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  1. Miscellaneous How to draw (cellshading style) [imax's tutorial]
  2. Miscellaneous How to color Manga - a tutorial list
  3. Cleaning Cleaners for Zarosaki!!! With TUTORIAL!
  4. Cleaning Simple Cleaning Tutorial for Zarosaki [Nytrogyn]
  5. Cleaning Complete Tutorial to Cleaning Manga for Zarosaki!!!
  6. Miscellaneous One style of inking in PS 6.0
  7. Cleaning Cleaners' Compendium (Updated 4/26/06)
  8. Miscellaneous A huge list of coloring Tutorials :)
  9. Cleaning How to Clean Manga...
  10. Miscellaneous How to rate scanlations!
  11. Typesetting Ten Typesetting Tips
  12. Cleaning Translating this cleaning tutorial
  13. Multiple Focuses Complete Cleaning and Typesetting tutorial!!!!!!!
  14. Cleaning Angry's leveling tutorial
  15. Cleaning e-s-g's naruto logo cleaning tutorial!!
  16. Miscellaneous tutorials for pictures
  17. Cleaning Cell Shading Tutorial
  18. Miscellaneous How To Enable Japanese Language Windows
  19. Cleaning Lesson - The Basics: Understanding Layers
  20. Cleaning [Remnant Warriors] Editing Tutorial
  21. Cleaning A lesson in contour tracing
  22. Cleaning Manga auto cleaning program
  23. Multiple Focuses Manga Scanning + Editing Tutorials
  24. Cleaning World's Easiest Cleaning Tutorial
  25. Miscellaneous Free Editing Software Recommendations/Photoshop Alternatives
  26. Cleaning Borders Tutorial
  27. Miscellaneous [TUTORIAL] Line Repair, Blocking Removal, Imitation & Coloring.
  28. Cleaning Anti-Alias Supplemental
  29. GIMP Links to GIMP Tutorials
  30. Cleaning Redrawing for HQ Scans (Part 1)
  31. Typesetting 5-day TS Tute by Silver Sea
  32. Cleaning Advanced Redrawing for HQ Scans (Part 2)
  33. Scanning Simplified Scan Guide by Silver Sea
  34. Cleaning PS Shortcuts: Cleaning Manga Edition
  35. Miscellaneous Auto-Training tool = Seeking Programmer to do html
  36. Multiple Focuses Cleaning and Typesetting Tutorials (especially Beginners)
  37. Miscellaneous Manga Trick -- View Jp and Eng manga together! by NJT
  38. Miscellaneous My two cent on file naming
  39. Cleaning Double Sewing and Non-Bubble Text Removal
  40. Cleaning High Quality Cleaning Tutorial Compiled
  41. Cleaning Clean Manga Pages In One Click
  42. Multiple Focuses Scanage: A web based manga scanlation management tool
  43. Multiple Focuses Scanlationshop (Helper application)
  44. Multiple Focuses Cleaning + typesetting tanko raws tutorial!
  45. Cleaning Complete SPEEDSCAN tutorial - MQ/HQ in 5 minutes [ENG] & [ITA]
  46. Cleaning Cleaning tutorial for the laziest - 2 minutes / page
  47. Miscellaneous Tutorial - Dual Monitors
  48. Scanning Mini Tutorial - Scanning
  49. Miscellaneous Proofreader compendium
  50. Cleaning Cell Shading tutorial by ziaja
  51. Cleaning The Very Basics of Levelling
  52. Miscellaneous Basic Screentone Correction Tutorial
  53. Miscellaneous How to color realistic eyes Tutorial( by me)
  54. Cleaning Floating Text and improving backgrounds
  55. Cleaning Please give your opinion.
  56. Cleaning RAW Cleaning by Manga4TW
  58. Typesetting Helper utility for typesetting with Photoshop on Windows.
  59. Miscellaneous [Tutorial] Convert manga pages to outline sketches (lineart ??)
  60. Multiple Focuses Scanlationshop 0.7.6 (Scanlation Helper)
  61. Info MH Scanlation Tutorials Master List
  62. Cleaning Manga Raw Clean
  63. Cleaning Text Bubbles cleaned FAST (Photoshop)
  64. Cleaning Orcist's Quick and Dirty Precleaning Tutorial
  65. Cleaning Lightening image bleed through from previous page
  66. Typesetting I want THOSE fonts but...
  67. Cleaning Advanced Redrawing methodes
  68. Miscellaneous Single Comic Frame Splitter