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  4. Assorted [LF Cleaner, Editor, Typesetter] Hiyoko no GAO is recruiting for manga "Mahoujin Guru Guru"
  5. New Project! Ballroom-e-Youkoso, Looking for a translator!
  6. One Time scans is looking for members for our projects!
  7. Translators Looking for a Korean translator - Paid
  8. Assorted MangaDolls is Recruiting!
  9. Translators Looking for a translator for Pochamani
  10. Korean translator wanted - Paid
  11. In need of a Japanese to English translator for Hana to Rakurai.
  12. Translators Looking for Japanese Translator for 'Wagaya no Oinarisama'
  13. Offering digital manga raws
  14. Assorted Recruiting slaves for Damn Feels!
  15. Help scanlate Kirepapa and other discontinued yaoi/shounen-ai manga!
  16. Translators Looking for Chinese translators for a YAOI manga
  17. Cleaners Recruiting Cleaning/Redrawing Freewheelers
  18. Looking for a Raw Provider!!!
  19. Translators Need Korean translator, I will pay!
  20. Assorted Translator offering translations for two Kiminori Wakasugi series
  21. Assorted AquariaScans Recruiting members! brand new group!
  22. Jaguri (endou okito)
  23. Based Thread
  24. Magazine raw provider
  25. Translators varied manga
  26. Translators MiB and Gantz Waiting Room recruiting jp->en translator for Sunabozu
  27. Cleaners Mach 20 Scans looking for experienced cleaners.
  28. Translators Aisheteru Scans
  29. Translators Translator(s) needed for Slayers Special novels, will pay if nessecary
  30. Translators Japanese to English Translator for small project!
  31. Translators Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi Monogatari translator needed
  32. Translators Need translator for City Hunter (Japanese or Italian to English)
  33. I Need Help!