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  1. Discussion What Manga Do You Read?
  2. Discussion Raw Manga Thread
  3. Discussion Valentines Day in Japan.
  4. Hangout MH Seinen Hangout
  5. Favorites Do you like Sport Mangas? If so, which are your favourites?
  6. Hangout Shoujo & Josei Hangout Thread
  7. Favorites Your Favourite Shoujo Manga
  8. Favorites YOUR TOP 20 MANGAS!
  9. Discussion Manga/Anime/Asian Drama - Bishounen! :D
  10. Discussion DBZ SYNDROME: The silent killer
  11. Discussion Your manga collection (with pictures!)
  12. Discussion The Evangelion Fan Thread
  13. Favorites Favorite Characters in Manga/Anime
  14. Discussion What are your most hated problems when dowloading manga?
  15. Info Comic Readers
  16. Favorites Best COMPLETED Manga that you have read...
  17. Discussion What Manga would you like to see scanlated?
  18. Discussion Manga's way of living
  19. Art Favorite Manga Pages
  20. The “Looking For” Manga Thread
  21. Discussion manglish -- a project by mainichi-msn
  22. Favorites Best Shoujo Heroine/Main Character?
  23. Discussion The Cosplay Thread
  24. Discussion Spot Ryotsu in Your Favourite Jump Series This Week!
  25. Discussion Kochikame 30th Anniversary Tribute Special!
  26. Favorites Favorite Manga Villains, Anti-Heroes, and Rivals
  27. Favorites The coolest Hero!!!
  28. Discussion Manga Mommies' & Daddies' Corner
  29. Discussion faeries landing
  30. Discussion So what's the deal with manga scans anyway?
  31. Discussion The Shoujo/Josei Recommendation Thread!
  32. Discussion Is It True?
  33. Art Picture Request
  34. Discussion Need Help from some Shoujo fans
  35. Art Looking for Coloured Pages for Naruto/Bleach/OP
  36. Discussion The Manga Bible
  37. Discussion Japanese Folktales Thread
  38. Discussion What gives?
  39. Discussion Any manga that you realistically fear you won't see the end of?
  40. Favorites top 5 favourite shoujo scan group?
  41. Favorites Shoujo/Josei mangaka's works that you keep an eye out for
  42. Discussion Weekly Manga Sales Top
  43. Discussion Author of Hunter x Hunter
  44. Art Air Gear Volume Covers?
  45. Discussion Confess: Are you into H-manga/anime? (no pics or links!)
  46. Discussion The popullarity of One Piece-Bleach-Naruto
  47. Discussion Why do you like Manga?
  48. Discussion What is the difference from American comics?
  49. Question Which manga personage you would want to be?
  50. Favorites Best fights from manga and anime
  51. Discussion Shoujo/Josei Manga you wish was scanlated/revived?
  52. Info Myanimelist.net
  53. Discussion Some pics of the new series by Hiro Mashima
  54. Discussion Need help with a personal project
  55. Discussion Why do you read manga/comics?
  56. Discussion [Yuri,Comedy,Family]KoGeMoGe
  57. Discussion Sunjeong (Girl's Manhwa)
  58. Discussion paperboy's horror review.
  59. Discussion Do You Get Flak For Being A Fan of Anime/Manga?
  60. Discussion Manga/Comic from your childhood....
  61. Info Paint Jump?
  62. Discussion Manga you never want to read again (and why)
  63. Discussion Otaku Cafe - Rules/Guidelines/Index Thread (Updated October 10, 2008)
  64. Discussion If you could bring back one thing from Japan????
  65. Favorites All-time Favorite Series from Weekly Shounen JUMP
  66. Favorites THE best woman(or girl) in WSJ!!
  67. Discussion Accessible Manga for the blind. Good idea?
  68. Discussion Project Death Note
  69. Discussion About multiple scanlations for a single series...
  70. Art Manwha Art vs. Manga Art
  71. Discussion Shounen Manga That Should Have/Should Be Seinen
  72. Discussion "Manga Mad - Tokyo Otaku" Documentary
  73. Art Mangas With The Best Visual/Special Effects
  74. Discussion Ah, how I envy the English translation.. of manga titles...
  75. Favorites Non-WSJ gags you love!
  76. Discussion Help a person with his research (WSJ related)
  77. Discussion Kanzenban?
  78. Discussion need help for anime themed bedroom
  79. Discussion how to read comic.btbbt.com
  80. Discussion Japanese Accessories
  81. Hangout MH Shounen Hangout
  82. Discussion anime experience
  83. Favorites Your favorite shonen manga - Categories
  84. Discussion Attention Kenichi Fans/Translators/Scanlators
  85. Discussion Marry a 2D character
  86. Favorites Favorite Manga and Anime Quotes
  87. Discussion Prince of tennis a failure as sport manga.
  88. Discussion We're going to be doing a new manga series tell us which one to do!
  89. Art Art in Shoujo manga
  90. Discussion Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi
  91. Favorites Best manga in 2009?
  92. Discussion how to contact with AOM Scan group ?
  93. Discussion Why do you read scanlations
  94. Discussion Because_I_Wanna - New Project Requests
  95. Favorites What is your favorite Manga of all time?
  96. Discussion what happen to jcafe
  97. Discussion Manga for psp
  98. Discussion Cutest, prettiest or hottest characters in Manga/Anime/Asian Drama
  99. Discussion Professional Translator
  100. Discussion A good manga drawing site?
  101. Discussion Time warp!?
  102. Discussion Best way to batch rename manga archives?
  103. Discussion Anime Insider = RIP
  104. Discussion Where do YOU go to read your manga?
  105. Favorites Who's your favourite badboy Bishie?
  106. Hangout Otaku Cafe Hangout
  107. Discussion Breaking the fourth wall
  108. Discussion Can u read manga in a Kindle 2?
  109. Discussion P2P Poisoning Project
  110. Discussion Popularity of the site Mangahelpers
  111. Discussion My first manga was...and why
  112. Discussion Have you ever thought about rewarding your favorite manga artists?
  114. Discussion Does this happen to your manga?
  115. Discussion SFX in Translations / Scanlations
  116. Discussion What Manga are you reading/Going to read next?
  117. Discussion The Oda, Kubo, Kishi Switch
  118. Discussion Organising manga
  119. Discussion Name one thing you dislike about manga.
  120. Favorites What are your favorite kiss scenes in manga, anime or Asian drama?
  121. Discussion The Gag Manga Thread
  122. Discussion When Will These Manga End?
  123. Discussion International Manga After Naruto and Bleach
  124. Discussion Which manga/anime/Asian drama made you cry or close to?
  125. Discussion which manga should get an mmo based on it?
  126. Discussion What are your viewing/reading habits?
  127. Discussion Is there another website same as MH yet?
  128. Discussion Best e reader for manga?
  129. Favorites Your favorite color spread of all times!
  130. Discussion Manga bootlegging concept
  131. Discussion Manga series that you'd wish would last longer?
  132. Discussion What program to use for downloaded manga
  133. Discussion Japanese Accessories: WTF version
  134. Discussion Seinen Section Suggestion Thread
  135. Discussion What is a Zengohen?
  136. Discussion To all of you australian's.
  137. Art Best Manga Art
  138. Discussion Manga that deserves its own anime
  139. Discussion Manga Through The Ages
  140. Favorites What Demographics Do You Read?
  141. Discussion What I hate most about fillers
  142. Discussion yen ragun and sakis from lagoon engine
  143. Info No Weekly Jump? No Problem! Read more manga!
  144. Discussion Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece Poll
  145. Discussion Never actually noticed....
  146. Discussion What manga did you decide to stop reading because you couldn’t take any more of it?
  147. Discussion How do you organize your downloaded manga?
  148. Discussion One Piece vs Full Metal Alchemist
  149. Discussion Shoujo for people who don't like shoujo
  150. Discussion The most anticipated fight in anime/manga history?
  151. Discussion Manga that got direct sequel
  152. Discussion First shojo/josei and How Did You Get Interested in shojo/josei?
  153. Art Does anyone know how to get the Sho-comi wallpapers?
  154. Discussion Do your parents watch anime?
  155. Discussion Most Wanted Manga Sequels
  156. Favorites Best food/cooking manga
  157. Discussion Classic Manga and Mangaka
  158. Discussion Alternative Comics
  159. Favorites Your personal harem
  160. Discussion Scanlation groups
  161. Discussion Which anime/manga do you think has the best style of clothes?
  162. Discussion Underrated Manga
  163. Discussion "Kawaii Heaven"
  164. Discussion Do girls really prefer bad boys over good boys?
  165. Discussion To pay or not to pay!
  166. Favorites Favorite manga/anime/drama hair
  167. Discussion Ten Greatest Geniuses of Manga
  168. Discussion Which anime/manga character(s) would you like to meet IRL?
  169. Art The Gallery of amazing manga and anime fanarts
  170. Discussion Geniuses in the Mangaverse
  171. Discussion Vomics anyone??
  172. Favorites Idiots in the Mangaverse
  173. Discussion Identical/similar characters...
  174. Discussion Mangakas with simultaneous projects
  175. Discussion Shoujo/Josei series with eye candy for girls
  176. Discussion Manga/Anime series with eye candy for boys.
  177. Discussion The Manga/Anime Character Showdown!!
  178. Discussion References in Manga/Anime
  179. Discussion The Manga/Anime Twilight Zone, where not everything is what it seems...
  180. Discussion Have you ever played a Visual Novel?
  181. Discussion Japanese Street Fashion
  182. Favorites Favourite Character Design
  183. Favorites Mascot Characters
  184. Discussion Culture Shock in manga
  185. Discussion Anime/Manga References in Real Life
  186. Discussion Voting for WSJ series
  187. Discussion Outgrowing Mangas
  188. Favorites What is Your Favorite Seinen Series?
  189. Discussion Educational/Non-fiction Manga
  190. Discussion What constitutes the Big 3?
  191. Art Art Evolution
  192. Discussion Incest in Anime & Manga
  193. Discussion What is Your Favorite Genre?
  194. Discussion Guilty Pleasures
  195. Discussion The Fanworks Thread
  196. Favorites Your Favorite Secondary Characters
  197. Discussion The effect of Ani-manga on us and our cultures
  198. Discussion The Manga-Anime-Asian Drama Confessional Thread
  199. Discussion What do you look for in a pairing?
  200. Favorites Cats in Manga/Anime Nyaa~
  201. Favorites Dogs in Manga/Anime
  202. Favorites Favorite Manga Psychopaths
  203. Discussion Strangest Manga
  204. Discussion Manga for Beginners
  205. Discussion Prejudices about Seinen
  206. Art Funny Fan Art
  207. Favorites The most badass...
  208. Discussion Anime/Manga Custom Soundtracks
  209. Discussion Question about Seinen
  210. Discussion Anime/Manga:Life and Death
  211. Discussion Japanese Urban Legends
  212. Discussion How did you get introduced to the Manga/Anime world?
  213. Discussion Romance in the Manga/Anime/Asian Drama World
  214. Favorites Anime/Manga - Confessions and Honmei-choko
  215. Favorites Best and Favorite Anime/Manga Confessions and/or Proposals
  216. Discussion Most appealing first page
  217. Favorites Worst Manga Ending
  218. Discussion Slap of the Century
  219. Discussion What is making a Manga good for You?
  220. Discussion Completed vs. Ongoing Manga/Volume vs. Chapter
  221. Art Best Chapter Cover Pages
  222. Discussion How did your favorite manga get started?
  223. Discussion Japanese Festivals & Holidays
  224. Favorites Best Manga Ending
  225. Info The Effects of the Recent Earthquake in Japan on the Manga Community
  226. Discussion Your Reading List
  227. Discussion Weekly Shonen Jump - TOC based on members opinion
  228. Art Art tributes to Earthquake victims
  229. Favorites Your favorite trope(s) ?
  230. Favorites Who are your favorite underdogs from the manga/anime universe?
  231. Favorites Which is the best school uniform of the manga/anime world?
  232. Discussion The recent disaster in Japan... predicted in manga?
  233. Discussion Manga you had judgements about but grew fond of in the end
  234. Discussion Things inside the manga/anime universe that you are curious about
  235. Favorites Favorite Redheads in Anime/Manga
  236. Discussion Westernization of Manga & Anime
  237. Favorites Best Anime/Manga Mother
  238. Discussion Crossovers that you wish to see!
  239. Info AMV Contest (Tentative)
  240. Rules Otaku Cafe Information and Guidelines
  241. Discussion Baseball Manga
  242. A_I's Recommendation Corner
  243. Discussion Why do Girls Prefer Shounen to Shoujo?
  244. Niichan's Recommendation Thread
  245. Favorites Best and Worst Anime/Manga Fathers
  246. Googlez' Manga Recommendations
  247. Zeltrax's Anime Recommendation Thread!
  248. Discussion What scanlators did not know about themselves
  249. Discussion What book will you like to see get turned into a manga or an anime?
  250. Discussion Characters’ iPods - Songs that make you think of certain manga/anime characters