View Full Version : Seinen Honeymoon Salad by Ninomiya Hikaru (v05)

July 24, 2007, 12:52 PM
hi whats up, if anyone can help me get raws from honeymoon salad (seinen) would be great, im planning to use them for personal reasons right know but most likely, in the near future, ill use them in a project. im thinking that this series should be scanlated but im not really sure, anyway thats why im trying to ask for the raws(cause i think they should be somewhere on the net). also if i use them in a project ill give full credit. the quality of the project would also depend on the quality of the raws but im planning to do some HQ editing so it wont be low quality at all. well anyway its just a thought, right know i just want them to see them and maybe translated them (im studing japanese but i still have a long way to go).