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March 23, 2007, 03:51 PM
Yeah! My first naruto review I've done for a website.I actually wrote down reviews for on paper just out of boredom so I have some experience with this.....limited.I just recentLY joined mangahelpers and always enjoyed the review section probably the most out of the others.I will try to make this a weekly thing but i can't even promise that.In a way I was inspired by the best naruto reviewer GoldKnight.I may not be as good but hopefully its good.Too bad he had to shorten his review but enough with this and lets get to the real reason why we are here.....

NARUTO Chapter 347 Diversion...!!

1.Not really too much to say about the first page but we have suigetsu emerging from his water poodle and Sasuke bringing along more of what I like to call oro's tools.I wonder what exactly are Suigetsu's abilities.Obviously it deals with water but to what extent I don't know.Karin and Juugo complete this powerful group so I can't wait until they fight and we get to see what they can do.

I think Orochimaru took those three under his wing sometime during the time skip which would explain why sasuke knows there names.Considering how powerful Kimmaro and even the sound 4 were,I'm already excited to see what what these guys and girl can do.

And on a side note for this chapter im gonig to keep a nudity count.I'll count each individual panel to keep count.I personally don't remember any naruto chapters with so much bare behinds in it.((nudity count)3


2.Ahhhh,Never a better way to start off a chapter by showing a new character.So right here we get to see a close up of suigetsu.His appearnace looks like a shark to me.So much for it being Haku or whatever theories people had. I thinks its funny Suigetsu just got rescued and is already complaining about having to go along with Karin and Juugo.(nudity count)4

3.On the next page we have what goes back to my earlier point.Be grateful suigetsu that Sasuke saved you in the first place.Of course he agrees to follow Sasuke plus I found it kind of weird Suigetsu was talknig talknig for so long without clothes.For my sake shutup and get some clothes on!Instead he questions Sasukes authority.(nudity count)6


4. Suigetsu sure did get behind Sasuke fast.I like that he said Sasuke wasn't in charge just because he beat snake man.Shows a little bit of his personallity aswell.If you notice there Sasuke is very relaxed and even has a quasi smile there.I wonder if he knew that Suigetsu never had a killing intent in the first place. (nudity count)7


5.So it was all a feint to see That it really wasn't a fluke that Sasuke beat Oro.This scene was mildy amusing to me becuase 1 Sasuke had a smirk just about the whole time.2.Sasuke had a smirk just about the whole time with a naked guy behind him.After Suigetsus babbling we also find out that Zabuza was once his senior.I like that connection to the past and found it interesting oro took him in.But before they get the other two they have a little side quest to complete,but we'll get to that later. (nudity count)8


6.So konohamuru got the kage bunshin down then of course does the now infamous orike onna no ko doushi no jutsu! When I first saw this I busted out laughing.Of course we have naruto thrilled about it,Sai and Kakashi with the standard ..... and Sakura with her usual reaction to perverted stuff.Next we have poor konohamuru getting punched by Sakura,Naruto trying to calm her down and saying it could be used as a diversion.Of course as we all know Sakura isn't a pervert.SO whatever konohamuru is about to do won't have any effect on Sakura right? :) (nudity count)10


7.HA HA ! Good stuff right there.When I saw this part I literally laughed out loud for a minute.One of the funniest yet gayest moment in Naruto.Konohamuru does the male version of the jutsu and it has the same effect on Sakura that it did on Naruto except it was the female version.I then loved how she tried to pretend that she didnt like it.First agreeing with Naruto then saying "don't just do useless justsu like that.You should pratice more useful jutsu".Yeah... you just messed up Sakura now its too late to take it back.I believe konohamuru summed it up best with his statement "looks like your just like us after all..." .I do wonder how that little runt knew what Sasuke looked like though.
(nudity count)12


8.Great scene right there.Almsot forgot about them naming it the great naruto bridge all the way back during the wave arc.It also shows that Sasuke is human and maybe he didn't really severe those bonds to Naruto.

9.So they were after Zabuzas swords I see.So i guess Suigetsu is an unofficial 7 swords men then since he got the sword.I only have 1 problem with this scene.How did the sword just stay there after atleast 3 years.You would think someone would have taken it by then.But then again maybe nobody knew where it was or maybe it was just respect for the dead.Suigetsu saying he probably wouldn't even lose to Sasuke with this sword makes me wonder if he could incorporate this sword in his fighting style to make it even more deadlier than how zabuza used it.


10.Great cliffhanger again by kishi.I will assume this is the Karin girl since Juugo doesn't sound like a girl name to me.

Predictions-They meet up with Karin and we find some stuff about her.Then maybe we may get a better idea of what there goal is.In between that maybe some akatsuki scenes or konoha.

Chapter rating
This chapter had a little bit of everything in it and i loved it .The konohamuru scenes were great.I like the new character and im excited to see what happens next. 5 out of 5

Thankyou everybody for reading my first review and i'll try to reply to each one of your comments.Next time i will try to get images up not just links.

March 23, 2007, 06:15 PM
Good review.
We probably won't get to see another one chapter with this much nudity ever (or for a while/few chapters xD).

March 23, 2007, 06:43 PM
12 nude counts, was it really that many?

I enjoyed your review, very easy to read and organized. You didn't get too fancy, which is good.

I thought that the Konohomaru "funny scenes" serve some significance, a hint about Sasuke's plans, which is to create a "diversion". The fact that he's forming a 4-man-team, which is the mirror counterpart to Naruto's 4-man-team, suggest that we might see a confrontation between them, soon.

Plus, having other people around him is convenient, in case he doesn't want to draw attention to himself. That's why I think the title says, "diversion", and Naruto even tried explaining to Sakura how it can be a useful tactic.

Whatever Sasuke is up to next, I don't think Sasuke is yet ready to fight Itachi, and he probably knows this too. It'd be interesting if in the next chapters, Sasuke seeks more power, possibly dig deeper into his past by visiting the Uchiha temple.

Anyway, great first review, I'll be looking forward for more.

March 23, 2007, 06:53 PM
Wow, that wasn't a bad review for your first one.

March 24, 2007, 02:20 AM
Just a couple of things i would like to say, in the scene where Suigetsu gets incredibly fast behind Sasuke, i thought of 2 things:

1.-First of course, the usual Quick speed a ninja has...

2.-As when we saw him getting out of the prison he was, actually... if i'm not wrong his whole body was water, and then became normal, so i thought that as long as he stands in water he can teleport /move faste, somehow, something like hiraishin, but, there must be water to perform it. (then the fact that he took water with him for the travel, made me almost 100% sure, that if there is water he/his jutsus will get stronger)

And secondly, i've fallen in love with Karin(?). xDD ¬_o i'll open a KarinxKakashi FC later ¬_o...

Bte, nice reveiw

Uchiha Slayer
March 24, 2007, 06:18 AM
Pretty good review, you could've made it a little longer to say the least. But other than that good review.

March 24, 2007, 08:25 AM
Thank you everybody for your replys.
miyi-There could have been more but I didn't count panels just with there faces or hands showing.Plus I was wondering too what Sasukes next move was besides getting karin and Juugo.

By the way does anyone know how to post the images in not just the links?

March 24, 2007, 09:01 AM
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Make sure you link the actual image (it should end in .jpg, .gif, or .png)
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March 24, 2007, 08:46 PM
:amuse :clap :bow :dance :thumbs :pleased

Good job on your first review. Not half bad. Keep it up.:jir_thumb

March 25, 2007, 08:36 AM
Nice review of the chapter. The only time I saw that much nudity in Naruto was in the anime when he is trying to convince Jiraiya that it his obligation to teach him after knocking out Ebisu.

Konohamaru was around Team 7 before the Chunnin exam. That's when he found out about Sasuke... Your right to question how he would know what a grown up Sasuke would look like, though...

I look forward to the next chapter and review.

March 25, 2007, 09:46 AM
Great review desjr! I didn't even think it about how many nude scenes there were, but you have revealed how many there is, lol. and the whole Sakura being exposed scene, that was great, lol.

Keep it up, Looking forward to your next review!