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May 23, 2007, 07:52 AM
My first fighting chapter! since we have a lot of action in thi volume I hope you like this. I won't give any special musik this time because it would slow down the reading ^^

Flames looked at his enemies. They're humans but somehow his instinct tell him not to get to close to them. He holds his new Innocense, the very soul of the God of thunder in his left hand, and started his move. Sparks emit from the tip of the spear and he aim with it at Gabrielle. "INNOCENCE ACTIVATE!" he screams and lightning shoots torwards Gabrielle and her two companions. Gabrielle smiles draws her Gun and shoots at the ground. "Foolish" replies Raphael as a huge wall of ice grow before them causing as explosion as the lightning hits it.
"Did you really think we go into a fight against demons with normal weapons? You're so called Innocence is useless against the true chrystal of god Jaques-sama granted us!", says Raphael.
"Common Raphi he's nothing but an animal with a large pointy stick. What do you expect? He can't know that my precious Hel can freeze everything because I haven't told him yet. Oh by the way look at you're right hand abo---ut now." says Gabrielle in a cocky manner. Flames looks puzzled as he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his right hand. As he looks at it he sees it completely frozen and the ice wandering slowly up his arm. "You have about five minutes to punch me unconsious or the ice will reach your heart killing you in a few seconds. So better cool down and fight or should I say heat up?"

"You stupid brat!" shouts Flames running towards Gabrielle. If i can't hit her from the distance I'll have to use close range attacks. With a swift series of strikes he attacks her but she avoids them until they reach the wall. "It's over you bitch!" he screams and his aims at her chest. suddenly his attack is stopped by a sword and Flames has to draw back to avoid the slash. "Don't you forget us my Loki is bloodthirsty!" Michael screams as he divides into four shadow like beings. Flames sends beams of lightning against them but only hits air. The shadows draw closer and Flames rams the spear into the ground. "Thounder plains!" he shouts as blue sparks wander over the ground. Suddenly three shadows dissolve and the last one collapses changing back into a now slightly burned and unconscious Michael.

One down!

Flames takes his spear and want to start attack Gabrielle again as he feels a familliar pain in his left shoulder. The cold piercing pain blurrs his vision, every breath hurts.. suddenly all he sees is how the ground draws closer.

"Is he dead?" asks Raphael. "No you morron you know we're not allowed to kill anyone, I already stopped the ice from growing, he's just K.O. you would be surpised what can be survived. Take the spear and then lets go and wake Micheal up or you'll have to carry him." answers Gabrielle. "Why do I have to carry that bull? He is about twice as heavy as me I could break my nails!" Gabrielle tries not to laugh and just ignores him.

As the two guardians want to go hey suddenly hear a noise. They turn around and see a young woman inject some strange liquid into Flames. "Hey what do you think you're doing?"

"It's still just an experimental drug but his wounds should heal." says Ying as she looks at Flames.

"Gabrielle you stay behind I'll chop this ugly girl into pieces." says raphael angrily, " the world only needs beauty and strength."

You're order has fallen.
This words we're as sharp as they we're logic. Lione was alone, betrayed, wounded and tormented by the worst hangover ever. He thought about his companions. I bet they don't have it easy aswell. The're all fighting. like I would... like hell....I... can't

"I CAN'T GIVE UP!!" He screames all of a sudden.

Yes the chapter ends here since i bet Tune and Deathshadow want to write about that fight aswell and I want to end th lione,jak-kun fight in chapter 70.
I hopw this chapter was fast enough for an action chapter. Of course you are all free to write about Lione and jaques if you have any ideas (to be honest i have none ^^)
Again i have a character that ended up deferently then i first intended him to be. Raphael was supposed to be a nice guy but after finishing Shin megami Tensei Lucifers call (buy it, play it, love it^^) I simply wanted someone who could be aligned with the Kotowari of yosuga. Anyway this last bits are a bit long now so I'm ending this


rhapsody blue
May 23, 2007, 07:59 AM
Yay! Great chapter and I'm the first to post! I always love it when you write after me b/c your short stories complement my long ones especially the last chapter. :amuse

I'm so glad that you didn't finish Jacques and Lione's battle yet b/c I just realize that their battle should be the main event and therefore, the last one to finish. The guardians' battle against Flames was sweet. I like how you describe the battle and how you reintroduce Ying into the battlefield.

It looks like Vol. 4 will consists of a lot of battles at the beginning.

Overall, great job! :thumbs

May 23, 2007, 08:19 AM
Yup, agree with snooge.

Wow, this was fast.
Great chapter, nice to read after such a long one. :nod
Definitely a fighting volume, the next one. I totally forgot about the thunger god legend and the innocence. Great that you thought of it, Raijatsu.

By the way, Deathshadow unfortunately got banned, didn't he? ~.~
Yup, Jaques and Lione's battle should be the last to end.

May 23, 2007, 08:22 AM
okay, great chapter...

damned my chapter is closing by and I am still in no ideas for it. But what the heck, inspiration will come

anyways: nice chappie

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right deathshadow git banned OO
do we have a way to contact him?

oh and magier could you put the character skills thread on sticky?

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It isn't sticked? Oh you're right. hehe...okay, I will.
We could write DS an e-mail, couldn't we?

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Don't worry; I have been emailing ds the stories so far. I believe that he will email me his story so I would post it for him.

The problem is that I have not heard from him for awhile... :(

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>_<. That's bad. I hope he can write his chapter. He should not be outside just because he got banned. Thanks for writing the e-mail, snooge. I hope he replies soon.

May 23, 2007, 11:26 AM
nice chapter :D but i'm still some ways from my chapter >< so anything goes i guess...

...too...many to read....><
snoogen0120's chapter just made me felt like being dragged on the leg by a truck... ;_;

rhapsody blue
May 23, 2007, 11:33 AM
awwwwwww... i'm sorry. take your time ^^

"Common Raphi he's nothing but an animal with a large pointy stick. What do you expect?

i love your chapter because of the sexual innuendos though i doubt you did so intentionally :fan

May 23, 2007, 11:49 AM
i did ^^ it's gabby after all

May 23, 2007, 05:00 PM
>_<. That's bad. I hope he can write his chapter. He should not be outside just because he got banned. Thanks for writing the e-mail, snooge. I hope he replies soon.

Okay I didn't miss that he was banned. But I missed the reason, why?

May 24, 2007, 06:38 AM
I forgot the reason ^_^". But I thought it did not sound too bad. Maybe it's just my lack of English skills....could be.