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Chapter 64: Breaking The Chains That Bind

Hey guys Its me DS and I have to say that I'm really happy to be writing another chapter for you guys. My chapter will be covering a little bit of everyones fight, also I'm setting a up a huge fight, Lione vs. Jacques. I'd like to thank djmewmew first for taking a long time with her chapter because she let so many d.grayman chapters pass which in turn helped me with my story.

The air was heavy, or maybe he was just tired but Blade could feel fatigue setting in. With each strike of her katana he could feel the weakness setting in his muscles. This could be it...

"Is this all you have exorcist?! Don't make me laugh! Do you want to save your little girlfriend? Is she not precious to you?"

Suddenly with a renewed strength at the mention of Stephanie he stood straight and held his sword firmly with both hands. A faint smiled creeped across the noahs lips as his sword began to glow.

"Oh I see, I hope you know that after I'm done with you I plan on massacring your precious sweetheart." She began circling him looking him over reading his body language, after all she spoke the language fairly well and from what she was hearing if she wanted a remote challenge she would have to make this guy really angry. "Yes I plan on it, maybe I'll keep you alive long enough to see it too. Oh YES! That is it, watching her die slowly right in front of your eyes. I can't Ima-"

A fiery swipe cut the air beside Magier, singeing a few strands of stray hair. Magier slashed back quickly only to meet the Bookmans sword. "Don't you even begin to think of harming her!" Blade swung his sword sending an icy blast in Magier's direction she swung her sword negating his blast with her own.

"Your starting to get on my nerves pretty boy!"

Blade stood there pondering how the hell would he would be able to take a Noah down by himself

"You Can't." Magier siad to herself.

Stephanie was flying through the air again, her sister had now thrown her into the church above headquarters. She fell on her back sending a thick cloud of dust in the air.

"Sister dearest, looks like you have become to dependant on that boy to help you out." She walked closer to Stephanie "Yes, I am all you have and I have to say fraternizing with him has made you soft and WEAK!" Stephanies twins face became sinister and demented she aimed her hand at Stephanie and sent her surge of green ribbons at her malevolently.

Stephanies ribbbons wrapped around her tightly protecting her from the piercing green ribbons, but then her sister wrapped her ribbons around Stephanie and sent her flying again towards the pews. The ribbons around her released and they began to spiral as she spinned. The long ribbons began to make the whole room cloudy with dust as one of the long ribbons knocked a pew in the evil twins direction.

The Twin used her ribbons to cushion the blow but it knocked her to the round. Then a ribbon flew through the cloud of dust and penetrated her. "Unh!"

"Sister it looks like you are the one getting weak. Maybe working for evil has made you weak."

Stephanie stood over the squirming body of her sister "!!!" The body of her sister began to move violently and then burst into a rush of ribbons rushing in her direction. One of them grabbing her around the neck.

"HahahahahAHAHAHAHA!" the twin cackled as she stepped into Stephanies view "Your weakness is pitiful sister!" She raised the exorcist into the air as she struggled to break free.

Amaterasu rolled a giant rock off of him cursing those little brats. He got up and looked at the collapsed entrance shaking his head he decided that the only way he could get those little bitches were too go around to the main entrance which was in the city in a dilapidated church. He stepped out of the collapsed tunnel and into a small grassy clearing in the forest. The sun was shining between the branches of the trees before him. He walked a few more steps until

"Eeeeeeergh!" Amaterasu sat down on a big rock and pulled off his shoes revealing his bare feet, he tipped the shoes over and shook out a giant rock, he went to go put his shoes on but then decided against it "I think going barefoot is a good idea." Amaterasu put both feet on the ground and began his walk into the city. The trip would be pretty long and people might find him a bit suspicious, but he was a Noah anyone get too close and they would turn to dust it was simple. "All that would be left would be dust and nobody will think anything of it, they'll probably just think they were kidnapped or ran away." It wasn't the first time something like this has happened.

"Hello sir!" waved a little girl with curly blonde hair, and big brown eyes.

Amaterasu waved back at her smiling

"Oh yes I have made quite a few people go phantom, It's almost a shame she was my favorite."

Amaterasu reached the edge of the forest, only a silhouette visible through the suns strong beams, behind him lay a desert wasteland.

"Flames, The drug I injected you with should stop the ice from reaching your heart. I'll back you up." Ying stood at Flames side ready to back him up.

Flames staggered to his feet the ice on his arm throwing him slightly off balance. He looked at his arm and saw that the ice had indeed stopped all the way up to his shoulder. He turned to the Noahs pawns, on a normal day they might have earned his sympathy, but today was the anniversary of the day that Poloma and the entire village had been massacred by himself. He was not going to go easy on him.

The fire at the center of the village crackled in the sunsets glow as akuma blood splattered into the flame.

The wolf-man leaped into the air its jaws catching an airborne akuma ripping it into 2 with its ferocious claws spraying blood everywhere, scared women and children cower as the akuma blood shower them.

Flames eyed the 2 opponents it was one on one, his brain quickly drew up a map of the space they were in, he then figured that both he and Ying were at a disadvantage. They were in a pretty wide hallway, but the Noah pawns had that girl with the gun who would be able to do alot of damage. Also he was sure that they knew the abilities of both Ying and himself and he only knew the girls abilities. Flames gnashed his teeth as his tattoos flared and he howled ferally.

Madeline picked herself up and leaned into a pole in the room, the poison was still working through her system and that man had bruised her real good. If she had her way he would be pushing up daisies. The room was filled with high tension, the girl with wings was fighting the guy who had poisoned and beat her up and Lione was fighting the Noah. Those two were obviously the most powerful in the room. Lione opened his mouth and something, what it was she could not hear because she fell unconcious

"Rivnak, oh what did you expect? Love? I hope not, because that would make you far less attractive than I can imagine."

Uriel was his name now the Amiti she knew was dead, gone and never to return. Rivnak tried her best to activate her innocence but her emotion was too strong. Grief swept through her and her knees buckled beneath her and she fell to the floor. Rivnak remembered the first time she felt the little twinge in her heart when Amiti had given her the ring, hot streams of tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered when he was in the library researching Pandoras Box and how she daydreamed about the adventure of opening the box together. It was all gone. dashed together with Amiti and all that was left was Uriel.

Blade was frustrated, every attack he had used was ineffective.

"What happened to that fire you had a moment ago exorcist? Did I douse it already?" Magier dragged the edge of her sword in the dirt, kicking it up and swiped at Blade making him blind to her attacks for the time being and slashed him across the chest his blood spraying her in her face taking her previously innocent visage an turning it deranged and psychopathic. Magier stood above him her eyes full of glee but her mouth unsmiling "I am beginning to think you like this, does that girl do this to you as well? HAHAHAHAHAA!".

Blade laid there wondering when it was she was going to kill him, but then he remembered her threat to kill Stephane before his eyes make him watch her suffer and the life leaving her eyes. His eyes began to burn and and his sword began to glow.

"!" Magier saw his sword glowing and decided to finish him off, and slashed towards his head, but he blocked her and threw her back.

"I will protect Stephanie with every breathe I take, because I love her" Blades sword began to shine real bright

"Like a weak exorcist like you can kill ME!"

Blade took his sword and charged at the Noah, she steadied herself for the the blow. When their sword clashed it pushed her back and Blade parried her attack and swiped at her feet making her jump into the air. He stopped midswipe and turned the blade ready to do a rising swipe, she noticed and brought her katana down to block but since she was in the air still he sent her flying.

"What are you planning EXORCIST!" Magier screamed as she vaulted higher and higher in the air

"You'll see!" Blade jumped high, still below Magier but both were still ascending "LEVEL 5!!!" Blade aimed his sword at Magiers Body and 5 rays of light shot ou of it creating a ring around her suspending her in the ring . There were 5 swords each embodying a different element. The air around the first sword swirled, the second one flickered with fire, the next shimmered like water, the fourth crackled with lightning, and the last was made of earth. Blade was still rising and he swiped at Magiers suspended body with his spent sword then he appeared next to the wind sword and slashed her from the left, he grabbed the water sword and swiped her from the right, then he began swiping her with all five swords in succession and at a rapid rate hitting her from all directions. He then grabbed the spent sword as all the swords began to coalesce and become one again and with that Blade smacked her into the ground. He then floated motionless for a few seconds and then desended.

He landed next to the small crater with the Noah at the center thinking that he had won, until he heard crunching footsteps coming from the crater.

"Wow! That would have really hurt too bad you were moving so fast that you didn't see that I used my sword to block almost all of your real damaging attacks."
She lifted up the all that was left of her sword, "Only the Tsuka and a stump of the Blade, This was a very special gift and there is only one person in the world who can fix this."

"Hephaestus?!" Blade whispered with almost all of his strength

"Oh you know him? Thats not him though, The person who will fix my sword is his great great great great great...granddaughter."

With that Blade passed out.

Stephanie stuggled to break free as she dangled in the air from her twins ribbons. Both of her hands gripped the ribbon trying to get it to release its hold on her.Both of her own ribbons dangled down to the floor Stephanie thinking of a way for her to break free.

"Sister, oh dear sister my sympathy for you is waning. I keep hoping that you would be strong enough to fight me by yourself, but you dissapoint me time and time again." the evil twin was increasing the pressure of the ribbons. "I think that I might just out you out of your misery!"

A red ribbon shot up through a crack in the wooden floor and severed the green ribbon holding Stephanie up in the air, she fell on her hands and knees as she gasped for air. Another ribbon flew through another crack in the wall aiming for the twins head but she ducked and charged at stephanie her ribbons forming into a sword. Stephanie then released a flourish of red through the floor sending her downwards toward the base except a green ribbon flew upand wrapped itself around her ankle and pulled her along into the pitfall.

Flames rushed toward the two, he zig-zagged so that any shot the girl would use wouldn't be a critical hit. She pulled the trigger but not at Flames but at Ying. She stood still but before it hit her she flickered just feet away.

"Damn she's fast! Do something about her Ralphi!"

Raphael charged only to meet Flames in the way, he blocked the attack and was kicked back towards Gabrielle. "Savage, I hope you know you're not long for this world!" Raphael opened his coat revealing more hand-axes "Don't worry about me going easy on you!" He threw the axe in his hand and Flames ducked to the side Ying ran forward caught it and went to throw it back at its owner, but it instead sent 5000 volts of electricity through her body, except the only appearance of injury was a slight wince as she sent it flying. At the same time Flames ran forward readying a powerful electric attack for Gabrielle.

Raphael caught the axe and released it again this time aiming it at Flames. Ying runs forward only to have two axes sent into her direction, she dodged them with the grace of a ballerina and the skill of an experienced fighter and leaped over Raphael and she felt one of the axes in her side, she just winced again and kept running.

"Haaaaah! You have a high threshold for pain but you can keep running those axes are attracted to a special electro-magnetic charge that I have placed in you so you can keep running but it'll come after you!"

Flames screamed as the axe hit him, He fell to the ground in pain. He looked at his frozen arm only to see that it had shattered. The pain was blinding, but he had no time he had just one chance to help Ying. He charged his spear with electrical current until it was crackling then he hurtled it toward Raphael. He had made a mistake, when he thought he had won. He like every other typical bad guy revealed his plan when he thought victory was sure. So Flames decided to change the electro-magnetic charge on the axes by using his Spear. As the the spear flew it passed the axes turning their charges and have it follow the spear instead of Ying, and the spear was headed towards...

"Bastard YOU DIDN'T!" Raphael ran for his life towards the exit that 'The Savage' had used to let the researchers escape they were moving faster then Raphael and he thought that he never would have made it, until he didn't. The spear pierced his leg and pinned him to the wall, his back to the axes that would soon end his life. Then 2 shots were heard and the 2 axes fell to the ground frozen.

Ying pulled out the axe in her back as she looked at Flames who passed out from the pain.

"Looks like it's just me and you ugly." Gabrielle said as her white dress swayed from a non-existant breeze

Rivnak stood up as her wings burst through the back of her uniform. Each feather glowing in the darkness

"I will kill you Uriel. For killing Amiti I will have you dead at my feet."

"You kill me? I would like to see you try." Amiti charged at her his gloves glowing. He punched the spot where Rivnak was just moments ago, but she flapped her wings and left the ground. A small crater was left in the spot where Amiti had struck. He looked up at her and grinned "Darling, no need to be afraid I'll make sure it'll be quick!" Amiti leaped into the air next to Rivnak surprising her "Whats wrong? Does the difference scare you? I told you we are 2 different people Amiti and I" and with that Uriel kicked Rivnak into a wall that lead into the library. He landed and jumped through the hole rolling across a pile of books that had been knocked over when Rivnak crashed through.

"I was holding back." the sound was coming from everywhere

"Pffffft This immature."

"I thought that you maybe, would still be there Amiti that is, but I know one thing for sure that Amiti wouldn't hit me"

"Oh please! You barely knew him! I thought you were the least feminine girl and I didn' think you would be so sensitive"

"Don't give me that bull! Just because I'm independant doesn't mean that I don't believe in love!"

"Hmph! Where are you?" Amiti's eyes were now dodging through the library looking for an oncoming attack. The books under him began to slide under his feet knocking him over. "!"

A gust of wind filled the library all of the books began to lift slowly as one of the bookcases blocked the hole the 2 came from creating a gale in the room. Pages scattered eveywhere and at the center of it all stood Rivnak. "This is a ring I have created, it has some feathers in it and if I throw you against it you'd be shred to pieces."

"Looks like your finally serious about dying."

Lione stood heaving, his exorcist coat had a giant hole in it. He ripped it off of himself and threw it to the side. He was feeling agitated and his hangover was still pounding at his head like someone hitting the bongos.

"Well if you won't give up!" Jacques rushed Lione, however Lione sidestepped his attack and tapped his shoulder, Jacques swiped at himbut Lione ducked and pulled Jacques feet from under him, Lione went to punch Jacques head, but he rolled to the side before he could. Both rushed to their feet. "You are definitely better than me at hand to hand combat, Koen-ken with some of the Hagakure style, am I right?"

"Your sharp, but I hope your quick wits can keep up with my speed."

"Don't worry about me, I'd worry about yourself first!" Jacques heat up the air inside the dark chamber and walked toward Lione. "Looks like you're having a hard time breathing, is the air to hot? Maybe it'll be able to burn your lungs." Jacques walked even closer, Lione was staggering and he collapsed facedown. On his bare back was a rather large tattoo, the tattoo was black and the writing was:

Is Quisnam Permoveo Ut Manus manus Of Deus

"He who moves as the hand of God...blasphemus, how dare you as an exorcist believe YOU are acting in the name of GOD!"

Lione laughed as the air cooled, the tattoo on his back was changing form the letters were changing as the ink swirled over his back forming new words.

"Thats quite rude, you trash."

On Liones back the ink formed and said


The ink slid off Liones back and went towards Jacques, he moved away from Lione as he moved Lione got to his feet. The ink slid back onto Lione. "I think I'm ready to use my Innocence against you" Lione leaped into the air and dropped his leg down the ink on his leg. Jacques jumped to the side as Liones leg cracked the ground where Jacques had been moments ago. Lione wasn't letting up he kicked a piece of debris into the air and shot it at Jacques with his other leg. Jacques dispersed its molecules turning it into air but Lione was already in his face, he kicked him in the side of his head but Jacques grabbed his leg and started his Coup de Grace which sent Lione a surge of unbelievable pain.

"You see, all I need to do is touch you and your dead."

Lione used a rush or strength to launch the Noah off his leg and sent him tumbling "Shadow Eclipse" The ink swallowed Liones entire body

"I think this might help against that ability of yours."

The air heated up again "Try what you want, it'll be futile" Jacques grinned as he used the air around him to melt the floor creating molten lava.

Lione had a hard time breathing as the air became so hot that it felt like one deep breath might melt his lungs.

"I only have one ability that can counter this." Lione whispered to himself as Jacques' passive face looked upon his passive face that he was holding diligently.

"Shadow Rave" The ink that covered Liones body sunk into his pores and appeared in his eyes turning them black "I have saturated my blood with my Innocence now you will get to see my ability at its finest." Spikes rolled down Liones back as he shot them towards Jacques, Lione charged as the Noah used the air he heated into a blast that shot them back towards Lione. Lione ducked but a tentacle wrapped itself around Jacques.

"What is this?!"

"Your face is finally showing a little emotion, its relieving because I was starting to wonder if you had any face muscles. This power is a special ability that not many get to witness. I use my Ink to suck up akuma, the ink destroys all of the akuma and uses the blood to replicate the akumas abilities."

"Shadow Rave"

The whole port turned into quicksand and all of the akuma sunk beneath it, as they did so did the body of Julia.

"I'm sorry Julia" As the entirety of akuma and finders sunk under the sand Lione turned the port back into normal

"I just hope it doesn't effect my memory again" as Lione contained his Innocence again he fell to the floor.

I hope you enjoyed my chapter. I personally think that I didn't translate it as well as I could have from my head to the screen.

I have one request I want Flames to be captured and maybe even Blade. If anyone else wants to be captured I have no prob.

I'd like to thank Magier for being the greatest writer I have ever known and I'd like to say many thanks to Snoogen for posting my chapter. If it wasn't for her I'd be reading the chapters and not contributing. Also I hope I didn't ruin anybody's plans, and one more thing Flames arm is gone shattered into millions of pieces of ice.

Bye everyone! :bye


June 02, 2007, 04:47 AM
wow great chapter ^^
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The Magier-Blade fight was awesome. Blade's attack was really cool but unfortunately, magier is really strong and creepy. YAY for psychos. I just wonder who the granddaughter is.

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i really liked the fight scenes in this chapter. poor blade! no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't defeat a noah. sadness. i guess magier will decide his fate since it is her battle

the battles of the stephanie's was quite good as well. since the ending is still up in the air, i'll take care of this one.

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