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  7. Cleaners Mach 20 Scans looking for experienced cleaners.
  8. Translators Aisheteru Scans
  9. Translators Translator(s) needed for Slayers Special novels, will pay if nessecary
  10. Translators Japanese to English Translator for small project!
  11. Translators Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi Monogatari translator needed
  12. Translators Need translator for City Hunter (Japanese or Italian to English)
  13. I Need Help!
  14. Translators Translator for Carat la Esperanza
  15. Assorted Lychee Scans is recruiting!
  16. Assorted Magomago Scans is recruiting!New Group!
  17. Translators TsukiScans are recruiting a jap translator for Fukurousou Aki Arimasu
  18. Permission to Re-traslate
  19. Japanese to English translator for Detective Conan offered.
  20. Assorted One Snowshoe recruiting CL/TS/PR for coffee-themed project
  21. Assorted Recruitment! Omega Manga Scans
  22. Translators WFScans are recruiting Translators.
  24. [Assorted] Recruiting slaves for Damn Feels!
  25. Looking for a translator/translation checker for gintama anime series
  26. Assorted We need YOU! Yes, you, the one reading this. Freewheeling Scans is recruiting!
  27. Assorted Looking for Translator and Proofreader or joint to work on "Delivery Cinderella"
  28. Do you want to be PAID to translate? Looking for a Korean translator!
  29. Chibi Manga NEEDS YOU!!!
  30. Yeonmo [Someone finish this manhwa PLEASE -- 2 volumes+1ch left]
  31. Translators Translators needed for JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO/KIMBA THE WHITE LION manga and anime
  32. Cleaners Death Toll Scanlations are recruiting a Cleaner (urgent) and Redrawers!
  33. Assorted JoJo's Esperanto Adventure needs Members!
  34. Translators In search of a translators for Japanese subculture(anime, manga, games, otaku, etc) website!!
  35. Assorted Recruiting for Niflheim Scans \o/
  36. Translators Hime Scanlations is recruiting translators!
  37. Eden: It's Endless World scans
  38. Assorted Manga:code Butuh bantuan!!
  39. Search a scan's retoucher/editor
  40. Assorted One Snowshoe seeking... more...
  41. Translators r/manga scans is looking for a TL for Baito Saki wa "Aku no Soshiki"?! (My Part Time Job is for an "Evil Organization"?!)
  42. Translators Looking for a translator for Shinkaigyo no Anko-san