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  1. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 08 (Ch. 67-76) Discussion
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  10. Discussion Hoshino's Art Style
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  16. Discussion Popularity Problems: What is wrong with Yu Kanda?
  17. Discussion 'The Hearts' Innocence True Ability
  18. Discussion do you ever dream or imagine another version of DGray-man?
  19. Discussion what are you hoping the most for...
  20. Discussion the (former) fourteenth
  21. Discussion Where to buy the later volumes?
  22. Discussion Old Spoilers Thread
  23. Favourite Black Order's General ?
  24. Discussion Unfinished sentence...what was Rhode about to say? SPOILERS, maybe...
  25. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 12 (Ch. 108-118) Discussion
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  28. Discussion DGM ch109 Review by Raijatsu
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  30. Discussion Translaters! I have a request!!
  31. Discussion How long will/should DGM last?
  32. Discussion Is Allen a Noah? *Confirmed*
  33. Discussion Noah's Ark Pictures
  34. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 13 (Ch. 119-128) Discussion
  35. Discussion Manga or anime?
  36. Discussion Bats???
  37. Discussion DGM and Moonshadow
  38. Discussion What do you think of my DGM's website's desing?
  39. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 14 (Ch. 129-138) Discussion
  40. Discussion Long-Term Predictions [Beware Spoilers]
  41. Discussion Are they dead?
  42. Discussion Translation Please
  43. Discussion General Cross: A star at bluffing [spoilers]
  44. Discussion D.Gray-Man Drinking Game!
  45. Discussion D.Gray... Book?
  46. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 15 (Ch. 139-149) Discussion
  47. Discussion Help me with my Cross Marian's cosplay, please!
  48. Discussion What's wrong with SJ? Concerning to DGM's colour pages
  49. Discussion D.Gray-man Movie
  50. Discussion Allen'smystery form
  51. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 16 (Ch. 150-160) Discussion
  52. Discussion My DGM COSPLAY group (we won the contest)
  53. Discussion Equipment Types
  54. Discussion Lenalee and her new innocence: what are your future perspectives?
  55. Discussion Could someone post a pic of allen wearing the mask in the crown clown form i still dont get how it looks
  56. Discussion Hints from Mangaka
  57. DGM Fanbook: GRAY ARK
  58. Discussion Sorcery in DGM
  59. Discussion Musician's Song
  60. Discussion The real reason an akuma evolves
  61. Discussion Allen, Kanda and Lavi...3 damned characters? (spoilers)
  62. Discussion D.Gray-man Colour Pages
  63. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 17 (Ch. 161-171) Discussion
  64. Discussion unknown panel in fanbook *solved*
  65. Discussion Could Rouvelier be one of the noahs?
  66. Discussion Completely lost the plot
  67. Discussion Looking to start reading the manga but i need help
  68. Discussion BEST SHOT EVER! DGM Edition.
  69. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 18 (Ch. 172-181) Discussion
  70. Discussion masks in D.GRAYMAN
  71. Discussion Hoshino Featuring in Manga Nou
  72. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 19 (Ch. 182-188) Discussion
  73. Discussion Wich generals will train Timothy ?
  74. Discussion Allen and Lenalee innocences like stigmata marks
  75. Discussion Niichans Chapter Review: D.Gray-man 184
  76. Discussion What are your thought/opinion on the 5 Crow(Half-Akuma)??
  77. Discussion Do you think Allen will leave The Order in the future? [Spoilerific]
  78. Discussion Looking back from the future?
  79. Discussion Mana & the Earl... ?
  80. Discussion Unsolved Mysteries in DGM So Far
  81. Discussion The OOC DGM Play
  82. Discussion A Big Doubt
  83. Discussion How long do u think DGM will reach the final battle within monthly pace?
  84. D. Gray Man Model sheet or Settai
  85. Discussion Which D.Gray-Man character shares your birthday?
  86. Discussion D.Gray-man Compilation Book: Gray Banquet
  87. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 20 (Ch. 189-193) Discussion
  88. Discussion DGM Translation Local Discussion
  89. Discussion earth's Theory of (Almost) Everything: D. Gray-man Chapter 189
  90. DGM Artbook: Noche
  91. Changes in the DGM Subforum
  92. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 21 (Ch. 194-199) Discussion
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  95. Discussion Will Alma be saved?
  96. Discussion The Official Character Names in SPANISH
  97. Discussion 14th = Satan?
  98. Discussion Favorite Innocence?
  99. Discussion Who will die from Allen's/14th's hand????
  100. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 22 (Ch. 200-205) Discussion
  101. Discussion Everything allowed in war?
  102. Discussion Could someone help...?
  103. Discussion Create/Pilfer Your Own Innocence
  104. Hoshino Katsura's Oneshots
  105. Discussion Tyki & Neah - What was/is their relation?
  106. Could there be two Adams?
  107. Discussion What is the Rose Cross Journal?
  108. Any D. gray man cosplayers?
  109. theories and ideas
  110. Discussion hoshino katsura
  111. Discussion DGM Chapter 206 Discussion
  112. Discussion DGM Chapter 207 Discussion
  113. Discussion The origin of Allen's powers
  114. Where can i find summaries of the manga chapters? (from 159-189)
  115. Discussion DGM Chapter 208 Discussion
  116. Discussion Noah's memory ~ Dream state ~
  117. Discussion DGM Chapter 209 Discussino
  118. Discussion DGM Chapter 210 Discussion
  119. Edit DGM panels and have fun!
  120. Discussion DGM Chapter 211 Discussion
  121. Discussion DGM Chapter 212 Discussion
  122. Discussion DGM Chapter 213 Discussion
  123. did anyone else find it hilarious when kanda told lenalee "i feel like, you've become quite ugly"
  124. Discussion DGD Orphans
  125. D.Gray-man Art Collection
  126. D.Gray-man 212 Joint Review
  127. Discussion DGM Chapter 214 Discussion
  128. D. Gray-man 213 Joint Review
  129. Discussion DGM Chapter 215 Discussion
  130. Discussion DGM Chapter 216 Discussion/217 Prediction
  131. I need help trying to find these pics
  132. Can someone help?
  133. Discussion The 'Destroyer of Time'.
  134. Discussion DGM Chapter 217 Discussion/218 Prediction
  135. 14th inspired song
  136. DGM Chapter 218 Discussion/219 Predictions
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  138. Discussion 109 Innocences: where are they?
  139. Discussion Compiling Black, White and Gray Symbolism