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June 02, 2007, 12:41 PM
Author’s note:

I’m not too sure on how to progress the other chapters… so as to play safe…
If anything is messed up or not correct, pls post :)
To get electrocuted, a person has to touch the source of electrocution and be in contact with the ground to complete the circuit :D

and onto the short (really) story :)

Heaving the unconscious Flames awkwardly, Ying turned towards a collapsed wall which revealed the night sky. Gabriel was striding menacing towards her targets, her shadow stretching across the corridor as she passed a frozen and glistering shattered window.
Gabriel: Do not interfere, brat.
Gabriel muttered with annoyance as she swung her rifle towards a figure slightly visible beneath the exorcist, and fired a shell without warning, freezing the spot where Ying and Flames stood.
As the mist from the cold shot cleared, Gabriel frowned and turned towards the broken window, glaring at a shadow suspended and swinging along the roof of the opposite tower.
Without taking aim, she threw two shots, crackling and freezing the roof into a shade of silver as they missed their target.
Gabriel cursed spitefully as her preys escaped through a window.


Flashing under the illumination of the full moon, Ying ran down the winding stairs as Flames started to stir.
Flames: … I’m fine to move about.
Ying: We will meet up with the intruders with your current pace.
Flames: … what about the medical teams? Did you fight the enemies back there…?
Ying: They had evacuated safely. The intruders are not worth the battle; this place has long fallen, at least for now…all that is left is to regroup from this internal collapse.
Flames: …! But, Lione and the others…! –
Ying: Do not talk or move.
Ying stopped abruptly in her tracks while Flames leaned heavily onto the wall of the narrow stairway as rushed footsteps and arguments echoed.
Ying: Black Tribulation – Eclipse


???: –I just said it wasn’t my fault!! Those dogs ran!!
???: yeah, so, how’re we going to report? “Darling Gabriel was too frail to finish off a half-dead exorcist and brat”—?
Gabriel: so why weren’t you able to wrap up the job in the first place!? Anyway, we’ve got what we wanted and those small fries can do nothing in the face of Jaques-sama’s plans.
Raphael: That innocence was skewered into yours truly!! You did less than nothing, ehh—?
Gabriel: *glares—*
Michael: Big talk coming from someone who’s getting a free ride… if you two kids would stop bickering; we would have reached Jaques-sama sooner. I will personally dispose of the scum who dares lay a single finger on Jaques-sama.
Raphael: -- now, what have we found~?

Flames lay sprawled on the narrow pathway in the distance, motionless. Ying was sitting at the shadowed junction, staring blankly at her knees.
Raphael mused.
Raphael: Perfect timing! The savage is dead as you can see, and the trash is as good as dead. Would you like to observe the grand finale, Gabriel?
Gabriel: No thanks; I’m in white today, play flashy after we’re out of sight. I’ll make you eat you words and more if you’d fail.
Gabriel deadpanned as she strides away.
Michael: Let me deal with the savage, Jaques-sama will be the one to pass judgment onto this defiant soul.
Michael added and dragged Flames by the back collar, following Gabriel.
Raphael: Don’t just take your time! Or you’ll get in the way!!
The two guardians nonchalantly passed the impatient axe man into the unseen distance.

Kneeling low and grappling his axe handle with both hands, Raphael prepared to lunge at an unmoving Ying.
Ying: So it was the gloves you wear… I wonder if you were to know what could happen if you don’t have them on…
Raphael: --? There isn’t a need for a corpse to know!!
Landing his axe blade down behind him, Raphael aggressively circled through the ground twice.
Ying whispered monotonously behind Raphael as he swung an upward slash down the narrow corridor.
Ying: That is true. This is nothing special, but do you know of dead possums?
Raphael felt uncountable surges of bolts through his body before looking back. The charges roar from his missed blow and electrocution, sending multitudes of shockwaves across the corridor, engraving deeply at the surrounding slates of granite.
Tiptoeing on one foot on a torn piece of fabric, Ying stared impassively at the uncontrolled jerking of the guardian.

Gabriel: That stuck-up show-off!
Michael: you’re the one to say, after trying to push the blame.
Michael mumbled while trudging an unbreathing Flames behind him.
Gabriel: Did you say something~?
Gabriel piped dangerously sweet.
Michael: No. Nothing at all.

Raphael: …yOU… FilTh…
Raphael growled while crouching low beside his axe, jerking in post-electrocution as he glared wide-eyed at the blurry image of a blood-trenched figure in front of him.
Without warning, Raphael swung his axe at the image, sending the axe flying.
The darkening figure seemed to have leaped and caught the axe mid-air.
???: it won’t work airborne.
In his fading sight, a glimmer of blade sparked, closing in.

PS: some things that might happen by playing dead
the corpses are:
1. left in peace
2. mutilated
3. [situational]

June 02, 2007, 12:47 PM
what the hell has Ying done?? I can barely catch up with her movements ^^
she really is a monster....

great chapter an Raphi is done for.....


rhapsody blue
June 02, 2007, 12:56 PM
so i'm assuming that ralphael will die now ^^

is the character at the end zeran? if so, he got to boston really fast. thanks for your answer tune! i wonder who this mysterious person is...

when do you plan to introduce irvine?

anyway, back to the chapter. nice action in this chapter. flames is captured, ralphael will die, and the battle is far from over. that's what i got from this chapter so correct me if i'm wrong. :sweat

overall, great chapter :)

June 02, 2007, 01:07 PM

Ying was not as badly electrocuted as she catches the axe mid-air and returns them before landing. except when the axe was inpaled into her for the moment then...
she escaped the guardians at first because dealing with three enemies gives chances for any of them to escape with information about weapons, abilities, etc. as well as a need for her to use her white/black skills. (it'll be better for her not to use in battle if possible, for now)
Michael was starting to wake up from dreamland then.

the corridor where Flames and Ying escaped was one way to where the guardians were.
plan: play dead and gamble on it.
Ying knocked Flames out with acupuncture to fake his death and if the guardians would not bother, all would be fine. if the guardians decide to kill them over again on the spot, Ying will have to 3-on-1 with with her skills full-out.
but the situation turned to Flames being abducted, and Ying 1-on-1 against Raphael.
it's not a terribly bad bet, but with only one opponent, either one will live while the other dies.
so if Ying needs to use her skills entirely, there will be no-one to witness except the opponent (live or die).
i assumed that raphael being able to touch the axe without electrocution is due to his insulator gloves...

June 02, 2007, 01:12 PM
ok now i got everythîng ^^
thats some quick hinking you got there since the full capacity of raphis ability was revealed just recently....

btw my got we're already at ch.65 ^^

rhapsody blue
June 02, 2007, 01:14 PM
ok now i got everythîng ^^
thats some quick hinking you got there since the full capacity of raphis ability was revealed just recently....

btw my got we're already at ch.65 ^^

i know! we moved really fast and it's awfully scary since i have no idea what i'm going to write :sweat

June 02, 2007, 04:08 PM
Ooo, funfun. Ying is so bada--. =3 So Raphi went 'gak'. Poor guy. Nice chapter!

June 03, 2007, 03:59 AM
Great chapter. Ying is...kinda creepy ^_^". So Raphael will (is) die (dead). And Flames is captured.
Is Raph already dead or will he die in a further chapter?

OMG, you're all right. We're moving really fast. DJmewmew and then, it's my turn again.

June 03, 2007, 10:59 AM
I can't follow this anymore: the chaps are always so fast released :D (though that's a good point). Anyways nice work tune
oh and any news about deathsheadow?

June 04, 2007, 09:56 AM
thanks for the compliments :)
raphael is dead, yeap ::nods::

i'm planning to introduce irvine possibly after this arc, since its too late for him to join the skirmish now :D