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Hihi, I couldn't wait for her to finally appear, so it's kind of a prelude for my new invented character (first half of the chapter). But it will take its time till she will fully join the story.
There has to happen A LOT till then. ^__^

Chapter 58 - Rum, cats and disoriented love


Lione stared into an empty glass whose round surface reflected his stressed face. A single drop of the remaining alcohol shortly kept hanging on the edge before it dripped down when he tilted the glass downwards to search the base for remains of the alluring liquid. He sighed.
"Sometimes, I really hate my job", Lione muttered, with a desperate try of a pout. He was a bit drunk, thus he didn't notice a strange person taking seat by the side of him at the bar. Many nerve-racking and troublesome things had happened lately. His dim eyes kept peering at the base of the glass in his right hand. The unexpected incident yesterday had finished him off. Lione could clearly see the angry face of the father and the appalled one of Tabitha's mother in his mind. He had feared the father to flail but luckily nothing of the sort had happened. However, the look of furious parents wasn't less worse. He had tried everything to persuade the parents of bringing the young female exorcist back but just hearing the name of anything or anyone related to the Black Order switched them to mute. He just had to find a way to bring Tabby back to the Black Order. Not only because he was the leader of the american branch, but also as an act of friendship. Furthermore, the loss of a talented exorcist weakened the fight against the Akuma, the Earl and the Noah-family. Lione's head hit the smooth surface of the bar what caused the person close to him to take notice of the desperate man.
"If this continues, I possibly need a neurologist," Lione almost sobbed. Suddenly a bottle with a white liquid crossed his sight and he looked up to identify the person who held it out to him. He stared into the face of a girl with hair as marine green as the sea illuminated by the warm light of the sun. She smiled at him, shaking the bottle in her left hand.


"Wanna have a pull?", the strange girl asked friendly. Lione nodded thankfully, grasped the neck of the bottle and took a great pull. But after some seconds he began to cough, tapping his chest.
"What is this?", he called forth. When the cough had died away, the girl answered in an amused manner.
"It's just rum, sweetie."
The girl turned around, so that she could clearly look at the leader's strained face.
"Tough day?", she asked, focusing him with her green eyes while playing with the bottle cap which identified with a brown cork.
He slightly laughed. "If it were just a single day. I have the feeling of carrying months of strain on my shoulders."
"You seem like a guy who can take a fair bit."
A chuckle found the way out of his mouth.
"Do you think so?"
She leaned back and drank off the bottle of rum at one gulp. Lione was amazed by the girl's stableness. A full bottle of such a high percentage drink had bowled a grown up man who could deal with a great amount of alcohol. When the girl noticed the leader's amazement, she deposed and smiled. "A steady habit of mine. With nothing than rum on your ship you get used to this."
Only now, Lione noticed the strange clothing of the girl. She indeed wore black pants and boots but a dark red, white flounced coat that reminds him of the pirate's clothing was casually thrown over her shoulders.

Lione rubbed his eyes as if the alcohol had stolen his prosaic mind. Well, he had lived through many strange things so why should this confound him. "Never seen a pirate?", she asked.
"Well", Lione answered truthfully. "No real one at least. What are you doing here, in Boston?"
"Oh, I have some business here. Nothing urgent so I can relax a bit. Sometimes, taskmasters can be real slavedrivers. But as soon as I finished it off, I have to leave Boston, meeting with the man who could kindly accomplish his affairs by his own. Well, he clearly knows what to do and I admire his power but the accomplishment kept adhere to us."
If Lione wasn't so drunk, he would have pressed her on but he left it at that. A moment of silence occured. Minutes passed by without any exchange of words. The pirate girl pushed back the bar stool and was about to leave. She took out another bottle of rum and put it right in front of Lione.
"For tough days", she said with a wink. Then she left the bar but not without putting her pirate's hat with the creepy skull decorating it on.
Unaware of another yet unwelcome encounter with the girl in the future, Lione took the bottle and stared at it for a while before his head fell on the cold wood of the bar and he fell asleep.

A hot-tempered, slightly furious girl wandered through the endless hallways of the hidden HQ, caterwauling every person who crossed her way.
"Fermy, where are you?", Eny yelled. "And where the hell is this damned slacker who calls himself a leader?!"
When Eny stopped, she stared at the stony ground and a sad shine glew in her eyes. "I merely want my beloved kitty back."


Magier stared constantly at Jaques' face when they were sitting around the fire. It was almost night, to be precise dusk. The orange light of the sinking sun merged together with the shine of the fire, creating a palely red coloured sea and let the forest which surrounded them immerging into black ink. Amaterasu had not joined the group that was sitting around the fire, consisting of only three persons. Jaques, Magier and to her disfavor, Gabrielle. Instead, the boy nestled and leaned against the trunk of a tree while observing the whole amusing scenery at his feet.
When Jaques noticed Magier's look at him, he turned around smiling. Immediately, Magier shrinked back and looked at the ground. Why did she blush just now? Although it had been a while since the conversation with Gabrielle, her thoughts just circled around one thing: abstinence.
The girl could not understand how this should work. Everytime she thought about it, she rubbed her head in discontent and incomprehension.
After some seconds, Magier could not bear Jaques' look resting on her body. The way he focused her was kind of embarrassing. She stood up all of sudden and shouted something ambiguous which Jaques didn't understand.
"How can a person manage to do it never ever!" She left the little group leaving a clueless man behind and headed towards the clear blue lake close to them. Gabrielle laughed in her sleeve but when Jaques looked at her with an asking facial expression she just shook her head and stressed that she didn't know anything either. Of course, this was a lie.
Magier kicked her mirror image which was displayed on the calm surface of the water. Little water waves occured, half created by the sudden impact, half by the breeze that had began to bring up. When the water calmed down, another image was reflected in it. Magier turned around and stared angrily at the amused face of Amaterasu.


"Well", he bent forward. "Any problems?"
"It's none of your business", Magier replied in a nippy way. "Piss off!"
"Wow, wow, wow...you're a girl. Quit speaking like that."
"Why don't you just leave me alone?", Magier asked, almost with a stifling sob. She turned her head towards the lake so that Amaterasu was unable to see it from his place. Another wave appeared on the water although there had been neither a breeze nor an anew kick from Magier's side.
An additional tear dropped down Magier's face and merged together with the clear blue water. The male Noah's eyes widened. It was seldom to see her crying. Amaterasu sighed, grasped Magier, turned her around and hugged her. The girl was too surprised to defend. Amaterasu, the person who concerned about nothing than himself, hugged her all of sudden? Magier tried to push him away but the boy was stronger.
"Don't struggle! Am I not allowed to comfort you? I am your big brother."
The embrace became tighter and Magier felt like being trapped. Instead of feeling cheered up, Amaterasu's words made her angrier and angrier. Finally, the girl managed to push the Noah away with force.
"You're not my big brother! I have no real siblings! I have no family!", Magier screamed. The picture of the doctor suddenly popped up in her mind and she stepped back, almost fell into the lake.
"Is it so", Amaterasu replied and his looked turned into a cold manner. "What about Jaques? Don't you like him? Don't you feel comfortable being with him?"
"Shut up!!" Magier collapsed, keeping shut her ears with both hands. The male Noah began to wander around her, his look bent on the kneeling girl. His steps echoed in her ears so that it nearly ached. Amaterasu had clasped his hands behind his back and kept speaking of the family. Magier shook her head as if she wanted to cast off the words which invaded into it. But the letters just marched in and formed the words "family" and "siblings" in her mind's eye. Yet, the words vanished when a puddle of blood superimposed on them.
Magier stood up at one go and Amaterasu was too surprised to act when he paused in his constant walking. A hard punch hit his face and he could feel his hair touching the water of the lake when he was thrown onto the dirty ground. Magier kneeled down anew but this time, collared him. She punched him again and again till her fist began to tremble. The female Noah lunged out but was stopped before she could hit Amaterasu anew. She felt a hand holding her arm. She turned around enraged. However, when she saw Jaques' face, her facial expression changed into fear.
"What are you doing there, Magier-chan?" The way he said it sounded kind of dangerous. Of course it did. She had been just basting Amaterasu in a cruel way. Just now, Magier noticed that Amaterasu had not defend himself. Had it been on purpose? Amaterasu stood up in order to get rid of the shocked girl. He wiped away the blood that dripped out of his nose and mouth with the back of his hand.
"I incited her, Jaques. It's my own mistake. Excuse me, I have to go to clean my shirt", he said tersely and left.

Magier thought she had misheard something. Her mouth stood open when she watched the boy leaving. Jaques left it that way and turned to Magier, giving her a blow on the head with his bible. Magier rubbed her head in ache.
"Ouch. I am truely sorry", she said embittered. "I will try to get along with Amaterasu."
"You can always talk to me, you know?"
He turned his back to her, being on the way back to the fireplace. But he stopped when Magier called his name.
The girl's heart was thumping like mad and it felt like bursting in pieces any moment.


"Do...do you love me?", Magier asked stammering but bluntly.
A moment of silence occured but finally, he replied. "Yes, I do."
Magier's heart made a skipper. He had really said it? But this dream was already about to shatter.
"I love you the way just a big brother can love his sister."
Then he left without saying any additional word. Magier's heart lay into shatters.
It was of no use to love him the way she wanted if he never reciprocated those feelings.
"A big brother, huh?", Magier whispered.

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Incest emo!!!!! XD XD XD I won't deny I'm having the same probs *mumbles*
Quotes Jack Sparrow: "If this were a dream, there'd be rum!" "Why is the rum always gone?"
ANYWAYS my chapter will be late. Expect it sometme next week or if I strain myself, it will be sooner.

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Haha, Athrun-kun, you quoted exactly the scene from PotC 2 I had in my mind while thinking about the first half of my chapter. I even said it thousand times (of course in German) during the chapter-writing. :P I loved that scene xD
No problem. I (we) will patiently wait for your chapter ^_^.

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woah nice chapter!
jaques is so cruel ^^ I wonder what Ameratsu is planning......

"How can a person manage to do it never ever!"

That's so good XD I'm still laughing about that XD XD

Your new character is great aswell can't wait to see her in action kicking some excorcist's a..

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Pirates. Kick. Ass. 8D *is tempted to have Tabby start calling herslef a Ninjorcist XD*

Awesome chappie =3 Did you say the new Noah's hair is green??!?! Wicked!!!! >w< <3

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Oh rum... so yummy. Lione has great taste :rofl He reminds me of some of my friends when they get tipsy so he sounds like a great guy to drink with. So is there some kind of attraction between Lione and the new Noah? I'll modify my chapter to include some reference to this chapter but I can't promise you anything. It's already written and I still have to modify it to include djmewmew's chapter. :: put thinking cap on ::

Anyways, thanks for the reference to my upcoming chapter. :amuse I loved the interactions between the characters particularly at the Noah camp. That Gabrielle is such a bitch but I love her. Every manga needs a manipulative bitch. :kukuku

Great chapter and I can't wait till the next one.

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Teehee! "How can a person manage to do it never ever!" Poor Magier-chan. x333 And what's Ameratsu up to? Is he really just being nice to his 'sister'?

Lione, the new Noah and some rum. The sounds like there should be a punchline. xD

And poor Eny-chan. ;_; She just wants her kitty, no matter how many people she has to smash to find him.

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*gets a mental picture of Eny turning green and yelling 'ENY SMASH!!!'* *twitches* >_+

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Thanks ^__^
Hmm~~~ Lione will be really surprised that the girl he had seen in the bar is inded a Noah. Yeah, her hair is green. But light green, more a mix of white and green. No intense colour. Hm, to tell the truth, I haven't thought about some attraction between Lione and her. But that's a great idea.
Is Amaterasu up to something...? Hm, maybe...I don't know. Well, actually I have some ideas but..they might be included later. Maybe.

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Nice chapter... Enjoyed reading it