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April 20, 2007, 02:41 PM
Yeah, I give it a try to do one review, because I queite like this chapter, and furthermore, Juugo intriques me more and more. Basically it's the first and the last of review by me (the last, if Gaara will not reappear xD), because english is not my first language, there will be probably gramatical "errors", so forgive me :D Sometime ago I was doing such reviews on polish board, so I queite know what I like to write about chapters. I will not follow master of reviews on Naruto, Gold Knight :D, plan, but I always had my own: page by page. So that's all ^^

And thx to people, which provides us Raws of Naruto, translations of Naruto, and scanlations xD (if I would list it, it would be looong list xD)

Page 01
Wow, I was queite 90% sure, that Karin will be on cover this week, and it's quite good cover, you know xD First of all, Kishi like to give her shorts a feedback from back, like it was shown in chapter 347, when she was in the last page introduced without not showing to us her face. And her pose also feets her well. But thats all for pluses. The thing, which I don't like is her face in profile. It's quite "square'ish", but that's just probably me ;p

Page 02
huh Suigetsu is the man ^^ Nothing worth mentioning besides, how and where he wanders. This hideout really is labirynth..

Page 03
The talk, Suigetsu with "Slappy". First, when I read transaltion, before even seeing the Raw, I thought after reading: wow, Suigetsu is really followint orders of Saske, and that upset me a little. And next it gives good moment: Suigetsu afterall was anooyed by that lying man, and he said queite good lines about not noticing by Saske one dead men ^^ It was both fun and good, for example to me, to fans of Suigetsu :D

Page 04
Wow, the first, big panel is really something. When I first saw it, I thought: what just happend? I couldn't recall how happend to that what I saw. Rememebered, Saske draw a little his sword, and Juugo went mandness at him. Then I realized (quite slow huh xD): Juugo punched Saske into the wall. :D And in lower part we see face of Juugo, partially transformed into "CS". He sure looks psychic with that ^^

Page 05
That page quite give some things to think about. Especially that forming/transforming hand of Juugo. First when I saw it, I recall Kimimaro bloodline limit with his bones, but actually it's porbably more transformed version of Juugo's "CS" powers. Furthermore, when I look at it and look, I think that Juugo must have more indepth powers of this CS than anybody, for example I think that he can quite good things create using it to from something to attack. But it's only my assuption. Another thing, it again reminded me of similarity of Juugo and Gaara: Gaara was forming via sand some things: hands, clones, so Juugo actually with CS can do the same thing. ^^

Page 06
This was unexpected for me. Saw it and thought: so Saske transformed into CS 2 mode, but I looked closer and actually he didn't! The face and left hand were not covered with diffenrt, darker thingy. It questions me..

Page 07
... and here is the answer xD Juugo actually says it all, and now we know more about CS modes: Saske can do partially changing things, like for example it was shown with "hand CS" blocking Saske. But also with the speech of Juugo and movements of Juugo, we can say the same xD Also, the partiall change Juugo has on left side of face, and Saske on right :x

Page 08
Enter: Suigetsu xD Oh man, I just love how he is portraied by Kishi. He is just "everywhere". And first shown block by Suigetsu with the sword xD Worth mentioning is, that hand of Suigetsu doesn't look more muscular, like it was shown in previous chapters, when he sliced doors.

Page 09
ehh Suigetsu is the best <half-joke> xD That talk about remmebering to Karin, just so fuuny and serious on the other hand :D And Juugo rememebrs Suigetsu.. so, even if he has some split personality, all share the same brain :x And in that page is another changing shown to us, how Juugo modifies his hand..

Page 10
I really like it, especially for action thingi xD The middle panel is really good, and somehow show, that Juugo is quite bigger than Suigetsu. And bottom-left panel with Suigetsu suing both hands with the sword, ehh, just reminds me of the same pattern with Zabuza movements *x* And we know, that things created with "CS" of Juugo are hard ^^

Page 11
The thing, which was another thing in this chapter, half funny, half serious, was that in the middle of that short battle, Karin was thinking, that it would be great, if both Suigetsu and Juugo killed each other. That shows, how she REALLY loved to be with Saske in the pair only, without others. And another page with panels of Sui and his sword (I just love them)

Page 12-13
Wow, really amazing BIG panel, but that on the left with face of Saske, for me it just shortens the chapter, it was to big, it could have been morepanels in that, for example of some talking, or movement of snakes (probably in Shippuden there will be added moree stuffs :x). And yeah, Saske finally, yeah, FINALLY did some jutsu snakes I would say xD I really wondered when it will be (IF it will be) shown, that he can also use snakes, and tadadam, here it is. And his queite good about that, both Juugo and Suigetsu were stoped.
btw. when I saw the transfromed hand of Juugo, it reminded me of Carnage from Spider-man comics hyhy ^^

Page 14
Zero talking, but it was defiently shown, that both Suigetsu and Juugo were feared at that moment of Saske I suppose.

Page 15
And here is confirmation of that, on the side of Suigetsu, and what he thinks ^^ Of kors Karin wouldn't be herself, if she would not think of Saske smexyness haha. And Juugo, after disseapiring of his CS, he suddenly realizes something, as if thinking: where am I? And...

Page 16
...his going back to cage and closing door. I don;t have much to say about it, but reaction with that "?" of Saske and Suigetsu were glorious xD

Page 17
hmm Karin speech again about Juugo. And even with that before in chapters, and now, I can't believe, if Juugo has split personality, or anything else. And I didn't like panel, when he was sahiyng about not free him outside, and that he had hands on head, it look for me pathetic..

All in all, I really like this chapter, even more then previous two :D Besides that, I think we didn't know too much of Juugo even now. It reminds me (again..) of Gaara, and his "little secrets" on chuunin exam. It was really good back then to going and going more and more into the story to know what he really is, and I think now it's queite the same with Juugo, because his all secret about CS maybe, but just maybe, will be realved in some bigger fight with him as main protagonist. Hope, that I'm wrong ;p

My rate of the chapter: 4.5/5
I can't give full 5 on 5, but this should give that I really enyoed reading and seeing that chapter.

And my predictions for next chapter: first some things in Konoha, then again Saske team, and maybe in the end "Itachi whereabouts" ^^

April 20, 2007, 06:31 PM
Your review is not half bad :). This chapter was okay :amuse. I agree that more information in needed on Juugo :o. As for Juugo Vs. Naruto, that remains to be seen :eyeroll.

April 20, 2007, 10:54 PM
you make some very detailed observations there. great review, and don't worry about your grammar, I was able to figure out what you intended to say.

Gold Knight
April 22, 2007, 11:48 AM
Whew, a page by page commentary eh? That's almost even more tough than my style of reviewing. Nicely done though and I don't mind the grammatical errors - you're easily understandable either way =) Looks like we agree pretty much on everything except the cover. I think having drawn Karin before myself though, and having seen both ra!kiri's 'Two Faces of Karin' and Dynamic Dragon's version of Team Sasuke the past week, I might have been a bit picky because I know Kishimoto can probably top us all but he just didn't try to.

...having said that, I suppose Kishimoto-sama DID already do a few very nicely done profile Karin pics already, so I guess he wanted to show her from a different angle we hadn't seen too often before.

April 26, 2007, 05:10 AM
thx Lord Hokage, kiddo7, GK for reply hehe :D xD

Looks like we agree pretty much on everything except the cover
Yes, yes :D

April 26, 2007, 07:11 PM
thx Lord Hokage, kiddo7, GK for reply hehe :D xD

You’re welcome, keep up the good work. :thumbs

April 26, 2007, 07:21 PM
thx Lord Hokage, kiddo7, GK for reply hehe :D xD

Hey, I should be thanking you!
I always enjoy reading a new angle on my favorite comics (I know what I just did, you do not have to stone me for it) And therefore I feel like it is the least i can do to support and encourage those that take the time to write e review by giving some form of a reply.

April 27, 2007, 04:32 AM
Anyways, it was good that You read it, no more to say :D