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June 21, 2007, 11:28 AM
Okay after AZ chapter i needed to heavily change my plans I still hope all this makes sense ^^
Ameratsu grinned looking at his prey. “It seems to be the first time to go all out. Oh! What a wonderful day!” He pulls his gloves off with his teeth. “It seems to be the first time you morons witness my power” He lunges at Zeran pinning his finger through Zeran’s black shoulder leaving nothing but a cross-mark. “Twelve of them and your arm is gone.” He whispers in Zeran’s ear.
Hey idiot! Common use me! We’ll tore him up together
Zeran was in a pinch. HEAVEN’S GATE Two swords of light flew in IA direction.
But IA simply avoided the swords. And he started another series of attacks against Zeran’s shoulder. “Nii, san, yon, go, roku! Halfway to go for you kiddo!” Quickly Zeran removed the Eye patch.
Even though he is suppressed I can call forth some of Hei’s power. Slowly he adapted IA’s move patter and started to reflect the punches. IA’s own power send him flying. “Fascinating just as Jaques and Magier described it. You’re reflecting the attacks just as I would try to kill myself. But kiddo…” He pulls out a small ball out of his jacket, “don’t you think we would prepare something just in case we would have no other choice but to fight?” He throws the ball before Zerans feet. With a bang it explodes emitting a sharp smelling gas and smoke.
“Shit my eyes! I can’t see a thing! Where is that bastard?” Zeran tries to hit IA with a flurry of attacks but he only hits air. “If you can’t see it you can’t do a thing kiddo. And it seems that demon the others described is sleeping.” IA slowly places his attacks on the shoulder, “Hachi, kyu, ju, ju ichi, ju ni, and last but not least thirteen! Witness the ultimate power of Noah kiddo!” the thirteen crosses on Zeran begin to shine. A sharp pain rushes through him forcing Zeran to kneel on the ground. With a sizzling noise his black arm, the power he thought of as ultimate dissolved into dust leaving the shining innocence hovering in the air. Zeran’s world grows black.
Gabrielle and Michael are watching the battle. “Gabby what do you think is that guy strong? He seems to be really weak, that ink he uses can barely hit Jacques-sama.” Gabrielle looks at Michael with a stern face “He is strong, very strong indeed even a blind idiot would feel that. But somehow he seems to suppress himself. Something keeps him from using some terrible power.” “Then should we help?” “No we’ll die if we get any closer either through his or through Jacques-sama’s hand. Anyway Jacques seems to have the fun of his life. You might learn something there. So keep watching.”

The branch leader tried to keep his consciousness. Shadow Rave was useless, his wounds were closed with ink but how long will he be able to keep that up? And before him stand his worse enemy. “He uses electrical discharges in the distance and his strength in close quarters. I can barely hit him with shadow rave because he uses water to wash the ink away. But he seems exauhsted because his throwing distance shortens. I can’t attack directly but I have a chance if I use my brains.” But before he can think about something the Noah strikes again. With ease he gathers electrons in the right hand and runs towards Lione.

It’s now or never.
Lione barely avoids the thunderbolt. “3 meters distance now.” Shadow spike!
A small piercing shadow goes after Jacques who avoids it until it does not grow anymore.
“Nice try but it seems I’m faster Branch-Leader-san.” Jacques launches another attack combo while Lione stretches the shadows around him. This time he hits. Lione screams in pain and falls back. “He reached one meter of distance. With the next attack it’s settled.”

Shadow Crush!

Jacques looks surprised as he feels the earth shake. It cracks and under his feet shadow threads bind on him pulling him down. Two hands of stone grow attempting to crush him. In a blast the hands draw near him hitting him simultaneous, they explode and burry the Noah.
“Using the shadow and ink to control the environment, swallowing it in the darkness that is my power but as you see the destruction is not worth the victory. I lost to many things that are important to me because of this.”

Lione takes Madeleine and wants to leave the scene. On his way to the startled Guardians his sees a small book on the floor.


“Father what is this?” a small boy asks. “This is my very first bible I translated by myself. It’s my only treasure. No, I think there is something more important to me.” A small tubby man looks into the serene sky “What is it Father?” the boy asks. “The most important thing is something you can’t explain for every one. For me it’s this abbey and every child in the orphanage. Someday you’ll find something so important so there will no sacrifice too much to protect it.” The boy looks at father Francesco. “That means you would sacrifice your life for us?” “Yes, Lione even my life is worth less than a smile on your faces”

Flashback end

“Father Francesco’s bible? But how is this possible?” Lione tries to comprehend this.
“If I were you I’d leave it where you found it. The most important person in my life gave it to me.”
Lione turns around in terror. The pile of rubble is still in place but the voice was unmistakable. Slowly a familiar face appeared in the air. Molecule after molecule combined themselves to the monster Lione hoped he defeated. “I’m sorry but next time you should make it sure to kill instantly. Bones will brake, flesh will be torn but you can’t imprison me.” Jacques rushes towards Lione impaling in the stomach. “You fought well, excorcist but this time I’ll make it certain. Even if you survive it will be a miserable life for you. But in your last moments let me tell you that this attack was not for the fun of it. Thanks to my researches I found the innocence compatible to my guardians.” Lione is shocked and tries to speak:, “F-fa-fal-len” He coughs blood as his sight grows dark he sees Jacques terrible smile: “Fallen? Sorry but that won’t happen I found a method to convert your fake crystal of god making it usable for nearly everyone. Oh and be sure I have a proof for it. There is a man in this world, a demon even worse than me; the “Bringer of Light” can use his innocence thanks to my efford. And he’s not the only one.” Jacques pulls out his arm of Lione.

“Your order has fallen.”
“This is it kiddo. Sorry but now I lost interest since you can’t even hear me. Since Jacques seems oh so afraid of you I guess I should not take you with me. But that innocence will make up for it although it seems dull.” Ameratsu looks at it. Suddenly he has a smile on his face, Oh that’s nice kiddo! It belongs to the “Bringer of Light” not to you! Your not even a full fledged excorcist just someone who plays with one of Jak-kun’s failed experiments!” Ameratsu clothes the hand crushing the innocence. “I wonder what will happen if he hears you lost one of his swords. I’ll leave the other one with you I have no intention to meddle with that maniac.” Ameratsu leaves the scene.

I the distance steps are heard.

Jacques goes to where he things Uriel is. With a quick pull he gets the exhausted Guardian. “Uriel! Congratulation you were able to hold on so long! I seems we are done here. Do you have what you wanted?” Uriel pulls out a small box “Yes Jacques-sama. I left several fake ones all around the headquarter just in case they would search for it. I would like to see their faces when they open on of them.” Uriel giggles in a childish manner. Jacques looks at him with a kind smile and says: “Well, well, but now let’s go we found many interesting things so let’s go. Gabrielle and Michael need help with the carriage.”

In the darkness the Noahs and their companions disappeared.

Lucifer draws closer to his sword. He looks a the bloody but breathing Zeran. “It seems you can’t use my swords properly. You even lost one of them. I should kill you for that!” Lucifer takes the white sword from the ground and points it at Zeran’s thr. “Nah that’s no fun. I’ll just take my sword and let you die like the dog you are. If you should survive you can try to claim it back.”

Lucifer looks to the west and goes away.

“Boss! Boss wake up!” Lione wakes up in a hospital bed. Ying, Tabby and Eny looks at him. “Hey there, how long did I sleep?” “You slept for two days.” Ying answers. Lione tries to remember what happened before he collapsed. “Tell me the status Ying.” Eny answers:
”Casualties are among the finders and the medical staff. There are some civilian victims aswell. Rinvak is awake and has a good recovery rate, Sister Madeleine is okay too. Zeran is in Coma he seems to have lost his innocence to the Noahs. Flames, Stephanie and Blade are now in hostage, and THEY HAVE MY PRECIOUS FERMIUM!” Ying continues because the sobbing Eny is not able to speak: “One of the Noah party is killed I’m currently analyzing their strange weapons.” Lione looks exhausted. “That’s enough for now I need some sleep.” The three leave the room. Ying thinks with a worried face: “ When I found him his ink was wrapped around his body closing his wound. I never heard of anything like that. Such high synchronization it saved him of his own will is at least general level maybe even higher. But how should I tell him..

He will never be able to walk again.”

At a fire a young girl with mauve hair is humming as song. “Belle come hear it’s time for the evening sermon!” Sais Jacques to her, “Today you’ll officially be the fourth Angel Belial.”

So for everyone who need a summary at the end ^^
Raphael is dead
Eny,Tabitha and Ying are fine and currently in charge for the rebuilding
Zeran has lost his innocence and is now in Coma, Riena should be with him by now
Lione is paralyzed and can't move his legs
Flames, stephanie and Blade are with the Noahs
Lucifer goes after Jacques but hasn't reached him yet, he's carrying his white sword

I hope you liked it ^^

rhapsody blue
June 21, 2007, 11:52 AM
OMG, I LOVE IT! :confetti

The ending was especially awesome and I like how you ended it with Ying's quote if you don't consider the epilogue of course.

I will write more later after my class is over.

Great job!

June 21, 2007, 11:59 AM
Wow. =0 Nice chapter. Poor Lione-san! Paralyzed? Ouch. And poor coma!Zeren. Yikes. It really sucks to be the North American Order, huh? Again, good one! Off to write mine. *skips off*

June 21, 2007, 12:51 PM
Oh oh oh oh.......great chapter, Raijatsu...aaaah, Lione xD
Jaques is certainly fearsome.....really.
So, Uriel has the pandora boy and gives it to the Earl (please xD). Anlen need this box.

You'r really fast in writing :worship
Awesome chapter. *_*

June 21, 2007, 01:01 PM
Fast? I needed days XD most of it was done before AZ's chapter and then added the things he wrote (you can see the other stuff was a lot shorter)
Jaques is wounded aswell he would have lost if Lione attacked like that again (molekular dissolve needs most of his power), but I threw a coin and Lione lost XD

June 21, 2007, 01:06 PM
Magier surely will scream when she wakes up and learns that Jaques got injured. Oh, poor Lione. He should really have a bottle of rum with him. Anlen's ultimate medicin for everything

June 21, 2007, 02:18 PM
looks nice

June 21, 2007, 02:20 PM
THis is a fanstory to DGM some of the MH members are writing ^_^.
It includes own invented characters, weapons and so on. Just the basics are from DGM.

rhapsody blue
June 21, 2007, 02:21 PM
Sorry everyone but could someone tell me what this story/manga is ?

I will try my best. ^^

This is a fanmade story of D.Gray-man; it takes place in North America and explains what happens in this region while Allen and co. are off doing their missions.

There is a slight AU to it since there are some people playing as Noahs who have not been introduced in the manga yet.

Hope that helps!

June 21, 2007, 02:47 PM
welcome to our story ^^ basically it goes like this: create a character (it must be a logic one ^^)
write him/her into the story and then go on! :D


here is something I have in eye for the fake pandora boxes XD

June 21, 2007, 02:50 PM
These are...scary...pandora boxes

rhapsody blue
June 21, 2007, 03:02 PM
so i guess that we're going to divide the exorcists trophies now?

anyway, I just got back from class and i just want to say that this is an amazing chapter. my sister called to tell me that it was up and gave me a summary and i was squealing all the way home, anticipating it (yes, I got some weird looks but who cares?)

the battles were so cool particularly ia's since he hasn't been utilized much in the past. he is quite deadly. jacques and lione's battle was amazing and even though i knew the outcome, it was better reading it in action than in a spoiler.

i think ds's next chapter will focus on the torturing of the captured exorcists. expect it to be bloody and painful. he implied that he wanted to write the rescue chapter as well (he already told me his plans) but it won't be till later.

June 21, 2007, 03:23 PM
thanks it's been a hell of work but this was worth it ^^
I'm looking forward to DS since I have no idea what to do with the excorcists all I need is their innocence the rest is dead meat XD
Nah don't worry
btw how did you like my flashback? I thought it would give a nice twist since it will make my special scene very heartbreaking
lione is the one killing Jacques

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June 21, 2007, 03:53 PM
ahhhhhhhhh!!! so cool! i hope that that doesn't happen anytime soon.

some reason when i read how everyone got into the carriage i thought of the piles of lamberts (sp?) or whatever those animals that stack up on each other, changing the gender of the one below it.

wow, my science classes have really gotten to me O_o

June 21, 2007, 05:37 PM
did u misread my chapter????
after Zeran beat Hei his reformed the metal pieces on his right arm into a sword again...
Reread part 7...

June 22, 2007, 02:48 AM
doesnt matter ^^ without arm he can't hold a sword ey?? would you like loosing the head more?