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  1. Design Create your own Naruto character
  2. What-If What if Naruto went to Gai for training?
  3. Design Choose Your Ninja's Profession!
  4. Discussion Would you want to be a Jinchuuriki?
  5. Discussion What Element Are You?
  6. Design Create Your Own Jutsu!
  7. Discussion Which Naruto-Char are you?
  8. Favorites Favourite Quotes From Naruto Manga?
  9. Favorites Best. Shot. EVER!!
  10. Favorites Favourite evil smile ^_^
  11. What-If What if Orochimaru Had Taken Over -X-?
  12. What-If What if Significant Events in the Manga Were Changed?
  13. Design Make Your ultimate 4 man-team?
  14. Discussion What doujustu would you choose?
  15. What-If What if the real Sasori was the one who met Oro & Kabuto?
  16. What-If What if Orochimaru summoned Yondaime?
  17. Discussion If you could give advice to one of the ninjas
  18. What-If If Yondaime was still alive...what would naruto be like?
  19. What-If What if Naruto (as a whole series)
  20. Discussion Name your Top 3 Characters you would love to live as and explain why
  21. Discussion Final Fantasy Akatsuki
  22. Game Naruto 'Quiz Time'
  23. Discussion Which jutsu would you like to learn/use?
  24. Discussion [FEATURED] Things you learned from Naruto
  25. Discussion Have you ever tried a jutsu in real life?
  26. Favorites Your Favorite Chapter
  27. Game CONTEST!! Kickass Ninja Jutsu Titles!
  28. Fun Thread [FEATURED] Edited Manga Archive - Post Your Epic Edits!
  29. What-If What kind of jobs would Naruto & co have if they weren't ninja?
  30. Game Our Own Naruto Story!
  31. Design Your Ultimate Naruto Story
  32. Discussion The Naruto Parody Thread
  33. What-If New Akatsuki vs Amegakure
  34. Design Make Them Kage Level!
  35. What-If If Naruto had the Sharingan
  36. Favorites Best Cliffhanger In Naruto
  37. Design Creative Jutsu Combinations
  38. What-If What would be the outcome if a male senju and female uchiha mated?
  39. What-If At the Waterfall of Truth?
  40. What-If Nagatos Son
  41. What-If What will happen if all bijuu meet together in one place without anyone controlling them?
  42. Design Create you own waterfall of truth!
  43. Game The Ninja Nickname Thread
  44. What-If What if Naruto was at the Kage Summit instead of Sasuke?
  45. What-If What if Guy was there during the Pain Invasion
  46. What-If If you could make a new Naruto character what would it be?
  47. What-If "What If" <insert change of event/character in Naruto>
  48. Game Guess the Curse Word
  49. Discussion Cosplay- Naruto!
  50. Design Make Your Own Entertaining Battle Scenarios
  51. What-If If you could combine two characters...
  52. Discussion Which of the characters in Naruto would you be most interested in being?
  53. Design Fix A Character!
  54. What-If New generation, old battles
  55. Design Rinnegan - How would you use it?
  56. What-If If Naruto and Sasuke were to be Edo Tensei'd..
  57. Game Naruto Hangman thread!
  58. Game Naruto Word Association
  59. Game Naruto Agony Thread!
  60. Info Naruto Playground Guide and Information
  61. Game Counter the jutsu above you
  62. Game The characteristic game
  63. Game Naruto Joke of the Week
  64. Fun Thread ARCHIVE: Edit the panel/page of the week editions
  65. Discussion What is the worst possible ending for Naruto?
  66. Game Draw a Mustache on Sasuke
  67. Favorites Panel of the Week - Naruto 583 Edition
  68. Favorites Panel of the Week - Naruto 586 Edition
  69. Fun Thread Chapter 589 summary act
  70. Fun Thread Weekly Naruto Jokes
  71. Fun Thread naruto contact lenses
  72. Discussion Why does Naruto have more die hard fans in hentai than Sasuke?
  73. Fun Thread Tobi Parodies
  74. Discussion Your reaction to Tobi's revealing - fun/rage thread
  75. Discussion Oro, Sasuke's new BFF?
  76. Discussion Have you ever cried while watching/reading Naruto?
  77. Discussion Naruto = Hunter x Hunter
  78. Game 1001 Uses for Hashirama's Cells
  79. Discussion How did you start to read/watch Naruto?
  80. Discussion If I were Kishi...
  81. Fun Thread :: Which hokage would make the best president of the USA ::
  82. Discussion ::Naruto following in Obito's footsteps and becoming the mysterious "Tonaru"::
  83. Fun Thread LnDRash's Translation of chapter 610
  84. Discussion Why Are The Hyuuga the Strongest?
  85. Game Rise of a Ninja DLC/language pack?
  86. Fun Thread Edit Hashirama's improper faces
  87. What-If Orochimaru becomes 4th Hokage
  88. Discussion Strongest Elemental Jutsu?
  89. Discussion Biggest stomps of the manga
  90. Discussion Waiting for a new chapter is like waiting for Jesus Christ to return
  91. Who would you choose among the 3 geniuses?
  92. World Domination
  93. What Karin "did" to Sasuke...??
  94. Discussion Madara Uchiha
  95. Ridiculously Crazy Theory! Also - What do you think Rikudou Sennin's real name is?
  96. Fun Thread Bloomerwedgies CAPSLOCKS Naruto Chapters Archive
  97. War Medals and Future Reputation
  98. Naruto Rap
  100. NarutoTheory's CAPSLOCKS Naruto Chapter 662
  101. wtf happened to buruma-chan?
  102. Naruto Game on Byond
  103. Discussion Shinobi Life! New Game!
  104. Fun Thread Naruto: Part 2 Rewritten
  105. Discussion Authentic Naruto drawings, or not?
  106. What if... Naruto did not defy nine-tails transformation