics Libyan rebels enter Tripoli from the west
  248. Science You Felt the Earthquake? And Hurricane Irene [East Coast USA]
  249. Economy Iraqs future development
  250. Society The world in 2060