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March 23, 2007, 04:33 PM
Sorry about the wait, got lots of projects to do XP I wanted to write about Rinvak's past too, but I don't have the time. Can I do that as an aside to the story sometime?

-A few weeks after Zeran?s disappearance-

A young girl named Enpitsu walked down a dusty country road. She wore knee length pink dress and white knee high boots. Her height marked her as young, not even a teenager. Her hair was a light brown, with slightly unusual bangs. A small black cat followed behind her, a huge red ribbon around its neck. A perfectly normal little girl?..

That is, if you ignored the ridiculously large bazooka-like contraption strapped to her back.

Yep. Perfectly normal.

------------------~N. America Black Order HQ~------------------

?OUCH!? Tabby complained loudly. The bandage on her side showed blood leaking through. ?Aw man??..opened it up again? She gingerly poking the bandage and yelped when the pain was greater than expected. Dressed in a loose tank and tight bike shorts, Tabby was, what else, training. She was alone in the training hall now, which was unusual after Zeran?s disappearance. When Stephanie and Tabby had come back with vague reports of the strength of Jacques, many had begun to fit extra training into their schedules. ?It wasn?t like either of us even really saw much of anything anyway,? Tabby silently mused, ?We were both knocked out pretty early in the fight? Tabby herself was making great progress in her training though. ?But I?m still no where near the others!? Tabby thought sourly, kicking imaginary rocks on the floor. ?BUT I?M NOT DONE ?OW!!!!!? Tabby?s outburst sent another wave of pain into her side. ?owowowowOW! ...Better go to the infirmary or something, get this patched up? Tabby mumbled as she staggered off


A few hours and bandages later Tabby was once again in the training hall, much to the protests of the nurses. She was just rewarming up when Rinvak came walking in, an extra sour look on her face. Tabby knew that face well. It was Rinvak?s patented ?I?ve-got-a-mission-and-guess-what?-It?s-with-you? face. Might as well make the best of it.
?Rin-chan~!!!!! What?s the mission?? She said with the biggest smile she could muster. Rinvak glared, sighed, and put her hand on her hip. Score one level on the Rinvak Annoyance Meter!
?How quickly can you be ready?? Ooo?..must be urgent.
?15 minutes??
?Make it 10? Real urgent.


12 minutes and 45 seconds later, Tabby and Rinvak were pelting out the door.

Once they were on the train, they began to look over the mission details. It was more like a hastily scribbled note from Lione, but whatever.
?Reports have just came in that a small swarm of akuma have been spotted a half hour from here. Something is destroying them though, and we suspect it may be a new exorcist. Help and protect her, then bring them back here it that?s the case.?
?Maybe its Zeran-kun!? Tabby said excitedly.
?Maybe???.? Rinvak murmured.


?Wah, so many akuma!? said a sweet little voice.

And then the sweet little voice blew up one of the akuma.


By the time Rinvak and Tabby arrived at the station, the clouds that had been hovering about all day had decided to let go of some rain. By some, I mean full out downpour. Rinvak muttered something under her breath about ?wet wings? but kept moving. There was no doubt where they had to go. On the horizon, they could see numerous bright bursts of light.


?Fermium!? Eny cried, looking around frantically around for her cat. ?She must have fallen off my head!? She said as she glanced around, desperate to find it. Not the smartest thing to do in the battle you know.

?Watch out!? came a voice, ?Behind you!? The little girl spun around in time to see a rather large cannon charged and aimed at her head. It was too close, there?s no she?d be able to dodge.

?North Wind!? called another voice, followed by a huge gust of wind that ripped through the akuma and several of its friends. Two girls dropped in next to her. Exorcists by the look of it. Well, wasn?t it her lucky day.

?I thought that attack did more damage than that!? said the shorter one with a teasing smile. She had this ridiculous looking thing floating around her neck. It was probably some form of Innocence, but Eny thought her bazooka looked much cooler.

?Shut up!? said the taller girl, turning a little red, ?It?s this rain; my wings are soaked!?

?Whatever, this rain suits me just fine!? said the short one.
?Oh really now? Why? Some result of your training?? the taller girl said, cocking her eyebrow.

?How long where they going to stand here and discuss things?? Eny wondered. The akuma weren?t attacking yet, they seemed to be weighing their chances against the 3 opponents. She doubted it would last this long. No matter, if worst came to worst she could just-

?Ya know it!? The small one chirped.

?Now you?ve got me interested. Let?s see what you can do.?

?Innocence, second opening!!!! Goddess Voice!? The ribbon around her neck burst in two. The two pieces snaked down her arms, leaving a series of deep red bands.

?Song of the Waters!? then she began to sing. Eny couldn?t make out what she was saying, but it was captivating. A pure sweet sound, in a language that Eny had never heard. Which was saying something, as she spoke over 20 languages fluently. It seemed to have the opposite effect on the akuma though. Almost instantly, several flung themselves at the trio, as if the song was driving them mad. Eny fired off several shots, but doubted whether she could protect both of them at the same time. She glanced over her shoulder, and from the looks of it, neither could the tall exorcist either. What the heck was the short girl trying to do?


That?s exactly what Rinvak was thinking too. Except, Rinvak?s was more like, ?What the HELL? Is she trying to get us killed?!?!? An akuma fired off a shot that barely missed her shoulder, and Rinvak instantly stopped looking to lodge a few feathers in its brain. When she turned back, she saw that one akuma was making a lunge at Tabby. Rinvak scrambled to make it over in time. With the rain, she couldn?t throw feathers far, so Tabby was screwed if she couldn?t get over there.

The akuma got within five feet and then was violently thrown back. By what though? Then she noticed the rain around Tabby. It was gathering itself into a rather large blob. As the seconds passed, the blob became more and more distinct. It took the shape of a woman, but she had no legs. Instead, the bottom half of her body narrowed out, curling around Tabby protectively as it went. ?What is that?? Rinvak found herself asking. Tabby stopped singing and turned to smile at Rinvak. ?A friend!? she replied. Then turned her attention to the remaining akuma. There were still quite a few. Hadn?t the little twerp in pink taken out any of them? Tabby seemed to notice this too, glancing around with a worried look. Hopefully the whatever it was she summoned new some tricks, because Rinvak doubted she?d be useful for long. Tabby took a deep breath and took a fighting stance. The water being took a similar pose. ?Are those bands guides then?? Rinvak wondered. Tabby took another breath and raised her hands, the being following her every move.

?INNOCENCE RAIN!? Tabby yelled as she thrust her hands forward, and the water bring burst into pieces. Like missiles, the droplets spread out in all directions. The water went through the akuma like bullets and and after, they promptly disintegrated. Within seconds the entire crowd of akuma was gone. Rinvak was shocked. When did she?!?!?! Tabby relaxed, and the bands on her arms unraveled and disappeared, her Innocence returning to its dormant state.

?Innocence. The guardian was infused with Innocence. When you sent parts it through the akuma, you we putting Innocence directly into their systems, am I right?? Asked the little girl, obviously??pissed? Wait, what? Tabby just smiled.

?YOU UPSTAGED ME DARN IT!!!!! AND I WANTED TO DO COOL STUFF TOO!!!!!!!? The small girl whined. Rinvak could feel a headache coming on. Tabby looked bewildered. The girl took the odd contraption she had been using on the akmua and pointed straight at Tabby. ?SO WHATCHA GONNA DO TO FIX THAT?!?!?!? Ack, not good. Rinvak threw herself in between the two.

?Err??who are you anyway?? Rinvak ventured. The small child seemed all too happy to answer this.

?IIIII, am Enpitsu Vachir, child genius. Member of the Black Order aaaaannd the youngest bookman EVAH.? Rinvak was reeeeally starting to dislike her.

?So??your not an exorcist?? Tabby asked.

?Nope!? Eny shot back, glaring at Tabby still. Tabby flinched.

?Then what?s with the bazooka? Isn?t it Innocence?? Rinvak wondered. Eny seemed slightly put off.

?Well, no, but, well, this is my greatest invention. It?s as close to Innocence as you can get without being Innocence. Guaranteed to knock out any akuma for at least a couple hours!? She boasted, with her chest puffed out.

?So it can?t actually defeat them?? Tabby smirked. Didn?t that girl know when to shut her mouth?

?SHUT UP YOU UPSTAGER!? She said, aiming the bazooka at Tabby again.

?Waa?it! Why don?t you come to the Order with us, one battle isn?t worth killing someone over right? There will be others right?? Rinvak said, her patience wearing thin.

?Che. Fine.? Eny said lowering her gun. ?I just need to find my cat, Fermium.?

?Fermium?? The other two asked in unison.

?It?s an element I recently discovered.? Eny said as a black cat emerged from the bushes.

?What, what kind of kid is she?? The two exorcists thought.


About an hour later, the three of them arrived back at the headquarters. Tabby had only managed a couple feet before collapsing, so Rinvak had to carry her the whole way back. As soon as they got off the train, Eny had run off ahead, probably to go meet Lione and complain about his subordinate. Because of Tabby, Rinvak had taken a slower pace. Tabby must have really tired herself out with that attack. But wow, to think the little squirt could have such power. Rinvak smiled at the sleeping form slung piggyback style over her back.

?You really have grown stronger?.?


So yeah. Tabby has second opening. Don't know when I'll get to posting the new skills over in that thread, or get to update the themes thread, but I'll try. For now, if you need to use Tabby in a battle, you can PM me and I'll fully explain how her new powers work. but here's a breif one. She can't use her normal skills in second opening state. She can summon differant guardians in second opening. The type of guaradian is limited to whats around her. No water - no water guardian. But 'cha. Tabby is fun. So is Eny. X3

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yay for new chapter! :)

uh oh... it looks like tabitha has a new partner in crime. can the na hq handle both of them? :amuse

i liked the character development in this chapter. taby has really matured. and eny seems like a younger version of taby. hehe

i don't think taby will be in a fight in my chapter but she will be saying one of the best lines in it imo.

good job and good luck with your standardized tests!

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Nah. Eny hates Tabby. Thinks she's a sowoff and a bitch. Tabby doesn't get what's she's done to deserve that

((Eny is more stuck up and bithcy than Tabby-ish XD))

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Wow, great new chapter and Tabby's new attacks are really cool. I think I understood the second opening of her Innocence. Your description at the end helped a lot.
Eny is...kinda chilidish xD. Magier would immetiately kill her just by seeing the pink dress. ^_^".
She doesn't seem to like Taby a lot, yeah, hate is a good word.

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hehe~ Sorry it was so conufzzling. I'll try harder next time! X3

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so much more information about tabby & her future partner in crime~ XD
*inspired to re-draw tabby & begin on eny :) *

can i ask the nationality of tabby & eny?

::just a scribble when the thought of eny supposed* to be a normal kid...::

is eny a mechanic of sorts?

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Yay! =3 Tabby-chan gets her second opening! Very cool. Awesome idea, by the way. I didn't understand it until the note at the end, so thanks for that. ^^;;;

Whoo, Eny's making enemies already! Man, my character is such a whiny bitch. I'm so proud. *tear*

Tune: Eny's a bit of a mechanic, yeah. =) She's Caucaisun (I totally screwed up that spelling, sorry), specfically French.

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Tune, ask Rosa, its her charrie XD A