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Yo. I'm back =D Um yeah. read my post over on the character thread please? Oh and Zala-kun, dun leave! D= Zeran still so much fun, and I know rosa's got a plot involving him in the back of her head. Or it was last time I checked, and I dun think rosa knows any zombies, so I'm pretty sure its still back there. And I can't find the Spoiler tags on this thing. Gah >_+ Deal with me pwease. XD Oh, and this is my longest chapter EVAH! 8 pages! Woo! *celebrates personal victory with a popsicle*

Chapter 58 - Just a Child


Stephanie and Tabby were upstairs in the church, looking for the lost kitty. In her tantrum, Eny had found her bazooka, and at the risk of damage to the new HQ, something no one wanted, Lione had ordered everyone to pitch in.

“Fermium!” Stephanie called again, crouching down to check under a table. No luck. ‘I hope the poor thing isn’t hurt somewhere!’ she thought as she peeked under a bench, ‘It would just devastate Eny!’

“Yo Fermium, you little rat, ya in here?” Tabby said in a bored, dry tone. She was peering inside a rather small vase. “Hmm……guess not.” She put the vase down and picked up a book off the table, flipping through it idly.

“Don’t you think that you should try harder to find Fermium?” Stephanie asked with a hint of anger in her voice.

“………Not really.” Tabby replied, not taking her eyes off her book.

“I mean, this is all your fault, you did kick him.”

“Meh. That cat is pretty pathetic if that’s all it takes.” Tabby said icily. Stephanie had had enough of this.

“What is your problem today? You’re acting like Rinvak.” She demanded. Tabby’s gaze hardened

“They’re on their way…….” She muttered darkly.

“Who are-?”


“Oh, not now!” Tabby cried. From the other end of the building, a woman was running full speed towards them.

“TABITHA!” The woman cried again, sweeping the young exorcist into a great big hug.
“Ok, what’s going on?” Stephanie said, slightly dazed by the woman’s sudden appearance.

“Honey, let go! You’re suffocating her!” called a man approaching the group.

“Oh!” The woman gasped, quickly releasing Tabitha.

“Thanks Mom, you nearly kille-“

“Your mom?!?!” Stephanie stammered. Stephanie gave the woman another glance over. She was a little on the short side, with lighter hair than Tabby, but the same shape face and the same bright blue eyes. She was fashionably dressed, her hair done up elaborately

“Tabitha, sweetie, aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend?” The older woman asked sweetly.

“Um, er sure. Mom, Dad, this is Stephanie. Steph, this mom, Christine, and my dad, Tom.”

“Pleased to meet you.” said Tabby’s father. He was a little on the heavy side, and comfortably dressed. His hair was the same color as Tabby’s, his eyes a dull-ish blue. Suddenly, Tabby’s mother swept Stephanie up into a big hug like the one she’d given Tabby.

“It’s so wonderful to see that Tabby was older friends! Especially pretty ones like you!”
“Can’t………breathe!” Stephanie gasped out.

“Ack! Sorry about that!” Mrs. Brown ((I don’t think anyone remembers, but that is Tabby’s last name)) quickly left go. Tabby hid her face behind her hand and sighed.

~Somewhere underground~

“WHERE.IS.MY.KITTY!!!” screamed Eny for the umpteenth time. She pointed her bazooka menacingly at the group of finders in front of her. “Well?!!?!”

“Er…..ya see, we haven’t found him yet but,…..” One of them stammered out.

“WELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING STANDING HERE?!?!?!?” She screamed, “YOU INCOMPETANTS SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR MY FERMY!!!!!!!” She pressed a button on the bazooka and it made an ominous ‘vrrm’ noise. Several of the Finders jumped a step back.

“Ca-a-a-lm d-d-do-wn!” one of them said, “We’ll get right on that!”

“You’d better, ‘cause I *sniff*, I…..I MISS MY POOR WITTLE KITTY!!!” And with that, the flood gates were open. Unsure what to do, the Finders just shrugged and slipped off. Several minutes later, when Eny got herself together (well, sort of =_=;;; ), she saw that there was no one around. “Those meanies. Leaving me to cry like that. Why doesn’t anyone care about Fermium and me? *sniff* I’M TELLING TO LIONE OF YOU GUYS!” she bellowed down the empty hallway. Halfway across the building, one of accused sneezed.

“Dude, you okay? That was a monster sneeze!”

“Yeah, I’ve just got a wicked bad dust allergy.”

Back upstairs, Stephanie was seriously wishing she had laser vision. Then maybe her death glares would go more than make Tabby look moderately uncomfortable.

-ZOMG, Flashback! =D-

As soon as Stephanie’s lungs had fully inflated themselves, Mrs. Brown had gotten a big smile of her face. “So, what part do you sing?”

“Huh? What do you mea-OW!” Tabby’s foot came down of Steph’s, HARD. “What was that fo-?!?” she started.

“She sings Alto.” Tabby answered quickly with a big smile, covering up Stephanie’s second question.

“Okay, really, what-OW!” Tabby stomped down on her foot again. Stephanie opened her mouth to tell her to cut it out or else, but she noticed Tabby’s desperate eyes.

“Go with it, please!” Tabby said through her smile. Her instinct told her something was seriously wrong here, but something –either Tabby’s eyes or her now throbbing foot- told her it would be best to go along. Plastering on her biggest smile she said;

“Er yes, that’s right!” Wasn’t Alto a singing part or something, why would Tabby say that-Steph’s thought were interrupted-again-but this time by Mrs. Brown.

“So, is the chorus master around today? I’d very much like to meet him!” she said happily. Standing behind his wife, Mr. Brown cracked his knuckles. Stephanie got the impression that he’d like to meet the chorus master too but for a different reason-wait.


“SHH!” Tabby inclined her head towards her parents, who had become immersed in a conversation of there own about Tabby’s Dad’s knuckle crack.

“Fine. I’m quiet. Chorus master?!!?” Stephanie whispered. Tabby shrugged and put on a guilty face. “What the heck is going on?”

“Y’know how I told everyone I ran away to join the order?” Well, I sorta got caught as I left town. My parents never really approved of what Ed said about his Finder work, in fact, they’d pretty much cut all ties with him, so I couldn’t really go saying ‘I’m leaving to go be with Ed’ and going back home was also not in my best interests…….so I sorta fibbed. Pulled the old ‘you wouldn’t have understood if I told you routine’ and told them that the Black Order was well, not an organization of underground demon fighters…….”

“…………what did you tell them?”

“……………….that we’re a super-prestigious traveling chorus?”

“………oh HELL no.”

-Flashback ovah!-

Seeing that her attempts at melting Tabby’s brain were failing miserably, she quickened her pace a little to walk beside the younger exorcist.

“Why a chorus of all things?” she asked. Tabby glanced over her shoulder to make sure her parents we’re listening. Mrs. Brown was admiring the décor, asking enough questions to Mr. Brown that he had to pay attention.

“It seemed, I dunno, logical at time. I was a good singer before I got my Innocence, I took lessons and stuff. Made sense for me to run away for that.” Tabby shrugged.

“Well if they ask me to sing, you’re on your own.”

When Tabby’s parents had finished their conversation, they had decided they really needed to meet the ‘chorus master’, the Tom was right, they needed to know what kind of supervision Tabby was under, but Mrs. Brown had also assured them that Mr. Brown wouldn’t scare him like ‘last time’. Mr. Brown looked a little dejected, but stopped cracking his knuckles. So off they had gone, to the office of the ‘chorus master’ that didn’t exist. How Tabby was going to pull this off, Steph had no clue. She also had no clue how Tabby’s parents would react when this lie went to pieces. And worst of all, how would they react if they found out Ed was dead?

Eny had searched his office, the library, dining hall, and several rooms. And there was no Lione anywhere. She was starting to get ticked off again.



By some incredible stroke of luck, Lione had been wandering around upstairs.

“Oh hey Tabby, Steph, what’s going on? Find Eny’s cat yet?” He said nonchalantly.

“LioneyouhavetohelpmemyparentsandhearandIneedyoutogoalongwithsomethingprettyplease-“Tabby said lighting fast under her breath before Lione clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Woah woah! What’s all this now? Puppies in a well?” He said with a bemused look on his face.

“Ms. Motormouth here told her parents that we’re a traveling chorus, and now her parents are here and they want to meet the ‘chorus master’” Stephanie said bluntly. Tabby turned bright red.

“When did you tell them that-“ Lione started to ask.

“Tabby where did you go?” called her Mom from around the corner.

“Over here! I found the chorus master!” She said cheerily, though her face looked a bit panicked.

“Wait, what? Do you expect me to be?!?!?” Lione exclaimed.

“He just needs to talk to me and Steph in private for a sec first ok? We’ll be with you in a minute!” Tabby said cheerily again, but she was looking at Lione with those big puppy dog eyes Stephanie hadn’t seen her use since Ed’s death. Lione sighed.

“Alright. Fine. In here” Lione pulled the too of them through a door into what was, in fact, an office, probably Madeline’s. He plopped Tabby in a seat. “Start from the beginning.” He ordered. Tabby then told him the same thing she’d told Stephanie. When she was done, Lione let out another big sigh. “You’ve gotten yourself in pretty deep.” He commented.

“I know, but if I’d gone back when they’d caught me, you’d be out one exorcist, wouldn’t you? So you’ve got to go along, pretty please???”

“You’ve got me there. Fine, I’ll go along with it. But at some point in the future, you’re telling them the truth.” Lione started for the door.

“Yush, yush of course! Thanks Lione!!!” Tabby grinned from ear to ear.

“Yeah, yeah,” Lione opened the door and stuck his head outside. “Mr. and Mrs. Brown? You can come in now.” Tabby’s parents came in, and Tabby stood up to give her Mom one of the two chairs in front of the desk Her Dad took the other and Lione sat on the other side of the desk. Tabby’s Mom spoke first.

“I’m Christine Brown. It’s so nice to meet you Mr.-?”

“Mr. *insert name*. Lione *insert name*” He stood up and extended out his hand. Mrs. Brown shook it, and Lione turned to Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown gave him a good look-over with the hairy eyeball, and Stephanie saw Lione’s eyebrow twitch a little. After a tense moment, Mr. Brown grasped Lione’s hand and gave a firm shake.

“Tom Brown.” Lione sat back down and Mrs. Brown began to ask something when the door was thrown open.

And in marched Eny, face in a very nasty scowl. All the Order member’s faces paled. Mrs. Brown was unfazed.

“Oh hello. Are you a member of the chorus too?” She stood up and offered her hand. Eny glared at the hand, then pushed it aside and marched up to the desk. Mrs. Brown looked shocked.

“LIONE! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!??!? I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU EVERWHERE. YOUR STUPID FINDERS AND IMCOPETENT AND BIG MEANINES TOO!!!!!” Tabby was now as white as a ghost. Mrs. Brown was staring with her mouth agape. Mr. Brown had his eyebrows knitted together.

“Umm….Eny…..can we do this some other time? I’m sort of busy right now……” Lione sighed. But this really set Eny off.

Eny’s mouth, put her other arm around her waist and lifted her up.

“I’m sorry about that. She’s a bit cranky sometimes. I’ll just go put her down for a nap.” Stephanie then quickly excused herself and the kicking and screaming Eny from the room. As the door shut after them, a dead silence settled over the room. Tabby looked as if she was going to pass out. Lione coughed.

“So, where’s our son?” Mr. Brown asked.

“PUT ME DOWN!!!!!” Eny screamed as soon as Stephanie took her hand off Eny’s mouth.

“Fine.” Stephanie dropped her.

“What was that for meanie??!?!?! That hurt!” Eny pouted.

“Good. Do you have any idea what you done?”

“Embarrassed Lione in front of some people? ‘Cause he deserved it that slacker-“

Stephanie slapped Eny across the face.

“You selfish little brat. You really are a selfish little brat! I thought maybe there was some decency in you, but I guess-I don’t know.” Stephanie stared at the floor for a minute. Eny’s pout deepened to a glare. “Well, since you’re so egotistical you won’t even care when I tell you…..but I might as well. Those were Tabby’s parents. They don’t approve of the Order, and now they know she’s in it because of your outburst. And because of your outburst, they’re…..they’re probably not going to let her stay here. And Ed. Lione’s going to have to tell them about Ed’s death. What if Tabby’s mom is goes crazy with grief? We’ve got enough akuma to deal with without you helping create more thank you very much. And with Tabby gone, we’ll have one less exorcist to deal with said akuma. So congratulations on reducing humanities’ chance of winning.” Stephanie glanced over at Eny to see if her speech sank in. Eny was almost burning holes in the floor with her glare. That brat-

From the other end of the hall, there came screaming and the sound of something breaking.

“MY SON! WHERE IS MY SON?!??!?!” Which was followed by hysterical sobbing. The door was thrown violently open.

“You’ve let my son die, and you expect me to let my daughter follow the same path?!?!? What kind of sick bastards are you people?!?!?!!” Stephanie heard Mr. Brown yell. Then the three of them left. Mrs. Brown kept on her feet by her husband’s arm around her waist, his face so full of hate and rage it hurt just looking at him. And Tabby, her wrist in her Dad’s iron grip being dragged along, crying almost as hard as her mother.
Eny watched all this with blank eyes.

“…..it doesn’t matter who wins who loses. I’m just here to record it as a bookman.” Eny said firmly. Stephanie clenched her fists to keep herself from slapping Eny again.

“Should have called that one. Should have figured your ego would get in the way of admitting anything was wrong. But that objectiveness you’re claiming you have, what crap that is. You can’t be objective only when it’s convenient, or use it as an excuse. You have to live by it. You-“ Eny got up and ran down the hallway. Stephanie didn’t follow.
“…………you’re such a child, Eny.”

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8 pages, huh? :: laugh nervously ::

anyway, this was a nice chapter. it was lighthearted as well as angsty. the tension between the parents and the exorcists was genuine. i hope taby comes back soon.

note to self: modify chapter... (operation get taby back into hq)

eny is such a brat sometimes. i think she's brattier than earlier tabitha... maybe but most likely yes. i wonder if eny will ever experience an event that would cause her to mature...

to rosa: please remember not to plan anything because i already planned something important :sweat

overall, great chapter and welcome back

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well I have a really BAD habit of geting bored with things really quickly, which is y I'll never amount to a decent author (which is my dream)

So if I SOMEHOW get reinterested in D. Gray Man u can expect more booming stories from me. (If they weren't already booming before, I'll try and make them booming now HA!)

I never knew Tabby had parents o_O I just assumed she was like everyone else who was an orphan or their parents had died in some tragic accident. Oh well. Good read ^^

BTW isn't this chapter 57?

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forgot to add stuff to the end of the chappie, so I'll add it here. Tabby is totally free to sneak out. XD I wanna write her back, so in the mean time, just have her sneak out. XD Oh! As long as if you show her sneaking out of her house, (compared to having her just show up and say thats what she did) can you include her banging her head againist a wall and saying 'angst, angst, angst' XD (Potterpuppterpals anyone?)

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*cries because of joy* you're back D
finally we can write again^^

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Yuhu, chapter-time. ^________^
Wanna know my first words when seeing a new chapter popping up in front of my eyes?
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A great detailed and wonderful chapter. I always like it when Lione appears in chapters. Hehe. I have a crush on his personality :P. Or maybe just the way I imagine him makes him cooler and sexier than he actually is xD. I loved the scnene when Eny entered the room in anger, scolded at Lione and the truth came out. Waa~~~~
She's really a little brat.
The way the father seems to behave, I had expected him to hit Lione for letting his son die. Poor Tabby ;_;.
Overall, amazing chapter. 8 pages??? O.o WOW, congrats.
It's my turn now, huh? Btw, your chapter is 57. Mine is 58 ^_^.

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Ohisashi buri, nice chapter btw

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a question: did you make those letters so small or is my comp having some problems?

it's not just your computer. the letters are small on mine too

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When I copy pasted it from my word document, if was humengous, and I tried to make it smaller, and then I tired to make it bigger, and it wouldn't let me DX gomen for that.

Ah? This is 57? oops. XD *changes title*Tabby's Father was super close to punching Lione. But he managed some restrient, mostly 'cause he's to comfort Mrs. Brown at the same time.

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forgot to add stuff to the end of the chappie, so I'll add it here. Tabby is totally free to sneak out. XD I wanna write her back, so in the mean time, just have her sneak out. XD Oh! As long as if you show her sneaking out of her house, (compared to having her just show up and say thats what she did) can you include her banging her head againist a wall and saying 'angst, angst, angst' XD (Potterpuppterpals anyone?)

so wait, can i write her back at hq if i explain how she managed to escape her parents' grasp? i'm kinda confused.

please let me know. taby is kinda vital to my chapter (though almost all the characters except zeran and legno [sorry boys] are important). :sweat

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she snuck out. She doesn't leave her parents grasp, she just like, climbed out her window or something. What I meant was if you don't have her just show up like this sorta (which is prolly easier)

Random exorcist/person/whatever - Hey look its Tabby, what are you doing here?
Tabby - I snuck out

and instead actually write her process of escaping (like, from her point of view or whatever) then I'd like you to include that line.

Make more sense? ><;;;;

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ok thanks! i was trying to figure out if you wanted to write her escape or if i should. because i had an idea but i wasn't sure if you intended to write about it.

it'll be more of a flashback but it shall be fun writing it aka poor eny...
forgot to tell you how to use spoilers. erase the * from the codes [*spoiler] insert text here [*/spoiler]. i think you add an = sign to the end of the last code if you want a title after it