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  1. Discussion Hunter x Hunter Hangout [00]
  2. Art Hunter x Hunter Volume Covers
  3. Favorites Favorite Character Thread
  4. Question When Will Gon find Ging?
  5. Nen
  6. Favorites Favorite Arc
  7. Genei Ryodan
  8. Anime Anime
  9. Battle Kuroro vs Hisoka
  10. Gon Latest Technique
  11. Theory Gon's Mother
  12. Favorites Hottest female character (multi selection poll)
  13. Gon vs Killua
  14. Discussion Hiatus X Hiatus
  15. Anime A Hunter x Hunter Movie
  16. Theory Predictions for next arc
  17. Anime They should make another OVA!
  18. Discussion HxH ranked 17 on oricon top 50 for 2010
  19. Discussion Hunter x Hunter doesn't appear in the 30 most sold mangas.
  20. Anime HxH G I Final Episode 11
  21. HxH Tournament Fights Thread
  22. Gon and Killua vs. Ryodan
  23. Question King's brother?
  24. Nen Measuring Scale
  25. Discussion Jairo plotline
  26. Anime Hunter X Hunter Anime- Fall 2011
  27. Question Is Meleoron really Jairo?
  28. Question How come Biscuit didn't fight Gensuru?
  29. Nen Technique Library
  30. Geneiryodan Vs Meruem
  31. Discussion The top 5 nen users excluding Meruem
  32. Question Gon's Nen Recovery: possible or impossible?
  33. Question Whose death was the most interesting one of the 3 royal guards of Meryem in the current arc and why?
  34. Question Why do people assume Netero can beat the Royals?
  35. Info Where should I start after Greed Island OVA
  36. Theory Kuroro Lucifer Prophecy Not Yet Completed
  37. Meryem: A very unusual villian
  38. Discussion Pufu versus Pitou: Definition of loyalty
  39. Discussion Objective of the Ryodan!
  40. Discussion About Aura Combat & How Nen Works
  41. Discussion Your Own Hatsu!
  42. Art Hunter X Hunter AMV Thread
  43. Discussion World of Demons
  44. Question So the Navigator, Beans-Sama, 10 Indyu's ...are ants as well?
  45. Discussion Who's going to win the election?
  46. Some strategy not related to aura would be nice too
  47. Discussion Could any actual persons complete the Hunter Exam
  48. What if Kurapika's natural type was Reinforcement?
  49. Discussion HXH versus whatever
  50. Question What do you love about Togashi's style?
  51. Discussion Write your own fake HXH info
  52. Discussion Exploring the Ocean
  53. Question Can Zaoldyeck have six child?
  54. Shalunark and Nobunaga
  55. Kuroro's ability is not as useful as it looks
  56. Question At what arc will the new anime end?
  57. Which kind of hunter would you like to be?
  58. Will killua become an assasin?
  59. Question i am new here and i have a question
  60. Discussion Romance in HxH
  61. Discussion Hunter x Hunter Language
  62. Discussion Random observation of HXH
  63. Discussion Congratulations - You Completed Greed Island
  64. Battle Ging Freecss vs Silva Zoldyck vs Chrollo Lucilfer
  65. Power levels on HxH
  66. Discussion Genei Ryodan and Chimera Ants Leftovers
  67. Question Translation error in the manga over here?
  68. Theory Pariston's Plans
  69. Question When HxH End in the Next Few chapters?
  70. Battle Hisoka vs Pariston
  71. Discussion Kaito reborn?
  72. Art Hunter x Hunter art
  73. Art My Hunter x Hunter drawings
  74. Question Kurapica is dead???
  75. Discussion About Jin
  76. Discussion Gon and Killua Separation!
  77. Discussion What if instinct is wrong
  78. Discussion Kurapika
  79. Theory What if Alluka is not the missing brother?
  80. Discussion Gon is Delusional
  81. Battle Hanzo vs Canary
  82. Theory The Case For Killua vs Hisoka or Gon vs Illumi
  83. Question What are the Items that Ickshonpay Kaztouger mentioned on Chapter 331?
  84. Art Much love for hunter x hunter
  85. Anime Hunter x Hunter (2011) OST Fan Club
  86. Favorites Favorite Scenes?
  87. Fun Hunter x Hunter Figures/Collections/Merchandise
  88. Nen's limit?!?!
  89. Fun Idea for HxH Video Game (Go Crazy With This One Since It's Just Wishful Thinking. ;) )
  90. Fun 287th Hunter Exam Applicants
  91. Question What will be the Next Arc?
  92. Art Hi, I've got some Hunter X Hunter art to post here (also would take requests)
  93. Discussion Gon B Fraid
  94. Do you think Killua and Alluka will encounter Kalluto along the way?
  95. Anime Hunter X Hunter Movie Confirmed!!
  96. Discussion If the next Arc became a war? Who will reign supreme?
  97. Art FAN Colorings
  98. Discussion The Pok├ęconnection
  99. Fun Hunter x Hunter video game announced
  100. Anime Please Stop Your Worrying!
  101. Anime How long until the ant arc?
  102. Discussion Try to think up possible arcs for the future.
  103. Lessons Learnt from Hunter x Hunter
  104. Fun What's your result?
  105. Discussion Long Distance Tier Debate
  106. Characters and abilities with unknown Nen categories
  107. Discussion Anti-Climax in Hunter x Hunter
  108. Discussion How should the series end?
  109. Song that you think best represents the series?
  110. Anime Jump Super Anime Tour (Jsat) 98' Hunter X Hunter Pilot episode
  111. Discussion Hunter x Hunter Vs Other franchises
  112. Fun Rare HxH English volumes.
  113. Evolution of power hexagram
  114. Theory Ging - The Ultimate Hunt
  115. New HXH game
  116. Fun Chrollo vs Silva fought before!? :O
  117. Question Will the Genei Ryodan hunt Alluka to heal Kuroro?
  118. Theory Gyro and Meteor City
  119. What is Ging's Nen Ability?
  120. What is Gyro's nen type?
  121. What do you think of IN?
  122. Theory What is on Netero's DVD?
  123. Discussion Outside World
  124. Fun Hunter x Hunter Time Line
  125. Theory Theories about this last arc
  126. Fun Wishful Thinking for Hunter x Hunter Products (not including animations, video games or hentai)
  127. Fun Hunter x Hunter Hangout Thread [01]
  128. Battle Yorknew Auction Arc 1999 vs Manga
  129. Anime Hunter X Hunter New Anime Discussion
  130. Hunter X Hunter Reviewers Archive
  131. Theory Analysis of Pitou versus Gon
  132. Discussion Outside beasts
  133. Discussion What makes Hunter x Hunter different than other shonen?
  134. Fun Zoldyck Family vs Addams Family
  135. Discussion Personality (Psychological) Types - Jung's Theory
  136. Question Does anyone know where to buy Hunter x Hunter goods for a low price?
  137. Discussion What can you say about Togashi deconstructing shounen tropes in HxH?
  138. Make your own hatsu.... for the real world
  139. Question Why all the Genthru hate?
  140. Quick Question!
  141. Question Favorite Type of Aura/Nen
  142. Fun NTV-Online to see HxH
  143. Art Raad's fanart!
  144. Anime HxH 2011: Animation Director List
  145. Question Which is better Yu Yu Hakusho or Hunter x Hunter?
  146. Discussion Kurapika and Sasuke
  147. Fun Comments of Togashi in the volumes
  148. Fun Nen personality types. I take it with me. I take it with me everyday.
  149. Theory About Kurapika goals.
  150. Question What exactly are the Shadow Beasts?
  151. Discussion Man and Beast
  152. Anime SPOILERS What if there is a Kite Mini-Arc before Chimera Ant Arc?
  153. Fun Which of the Royal Guards would you rather have as your bodyguard?
  154. Discussion Who will be the Big Bad in Hunter x Hunter?
  155. Fun 1999 vs 2011 Versions
  156. Fun Favourite Hunter x Hunter Quotes
  157. Anime Dub Discussion
  158. Discussion Phantom Troupe and the chimera ants
  159. Question [SPOILERS] So, about Kite.
  160. Discussion The Zodiacs thread
  161. Theory Whoa Dudes! Craziest Gon Theory Ever.
  162. Fun HXH Parody
  163. MAD about Madhouse Criticisms
  164. Discussion Netero and Meruem
  165. Discussion Where does Kurapika go from here?
  166. Favorites Interactions in HxH.
  167. Anime HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! (Use Spoilers for safety...)
  168. Battle Gon vs Uvogin
  169. Battle Kurapika vs. Royal Guards
  170. Kurapika's Chain Accessory
  171. Discussion Hunter x Hunter = Naruto
  172. Discussion what is really the secret between those two
  173. Question How much do you like Hunter x Hunter?
  174. ging's secret
  175. Question Hunter x hunter after episode 92
  176. Fun If _________ wrote Hunter x Hunter
  177. Battle Uvogin vs Razor
  178. Discussion Sub-Characters loose ends
  179. Fun If you could interview Togashi...What would you ask?
  180. Fun If Togashi wrote _________
  181. Battle Welfin vs Kurapika
  182. Battle Gensuru vs Ikalgo and Meleoron
  183. Battle Biscuit vs Kite and Shizuku
  184. Battle Sub and Bara vs Bloister
  185. Battle Meryem vs Every Hunter Survival match
  186. Battle Melody vs Squala Yorknew Chase!
  187. Zepile, Baldy and Dude with a Hilarious Dub Voice from the 99 series vs Bendot
  188. Discussion Kurapika's index finger
  189. Did Togashi Foreshadow Gon's transformation ?
  190. Discussion What are your thoughts on Chimera Ant arc haters ?
  191. Anime Crazy theory for the new HxH movie
  192. Discussion dark continent
  193. Discussion How was the Kurta Tribe wiped out?
  194. Discussion Gon without Killua and new goals ?
  195. Battle Kiriko vs Man-Faced Ape vs Siper
  196. Theory Alluka and the Demon
  197. Discussion Who is more important to Gon? Kite or Ging?
  198. Fun HxH Birthday Scenario Thread
  199. It's good to see how active we are even though HxH Manga is on hiatus.
  200. Fun Rumor Round-up
  201. Discussion What is the weak point of Kurapika?
  202. Discussion Did Netero play Greed Island ?
  203. Whats Up With the Breaks
  204. Discussion Which characters in HUNTER x HUNTER would you like to have a flashback
  205. Discussion Souls/Afterlife in Hunter x Hunter
  206. Discussion What did Hisoka whispered in the ear of Kurapika?
  207. Discussion Lessons learnt in Hunter Exam foreshadowing
  208. Theory The Residents of Meteor City Theory
  209. Good News!
  210. Discussion Who do you think is the top five strongest Nen users
  211. Anime Number 4
  212. Battle Hisoka vs Morel
  213. Question Miss Hunter x Hunter Popularity Contest
  214. Question Most Favorite Story Arc
  215. Discussion Favorite Place in Hunter x Hunter
  216. Discussion Did Hanzo already found the Scroll?
  217. Question MY Most Favorite Member/Former Member of Genei Ryodan/Phantom Troupe?
  218. Battle Zoldycks vs Genei Ryodan
  219. Fun Hunger x Hunter
  220. Discussion Beans is from Dark Continent?
  221. Question Why do some male characters look like females?
  222. Discussion Can Ikalgo Manipulate Meruem ?
  223. Discussion How did Kite come back? (SPOILERS)
  224. Battle Kurapica vs Feitan
  225. Hunter x Hunter to return to Jump! (for short story)
  226. Battle Hisoka vs Illumi
  227. Fun Hunter X Hunter Cosplay
  228. Discussion List of dead characters in HUNTER x HUNTER
  229. Discussion Death of Friend, Destiny or Coincidence
  230. Fun Pick Your Father!
  231. Fun New Members of the Zodiac Twelve
  232. Question Genei Ryodan or Zodiac?
  233. Question Timeskip YAY or NAY
  234. Question Diego
  235. Japanese Comic Ranking, Updated
  237. Battle Phinks Vs Genthru?
  238. SPOILERS: Bomb Devils role in Outside World arc
  239. What does the tattoo or mark on Chrollo's head represent?
  240. Arabic theme
  241. Info HxH News! 2013
  242. Who do you think is the best written character in the series?
  243. Anime Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission (new film, 27/12/2013)
  244. Hunter x Hunter Movie 2: Story of Isaak Netero
  245. Fun While Playing GI [Spoilers]
  246. Discussion Hunter Exam Event
  247. Fun HxH anime pan shots
  248. Theory A "What if" Theory [Spoiler Ant Arc]
  249. Anime Madhouse fillers?
  250. Discussion Theory x Theory