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April 08, 2007, 02:14 PM
Authors note
A very short chapter this time. I chose a theme from silent hill again ^^ (slowly I think I'm a silent hill fanboy XD)
"Promise" http://www.filefactory.com/file/e1b04e/

A magier awakens in Juaques tent wearing his jacket. "What the?" She says as she realizes where she is.
Her body aches as she tries to move to a small mirror next to her.
She sees that her full body is covered in bandages only her right eye and a bit of her hair is not.
"I look like a mummy..... and I couldn't even beat this bastard!" She clenches her fist trying to remember what happened after the battle.

"D-doctor", Magier whispered. "I have blessed myself again. Please help me."

"Oh great! What have I said?" Her eyes fill with water and as she wants to wipe the tears aways Magier realises what she is wearing.
"Wait a minute," Magier thinks, "Does that mean Jaques is running around n.."
Simultaniously Jaques enters the tent.
Her nose starts to bleed the moment she sees him.
"Oh magier chan have your wounds opened again?" he says laughing. Magier blushes and anwers angrily:
"You moron! Why do you run around like this? Get some clothes already!"
"Oh well, your clothes are completely torn apart and you miss something to wear Gabrielles dresses
so I thought this is the best way or do you prefer to run around in your underwear? By the way it's pretty hot outside so most men aren't wearing a shirt." mentiones Jaques in the typical polite way that makes magier very angry. She feel like a small child getting lectures from a teacher. At the same time she wants to take a look outside.
"If you like it I'll send Gabrielle to you. She's a great nurse.
Your wounds don't need much care anyway. I admire your healing abilitys they are far superior to mine. See you later now rest."


Magier felt terrible.
"Far superior"
After I went all out screaming at him when he fell sick the positions have totally changed. "You miss something to wear Gabrielles dresses"
What does he mean by that? I'm a woman too. Gabrielle is so beautiful... is this the type of women he likes? Well, I never be this kind of blond bimbo!
Doktor liked me the way I was.
Ay what am I thinking? He's my brother.... well technically we share some genes like we're both from the same tribe but he's not my brother because we have the same parents.

"May I come in?" Asekes Gabrielle after she enters the tent.
Shes wearing a light white summer dress perfectly covering what noone should see and underlining what everyone should see.
"You have already entered before asking." magier replies sarcastically.
"Oh have I? Anyway I'm hear to change the bondages"


Gabrielle takes of the bondages but there are no wounds to see.
"Oh! You noahs shure are great! You have completely recovered in three days!
Except the left eye! Well, use an eyepatch untill it's fully recovered!"
Gabrielle says with a happy voice.

Is there an exclamation mark sell-out somewhere? This is not that surprising

"Are really all men without a shirt?" Magier said to change the topic. Gabrielle looks puzzzled.
"Yes they are but why do you ask?"
"Well Jaques came in and.."
"Oh I understand", Gabrielle interrupts " did you like what you saw?"
Suddenly Magier notices a change in Gabrielles presonality.
The bimbo became a cocky girl who seems accidentely beautiful.
The stance and talking seem to fit a trapper or a gambler but not to her.

"Well, yes when he wears this robe you can't see anything but a pair of broad shoulders."
Magier can't help herself but to giggle in a childish way. Gabrielle looks at Magier,
"Well mate, I didn't think you would have such a nice body aswell.
But give it up he swore abstinence."
Magier fell into a deep hole "Abstinence you mean never ever?"
"Never ever. He's a priest. I tried it and he resisted. I have to go now.
Might want to come with me and take a look at the men?"

No I won't go more perverted ^^ this is more an omake then a full chapter but I hoped you had fun. Happy Easter!

rhapsody blue
April 08, 2007, 03:20 PM
great chapter! i loved the girl talk in the chapter! so funny!

poor magier... got her heart broken.

is gabrielle going to play an important role later?

happy easter! :hbunny

April 08, 2007, 03:27 PM
all the guardians will get some more background in my next chapters there for free use for all of you ^^
I have some ideas but nothing special

April 09, 2007, 03:32 AM
Oh yes, I had fun. Great, funny chapter and you really let my (why I always say my...Magier's) wounds heal as I wished it...everything except of the eye ^_^.
Yeah, Magier is poor. So no *** with Jaques. Stupid abstinence. I love the sentence "Abstinence, you mean never ever." xD
Ah, a new opponent in the fight for Jaques' love. And she really tried it O.o.
Blond Bimbo :P. Magier's nearly the exactly opposite. ^_^
"Is there an exclamation mark sell-out somewhere? This is not that surprising" - haha, great.

Btw, I love it when you're a silent hill-fan and submit more and more songs, cause so, I can put more on my MP3 Player xD.