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April 22, 2007, 03:40 PM

BLEACH 272 - Don't kill my Volupture

Firstly - all images are taken from M7's scanlations with permission. Visit http://www.maximum7.net/ for Bleach scanlations.

Okay, this is my first time trying to write an analysis of a chapter. So, it won't be a clear review, because there were already too much said by others, but a couple of short personal comments. I hope noone objects. ^___^

Comment 1:
The beginning of chapters presents us with Ulquiorra talking to beaten Ichigo. Or not? Taking Ulquiorra's overanalysing nature into consideration, it's pretty easy to understant that he's talking to himself at the beginning. He's almost sad that his analysis turned out wrong. "This is the end", he says looking down on Ichigo, while his disappointed mind says "Is THIS the end? Was I wrong!?" For a moment he stands there, like someone who doesn't know what to do, and then...the IDEA comes into his mind.

We actually see this process very clear. Look at three panels above this comment. Panel 1 - Ulquiorra is disappointed, and doesn't know what to do now. But as he looks at beaten Ichigo(panel 2), his mind is doing deep analysis of the situation, and BEEP(panel 3) - he knows what to do.

As always, his course of action are words. He throws carefully selected phrases at Ichigo while taking his leave. Right now he is pretty sure that this cold sympathy is going to fire up something in the bleached shinigami.

Comment 2:
As we know from early SS chapters, the Zanpakuto seals itself back from ShiKai or BanKai if the Shinigami is unconsious, or is near death. Actually the latter one seems more appropiate in this situation, but personally me...I think that Ichigo right now is just unconsious. Pay attention to the head panel of this comment. Ichigo's eyes are blank. So far in Bleach is mean either deep shock, either switching to "genocide" mode(Ururu), or going into the inner world(please remember the chapter where Shinji sends Ichigo to fight Shirosaki).

Taking this into consideration, we now must look at all this black reiatsu surrounding our hero. If he's out cold, what is concentrating that enormous energy field around him? Is it Shirosaki taking control? Or another berserk state of the body, that needs to spend all this reiatsu and doesn't get instructions from the consiousness on this?

The problem is - Ulquiorra is already gone, and there's noone else around to beat... That makes me think that any kind of berserk of control takeover is useless now. Except if Kubo plans to leave all this out of picture, and return to it in ten chapters or so, when we will see a full Hollow-Ichigo creating a mess in the Las Noches.

Comment 3:
Just to add to previous comment. In this scene, I don't see any sign of sadness in Orihime. Yes, the shock is there, but is this the Hime's reaction to someone dear to her being injured? Definately not. IMHO, this shock is different. It's not the fear of losing someone, it's the fear OF someone. Somehow, her face is saying "Kurosaki-kun..is that..really YOU!?" She knows he's alive, but his reiatsu seems so unusual that is makes her scared.

So, this adds to theory of Ichigo transforming into somehing hideous. But I still stick to the thought that Kubo isn't going to show us anything until at least ten chapters further.

Comment 4:
Poor Hime, one after another - first her dear's one reiatsu is starting to feel strange, now it's Grimmjow's fangirls are feeling kinky. Loly and Menoly, these two really do look like Grimmjow divided in two - one takes up on his behaviour, the other one is desperately copying his looks. I think this act of "playing around" is the fangirls' attempt to be more like their hero. They see Grimmjow acting violently and disobidient, and take up on these traits of his. Poor Hime.

Comment 5:
A really short one. Previously he saw bits of Renji/Zaerapolo fight. At first the Octava was really interested in Abarai. And now what? He's so bored, that it pisses me off. If you were going to deflect his strikes with bare arms, why did you ever even unsheath your sword, eh arrankar!?

Anyway, to make this comment longer - why the hell Espada lose interest in finishing off the opponents? First Noitora, then Ulquiorra(well, this one had his motives), now Octava. I understand Kubo wants to keep heroes alive, but "losing interest" is just lame. Can't he find a better excuse?

Comment 6:
Fraccion. At last we get some explanations of subordinate system in Las Nochas. So, Espada get to PICK their fraccion? At least now we know that Lazy Espada dude picked that horned tomboy himself. ^__^

So, Octava's fraccion are experiments he made? At least this enables new interesting options in fight development. I bet some of those arrankar have pretty interesting abilities, not to mention they must be strong.

Anyhow, I beleive that this explanation on fraccion wasn't ment for Zaerapolo's minons. It will play it's role later on.

Ishida and Renji tandem. Yes, I don't think that this deserves a separate comment. All I have to say, that Renji's brawl now have Uryuu's brains. Bye-bye Octava! ^__^

Comment 7:
Yes, the bad guy's back and he's pissed. His prey(Ichigo) was taken from him, and he can't do anything about it, because messing with Ulquiorra would be seen as extreme disobidience by Aizen-sama. And so, he needs his anger poured out on something...or someone...

This is where comments #4 and #6 come in together. We have two Grimmjow fangirls and an explanation on fraccion. Now let us assume that these two are Grimmjows fraccion and look at this from his point of view.

He's pissed, and is there a more perfect target for blowing off the steam, then subordinates acting disobidienlty? Moreover, they are beating up the person that must be kept safely as ordered by Aizen-sama... Do I see some major spanking of fangirls bottoms? Definately.

Okay this is it. I hope my points were understandable and entertaining. I apologise for all spelling and/or grammar mistakes I could've done.

April 22, 2007, 05:18 PM
Thx for the review.
Gives more with more reviews, then just reading Chapter threads.

Third comment:
Is the most interesting one imo, the thought that She's shocked in the change in him sounds possible.
We already know she's the one that seem to be especially good at noticing changes in him(Class by smell, His room, His Bankai, The Vaizard HQ and her reaction when close to Ichigo at the time he faced Yammy)

The other comments are good aswell leaves stuff for wondering.

April 22, 2007, 06:37 PM
Very interesting point of view about the chapter.

April 23, 2007, 08:48 AM
excellent review!

April 24, 2007, 02:34 AM
Thankies, guys. ^__^

@Stone: Yeah, Inoue could even sense Ichigo through the Visored Barrier. :) Her reaction here is really mysterious. If she was sensing Kurosaki's death or anything like that, she'd just burst in tears, or say something like "no..no!"... But here she is clearly trying to figure out what this feeling about his reiatsu is.

April 26, 2007, 07:53 AM
Good review DeDaL ^^ Quite nice lecture hyhy :D