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June 02, 2007, 07:39 PM
Sahugani’s Naruto Review 356

does anyone else take issue with the amount of purple Team Hebi wears (no offense to your favorite color Ichi)

Hello all. Many of you know me from my reviews over in the Bleach and One Piece sections and I have decided to start a new branch out here. I’ve actually been reading Naruto for longer than the other two series, but I figured Gold Knight had this ground covered. I also must say that I could not have had a better chapter to start these reviews with. As a Team 8 fanboy, the last few chapters have had me very excited and this one did not disappoint. Anyways, let’s get this started. The pics in this review were taken from Kokotas’s scan, so thanks a lot.

Akatsuki’s Problem Children

i'm still hoping for some meaning for all Tobi's inconsistancies whether it leads to Obito or not

First of all let me state that the incorporation of the page with Deidara and Tobi seems heavily out of place here. It is not a title page as that role was already filled by the two page color spread. The only purpose it could have possibly served in regards to this chapter is to foreshadow the identity of the man Sasuke calls out of hiding on the next page. Other than that, it is still a cool looking page with head shots of the two Akatsuki, the corresponding symbols from their rings, and a brief description of their personalities within the organization. The allowance of this team to go after Naruto is extremely strange given the circumstances. First of all, it violates the rule that each member should capture one Bijuu. As both Deidara and Tobi have fulfilled their duties, it would leave Itachi somewhat unnecessary to Akatsuki if they took his prize. Due to this, Itachi and the Akatsuki Leader must be somewhat certain that the pair will fail in their mission and thus will not affect Itachi’s role. On the other hand, the organization has already lost three members to Team 7 and allowing them to go on a mission that is doomed to fail would shorten their ranks even further. This leads to my theory that they have backup unknown to them to save their hides in case they are beaten. This backup would be one of two people in my mind. It could be Zetsu as not only would his tracking abilities be good for losing their pursuers after escaping, but it could lead to the fight I’ve been waiting for…Zetsu vs. Team 8 :XD. The other person could be the unknown female member as it would be a good way to introduce her and a taste of her abilities into the storyline. For now though, all this is speculation as Naruto is not the target the pair saw first.

Crossed Paths

a person with hair that red can't go unnoticed in public

Before Sasuke’s lurking watcher even reveals himself, the scene cuts to Sakura as she and her pair of dogs follow Sasuke’s scent, thus revealing to us that she was not the person watching him earlier. The interesting part about this scene is that they pass directly next to Karin and instantly the scent they have been following starts to fade and move away. One could say that the dog was just picking up on a trace scent of Sasuke on Karin, which would account for its weakness and the fact that it was getting closer up until the point of crossing paths and then fading. To me though this is another example of Karin’s powers, whatever they are. Kakashi’s dogs are experts at tracking through scent and so even if there was only a trace scent of Sasuke on Karin, the dog would have been able to pinpoint it to Karin at that close distance. The only explanation is that Karin was able to mislead the dog’s senses with her power. As she still has yet to reveal exactly what her abilities are, I can’t say with certainty what she did, but I’m certain that her mysterious abilities are to blame for misleading the dog.

Outside of Karin’s effect on Kakashi’s dog, this brief encounter does much to extend the rivalry between Karin and Sakura. We have already seen that during their respective times teamed with Sasuke, both have been acting pretty much the same way towards him (basically both were huge Sasuke fangirls at the start of their teams). Now the two have actually seen each other briefly. Even though Sakura was unaware of Karin’s importance, she likely sensed something wrong. Karin on the other hand (if my theory about her using her ability to interfere with tracking is true) was fully aware of who she had to mislead and was using her task as an opportunity to see the girl who had filled her current role in Sasuke’s life in the past. While Sakura is still unaware of the rivalry’s existence, Karin has already decided who her biggest threat to her being with Sasuke is.

Naruto’s Pursuer

never trust the person who actually wears his hood even though everyone else has one...Shino

In a third concurrent storyline, Naruto’s team has also picked up on the existence of a person behind them (and they really shouldn’t miss it with a dog, a byakugan, and an ANBU on the team). Apparently my prediction of Juugo from last week was not creative enough and Kishi has blessed us with the reappearance of a character I would not have guessed, Kabuto. According to Yamato, Orochimaru’s former assistant is one of the most wanted people in Konoha at the moment and so it is odd that he has come on his own like this. Naruto’s reaction though is to ask about Sasuke, to which Kabuto answers and then discards the subject. His entire existence up till now has revolved around Orochimaru. Up until his master’s death, that meant taking care of Sasuke and logically, it would mean that after said death, it would mean killing Sasuke in revenge. Since he has brushed off the talk of Sasuke and instead turned the subject to Naruto, the importance of his actions from now on takes on a new level.

Dramatic Entrance

there are some things you just don't say to the guy who's brother ruined his life

We once again return to Sasuke as Tobi is revealed to be the shadowy figure behind the tree. Sasuke recognizes Tobi’s cloak as that of Akatsuki and Tobi recognizes the family resemblance between Sasuke and Itachi, which earns a tick of anger from the young Uchiha. It doesn’t take long for Tobi to back away as Deidara comes in from above with a powerful bomb to drop on Sasuke. I didn’t really expect the Akatsuki pair to be one of the shadowy figures from the end of last week but I guess I was thinking a bit too much. I figured that having a clash now would result in an important death too early in the arc as there would be no reason for either side to stop fighting till the other had died. In that light, I suspect that the fight will be interrupted in a chapter or two to prevent such an event. I think it will either be one of the Akatsuki I mentioned earlier to prevent more unneeded casualties or Kakashi for a variety of reason I like better in this case. Having Kakashi be the one to intervene makes a good deal of sense. First of all, it allows us the first direct interaction between the Konoha teams and Team Hebi that I was hoping to get from Juugo meeting Naruto. We need to see Sasuke’s new attitude toward his old comrades now that he is not trying to act like a complete psychopath under Orochimaru’s tutelage. Also, should the Tobi=Obito theory have truth to it, it gives Tobi a reason to pull Deidara and himself out of the fight. Should it not be true, it gives the previously mentioned Akatsuki backup a reason to pull them out as the fight is no longer in their favor. Regardless of who ends the fight, I just hope we’ll get to see a hint of Tobi’s abilities before it happens.

Kabuto’s Gift

Please say something Hinata for the sake of Team 8

Apparently, Kabuto’s gift is a book that contains all the information Orochimaru’s organization had gathered on Akatsuki. When asked if he’s trying to strike a deal with Konoha, he admits that its value is not enough for such a bargain. His reason for risking capture to give this to Naruto is yet another example of Naruto’s effect on people. He claims to suffer through a crisis of identity and explains how his life has been shaped around not having one up until he met Orochimaru. He even tries to sympathize with Naruto. He points out that at some point, Naruto must have had to question whether or not he was truly Uzumai Naruto or simply a vessel for the Kyuubi. While Naruto was able to get through that issue relatively quickly, it was a huge issue in the life of Gaara as he was raised to recognize that he was merely a weapon as a jinchuriki until Naruto made him recognize that he could be human with the aid of friends. Kabuto is now trying to join the club with his story. During his time with Orochimaru, he was simply a tool for Orochimaru’s goals and before that was an agent for anyone to use but had no sense of self worth. Thanks to Naruto, he has come to appreciate himself in what he claims is the same way Naruto has.

Clash of the Titans

it doesn't hurt to be known around town as the guy with the really big snake

Before Kabuto gets to finish his speech, the scene cuts back to Sasuke as he has shielded himself from Deidara’s blast with a giant snake. Although we have witnessed Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and Shikamaru taking down members or former members of Akatsuki, this will be the first battle in which the handicap is not on the side of the organization and thus this will be a bit of a gauge to see exactly what Sasuke’s level of power is. Other than that, there is not really all that much that hasn’t already been said. Sasuke has pulled out his sharingan and Deidara has his mouthed hands at the ready as both prepare for an extremely loud and destructive duel. Meanwhile, Tobi might be standing back for the most part as he is somewhat worried about how Itachi will react to the news of his little brother’s death. In another display of Tobi’s idiocy, he has made a statement that, given Itachi’s personality, seems to give the elder Uchiha too much ability for emotion, but may pan out to be the truth as we still do not fully know the reason why he did not kill Sasuke and thus he may still want him alive.

The White Snake

Okay, Kabuto has just surpassed Zetsu as the weirdest looking guy for that creepy smile

After our brief return to Sasuke’s fight, the story again switches back to Kabuto’s tale. He praises Naruto for his strength to separate himself from the Kyuubi’s identity and making one for himself. He connects this to how he used to live his life for the sake of Orochimaru, but now wants to live for himself like Naruto has. However, he has taken this to a bizarre extreme as, like Naruto, he is using the power of that other identity to strengthen himself. Unlike Naruto, who was cursed with the Kyuubi and turned it into a personal power, Kabuto has incorporated Orochimaru’s power into himself willingly in order to obtain power. Back in Orochimaru’s final moments, we witnessed a flashback to his childhood in which he was told that a white snake was a symbol of resurrection. Now Kabuto (a white haired man as opposed to Sasuke’s general darkness) has come to fulfill this symbol and recreate Orochimaru’s power within himself. He now keeps Orochimaru inside of him as both a source of great power and an existence he must surpass in order to survive as himself. He has taken Naruto’s story far too literally and become his own form of jinchuriki with Orochimaru in the place of a bijuu. At some point, he will lose his battle with Orochimaru and the creepy former enemy will live again through Kabuto’s body.


I must say this chapter was great. My only real complaint would be not enough Team 8, but that’s just my own issue. At the time of Orochimaru’s demise, I thought it was a bit sudden and now we see that the reign of Oro is far from over through Kabuto’s new twist. To me this is a return of the series to greatness as for a while before this i've been somewhat bored with it, but still really liked it. Now It has once again captured my full attention. As a general habit in my reviews, I don’t rate the chapters as I think there are too many factors and I get really indecisive when trying to determine a score. I’ll just leave it as a great chapter.

June 02, 2007, 09:07 PM
Hahaha, what impeccable timing.

Great review as always, I'll elaborate after my fingers rest.


Ok I'm back. I also find the reversal of roles between Akatsuki and their pray interesting. For the first time we're seeing Akatsuki with odds, not the 'good guys' It'll be really interesting to see how this pans out, and most certainly a great chance to see how Sasuke measures up.

Sasuke outright beating them both would be a bit much, but I definitely feel that one of them will go down (in some sense of the word), with the other beating a hasty retreat upon either konoha or (more likely) Hebi reinforcements.

Given the build-up for this dance I find it hard to imagine Sasuke being the worse for wear when everythings said and done. He won't hit any real roadblocks until Itachi.

June 02, 2007, 10:44 PM
Yeah this was the greatest chapter ever (of part 2)

Kinda sucks that Sasuke keeps showing that he has so many cool moves and Naruto does the same moves over and over again. I mean really, Sasuke just went from Orochimaru, to fighting Juugo and now two akatsuki in a decimal of the time it took Naruto to learn a jutsu. Think about the pace the manga would be if he had to meticously explain each jutsu like Naruto.

Anyways Kabuto has just become my favorite character in Naruto. Also I was worried about Kisimoto's art back there for a while but all the posing in this chapter was just way too cool.

June 03, 2007, 12:33 AM
@ANBU4U - i agree that this arc will entail the demise of an Akatsuki, but not in this fight. I'm sure Deidara has outlived his usefulness to the story and will die, but it is far too early in the arc for something that major to happen. Something will happen to interrupt the fight while Sasuke was winning by some degree, leaving Deidara with one more person to hate for showing him up

@manu - I'm one of the people who doesn't care that much about Naruto's small arsenal. that's just the kind of fighter he is. Sasuke has the sharingan and so learning jutsu is easy for him, thus his strength lies in building up a huge arsenal of jutsu to pick and choose from when the time is right. Naruto does not have that ease and so his strength is that he works with what he has and through sheer will is able to force himself through all those handicaps and make his techniques work regardless

June 03, 2007, 01:05 AM
Nice review as well! I agree with ANBU it would be too much if Sasuke could handle both Tobi and Deidara, and it would be awesome if Kakashi showed up to intervene. I'll think of more later when I have time to digest the plethora of reviews out.

June 03, 2007, 04:16 AM
Love the thoughts, Sahugani.

Glad you emphasized the color demarking most of Hebi--purely an admittance to their royal presence and level of sophistication in both technical skill and personality. Though persona-wise, and collectively, I'd say Hebi is a far more complex being than just sophisticated.

On Crossed Paths, I think the color that crowns Karin is most likely a strong support for your theory---she acts as a red herring and/or a red flag---Karin's definitely a detour and likely, she redirects people dually. Now she not only leads Sasuke straight to the target but she may very well lead the target astray of Sasuke, if I can claim her action works that way. Subsequently, she keeps her side going and derails its opposition.

By the way, the "vibrant" girl has shown Sakura to be psychologically inferior in one passing act... If Karin erased Sasuke's signature (which was also physical---just saying smell involves molecular details) the auburn-haired chick is incredibly dynamic. I don't think Sakura could reach Karin's mental-level genjutsu-wise. "Kai!" just won't work this time---but Sakura's strong-arm may be great enough to irritate/mar Karin... if only Sakura could use Tsunade's disturbing Ranshinshou.

June 03, 2007, 12:09 PM
Great review Sahugani, ost of all which I agree. Overall really good chapter, and from the moment team 8 appeared, it's all good and goodie (or maybe I'm to maniac :x) :D And Kabuto back in the game, that was something unexpected ^^

June 03, 2007, 12:30 PM
@CopyNinjaKakashi - I think Kakashi's intervention would be the best thing to happen and it would finally give some real evidence as to Tobi=Obito, so i'm excited.

@ornis - wow thats taking color symbolism to a new extreme and it actually works out well. Assuming that Karin's technique is some type of genjutsu, you're right in that she has just utterly owned Sakura in that department. even though Sakura started as a genjutsu type, we haven't really seen her use any and her concentration now is strength and medical jutsu, so i think she'd be at a disadvantage

@juUnior - everything is good in the world now that team 8 is back. now if we could just get a team 8 vs. Zetsu fight, life would be perfect

June 03, 2007, 07:00 PM
Good review as always and keep it up. I do share your theory on Akatsuki backup plans. At this level all hands on deck, the Leader is not taking any chances. :eyeroll

June 03, 2007, 07:57 PM
well nice comments as always, I dont really have much to add this time, except that kabutosurprised me with his sympathy with naruto when he was the one doing all the teasing, when he was teasing you'd think he was much higher in naruto in many ways and most definitely intellect which fmade the teasing more true and worse, but with this breakdown and extreme act of his I am dissapointed, what kind of warriors are in this manga, they all have no spirit at all, maybe sometimes that makes it closer to reality, but it still sucks to watch someone breakdown mentally and phsycologically, well thats my thoughts on kabuto.
also about tobi's inconsistencies, I agree with you on that, but I have to say lately he's been the only joker around and his jokes are good, what he said to sasuke and then running away was all funny to me, I just hope that kishimoto's streak of covered faces looking hideous stops at tobi, one day it'll definitely stop at kakashi but for now kakuzus tentacle filled mount was enough, if tobi's face is ever revealed I hope its not a monsters.

June 03, 2007, 08:06 PM
Another great review sahugani, keep up reviewing naruto as well

I found interesting your thoughts about Karin being able to fool the dog's senses. That never occurred me, but I guess she does have many unusual abilities so she could have done that. For two experienced tracking dogs to be fooled like that it makes sense that something went wrong there. Its true that Karin doesnt know Sakura, but this last really stood out with those two ninja dogs smelling the ground and talking with her. Karin could have realized she was tracking someone. As Hebi could have a target on their heads after their leader disposed of Oro and publicly admitted it, Karin could have considered the possibility of them being chasing Sasuke and decided to confuse the dog's smell. The next chapter may clear it

June 04, 2007, 01:36 PM
Good review

One of the most Interesting Chapter so far... Kabuto surprised me.
Since kabuto is not the main priority of this mission, it wouldn't be wise for naruto ant yamato to engage a fight with him. They should ask him more questions before they let him Run Away. Lately again, i thought kishi was just trying to find a way to kill kabuto but looks like he might have a bright future , even though i have a hard time seeing kabuto as a threat to anyone.

If, my thought about Kabuto escaping happens to be a fact in the next chapter, that would leave a question... who will be fighting Naruto's team... Suigetsu or Juugo. I would like to see naruto fight alone for once. I Know that his jinchuuriki status makes people from konoha protect him but still... You cant know someone's strengh Until he fights alone Like sasuke do most of the time.
Looking forward for the next chapters.

June 04, 2007, 06:22 PM
Very great review sahugani. I was going to make a review but I already saw that there were 3 this week...

About the fight with Sasuke vs. Tobi and Deidara, I don't think Deidara will be able to do it by himself. And if Tobi interferes in the fight, I will also want like you said for Kakashi to support Sasuke.

Now, there is one thing that surely confused me. That's the Kabuto issue. I think there was a traduction with Kabuto saying: " Orochimaru's soul is integrated into my body" and another one said: Orochimaru's is now integrated in my body". Which one is the right traduction?

As you already said in you review, Kabuto has Orochimaru's power inside of him. Did he actually steal the powers of Oro? (If yes, how did he do it? Because I think that Orochimaru should have noticed) Or is he following the same steps to get Oro's powers?
Let me know what you think?

June 04, 2007, 07:24 PM
just one thing I forgot to say in my last post, kabuto having integrated orochimaru's soul in himself, doesnt he need a sample of that "soul" where did he get it from, doesnt sasuke own orochimaru's soul now, or is it in his research he was able to make a sample and left it in his lab where kabuto was able to use it, what do you think .

June 04, 2007, 07:39 PM
@Lord Hokage - thanks. i'm more willing to side with the Kakashi interferance at this point, but would in all honesty prefer to have Zetsu come back and lead into a possible later fight with team 8

@conan - regarding Kabuto, i actually like the turn that his personality has taken. its true that his mental breakdown crushes the former characterizatio as a genius, but i think it works. There always seems to be a psychopath of a different sort among the enemies in this series and each one gets more dangerous. we started with a violent psychopath with Gaara. after he was turned to the good side by Naruto, Orochimaru's presence became exeedingly important and he represented the manipulative psychopath. now that Oro is gone, Kabuto takes this a step further as a delusional psychpath. with his medical skill, he has incorperated Oro's power into himself and is fighting for self imagined reasons, making him very unpredictable and thus a huge threat.

as for Tobi, it depends. i'm personally in favor of Tobi=Obito, in which case there should be some heavy scarring. However, even if the theory is false, his humor screams defense-mechanism, so i'd guess he'd be ugly. However, it could work out well for other reasons to have a bishie gift for Kado under that spiral mask

@Mendes - most of what i said about Karin stemmed from what we already know about her power. she could determine that Juugo was not in the group of prisoners, so i'd be willing to bet that she could easily pick out those who are trying to find Sasuke, especially since Sasuke has knowledge of all of them already

@Yondaime-Uzumaki - as i mentioned to conan, i see Kabuto really going places rom now on. i agree that they will just let him go. from the way Yamato talked to him, it seemed more like he was saying "we don't have time for this. go annoy someone else"

i'm really hoping for a quick bout with Juugo if for no other reason than to initiate contact between the two teams. in Kadodo's review for the previous chapter, i made a full explanation of why this would be good, especially for Juugo's character development. he said the reason he was with Sasuke was to see the man Kimimaro died for. by hearing Naruto talk about Sasuke, he'll know the kind of person Sasuke is and his loyalty will be solidified. also, his shapeshifting ability will prove very handy in taking on three fighters simultaniously

@kadodo - if you feel like reviewing, don't let the ones already out stop you. more opinions are always welcome

regarding the Deidara fight, i guess the main reason i wantthat scenario is to finally get some closure on Tobi=Obito, so i might not have been completely unbiased in that analysis. i really hope it happens though

from the scientific roots of Kabuto's character, i'd guess that it is the body. Also supporting this is Sasuke's earlier claim to have suppressed Orochimaru like Oro had to others. finally, since Kabuto is now on his new goal to use Oro's power to surpass him, it wouldn't make much sense to incorperate Oro's soul so that his body becomes another mere vessel. if that is the case though, it would be another level of his insanity as he is more literally trying to become like Naruto by sealing a stronger force's soul within him to treat as an eternal combatant and force him to get stronger so that he does not lose himself

Gold Knight
June 04, 2007, 07:43 PM
Purple is definitely Team Hebi's favorite color, it seems. xD

Tobi and Deidara's cover was very reminiscent of Kubo's Bleach "kanjized" covers (if you know what I mean.) This is the first time we've seen Kishimoto put any kanji in his covers as part of the artwork (if memory serves me correct.) I wonder if we're going to see similar covers of Itachi & Kisame and AL & Bluelady and/or Zetsu in the future.

I think the more bijuus that the Akatsuki capture, the more resourceful they become in being able to control their "demon statue" even despite all the losses in their ranks. I don't think the AL can really force any of the Akatsuki to stay still - and if they bring back the bijuu, it doesn't hurt them as they'll reap the energies one way or another, anyway. I don't even think it's necessary for a particular Akatsuki to capture a particular bijuu anymore, because if that was true, they'd be screwed as Hidan and/or Kakuzu (who brought back the Two-Tails) are both dead.

The dog not being able to pinpoint Sasuke's scent on Karin was very odd to me. I'd like to believe that it had something to do with Karin's powers, but eh. But yes, I agree that there will be a coming battle between Karin and Sakura in the future, this was just a taste of things to come.

Good observation about Kabuto not really caring about Sasuke. I agree that his appearance was a surprise. I had flashbacks to when Team 7 met Kabuto up on the bridge, pretending to be Sasori, though. I'm a little bit surprised Yamato reacted like he hadn't fought Kabuto and Orochimaru in the past, instead reciting the bingo book in order to condemn him. Why did he even bother?

It wasn't really a big surprise to me that Deidara and Tobi were the ones to meet Sasuke first. Although I do like that Sasuke has to contend with a few Akatsuki first before getting to the main dish, the whole meeting feels like a "filler battle" to push up Sasuke's eventual confrontation with Itachi even further. But on the other hand, it'll be good to see Team Hebi in serious action.

Kabuto's book is probably going to be important in some respect, I'm thinking it will give them the key to defeating at least one Akatsuki - possibly Zetsu.

Finally, I'd just like to say that Kabuto is a nutjob. :amuse

Good review!

June 07, 2007, 11:06 AM
Ah, I just made up a theory on Karin's ability reading some of the reviews. Her powers are probably based on smell or pheromones.

Think about the information we've got. She's been able to "track" Juugo or at least "detect" people. When the dog was looking for Sasuke's smell and it just "dissappeared" I think that its because she can turn off or control the aroma around her. Lastly I think the whole time she was trying to be cute to Sasuke she was also using some ninjutsu but Sasuke could block it.

Crack theory of the weak.

June 07, 2007, 01:40 PM
Well, what about Juugo being in a cell many hallways down from where Karin scans that CS2 Brigade...(Chapter 350). I'd say his pheromones must be potent or she only notices his position as she moves deeper into the base... or she chakra gauges people, picks up some type of chakra sig on targets via psychic wavelengths... or molecular pheromones

Maybe she employs any of the senses as necessary. Some kekkei genkai? We have scent being most likely then--- *ah, your point of Karin's playfully distractive behavior.... it's physical---visual and vocal: Sasuke observes and hears her "advance."

I've given thought to the gig: she's omits filler (CS2 Brigade) and pinpoints her goal (found Juugo)--- The actions may reveal her coy seduction to be a con: if validated, she easily maintains focus and issues diversions to drive others off-course... I think I mentioned this before---yes, Karin most likely exemplifies a red flag/red herring.