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Chapter Sixty-Eight: Destiny Dances as Death Watches

Author’s Notes: Pre-reading
I lie; I am posting it today. Might as well do it now before everything goes crazy for me.

I always wanted to do a title involving the word “dance” but I couldn’t think of the other words. Suddenly, I had this great idea to use alliteration and well, this title is hard to say really fast. Try it and you’ll understand.

There is nothing special in this chapter except the continuation of the battles. I hope you enjoy though and I’m positive that this one is not as long as Chapter Sixty ( http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13075) In fact, it’s only a third of the length :amuse

Once again, ++++++++++++++++++ separates the sub-arcs/battles.


Part One
Stephanie frantically tried to dig her hands into the wall as she fell into the pitfall. If the long trip in the elevator taught her anything, it would be that it would be a long and painful fall. Despite her effort to slow down her descent, she couldn’t get a firm grip. The exorcist stared down, straining her eyes to see her sister who was much further down.

Upon spotting the Akuma, the girl angled her body, quickening her plunge. If she was going to crash, she might as well do as much damage to her enemy as much as possible. As if she was sensing her plan, her twin sent her green ribbons to greet her. Stephanie dodged them and counterattacked with her own until they locked onto their target.

Using her Innocence, she dragged herself closer to her twin and punched her opponent’s stomach. However, due the close proximity, the Akuma was able to strike back resulting in the exorcist get slapping in the face. “Stephanie” laughed as her hand connected to her sister’s face, “Did you really think I would take it without any kind of response? Bitch please!”

The exorcist rubbed her cheek and laughed. “Of course I didn’t. I’m your sister so I didn’t expect less of you.” She slammed her head into the Akuma’s face and kicked her stomach as she pushed herself away. They had reached the critical point and she had to brace herself for the crash. Stephanie encircled her ribbons around her, hoping that she had enough to cushion the fall.

Part Two
:: CRASH :: Despite her best effort, the exorcist still felt impact of the fall. Still, it was better than splattering on the floor. As she got up, Stephanie summoned her ribbons to separate and examined her body. Her hands were bloody from her desperate attempts to stay on the land while she had bruises and cuts from her fight.

She quickly wiped her hands on her uniform and turned her attention to the surroundings. The dusts were slowly clearing up and the sight that awaited her made it difficult for her to breathe. Rotting corpses of Finders and staff members infected with Akuma virus laid on the ground. At that moment, she was grateful that she did not eat any breakfast for she would have thrown up by now. Seeing this was making her recall painful memories that she wanted to repress.

As she leaned again the wall, she reasoned, “Just breathe. Everything will be okay.” After she calmed down, she studied the area in order to locate her sister. The last time she saw the Akuma, she had pushed her opponent against the elevator shaft. Common sense would lead her to believe that her twin would be around that vicinity.

Walking to the area proved to be more of a pain than walking in the male dormitory. Stephanie had to be careful not to step on the bodies of her fallen comrades and the debris from an earlier battle blocked her way to the shaft. When she arrived at the site, she cautiously moved the rubble. Any sound caused her to become more alert and her ribbons were ready for any surprise attack.

Upon removing all the debris, Stephanie was puzzled. The Akuma should have been around the elevator shaft but there was no presence of it. The impact should have injured her twin but where could she have gone?

Part Three
“Looking for me, sister?” came a voice from behind her. Before she could attack, a green ribbon wrapped around her neck and slammed her against the elevator shaft. More ribbons were wrapping around her as the Akuma approached her. “Did you forget that as an Akuma I have abilities that no humans have? Like I can fly? Or the fact that I can’t get hurt or die from a simple fall?”

She tugged at the exorcist’s hair and giggled. “Lady Magier asked me to bring her a rare exorcist doll so she could rub it into Lady Road’s face that she actually obtain and manage to keep one. I offered you as a sufficient toy.” The Akuma turned her sister’s face towards her and whispered in the girl’s ear, “However, I never did promise that what condition I would give you to her.”

She threw her sister into the interior part of the shaft and pushed the elevator button. Stephanie could hear the gears of the machine working and stared above. The elevator was now coming down and if she didn’t react fast, she would be crushed. She turned to her other part who was grinning. “Isn’t it amazing that this elevator is able to work after all this mess? The Black Order is truly amazing with all its technology.”

Stephanie began struggling as she tried to get out of the Akuma’s grip. Her ribbons were tangled with her opponent’s weapons so it would require some time and concentration to get them out. By that time, the elevator would have already arrived. She heard clapping and turned in the sound’s direction. “If you make it out of this bind, maybe I’ll give you to my mistress in one piece. However, I can’t promise you that she’ll treat you well. She does have a habit of breaking things once she’s bored with them.”

As the elevator came closer, Stephanie closed her eyes and began concentrated. She had no choice but to use the only alternative at hand.

Part Four
Magier stared at her brother angrily. How dare he ruin her fun! But more importantly, how dare he claim that he knew her! The Noah still had not released her grip on the Bookman and she still heard his shallow breathing. This deeply upsetted her more but before she could do anything, else she felt someone pry her arms away from her prey.

“Magier dear, I already told you that we can’t kill him. Rough him up, yes. But kill him, no!” scolded Amaterasu as he separated his sister from her opponent. He felt her nails digging into his skin and clenched his teeth. His eyes met her glare and his face turned dark. “Don’t take out your anger on me, brat. Unlike Jacques, I won’t have problem punishing you.” He swung her to the ground hard and watched as she slid until she stopped.

The girl lifted her body off the ground. She was sore from the battle but this rough treatment from her own brother was worse. She wiped the blood off her lips and muttered, “Just because we’re siblings doesn’t mean that I don’t have to kill you.” Amaterasu just stared at her blankly and laughed. “You wouldn’t dare do that. After all, we’re key components in the Duke Millennium’s plan.”

Part Five
He breathed a sigh of relief once he realized that he had successfully knocked some sense into Magier’s head. Today was already stressful enough and the last thing he needed was inner strife within the family. The Noah walked towards the Bookman who was now lying in a sea of his blood. Damn it, he thought. We’ll have to heal him up or else we might lose vital information.

“So what should we do with him?” came a voice that snapped him out of his thoughts. He turned to his sister and demanded, “You’re the one who broke him. Fix him up yourself!” He turned to walk away, mumbling, “Because of you, I’m losing precious time exorcist hunting especially the pretty girls.” Magier rolled her eyes and whispered, “Go ahead and leave. The church is down that hill. Besides unlike you, I’m not stopping my siblings from having fun.”

Part Six
“Greetings Lord Amaterasu, Lady Magier,” said a figure as it approached both the Noah, thus preventing another argument. The Level 5 Akuma was limping towards her masters and Amaterasu decided to stay a bit longer. Usually these models didn’t get hurt that easily so he was curious about what caused this change.

Magier grinned at the Akuma. This meant only one thing—it had successfully completed its mission and she couldn’t wait to hear it. As she pointed to Blade, she demanded, “Where is my doll? I wanted to cut it up right in front of him.” The Akuma raised her bloodstained hands and replied, “She went bye, bye.”

The Noah began to giggle hysterically, frightening her kin who was distancing himself away from her. She began dancing around the Bookman’s body, singing some randomness about how she killed his love. Amaterasu was getting a headache just listening to it and placed his hands on his forehead. As he started to shake his head disapprovingly, he looked up and screamed, “Magier, look out!”

Part Seven
Green ribbons shot out and struck the dancing Noah’s side. Magier turned angrily at the Akuma as she held her waist. The Akuma appeared to be struggling against an unknown force. “Lady Magier…” it began and pointed her finger to the church. The Noah strained her eyes and noticed an exhausted figure, leaning against its wall.

Stephanie was panting as she tried her best to control her sister. She had never tried this attack before so she was grateful that it actually worked. She recalled how she manipulated the threads of her red ribbons into entering those of her twin. Her Innocence stealthily moved along the green ribbons until they came into contact with the Akuma. Then, they infiltrated her enemy’s body until she had complete control of her enemy.

The exorcist was grateful that she managed to master this technique in time. Not only was she able to escape from getting slammed by an elevator but she was able to make it back up in time before that Noah did anything to Blade.

Part Eight
Magier squinted her eyes and smirked as she noticed the tiny red strands connecting the two sisters. I underestimated her, she thought. The entire time I thought she was some fragile exorcist. She turned to the fallen Bookman and mocked, “Usually, it’s the girl who needs the rescuing, not the boy.” She licked her lips and continued, “It looks like you might be able to see me kill your girl.” The Noah tried to pick up her broken sword only to have the Akuma’s ribbons push it further away.

“Akuma! Why aren’t you fighting back,” the Noah screamed angrily. The Akuma shook violently as she pleaded, “I’m trying, Mistress!” “Stephanie” felt her black blood, oozing from the back of her head down her body. The pain and this out of body sensation were unbearable but she was trying desperately to regain control. After that, she would make her sister suffer for what she did.

Magier was getting annoyed at the Akuma. It was clearly obvious that the Akuma was not trying hard enough. The battle with the Bookman and her spat with Amaterasu had clearly taken their toll on her for she was panting heavily as she tried to dodge the green ribbons. However, as she ran past the Akuma, she noticed something that caused her to smile.

Part Nine
The vibrant red ribbons were slowly turning black and could only mean one thing—the Akuma virus was spreading and eventually would infect the Innocence. The irony of the situation was too much for the Noah as she hid before a huge rock. All she needed to do was stay hidden until the opponent released her grasp on the Akuma or became infected. Then she’ll strike.

Stephanie slowly was beginning to feel dizzy and she leaned against the wall for support. This attack was draining a lot of energy and concentration, causing her body to tremble. Get Blade, she commanded her sister. Get him and keep him safe. She eyed the female Noah’s position as she forced her sister to move to the Bookman. Any sudden movement from Magier would result in her getting attack.

Unfortunately, the exorcist was reaching her limit and her vision was slowly getting blurry. Just focus a little bit longer, she commanded her body. As long as she could get Blade and herself away from the situation, it would be okay. Then she sensed it—a poison was moving towards her. Her red ribbons started to wilt as the Akuma virus started turning them black. If the virus reached her Innocence…

Seeing the exorcist’s panicked face, Magier got ready to pounce. She was planning to wait for the Bookman to wake up before she killed the exorcist but she was getting impatient. Perhaps showing her dead body to him instead will be a satisfactory replacement.

Part Ten
Before the Noah could make her move, she felt something hard slam into her body. Stephanie has hit her with the Akuma and crashed them into the only church remains. The exorcist started panting after she had released her ribbons from her sister’s body and the Akuma’s blood sprayed all over her.

She concentrated hard on the rubble where she slammed her opponents, trying to distinguish any movement. A Noah and Level 5 could not be defeated that easily but if that was enough to slow them down, she could live with that. Still another thought plagued her mind. Lione (and the Main Branch) would be having a heart attack after seeing the mess she made. The bill would be worse than the Opalo incident.

The exorcist sprinted to Blade’s location while thinking up a strategy. As long as Blade and she could hide and avoid detection, they might be able to escape. Hopefully, they would be able to catch up with Lione and the others and regroup. But that would depend on if the others were okay.

Upon reaching Blade’s body, Stephanie tried her best not to gasp. She could barely recognize him with all his blood matted to his clothes and hair. How much did he suffer, she pondered as she ran her hand through hair. Still, she needed to get them out of here before that psycho Noah and her sister return.

Part Eleven
As she got up, Stephanie placed her arms under Blade’s and held him close to her. Before the exorcist could move him, she heard some distant running and then felt someone knocking her down to ground. She glanced up at the foreboding figure standing before her and instantly knew from the crosses that he was a Noah.

“You know, I really wanted to go exorcist hunting,” stated Amaterasu as he glanced at his hands. “Who knew that an exorcist would come this way? Usually this would frustrate me since that ruin part of the fun but you’re pretty so I forgive you.” Stephanie started backing away while eyeing Blade’s location. She had heard reports of this Noah from Tabitha and Rinvak but her first encounter with him was more frightening than she could imagine.

Part Twelve
“Are you worried about him?” the Noah asked as he glanced at the Bookman. “If you like to know, I did save his life. To show your gratitude, I would like you to entertain me for a bit. At least try to avoid captivity long enough.” He charged at her but Stephanie barely dodged it. She knew that she had used her body past its limit and that she really didn’t have a chance against him in her current condition. But she couldn’t abandon Blade.

With his back towards her, she sent her ribbons in the Noah’s direction hoping that she had enough strength left to subdue him. Unfortunately, it backfired as he grabbed the ribbons and pulled her towards him. Wrapping her ribbon around her neck and his left arm around her waist, he slowly began tightening his grasp. The exorcist started struggling but this only excited the Noah more.

Amaterasu whispered in her ears, “The more you struggle, the happier I become.” The Noah began to squeeze harder, digging his nails into the girl’s skin. Her yelps filled the air and he felt blood running along his glove. He motioned in Blade’s direction and continued, “Every man has his needs. I wonder if he considers you one of his.” And then, Stephanie’s world turned black.

Part Thirteen
Uriel smirked as he assessed the condition he was in. Part of him wanted to laugh about his predicament but he somehow managed to contain himself. At the moment, he was surrounded by razor sharp feathers in the presence of a vengeful woman—the situation seemed grim. Still, he could not give up hope that easily; after all, he still had a purpose to serve.

“I’m glad that you’re finally resolved to battle seriously, Rin,” he commended. “The last thing I wanted to do is defeat someone who doesn’t have the will to fight.” Upon saying that, he slammed both of his fists to the ground, creating a force that was strong enough to scatter the feathers until they hit the walls.

Rinvak stood her ground, using her wings to protect her from his attack. Several minutes ago, she had made a vow to herself. She would not shed a tear for him nor would she try to reason with him. The boy she knew as Amiti, the boy that she really cared for was a lie and she was determined to destroy her false love. That would be the only way for her to get over him.

Removing her wings, she immediately leapt into the air. Where she once stood now existed as a small crater with a familiar figure kneeling down. His left fist had connected with the floor while his right hand rested on his knee. The Bookman looked up, eyeing the flying angel. The exorcist glared at him though she couldn’t help but wonder what he was planning to do.

Part Fourteen
As he got up from the ground, he straightened himself up and smiled. “Wait! You’re not going to talk to me anymore. I thought that you would be more mature than to give me the silent treatment.” He glanced at Rinvak, causing her to jerk back a bit. She always hated it when he gave her that look. It would make her blush and despite her present anger at him, the look still had some effect on her.

Before she could recover, she felt someone lunge at her, slamming her against the wall. Sharp pain shot up her body as she felt her own feathers that were stuck in the walls entering her body. She let out a scream as she tried to push her opponent off her.

Instead, Uriel held her down and whispered in her ear, “Why are you trying to push me away? I finally got you and that I thought that this would make you happy. Besides, let me at least hold you when you die.” The guardian could tell that the girl was weakening as she began struggling less and her heartbeat was slowing down. Her blood was gradually soaking up her clothes and slowly staining his. He stroked her cheek and admired her pale face. One down, so many to go…

Part Fifteen
Suddenly, he felt something bristle by his cheeks and leapt out of the way before countless numbers of feathers could pierce him. Still, some managed to get him, causing him to cuss. Rinvak’s Innocence was now covering her body, acting like shield.

As she moved away from the wall, the exorcist mumbled, “Amiti, did you really think I would die that easily? For someone who acts like a know-it-all, you don’t know me.” She landed on the floor and leaned against a bookshelf. She had lost a lot of blood but she was positive that she would survive this battle. At least, she hoped to live.

The redhead broke some of the feathers off and threw them aside. The sensations he was feeling right now hurt but they weren’t as painful like the time the Noah stabbed him. He quickly clapped his hands together, aiming the shockwave at the exorcist. The exorcist jumped out of the way but she could still feel the impact as it hit the wall. The ground was shaking and she could now see the interior of the hidden room because of a giant hole.

She heard him clap again and felt pieces of stones falling from above. She quickly crawled away before a huge stone landed on top of her. Rinvak glanced at the Bookman and noticed that he had a crazed look. At this rate, he was going to destroy everything in room even if it meant that he would die.

Experiencing an adrenaline rush, she began running around the exterior of the room, hoping to get Uriel’s attention. Apparently, it worked because she felt the area behind her, getting blasted. The exorcist was approaching the Bookman and she prayed that her plan would work.

Part Sixteen
Before he could send an attack towards, Rinvak leapt into the air and sent a barrage of feathers. Uriel dodged them but he didn’t have time to rest. The exorcist kept assailing him with bombardments so he had to keep moving to avoid getting hit. However, the speed of her attack did not allow him to counter.

However, the next time she sent an attack, the Bookman felt himself falling and quickly grabbed the edge of the cliff. He surveyed his surrounding and realized that he was in the crater that he created earlier. “Damn it! I let myself get caught,” he muttered as he looked down. It appeared like a bottomless pit, growing darker with increasing depth.

The sound of fluttering wings caught his attention and he turned to see Rinvak standing by the edge, staring at him. Her look looked stern yet sympathizing. She appeared formidable despite the obvious fact that the battle had drained a lot out of her physically and emotionally.

“Rin! Help me! I can’t stay dangling along this ledge forever,” pleaded the Bookman as he flashed a pitiful look. It was her weakness; she couldn’t resist it before so why would she resist it now? He reached out his hand for her as he noticed her resolution wavering. She began to kneel down and was leaning towards him, her right hand heading in his direction.

Part Seventeen
The optimism of the Bookman was quickly dashed as he felt his hand getting slapped away. The exorcist now had both of her hands on her knees as she spoke, “No. You betrayed the Black Order, your friends, and your brother for your own selfish reasons. You don’t deserve anyone’s help especially mine.”

She got up and left the helpless Uriel hanging. She quickly turned towards Lione’s direction. Though she could not see the battle clearly, she knew that it was a brutal one. The sounds were overwhelmingly loud and the earth was quaking with each attack.

Rinvak spread her wings and turned towards the ceiling. Even though she wanted to help her leader, she knew that she could not interfere with his fight. Besides, he entrusted her to get help so she had to follow his order. She glanced at the hole and wondered if this would be the last time she would see Lione. The girl quickly admonished herself for thinking such grim thoughts and prepared herself for the next task.

Thanks to Uriel’s destructive nature, he had created an opening to the sky, allowing her to escape. As the exorcist soared through the air, she forced herself not to look down. What was lying there was a façade and not worthy of regret. Still, she could not help herself when she whispered, “Good bye, Amiti.”

Part Eighteen
Upon hearing his opponent’s words, Jacques had to smile. This was the Lione whom he was so eager to battle. The Noah closed his eyes and raised his hands as if he was going to surrender. “Mr. Exorcist, I must say that I am deeply honored that I am one of the select few to see you at your full potential,” he acknowledged. “However, I feel that the difference between us is too great even for someone as capable as you.”

The priest gathered all the water in the air and began to dilute the ink tentacle that was holding him. Once he was released from its grasp, he aimed bursts of water towards his opponent who adeptly dodged them. Even though he was in his most powerful form, Lione knew that he was in no condition to fight. He was still recovering from the hangover and his top priority was to escape with Madeline. The Noah was right after all—the Order had fallen and he had to pick up the pieces. There would be plenty of opportunities to fight Jacques again.

Part Nineteen
Spotting his fallen comrade, he made an attempt to reach her, carefully eyeing the Noah who was across the room. He looked ready to pounce and the exorcist knew that this was the perfect time to make his move. As the branch leader ran in Madeline’s direction, an explosion coming from the library knocked him down. He turned in that direction to see a bloody Rinvak on the ground. Lione cursed himself, hoping that no one in the Order was suffering for his incompetence.

As he lifted himself off the ground, he unexpectedly came face-to-face with Jacques. As the Noah stabbed Lione with a pointed energy blast, the priest taunted, “How many times did I warn you? I am your opponent. You shouldn’t worry about your friends. After all, you’ll be seeing them soon.” The sight of gushing blood was excited the Noah and he began to wonder what would happen if he twisted the weapon just a bit. Would the exorcist scream? Would he beg for his life or to die?

Part Twenty
Instead, Jacques was surprised to hear the exorcist chuckling. Lione was digging his hands into the Noah’s arms like the way his sister did on the walk to Boston. The Noah was puzzled and demanded, “I’ve never seen anyone who seemed to be so delighted to die. What do you think you can accomplish in your current state?”

Lione’s eyes darted to Madeline and glared back at Jacques. He answered, “Agent of the Earl, I deeply apologize if my blood stains your shirt but I’m sure you understand that this is just one of the many consequences of war.” After saying that, he sent his Innocence towards his opponent, successfully hitting him in the abdomen and arms.

The Noah backed away and stumbled to a pillar in order to prevent himself from falling to the ground. The sensation of pain felt weird to him but in a way, it gave him an unusual rush. He stared at his opponent and watched as the ink covered the wound that he had inflicted. The priest stifled his urge to laugh as he wanted for his body to recover. He hadn’t had this much fun in a while.

“You were right to apologize to me, Mr. Exorcist,” Jacques replied as he removed his robe and priest collar. “You know, if you had just accepted your defeat, you would have made your life so much easier.” Gathering all of the electrons in the room into his two hands, the Noah flashed a clownish smile, “I guess I’ll just have to discipline you.”

Author’s Notes: Post-reading
I hope that you enjoyed this chapter and these fight scenes lived up to expectation. I wanted the story to be darker and more suspenseful. Anyway, here are some clarifications:

~ Blade and Stephanie are captured and will somehow live
~ Magier and “Stephanie” are alive. Their bodies (and maybe egos) are bruised.
~ Rinvak did defeat Amiti/Uriel but she’ll have to battle some Akuma once she exits
~ Amiti/Uriel will live but I’ll leave the rescuing up to Raijatsu (I’ve been screwing you over with this and the last chapter; my bad). And yes, he is an @$$hole but that’s why I love him. He fooled everyone including the audience.
~ Lione did get severely wounded; the ink was just bandaging it up, not healing him.

If anyone needs any more clarification, just comment.

I’m taking a break from the story for a bit. Some stuff have come up so and I need to sort them out. I’ll still be around to read the chapters though. Promise :)

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Whee~ I loved this chapter. <D Snooge, your chapters always rock. Out loud! *does that whole llama/rock out symobl with her hands and headbangs XD*

June 12, 2007, 02:56 PM
Sooo coolie! =3 I, also, feel slightly sorry for he-who-was-Amiti but I feel sorrier for Rinvack. And Steph, Blade and Flames. It's really gunna suck to be them. =0

rhapsody blue
June 12, 2007, 08:01 PM
Sooo coolie! =3 I, also, feel slightly sorry for he-who-was-Amiti but I feel sorrier for Rinvack. And Steph, Blade and Flames. It's really gunna suck to be them. =0

I'm glad that people still have feelings for Amiti. Writing a one dimensional bad guy would be boring ^^ I don't know if I want to redeem him though...

ds has made plans for the captured exorcists and if they're what I'm thinking they'll be, all I have to say is, poor, poor exorcists
oh yeah to magier! at the end did you go :nosebleed or :drool

June 12, 2007, 09:36 PM
hmm the only way for Lione to win would be to kill Jaques.....
I don't want to kill him yet, thats something I have in mind for that but thats about 20 chapters away, sorry i'll have to seriously hurt Lione so jaques is shure he is dead :wtf

Anlen Lione could be soo happy together IF this war would be over already

btw do you think the european branch has reached Edo already bc I want to write some dialog concerning this
Sorry... but I'm going to make the entire Noah team retreat (along with the 3 prisoners)
and no the current storyline is BEHIND the original D. Gray Man storyline but u could write something like a foreshadowing for what will happen to the Euro team

rhapsody blue
June 12, 2007, 10:15 PM
I hate to burst your bubble but Raijatsu had already planned and written his chapter which included his battle with Lione. He has been waiting forever to write a fighting chapter and it would make sense that the writer of the character involved in the last unresolved battle would finish it. He even wrote that he was going to save it for Chapter 70 in the Chapter 61 thread as well as others (Info Section, even this chapter thread). Besides, the Noah are winning so why would they retreat?

There are still plenty of ideas to write. There are akumas that are still attacking HQ, the travel from whatever town you're at to Boston, how they saved the exorcists trapped underground, etc.

Please be considerate. Rai is really excited to write his upcoming chapter and it would be unfair to dash his hope.

June 12, 2007, 10:24 PM
then I guess I'll skip writing the Jacques-Lione fight and leave off with a cliff hanger. The Noahs are still retreating tho it'll take a while before they can convery the message to Jacques.

and I already put in all the ideas u mentioned but it's still not enough >> for the 1st MAJOR part. It's going to be uber long so.... >>

rhapsody blue
June 12, 2007, 10:33 PM
ummmm... this isn't a writing contest. quality over quantity, remember ^^

June 12, 2007, 10:40 PM
I'm not competing... It's just I have 3 seperate charatcers to write about...
Zeran has already arrived at Boston (I explain how)
Riena is sidetracked
Lucifel is in Edo so he just might meet Legno

June 13, 2007, 02:03 AM
AZ leave the other noahs the way you want them but Jaques is not going to leave okay? He has some important things to say and to do, you have enough to write with

Zeran,Hei/other Noahs/Lucifel

I need some substance too or this chapter will be quite boring

June 13, 2007, 07:14 AM
I am sure you will do fine with Jaques, Raijatsu. Ganbare, and I am looking forward to your fighting chapter.

@snooge: it was more like :drool ^_^"