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  1. Miscellaneous Taking Screen Caps
  2. Discussion GIMP - Questions and Discussion
  3. Discussion Photoshop - Questions and Discussion
  4. Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations
  5. Miscellaneous Scanlator Group Question
  6. Miscellaneous Quality?
  7. Scanning Binding & Debinding Manga
  8. Discussion are periods needed?
  9. Info Hall of Skill
  10. Discussion Questions Thread
  11. Info Welcome to MangaHelpers Academy!!!
  12. Info Why this place exists
  13. Miscellaneous Help with scanlations (how to)
  14. Cleaning Question about gradients
  15. Cleaning PLzz lend a helping hand in cleaning manga
  16. Cleaning Cleaning dust
  17. Cleaning Grays in Naruto
  18. Miscellaneous how to join a scanlation group
  19. Discussion Help me with my experiment
  20. Cleaning Cleaning Question Thread!
  21. Cleaning Color pages
  22. Miscellaneous Zan
  23. Cleaning naruto speed lines
  24. Miscellaneous Printing this out
  25. Cleaning how to combine to pics into 1
  26. Miscellaneous Lookin for help on how to make a wallpaper
  27. Cleaning need help in here
  28. Scanning Scanning guides?
  29. Miscellaneous HI pople.. I need help with this...
  30. Cleaning Redrawing/joining guides
  31. Cleaning which grays to use?
  32. Cleaning How to spilt manga? help help
  33. Miscellaneous How do I start becoming a Editor and a Typesetter
  34. Cleaning Splash and Title Page Editing
  35. Miscellaneous I need a denoise tutorial
  36. Miscellaneous coloring lineart
  37. Cleaning Can someone tell me how they did this Gray editing?
  38. Cleaning need the pattern...
  39. Miscellaneous All-around Questions
  40. Discussion Proposed Scanlation Ratings Changes
  41. Miscellaneous I'm ready to start contributing but I have a problem
  42. Cleaning Looking for Grey Patterns
  43. Cleaning Looking for Filters
  44. Miscellaneous What the hell is a QCer???
  45. Cleaning How to adjust to this effect, anyone can teach?
  46. Miscellaneous Batch PNG Output Script
  47. Miscellaneous Question: do i need to buy RAW Manga if ever i will scanlate?
  48. Typesetting Typesetting [Help]
  49. Scanning About providing RAW
  50. Typesetting Can Someone Teach Me How to Typeset Well?
  51. Cleaning Grey Scale Help
  52. Cleaning Need Some Advice on How to Clean this Page
  53. Cleaning How Do You Clean a Non-Parallel Border?
  54. Cleaning need help in getting rid of tones
  55. Scanning Scanning Help for RAWS
  56. Cleaning [Help] Blur image
  57. Miscellaneous Neat Image Pro for Mac
  58. Miscellaneous PNG CRush
  59. Cleaning about redrawing..
  60. Cleaning is denoising really necessary? alternatives?
  61. Cleaning some questions
  62. Typesetting Here's a question for ye olde typesetters,
  63. Miscellaneous A few questions
  64. Cleaning any nice grays?
  65. Cleaning Trouble with editing & cleaning certain pages.
  66. Discussion Question for scanlators and leechers alike! Translated SFX or no?
  67. Cleaning Need an easy way to do speed lines
  68. Miscellaneous Hosting for Manga Groups
  69. Miscellaneous Ok, I am new and have some questions :D
  70. Discussion Height
  71. Cleaning Question to all CLEANERS (Tablet)
  72. Scanning Some basic questions about scanning magazines
  73. Miscellaneous Decent hosts?
  74. Scanning Need a new scanner, what to get?
  75. Scanning Getting a new scanner that does color/greyscale well?
  76. Miscellaneous Would you like an SHQ tutorial?
  77. Miscellaneous English Editors, where are you?
  78. Cleaning Needing some advice about a two-page spread
  79. Cleaning Zoom Lines
  80. Cleaning How to get rid of scan lines
  81. Miscellaneous how do LQ raws exists?
  82. Discussion How do you clean/edit?
  83. Cleaning how to get the grays like this
  84. Miscellaneous Joint Project?
  85. Miscellaneous Advice for a soloist-turned-group leader?
  86. Miscellaneous LCD calibration?
  87. Discussion New Cleaning Style Frenzy
  88. Miscellaneous For editing.
  89. Discussion The Curious Case of Credits
  90. Cleaning How to clean Fairy Tail MQ/HQ...???
  91. Scanning Scanning RAW Help!
  92. Info Attention to International Scanlators!
  93. Discussion What makes a scan LQ/MQ/HQ?
  94. Discussion How long do you spend cleaning a page?
  95. Typesetting Dumb question: capitals only in scans?
  96. Cleaning How to do it?
  97. Miscellaneous Newbie looking for series
  98. Miscellaneous I can't upload manga and submit group..
  99. Cleaning Quick Easy Macro Raw Cleaning for us who like to preview with heightened quality
  100. Cleaning free: NARUTO 470 CLEANED SCAN
  101. Cleaning How do i smooth sharp image ?
  102. Typesetting advice with typesetting please
  103. Miscellaneous Custom-shaped text boxes?
  104. Miscellaneous How do I add a Publisher?
  105. Miscellaneous proofread?
  106. Cleaning Tank Raws Cleaning Tips
  107. Miscellaneous uploading scanlation help!!
  108. Info Scanlation Groups' Usage Rules
  109. Miscellaneous grouping pages of a chapter
  110. Cleaning Grey link mangastream
  111. Typesetting A contribution to Spanish and Latin community
  112. Miscellaneous Question for all scanlators
  113. Miscellaneous Need help starting up Scantalation group
  114. Cleaning Cleaning RawParadise Raws in GIMP
  115. Typesetting Does anyone know of a good tutorial for making/ styling SFX?
  116. Cleaning A Good Gray Pattern?
  117. Cleaning what plugin that usually scanlator use for cleaning?
  118. Cleaning I need hepl! Really LQ scans
  119. Cleaning Help on cleaning.
  120. Miscellaneous Help finding a reading gallery site like TinyWebGallery
  121. Miscellaneous Question for typesetters
  122. Miscellaneous Magazine Raw Scans?
  123. Cleaning Need some help getting rid of smudges.
  124. Scanning Help with Scanning
  125. Miscellaneous Font Database
  126. Miscellaneous Need help editing/redrawing colour page
  127. Miscellaneous Translations with floating boxes - what is it called and where do I get more info?
  128. Miscellaneous scanlation process
  129. Miscellaneous Redrawing Challenge
  130. Typesetting Problems with typesetting
  131. Cleaning Help with cleaning this scan?
  132. Scanning Help using epson v30 to scan manga tanks.
  133. Cleaning Preserving the 'pattern.'
  134. Scanning how do i rip apart the manga volume book?
  135. Cleaning How can I clean a raw manga ?
  136. Cleaning Help on Borders Tutorial by Allashandra-san
  137. Miscellaneous NEEDS HELP!! 0.o
  138. Miscellaneous New Scanlator needs help with editing a page
  139. Miscellaneous I also need help with a Color Page
  140. Cleaning Tips needed for fast cleaning.
  141. Scanning Scan Question
  142. Discussion where can i get raws ?
  143. Miscellaneous Help Regarding Bomberman Bidaman Bakushouden Victory
  144. Miscellaneous how they do it ?
  145. Cleaning Review on Cleaning job
  146. Miscellaneous Advance Lvl editor looking to help with doubles redraw
  147. Cleaning Advice needed to redraw light lines
  148. Discussion clean manga chapters (bleach,naruto)
  149. Typesetting Typesetterer v1 Released
  150. Scanning Chinese raws for shoujo manga?
  151. Cleaning Advice
  152. Scanning What printing resolution is used by publishers?
  153. Cleaning Help with Hair and borders
  154. Cleaning I need help with redrawing a button
  155. Scanning Scanner settings
  156. Discussion Do anybody know where I can find a background book?
  157. Cleaning [Game] Find the redrawing
  158. Cleaning redrawing
  159. Cleaning Advice on cleaning and fonts
  160. Cleaning How I can join the two pages?
  161. Cleaning Feedback and what to improve
  162. Scanning Grid pattern in scans
  163. Cleaning Need some advice!
  164. Scanning Where to find Japan's Shonen Jump?
  165. Discussion All The Needed to Create a Scanlation Group
  166. Miscellaneous improving quality
  167. Miscellaneous I need help editing pages 0-7 of Ranma 1/2 - Volume 1 - Chapter 1 - Part 1
  168. Cleaning [Cleaning] Need Help With Speed/Thought Action Lines
  169. Cleaning editing help
  170. Cleaning Need some help with MQ scans.
  171. Cleaning [Cleaning] Redrawing Dotted Lines
  172. Typesetting Wild Words intl in OTF (find or make?)
  173. Cleaning Cleaning feedback
  174. Cleaning Colour scan challenge - Glare and gradients
  175. Miscellaneous Ellipsis or Em Dash?
  176. Discussion Preserving quality (the scanning process and final file saving)
  177. Discussion [SOLVED] Making a website
  178. Cleaning Example of Cleaned Chapters
  179. Scanning Scanning in Grayscale Mode
  180. Miscellaneous Recommended resolution/image type of HQ manga scans
  181. Cleaning Want to start cleaning, looking for some feedback if you would be so kind :)
  182. Typesetting Hyphens vs. No Hyphens
  183. Cleaning how much to crop
  184. Cleaning How to Draw Lines?
  185. Cleaning Cloning or Coloring on top?
  186. Cleaning Help/Advice for Newbie Redrawer
  187. Cleaning Can you help me?
  188. Miscellaneous Need Help on Uploading Scanlated Manga, etc...
  189. Cleaning How do I do these stars?
  190. Cleaning Remove halftone or descreen hi-res color scan?
  191. Miscellaneous Questions, I want to translate a manga.
  192. Scanning Scanning services
  193. Typesetting Typesetting in Gimp!!! HELP!
  194. Scanning Should I use auto-correction when scanning?
  195. Need TL, where do I post?
  196. Cleaning Yellow Pages
  197. New version of Typesetterer and Releasify "Released"
  198. Cleaning How do I clean this page?
  199. Cleaning How can I clean this?
  200. Orochi: Blood Scanlation
  201. Dealing with Screentones drives me nuts - which strategy to follow?
  202. Discussion Bots from manga aggregator sites
  203. Search a cleaner for scan (Scanlation)