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  1. Character Remaining Middle Schoolers
  2. Match Tachibana vs Tezuka
  3. Character Liliaden Krauser or Liliaden Kurausa
  4. Favorites [PoT1] Top 5 Favorite Players
  5. Match Akutsu vs Kirihara
  6. Hangout Shinpuri General + Q&A
  7. Favorites Top 5 Favorite Techniques.
  8. Favorites Favorite serves?
  9. Theory U-17 Theories.
  10. Discussion U-17 Match-Ups. Place your bets!
  11. Discussion Does anyone else buy the manga?
  12. Character Tachibana is a CSS character?
  13. Art How far Konomi has come...Then...and Now
  14. Anime Prince of tennis OVAs : Another story
  15. Character Shishido
  16. Character Create your own U-17 Character and Techniques.
  17. Discussion Next year...
  18. Discussion POT Awards
  19. Discussion (Shin) Prince of Tennis Videogame Discussion Thread
  20. Character POT Person = Who?
  21. Character Prince of Tennis Character Tier List.
  22. Character Ryoma's Status as the main character.
  23. Anime Favorite Ova's?
  24. Info Volume 40.5 (and the others)
  25. Discussion Next Year PoT
  26. Anime PoT Filler Discussion
  27. Character Kaidoh's strength
  28. Character What unexplored characters are you looking forward to?
  29. Discussion What line-ups would be the best for each team?
  30. Discussion Dream Teams
  31. Game Prince of Tennis RPG?
  32. Discussion Pot moments in real life.
  33. Special Move Ultimate PoT Techniques
  34. Special Move Muga no Kyouchi and The Three Doors Discussion
  35. Character What are some of your nicknames for the characters?
  36. Character U-17 Losers - Who is coming back?
  37. Discussion Nationals 3rd, 4th and 5th places.
  38. Discussion The match you want to see the most (no vendettas)
  39. Character PoT Character Tier List (please give input and help as the list is far from completion)
  40. Character What's the deal with Krauser?
  41. Character Characters who always win/lose
  42. Discussion Players Nicknames/Sayings...
  43. Discussion Possible Inconsistencies?
  44. Art My Richard Sig
  45. Character Characters that should be playing other sports.
  46. Favorites Fantasy TeniPuri - Or Create Your Dream Team
  47. Discussion What would you change about PoT1
  48. Game Fan League
  49. Anime What is the name of this song?
  50. Match Renji + Gin vs Tachibana + Akutsu
  51. Character Doubles Tier List
  52. Match Winners VS Losers
  53. Anime Prince of tennis OVA OST?
  54. Character Characters you'd like to pull a Zaizen/Hitouji
  55. Character What PoT characters are you like?
  56. Info Pair Puri Discussion Thread
  57. Match The Emperor Versus Kintarou
  58. Character How much will the tier list change in Shin Pot?
  59. Favorites Top 5 Favorite Matches in the Series?
  60. Favorites Favorite Team
  61. Character Complete Tier List
  62. Match Atobe vs Sanada/Tezuka/Fuji Rematch/Match!
  63. Match The King versus the Wild Prince
  64. Character Prince of Tennis "Real Life" Look-a-likes?
  65. Discussion Final Match
  66. Game New PoT Fan League
  67. Game Fan League Character Discussion Thread
  68. Info Changes from SQ Chapters to Volume Release Chapters
  69. Match Tezuka vs Tachibana
  70. Match Tezuka+ Fuji vs Sanada+ Renji
  71. Game Fan League Tier List Discussion
  72. Character Character and Match-Up Discussion
  73. Game Expanded Fan League - Prince of Tennis RPG Forum
  74. Discussion Grudge Matches you'd most like to see?
  75. Character Akutsu in court 5 with Oni
  76. Game Shin Prince of Tennis Fan League: Season 2
  77. Character Shiraishi and Hyakuren
  78. Discussion Court Numbers
  79. Special Move Pinnacle of Perfection vs Pinnacle of Destruction
  80. Game Prophet League
  81. Special Move Techniques performed IRL
  82. Game Shin Prince of Tennis Fan League: Season 3
  83. Character Singles Tier List
  84. Anime New Prince of Tennis OVA DVD (Memorable match)
  85. Character Next Underdeveloped character to get focus?
  86. Anime OVA Bottle in the message
  87. Anime The Prince of Tennis Movie II Discussion Thread
  88. Special Move PoT and SPoT Technique Tier List
  89. Special Move Zero-shiki Serve was returned?
  90. Game Online jigsaw puzzle games of Prince of Tennis
  91. Info Quick Question
  92. Special Move Technique vs. Technique
  93. Anime Anime?
  94. Special Move New Pinnacles?
  95. Discussion Stat Sheet Discussion/Prediction
  96. Character Characters who can hit multiple balls at once
  97. Info Where to watch Pair Puri DVD Doramas
  98. Character Strongest 2nd String High Schooler
  99. Discussion Konomi-dundancy
  100. Discussion Would you like a new Prince of Tennis game?
  101. Discussion The Metagame of the Prince of Tennis: Konomi-dundancy
  102. Discussion Weird Stuff you Notice
  103. Special Move Idea for Fuji counter?
  104. Special Move Hoshi Hanabi fail and Hakugei fail
  105. Character Your opinion on the remaining first string high schoolers?
  106. Character Since when did Yukimura scare everyone off?
  107. Character U-17 Camp & OB's
  108. Discussion Doubles Matches that should have happened
  109. Favorites Your Top 5 Favourite Techniques
  110. Special Move If Tezuka Phantom has more spin than 5th counter...
  111. Discussion List of Superpowers in PoT!
  112. Special Move Absolute Techniques
  113. Favorites Top 10 Favourite Characters of the series
  114. Anime Another Story 2 episode 3&4, movie 4, ova music request
  115. Anime Shin Prince of Tennis Anime Discussion Thread [OVA vs Genius 10 Ep. 7&8]
  116. Discussion How Does Konomi Do It?
  117. Discussion U17 Camp vs Mountain Training
  118. Character Anyone Think Kevin Smith Will Make An Appearance?
  119. Discussion Other International Teams?
  120. Special Move Breaking the Absolute Prediction
  121. Character Character Discussion
  122. Discussion What the Hell? How Did Makinofuji Make it to the U-17, But ...
  123. Special Move Saiki Kanpatsu in Doubles
  124. Theory battle vs the top ten high schoolers match order/outcome prediction
  125. Special Move Can Even PoP Save the Junior-High Schoolers?
  126. Discussion Similiarities to Captain Tsubasa?
  127. Discussion Differences Between Current Time and End of POT
  128. Discussion Would This Series Fare Better Weekly?
  129. Special Move Make your own Techniques
  130. Discussion 1st Stringer Overseas Group Discussion: Who REALLY Deserves A Spot . . .
  131. Discussion New Prince of Tennis: True Sequel or Something Made On A Whim?
  132. Theory U-17 Head Coach
  133. Match Fuji vs Irie
  134. Special Move How did Irie use frozen world?
  135. Anime Pot movie 2: Eikoku Shiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen !
  136. Discussion Niou vs Fuji , national finals dissatifaction
  137. Special Move Atobe Kingdom, Black Aura and Yips
  138. Theory What do you think are the team line-ups one year from the series start and one year after the series.
  139. Special Move Techniques Discussion
  140. Favorites Your 1st String
  141. Favorites Favourite Pages
  142. Discussion PoT1: Seigaku vs. Rikkai (Kanto Finals) - Was It A Mistake?
  143. Character Niou: Confusion
  144. Discussion New Prince of Tennis Metagame: Tennis Itself
  145. Special Move Black Aura: A Logical Q & A
  146. Discussion Legend Of The Black Lions
  147. Discussion Power Level Comparision (Schools)
  148. Discussion New Prince of Tennis Manga vs. Anime?
  149. Discussion Lets Be Real: Will NPoT Really Go Past the U-17 Games?
  150. Discussion A Substitute to Your Monthly PoT Desires
  151. Match Yukimura vs Atobe, Who will win?
  152. Discussion [PoT Fanfic Script] Prince of Tennis Alternative Story: Tales of Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku
  153. Character How strong is Atobe ... really?
  154. Discussion Which matches would you like to see?
  155. Character Could The Drunken Coach Possibly Be ...
  156. Favorites Fav POT tennis team/person/persons?
  157. Discussion What Happened To The Ex No. 4 U-17 Representative?
  158. Special Move Possible Shots in Table Tennis From Prince of Tennis
  159. Character Question regarding Sanada...
  160. Theory Tokugawa as original No. 4
  161. Match Random Pair VS
  162. Discussion Konomi's Unofficial Rules To Prince Of Tennis.
  163. Special Move what's the name of Yukimura's new technique?
  164. Character question about niou
  165. Character how strong is really Yukimura?
  166. Match Tokugawa vs Yukimura
  167. Special Move Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection)
  168. Character What would pros be like in POT
  169. Anime Yukimura vs Sanada OVA edition
  170. Discussion Refs in POT
  171. Character Best non top tier MSer
  172. Match can any middel school beat the number 3 stringer duke?
  173. Match Is Sanada now strong enogh to beat Yukimura?
  174. Character is niou be back?
  175. Discussion POT from coaching point of view
  176. Character Power Players play by different rules
  177. Character Seigaku players full of copiers?
  178. Discussion Things that relate you with PoT.
  179. Special Move X-Ball Discussion Thread
  180. Discussion POT all-gangster team
  181. Character The most powerful non-violent player
  182. Game Shin Prince of Tennis Fan League II - Season 1
  183. Discussion Yukimura versus Ryoma game
  184. Favorites [Theme] Make a line-up
  185. Art PoT Characters Pics
  186. Character Will Yukimura leave??
  187. Character Saddest original G10 member?
  188. Character Biggest winners of NPoT
  189. Character Echizen Ryoga
  190. Theory Random Theories
  191. Info Official Fanbook Volume 10.5
  192. Match Ryoma vs Kintarou
  193. Discussion Middle Schoolers - National Stats Discussion
  194. Match Higa versus Hyotei
  195. Character Love interest of Ryoma
  196. Character Oni in retrospect
  197. Special Move Tezuka's TnK
  198. Match Revolutionary Brigade VS MS Winners Group
  199. Discussion The greatest gathering of talent in the last 10 years
  200. Theory Super Sweet Spot and its abilities
  201. Match Doubles instead of knockout singles
  202. Favorites PoT/NPoT Music
  203. Match Akutsu vs Shiraishi
  204. Info Konomi on Twitter (Contains Spoilers)
  205. Match Tohno/Ochi vs Tezuka/Chitose
  206. Match Ryoga vs Byodoin
  207. Match Fuji vs Nakagauchi
  208. Special Move What Do YOU Think The Glowing Shot Is?
  209. Discussion New Prince of Tennis TV Tropes Page
  210. Discussion Do The MS Even Deserve to Be 1st Stringers?
  211. Game Shin Prince of Tennis Fan League II - Season 2
  212. Special Move Who can't shuji tanegashima defeat based on their techniques.
  213. Character Does Irie have Asura no Shindou?
  214. Character Kaji Kazena
  215. Theory Which characters have reached their potential?
  216. Discussion Poor match point tactics/behavior
  217. Character Do you think Mouri is the worst?
  218. Favorites Next Year's 1st String
  219. Theory Which player would you pick for Ryoma's place?
  220. Match Mouri/Oishi vs Marui/Kite
  221. Favorites You 14 MS Representatives
  222. Discussion players in No Man's Land
  223. Character Which 2nd year was already "Tezuka" level as of the current time.
  224. Anime Who do you want Echizen to battle... in the Vs Genius 10 OVA?
  225. Match Oni (Without Kishin or PoP) vs Sanada
  226. Anime Good filler episodes
  227. Game Shin Prince of Tennis Fan League II Season 2.5
  228. Spoiler Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread (Next Ch. June 4th)
  229. Anime Houkago no Oujisama
  230. Character Physical feat of strength
  231. Character Camus
  232. Game Prophet League Ver 2 [Pre-WC Predictions]
  233. Anime Your AMV
  234. Character My Character Cards
  235. Favorites Pre-WC Doubles
  236. Question Why is Aoi not in the camp?
  237. Question Some SPOT questions
  238. Character real life players vs POT
  239. Chapter Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 143 and 144 Discussion/Predictions