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April 30, 2007, 12:10 AM
Sahugani’s One Piece Review 454

Consider this a teaser for FH's return

This week has really spoiled us One Piece fans and shown us how far the series has come along in popularity here since I started. Before the new year, it was completely normal for the One Piece RAW to arrive much sooner than Bleach or Naruto, but it was generally the last one to get a scanlation out. This week we not only got a Tuesday release, but so many scanlators worked their best to get out their translated scans with lightning speed. I applaud the efforts of these scanlators and RAW hunters for this beautiful event and so do all the One Piece fans on MH. This week’s pics come from Crayola’s scanlation. The title WP though, is a present from Franky House (http://mangahelpers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=394), who has done a fantastic job cleaning Oda’s newest color spread for a future quality release.

Also, I’m sorry for how incredibly late this review is. Midterms, issues arising from midterms, and being locked out of my room prevented me from getting the time to sit still and do this. Fortunately, now that this round of midterms are over and One Piece is once again coming out ridiculously early, I think that in the future my reviews will be able to be released much earlier in the week.


The plastic surgeon must have done a great job

Last week gave us our predicted initial confrontation between Nami and Lola as the hog chases after the Thief Cat. From there, the chase continued into Perona’s garden and we could expect the trio to give her the slip somehow…WTF!!!??? This was totally unexpected in true Oda fashion. Instead of escaping from her pursuer, Nami actually tricked Lola (and Chopper) into thinking that she was a man. As if this arc wasn’t already screwy enough with Nami’s near-sexual abuse and the perv-zombie that was responsible. It is almost as if Oda is celebrating the death of the 4Kids dub with us by giving us this comedy gold. Anyways, with this new joke, Nami’s character has been taken from one end of the spectrum to the other in this arc. The question this brings up is how will Lola react after mentioning Nami’s maleness to Absalom, who has actually seen her naked. We may yet see a fight between Nami and Lola as the hog seeks vengeance for lying and revealing her body to Ab-sama.

Tea Time

revenge is sweet

Along with tricking Lola into thinking she is a man, Nami also uses the opportunity to turn an enemy into an ally (even if it is only temporary and under false pretenses). While pretending to be a guy, she takes the role of a best friend who is there to be supportive and agrees that Absalom belongs with Lola. She even helps Lola plan out how to get Absalom to marry her, though the method is not exactly the kindest for poor Ab-sama. I think at this point, Nami is getting a bit of revenge for Absalom attacking her and seeing her naked as her advice to Lola is nearly simply fighting one moral taboo with another. Nami also uses the opportunity to extract some extra info for her own benefit, the location of the treasure room. Even after all that has gone on, her mind is still on finding her treasure. Nami seems to be one step closer to crossing paths with Perona as each the two see each other in the act of stealing from the other person. It seems inevitable now that Perona’s duel will be with her fellow thief instead of Robin no matter how cool that fight would have been. Anyways, when Absalom arrives, Lola takes Nami’s advice to knock him unconscious to heart and gives them an opportunity to escape. Unfortunately for her, she stands no chance against the invisible telekinetic. Though this does bring up the question of why Absalom is so willing to eliminate anyone who gets in his way except Lola. Ponder that and come up with a fan-fiction past for Lola and Absalom to explain it.

News of 900

i'd kinda like to see Hildon in combat, but don't think it'll happen

Speaking of Nami’s treasure, the scene changes to Perona and a few zombies on the three boats in the webs (Sunny, Mini-Merry, and Brooke’s ship). The ghost girl is disappointed by the lack of treasure on any of the ships and instead takes the crew’s provisions. The actions are halted however as Hildon delivers news to Perona. Apparently, Luffy’s capture marks the birth of #900 and the mysterious three are required to attend. As for the mysterious three, my best guess would be that he is referring to Perona, Absalom, and Hogback. Unless the three are in reference to a special unseen trio of beings that are required for more powerful zombies, it is most logical that it refers to Moria’s three highest ranking subordinates. Also, the #900 is intriguing as it implies a definite importance to the zombie numbering system. As I mentioned before, all creature zombies (plus Hildon) we have seen bear numbers below 400, Cindry has the number 400, the graveyard zombies are between 400 and 800, and the general zombies are above 800. The birth of 900 likely marks the creation of a new level of zombie. Here the shadow theory also applies as Luffy will be the shadow base for this new creation. The creation of a Luffy zombie brings up a whole slew of questions. Will the new zombie bear Luffy’s devil fruit powers? How is the #900 procedure different from the ones that create the other zombie levels? Will Luffy have to take out both his zombie self AND Moria? With every clue Oda gives us as to the Island’s mystery, multiple questions arise in the process.

Clashing Commanders

how tough can a zombie teddy bear be in a fight?

In his attempt to hide from Lola, Absalom takes refuge in Perona’s mansion. Here he crosses paths with both Bearsy and Perona. We can see that Nami, Chopper, and Usopp have hidden themselves inside Bearsy’s stuffing (proving that he is an actual teddy bear turned into a living zombie). While Bearsy seems to know that the pirates are inside of him, Perona won’t let him talk and thus the information is never revealed. Instead, Perona and Absalom continue to talk openly about how much they dislike each other. This has been pretty easy to infer from Absalom’s interaction with Perona’s subordinates, but now we get to see them insult each other to their faces. While they bicker a bit, Hildon appears again and tells them that the Humming Swordsman has returned with the pirates. The name even makes Absalom sweat, so he must have been quite fearsome. However, the name brings to mind Ryuuma’s technique that he used against Nami, Usopp and Chopper. In combination with the personality and technique similarities we have seen with Zoro/Jigoroh and Sanji/Dogpen, it is quite easy to figure out who the name refers to, but takes away none of the shock from the realization.

Franky’s Offensive

What can Franky NOT do?

We shift scenes once again to Franky and Robin as they look down on the comical Brooke shaped hole in the ground and realize who it was that fell. Spider Monkey uses the opportunity to climb up and resume his attack on Franky and Robin. Unfortunately for him, he has grossly underestimated his opponents. This leg of the fight shows off the fortes of both Strawhats’ abilities. While Robin figures out how to turn the freak’s power against him, Franky prepares his coolest weapon yet. In addition to the modifications he has installed into his own body, Franky is also a weapons master and uses his super strength to fashion enormous nunchaku with stone pillars. There is a reason Franky is my favorite Strawhat. In addition to having fantastic personality, he is by far the most versatile fighter in the group and this is the best example of that that we have seen so far. While he is simply waling on Spider Monkey for quite a bit, his opponent eventually immobilizes Franky’s giant weapon with webbing, to which Franky responds with a quick weapons left.

Caught in the Web

if you think about it, her powers should be unaffected

While it was enjoyable to no end to see Franky kicking so much ass, the fight is eventually brought to a halt as Robin has been caught by Spider Monkey’s subordinate spider mice. A distracted Franky is the next to go as the Spider Monkey catches him off guard and covers him with webbing. From the looks of it the spider mice are the reason Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy were caught. They very sneakily bound the pirates with their webbing and transported them to the mysterious room. The fact that Hogback modified their webbing and the odd numbering for them is also a bit interesting. In regards to the webbing, it seems that Hogback has done more than simply revive dead flesh. He said before that the general zombies are made of special flesh to begin with and I wonder how he is influencing these special abilities. About the mice, the numbering is somewhat confusing because although the one whose number is seen most clearly seems to have a three digit number in the 500’s, the others seem to vaguely have numbers in the 5000’s. While Spider Monkey said there were 500 spider mice on the island, the 5000’s seems most logical due to the fact that the alternative would screw up the numbering system I found. This also implies that among the zombies are certain classes that are mass produced and given a four digit number to separate them from the regular zombie classes.

Brooke: Skeleton, Musician, Swordsman

This proves the power of the afro can overcome even the loss of muscles

While Absalom gave us the clue to put this together already, it just would have been wrong of Oda to finish this chapter without showing off the newly realized abilities of Brooke the gentleman skeleton. In his usual carefree fashion, he simply jumps up to say hi to Franky and Robin when he becomes the next target of Spider Monkey. After unsheathing a sword from his cane, we see him pull off the same style move Ryuuma used before (but with the bladed side this time), thus solidly confirming that the zombie creation method copies both personality and abilities and that Ryuuma is the zombie product of Brooke’s shadow base (assuming the shadow theory). This revelation has massive implications on the future of Brooke in this arc. First of all, as I said last week, he could be the true owner of Ryuuma’s sword as I doubt that Brooke took down the dragon with his cane sword. A feat like that is only deserving of a meitou. If this is the case, it gives a better reasoning for Brooke to give Zoro the sword as a gift after Zoro beats Ryuuma. We may see Brooke fighting his zombie counterpart first, but loses and lends Zoro his cane sword to complete the santouryuu and thus allow Zoro to win in the first place.

Also, I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this, but this is just one more nail in the coffin for the theory of Brooke joining the crew. As much as I love Brooke and would enjoy seeing his antics and interaction with the other members, this just adds to a multitude of reasons why he can’t join. The fact that he is a swordsman would make any future fights he has seem repetitive with Zoro using sword techniques as well. Also, if my theory about Brooke being the one to give Zoro his third sword is true, it would take a lot of the meaning from that exchange for Brooke to come along.

1. The crew just got Franky, whose recruitment took so much development that a quick recruitment directly afterwards would somewhat cheapen the meaning of Franky joining
2. Each time a member of the crew has been recruited, there was a specific need in the story beforehand set by the crew’s need for a specific job or the necessity for a character type in the story. Luffy (main character), Zoro (Luffy needed a serious character to contrast him), Nami (needed a navigator to actually get to new locations and an authoritative brain), Usopp (needed a strong and consistent comic relief), Sanji (needed a cook and a womanizer), Chopper (needed a doctor and an innocent kid), Robin (needed a woman to fill the hole Vivi left), Franky (needed a shipwright and an over the top character)...there is no reason for Brooke to join
3. Unlike Chopper and Franky, who can go about town without attracting too much attention, Brooke would cause a huge stir no matter where he went so it would get repetitive for the same events to occur at every island they come to


I just want to give Oda a big hug right now for this chapter. We get to see more hilarity from Lola as well as both Brooke and Franky kicking some serious ass. Once again I’m sorry I couldn’t get this review out sooner and it is likely that the next chapter will be out in less than half a week, but this was just too much fun to skip. I’m still waiting for the day that Oda will actually disappoint us (actually it did occur once but that was only disappointing to me personally, so it doesn’t count). I cannot wait to see this arc develop more as it has far more going on behind the scenes than any other arc I can recall.

April 30, 2007, 12:43 AM
Apart from the obvious praises of your thorough research, dynamic opinions, in-depth analyses, and flawless interpretations of the manga chapters we all love so much (which I assure you are VERY much deserved; my thanks!), I feel the best complement I can give to you is that there were three things that I normally looked forward to when it comes to OP: Vegapunk's fansub of the most recent episode, the newest KF fansub, and the newest manga chapter, freshly and wonderfully scanlated by all the generous and talented people who then post them here at MangaHelpers. You'll notice that I said "were" up there. That's because I now have four on my list. Thank you.

I must point out though that while I'm grateful for your insights, I (sadly) hope you're mistaken about Brooke. I pray that Oda will find a way to write him in a way that wont cheapen anything about his character or that of any of the other crew members.

April 30, 2007, 01:00 AM
what else can i say but thank you for that glowing praise. it always feels good to get compliments and thank you for not holding back. that made me feel good inside

As for Brooke, i'll be sad to see him go, but i just can't imagine him actually joining the crew. Cerberus on the other hand is a new friend i was really pulling for, but i guess i may have gotten my hopes up too high with that one.

oh...i just realized one more reason why Brooke can't join. Luffy has wanted a musician for so long, but its just one of those baseless wishes that never actually get granted till the end if at all. In that light, Oda would not seriously give in to Luffy as it would effectively kill the possibility of Oda bringing that joke back later on. plus, the problem with having a nakama whose actual job is musician is that it would not be very noticable in the manga format. that is the reason why Franky never gets past announcing the title of his songs whenever he whips out the guitar

April 30, 2007, 05:15 AM
Maybe this is your better review, compliments :)
About the shadow theory, I understood, when Hogback talked about Ryuma, that the zombie was made using the dead samurai body, if that it is the case then Brooke couldn't transfer abilities, which he doesn't posses. Maybe the abilities transfer go two ways, so Hogback used Brooke's shadow to bring back to life a powerful samurai and Brooke got samurai abilities with swords.
The more I write the more I think it could work.
The shadows are necessary for completing the process of creating zombies, but the abilities transfer goes 2 ways, so generally normal shadows are used to create zombie not much powerful (example: graveyard zombies ) or zombies whose abilities are related to physical changes made to their bodies (example SpiderMonkey and spidermice), sometime shadows where used to give back life to powerful people (example: Ryuma), but doing so the previous shadow owner gains the abilities of the revived character, lastly sometime zombies were created to gain the shadow abilities.
This little idea make Brooke swordsmanship temporally and even if it doesn't give us the surety Brooke will join the crew, make more simple how Zoro will get his new sword (he doesn't need to give it back to Brooke who isn't the right owner) and he can fight Ryuma because Brooke isn't a real swordsman. What do you think?

April 30, 2007, 05:44 AM
First of all I'd like to congratulate Oda-sensei for such a great chapter and sahugani for such a great review , I loved everything about this chapter from Namis deception of Lola (like WTF :rofl) to Frankys pillar nunchak to Brookes pwnage of the spider monkey.
Regarding the theory that Luckas has posted that would explain how Brooke died so easily if he had such mad skills , and if it turns out to be true than we can expect some new abilities from Zoro Sanji and Luffy

April 30, 2007, 07:59 AM
thanks for the compliments guys.

And Luckas, as for your theory, while i like the thought that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji may get more powers i doubt it is the case. It is not like Oda to build up this assumption that Brooke is a kick ass swordsman who slayed a dragon and then suddenly say ok he wasn't cool until this happened. Also, in regards to Hogback's words, i think you misinterpreted them. the flesh was not of the samurai. he just said that the flesh of general zombies like Ryuuma is special but it was not stated why it's special. Also remember that the "Humming Swordsman" is a feared name here, so Brooke definately had his swordsmanship when he first came there

April 30, 2007, 11:51 AM
Serpent has raised a good point; if Brooke is so skillful, just how DID he die? I mean, it's not like there AREN'T people who could kill him (since I think we can safely assume he's not better than say.....Hawk Eyes), but if he's fighting on par with the mugiwaras (which he seems to be so far; perhaps even above some of them [I'm referring here to the 'strong' mugiwaras]), it would require a special person indeed to off him. So, I'm not going to say that I think Luckas' theory is correct, but I do believe there's something here that we're missing.

I'm with sahugani as well with regard to Serpent's thought "than we can expect some new abilities from Zoro Sanji and Luffy". Though it's likely one or more of them will have presented us with some new attacks or what-have-you when the dust has settled, that seems to happen every arc. So that's not really anything unusual.

Finally, @ sahugani, I don't see why the position of musician can't ever 'really' be filled nor do I see why we couldn't have a musician in a manga, simply because it's literature. I don't really see it as a running joke either. It's just a dream Luffy hasn't fulfilled yet. I think that Oda likes to squeeze a little humor out of whatever he can, and the fact that Luffy sees having a musician as such a high priority (when it isn't that crucial to survival) is the source of the humor. Also, consider that we've seen plenty of music thus far, with both Brooke and Franky. Even though Oda simply includes lyrics and quarter notes scattered throughout the page, that doesn't mean it's not music. Quite the contrary, each reader is left to come up with the melody themselves, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. So in summation, I do think that Brooke could join up, and I continue to hope that he will.

Also, Cerberus rules and I hope he joins too.

May 01, 2007, 07:03 PM
I believe the body has the Experience and the Shadow the moves. So, if you put the abilities of a skillful swordman in a body of a experienced samurai, you get an even greater warrior. It's not like put the shadow of a Strong kicker cook into a penguin with a dog face; No matter how strong is the Shadow, the body is weak, and, no matter all the things the shadow can do, if the body is not the correct, forget it. That why I think the matter of Ryumma is a strong body is important. Appart, Ussop asks to Hogback about Brook in the dinner (prior to the bath scene), so, I suppose Hogback didn't mention the shadow just because he assumed Uso-Nami-Cho know the strengh of Brook. I supposing

Anyway, great review like ever ^^!

May 02, 2007, 08:20 PM
Well i think the fact that his title as the Humming Swordsman very much implies that he was a threat when he came to Thriller Bark the first time, so i doubt he got his swordsmanship afterwards. However, as Serpent said, it does bring up the issue of Brooke dying the first time if he was such a legendary swordsman. the fact is that we don't know the circumstances of his death. we know that there are many powerful pirates out there, so in order to take out a dragon slayer swordsman, one must be incredibly powerful. For all we knoe it could have been Moria himself that killed Brooke and only later did he recruit Hogback and start building his zombie army

and Ginny-N, i think that the body and shadow bearing different aspects has some truth but not quite the way you put it. the shadow carries the skills and personality with it because a shadow mimics the actions of the original. the flesh however is not tied to any specific profession, but there are some special aspects. When the spider monkey mentioned that the threads were remodeled by Hogback, it implies that Hogback is able to modify aspects of zombies to chemical or cellular levels. Hogback mentioned that Ryuuma was made of special flesh, which makes me think that the flesh of general zombies is made to be adaptive and allow full use of the shadow original's skills. here is my new line of thinking for the zombie organization

1-399 - creature zombies created by merging parts of animal corpses directly and reanimating them with animal or human shadows; body is limited in its potential due to body that is incapatable with original shadow's movements
400-799 - human zombies created by directly reanimating a whole corpse (with some stiches to fix reasons for death) with a normal human's shadow; same limit as creature zombies
800-899 - general zombies created with whole or merged corpses, flesh modified by Hogback to allow full use of skills, and shadows used are of famous fighters
900 - possibly a new form of modified flesh that replicates DF of shadow host (a guess)

in other words, Ryuuma's flesh is the same as any other general zombie, but is superior to that of the lower class zombies. Otherwise for any skilled warrior's shadow that is taken, Hogback would have to somehow acquire a body that is suited for the skill set. due to the rapidness of Zoro and Sanji's zombies appearing, i doubt that time was taken to actually match the shadows to a good body. instead, Hoback had a body prepared with the modified flesh for Zoro's general zombie. the reason a person of Sanji's skill had his shadow put into a creature zombie instead of a general zombie is because they did not recognize him from his bounty picture whereas Zoro is well known and Hogback knew his shadow was worthy of a general zombie

May 03, 2007, 04:29 PM
I'd say your guess of #900's form will be accurate sahugani.
Though I'm not convinced that they wouldn't recognise Sanji from his bounty picture. Various references will show that Sanji's bounty picture is almost identical to Sanji himself. For instance, in W7 when the new bounties arrived everyone was laughing at just how similar the picture was to him. On the Baratie, the crew also stated how much "It looks just like him".

I know it can be argued that those are people who know him already but in all honesty, if I were to have never met Sanji and I saw that picture, I would immediately recognise him. Perhaps it was the lighting in Thriller Bark ><

The spider-mice have got me a little confused. If there are as many as 500 on thriller bark, wouldn't the numbers have creature zombies be over 500? As you've stated, creature zombies range from 1-399 so that can't be right.

Upon closer inspection of chapter 454 page 17, I see that one of the spider-mice is called S24 or 524 (it's not too clear) and the one next to it seems to have a 4 character name. Seems like it's ST96 or S796 or 5796. If they are S's then we can safely say that the spider-mice have their own sub-category with the prefix S. If the 7 were to be actually a 1 then it would make much more sense since there are only approx. 500 of these spider-mice. Hopefully an HQ scan will be released soon so we can confirm this.

May 03, 2007, 05:44 PM
i actually adressed the spider mice numbering in the review

May 03, 2007, 11:53 PM
ah damnit I didn't remember that.
I read your review a while ago and didn't post until now so I forgot :(

thanks for the clear up