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  1. Discussion Discussion of Bounties in One Piece
  2. Discussion Straw Hat's Crew Strength (Ranking)
  3. Discussion Garp Discussion Thread
  4. Straw Hats's Birthdays
  5. Discussion Devil Fruits
  6. Discussion The "Blank/Void Century": What is it Really?
  7. Tashigi and Kuina: What's the connection?
  8. What do you think One piece is?
  9. Opinions About Luffy's Mother
  10. Discussion Smoker Discussion
  11. How strong do you think Dragon really is?
  12. Who's Your Favorite Female Character?
  13. Info One Piece Databooks & 10th Treasures
  14. Favorites Which DF ability do you want the most?
  15. Discussion Shanks Discussion
  16. Favorites The most surprising moments in One Piece
  17. Favorites I want a preview of OP, what is the best fight?
  18. Discussion What is your favourite story arc in One Piece?
  19. The Will of D.: My Theory
  20. Discussion Robin could have the deadliest ability
  21. Favorites Favorite One Piece characters
  22. Discussion Who will be the last opponent?
  23. Discussion Fan sites
  24. Favorites Which Crew Members is Your Favorite?
  25. Discussion One Piece: Coming to an End!?
  26. All Blue
  27. Discussion The 11 Supernovae
  28. Favorites Gathering the One Piece manga's funny shots!
  29. Favorites Popularity Polls
  30. Discussion Shodai Kitetsu FOUND!
  31. Favorites Most Memorable One Piece Moments
  32. If One Piece was a real movie with real live actors who would be who?
  33. Discussion Use(s) of Haki
  34. Discussion Pirate or Marine
  35. Ruffy as Libero in Italy
  36. When Did Luffy Learn Gear Second?
  37. The Power of the Shichibukai
  38. How were you introduced to One Piece?
  39. Will There be Pirates Stronger than the Likes of the Yonkou, Shichibukai, Dragon etc.
  40. Discussion Blackbeard's Strength
  41. Epithets and Nicknames
  42. Favorites What is Your Favorite Color Spread?
  43. The Strength of the Vice-Admirals
  44. Discussion Where in Impel Down would you throw them?
  45. Doc Q "Shinigami" is a Swordsman
  46. If you could be in any crew you want who would it be
  47. A friend in the World Government!?
  48. Discussion The most annoying laugh in One Piece
  49. Zoro the one that is the closes to master his Haki
  50. Discussion What If Franky is from Karakuri Island, Bulgemore
  51. What do you say to people who hate One Piece?
  52. The Next Shichibukai?
  53. WB Pirates Discussion Thread
  54. Recent "Decline" of One Piece on the TOC
  55. Roger's power/Devil fruit?
  56. New ways for the Straw Hats to power up
  57. Favorites Your favorite event in OP !
  58. Crocodile Sex Change Theory
  59. If Luffy will use weapon in future... What it will be???
  60. Will Vivi and Carue come back?
  61. The "New" Blackbeard Pirates Discussion Thread.
  62. Discussion Does Davy Jones exist in One Piece?
  63. Luffy,2nd devil fruit, and ace
  64. Discussion The Doctors of One Piece
  65. StrawHat Pirates Allies
  66. Favorites What is your least favorite story arc in One Piece?
  67. Discussion Who will be the first enemy for the straw hats in the new world ?
  68. Discussion Gomu Gomu no King Pistol
  69. Luffy, powerups and the end of One Piece
  70. Discussion Brooke's Ability
  71. Discussion Luffy will die when One piece ends.
  72. Names
  73. Ace tells a major secret to Luffy upon his death.
  74. The Theory To End All Theories --Wraps It All Up
  75. Discussion Sabo Thread
  76. Discussion One Piece Pairings Thread
  77. Discussion Dragon Thread
  78. Leaders of the "Revolution"
  79. Who will be next Admiral?
  80. Most Idiotic?
  81. Discussion Strawhat training (Timeskip)
  82. Future of the Whitebeard Pirates
  83. Discussion Jewelry Bonny...what is her relationship with the World Government and Whitebeard?
  84. Discussion One Piece Characters Discussion & Predictions Thread
  85. Discussion Will the thousand Sunny make it all theway through the Grand line?
  86. Discussion List of Conqueror haki users
  87. Discussion Luffy's haki specialty
  88. Theory on Bartholomew Kuma
  89. Theories of the world
  90. Theory On The Reason Pacifista Kuma Appeared Again In Shabondy
  91. the Strawhats should get fodder crew members
  92. Discussion Robins past and the Admirals
  93. What Admiral will be defeated next?
  94. Discussion Strawhat Intelligence, Strategy and Battle
  95. Discussion DF Natural weakness
  96. Is there stronger characters in the WG?
  97. Ace and Luffy reverse roles...
  98. Discussion Ships in OP
  99. Will there be a gear 4
  100. who do you think is Lola's mom
  101. Discussion Hana Hana no Mi, the most powerful fruit?
  102. Discussion Another color of haki after conqueror ?
  103. Favorites From the OP world i want to know your favorites
  104. Is Luffy still a virgin?
  105. Discussion Zoro's Arm
  106. One Piece Ranking System...
  107. Discussion Mugiwara's Next Target!
  108. Hell Wink sound effect WTF?!
  109. Discussion Nami's origin
  110. Promotions and Growth in the Marines
  111. One Piece alignment
  112. Discussion withstanding haki
  113. Discussion Franky's upgrades
  114. Discussion Devil Fruit All Purpose Thread
  115. Discussion Create Your Own Pirate Crew!
  116. Blackbeard! The opposite of Luffy or just the same.
  117. Vegapunk the revolutionary?
  118. Roger's bloodline's not over!!!
  119. Trafalgar Law predictions
  120. Discussion Sanjuan Wolf: Confirmed Non-Devil Fruit User or not?
  121. Favorites Favorite Fights of Each of the Mugiwara?
  122. The Shichibukai pirate crews
  123. Straw hat families
  124. Discussion Zoro's Eye
  125. Info Oda Eiichiro (teen)
  126. BECOME ODA -- Create Your Own Story Arc
  127. Luffy's new possible technique G2+legs and G3+arms
  128. Discussion Coby official thread
  129. Discussion Reasons you don't wanna die in One Piece! :0(
  130. Discussion What is Your favorite Devil's Fruit in the series so far and why?
  131. Discussion USOPP'S ADVENTURE!!
  132. Discussion New Mugiwara flag
  133. Discussion How Would A Devil Fruit Effect a Fishman
  134. Discussion Training Levels
  135. Discussion What stops pirates from reaching raftel?
  136. Discussion Caribou's Logia Power
  137. The strawhats are already stronger than most new world pirates
  138. All post-time-skip topics of interest
  139. What fates await the Mugiwaras in the end?
  140. GIANTS
  141. Discussion Anyone think that Latiffe has a mythical zoan fruit?
  142. Discussion what will be the last episode of one piece
  143. Discussion Ensurance of certain death...
  144. Discussion Wapol
  145. Discussion Do You Think Zoro Is Only Limited To 3 Swords
  146. How Gol D. Roger was able to write in ancient language
  147. Discussion Why arent there any stronger and older Whitebeard crew members?
  148. Discussion Mythical Zoans
  149. Discussion How long does it take for a devil fruit to "come back"?
  150. Discussion Purpose of Marguerite.
  151. Discussion Zoans and animals in One Piece- their meaning
  152. Gorousei's emblem
  153. Blackbeard's next DF ability
  154. Vegapunk's deals and goals
  155. Discussion How many story arc left for luffy to reach Raftel?
  156. Discussion Do you think there will now be a new fourth Emperor, if yes, who?
  157. Discussion Is Zoro as strong as Rayleigh?
  158. Enel Color of Observation is the highest level & the best of all!!
  159. Why can't people grow Devil Fruits
  160. Discussion One Piece 'Hijacks' All Shueisha Magazines in February
  161. Who will take out the admirals?
  162. Franky Made from Sea Stone and Luffy's Last Fight
  163. Donquixote D. O'Flamingo?
  164. Discussion Methods of Travel?
  165. Gol D Roger's Disease and Devil Fruit Power
  166. Can Luffy surpass roger in power
  167. Favorites "Him again??" People we don't wanna see in the NW
  168. Do you think we will see more DF types?
  169. One Piece is with luffy all along
  170. Crews strength - what you expect from now on
  171. Discussion Gura Gura no Mi?
  172. Discussion Brook isn't a swordsman anymore?
  173. Zoro must had done something infamous during his 2 years of training?
  174. Who are the most hated characters on One Piece and Why?
  175. Discussion Fishman Island main villain
  176. How did the admirals become so strong?
  177. Jimbei upset about the Arlong incident?
  178. New Fishmen/women or mermen/maid
  179. A possible theory for the origin of Devil Fruits
  180. Character Nationality.
  181. Discussion The new cover story ( ch 613+ )
  182. Discussion Ranking of current world threats?
  183. Crocodile`s Secret
  184. Discussion When Luffy meets his father, Dragon, what will happen?
  185. Favorites Of all the predictions and theories you make
  186. Fanfiction & Fan Art - 7 years later - Zoro's Succesor
  187. Discussion The Popularity of One Piece Among Adults
  188. One Piece Characters in Real Life
  189. Discussion What do you think was going to be discussed at Great Pirate Meeting?
  190. Discussion Which group is the strongest?
  191. WHOs the strongest in blackbeard PIRATES in sequence?
  192. Discussion What exactly is the problem with Oda's Art?
  193. Discussion One Piece-Toriko Crossover
  194. Which type of haki do you think luffy mastered the best during his training?
  195. International One Piece: Release Dates
  196. What Sort of Fishman/Merman would [insert One Piece Character] be?
  197. Discussion The Tenryubito, World Government & Slaves
  198. Is Koala Jewelry Bonnie?
  199. Create Your Own Supernovas
  200. Discussion The Sabo Factor
  201. Will a strawhat ever be offered a shichibukai position?
  202. Discussion Why is One Piece also number One?
  203. Discussion The Devil Fruits
  204. Discussion Another topic about what SHs already have haki
  205. Discussion Which SH do you think is the most compatible with the entire Rokushiki style?
  206. Princess Shirahoshi is One of ancient weapon?
  207. Luffy Shirahoshi's saviour
  208. Favorites Most memorable gags in One Piece
  209. Gold Roger, Pirate King used to be a slave?
  210. Usopp New Ammo(Theory)
  211. Madam Shirley, Den and Hyozo is Main Enemy in Fishman Arc
  212. Discussion Most Emotional Moments in One Piece?
  213. Discussion How to get friends to read One Piece?
  214. Luffy's Gear Second
  215. Discussion Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas
  216. Discussion Anyone missing Hancock? I do. A lot
  217. One Piece Parodies
  218. Discussion Who is the most evil character in One Piece?
  219. One Piece Geography Grandline - Red Line - east blue
  220. Discussion Aokiji's Debt?
  221. Does buggy or shanks know what one piece is?
  222. Luffy will make an enemy out of Big Mam at the end of FI arc
  223. Who’s on the Straw hats side when push comes to shove?
  224. what did luffy said to shanks?
  225. Discussion Is dragon garb son or....?
  226. Who is indeed the most beauttiful in One Piece?
  227. Do you think Vegapunk will be a future nakama of SH Pirates?
  228. Awakened Fighters
  229. Railegh is Luffy's uncle!!
  230. Discussion Evolution of Rokushiki among the strawhats
  231. Next islands (your design)
  232. A different way to predict a new nakama's abilities
  233. Straw Hat Pirates vs New Fishman Pirates
  234. Arc length?
  235. World Government's possible experiment
  236. Who is this "great man" ?
  237. Vegapunks Role and The Body of a D.
  238. Discussion The mysteries of One Piece
  239. Robin is hiding something
  240. Kaku can do point control
  241. Discussion Awesome Oda Foreshadowing/Recurring Phrases/Images, share!
  242. Luffy's "awesome" face when he see's cool stuff
  243. Discussion One Piece Pace
  244. Hodi's pills?
  245. Favorites Personal top 5 most bad ass ONE PIECE character
  246. Bonnie is Ace's Mother
  247. Discussion Luffy's Attacks
  248. Whats the fuss bout CoC?!
  249. Discussion If Oda made each character an animal..
  250. Discussion -All Inclusive- Blackbeard Thread