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rhapsody blue
September 06, 2007, 02:43 PM
Hey guys! I really wish I could submit this chapter under the deathshadow name. I don't want Amaterasu to do anything to Stephanie :tear

Sorry this won't be so long but I based most of this chapter on the feeling of growing up, maybe you'll get it or maybe you won't but I think I made it kind of obvious


Flames was aching while still struggling to comprehend the mere fact that he was alive. Jacques the Noah leader in the North American territories had plunged the lance of the ancients deep into his chest and then shocked him putting him into a sensory overload that put him out into a sleep that was sure to be death. Now groping around in the darkness of his cage he wasn't so sure he was alive.

Maybe this is death... he pondered, but after kicking the cage to test his theory he quickly came to the conclusion that he wasn't.

He held onto the bars tightly just for a little contact to know that he was alive. This form of torture the Noah had inflicted on him was horrendous just by the violation of his body through unconsented surgery, but the psychological torture it was inflicting was deep and primal. The need for touch was an essential need at every human’s core, and deep from within his soul he could feel the loneliness permeating throughout his entire being.

He reached down and padded his one of his hands on the floor searching for the discarded Innocence that Jacques had thrown aside next to, what he thought was, a lifeless corpse. His fingers grazed the pole of the spear and he extended his fingers pulling the pole towards him. Slowly it inched closer until it was finally in his grasp. Holding the spear he didn't feel the usual spark of the Innocence through his veins, he twirled it about a bit but still no spark. Then holding tightly onto the cage and spear he maneuvered himself around the cage feeling for the lock. When he came about the entrance he gave it a little pressure and the door flew open throwing Flames out into the middle of nothing.

The opacity of the surrounding darkness was as solid as the bars he had held moments ago. Fear was welling up inside him, never had he acted in this manner. His whole life he was used as a weapon of war in disputes between tribes seeing battle after battle he was well acquainted with the face of death and even as an exorcist he's witnessed things that stirred fear, but never fear in the way he was receiving now. Just being separated from the hard cold bars of his cage made part of him want to run back to them in fear of what lies in wait in the dark the other part felt like he had to escape or else he might die here in the dark and alone. He stood up slowly his legs realized just how much he had depended on those bars because his legs were struggling to hold his weight. He made a step forward and stumbled onto a wall and the room light up. He turned to catch a glimpse of a small spark of electricity between his fingertip and the switch and it then disappeared, leaving the lights on.

With the room now exposed for what it was, he didn’t feel as fearful as he did before. He turned around and picked up his spear and investigated the room. He looked around and the room was bare except for the cage and an operating table nearby. The table was stained with blood of which Flames could only deduce was that of his own. Lycanthropy was activating and his sense of smell was sharpening he could smell the blood of 10 other people on the table, he could only send out a prayer for their departed souls.

He left the room carrying his spear and walked down a long hallway, it led to another room which was filled with bloody uniforms and its walls were lined with surgical materials, it seemed as though the crude tools in the room behind were used as another form of torture. Resigned Flames found another door that lead into an empty room. It was just a dark room with absolutely nothing. Flames backtracked and found another door in the room with the bloody uniforms. He walked through it and he felt a tingle on his skin, and lights flickered on revealing a hallway surrounded by glass.
The hallway was long and it had a door on the other end so Flames proceeded. As he walked he observed the aquatic life because it was a wonderful view. As he continued along the undersea corridor he heard a pounding, and he turned around wary of enemies. That’s when he noticed a huge fish banging against the window. His gaze was transfixed on the creature because he was sure of the fact that it wasn’t a fish.

“Eeeeexooooorciiist, I could smell that nasty Innocence before but now I know where the stink has come from.” The thing said through the glass.

Flames realized at once that this fish like creature was no fish but an oversized akuma that was about attack. He began to move as fast as his legs could take him to the door on the other end of the hallway but the fish just head butted the glass sending thousands of gallons of water into the tube which swept Flames off his feet and slammed him into the door he was running to. The fish akuma swam into the tube swiftly and snatched Flames in his jaws, and smashing back out of the glass. The akuma was moving through the water at an incredible speed but his werewolf innocence had been activated and he was beginning to use his arms and legs to force the creatures’ mouth wide open, but the akuma’s jaws were incredibly strong beginning to shatter the bones in Flames arms. Flames then noticed a soft glow form the back of the creatures throat and before he realized what was going on he was shot out of the akumas mouth so hard and fast that from the bottom of the lake he was breaking the surface in a matter of seconds and then slapping the surface of the water where he floated lifelessly. The akuma wasn’t finished yet its spiked tail wrapped around his leg and pulled him under. Flame eyes had trouble seeing under the water and he felt something swimming and then all of a sudden he heard the akumas throaty voice.

“Exorcist, you disappoint me” He took his tail and swiped it across one of Flames eyes. “I was looking forward to a battle but your just…cold fish” The akuma couldn’t help but stop and chuckle at his little joke and then he took his tail and slid it slowly this time across Flames chest reopening the wound that had healed but as soon as he finished a shot of electricity shot through Flames, as it hit the water it was conducted throughout and it killed the akuma. Flames eyes began to close as his body floated weightlessly in the water his body rising at a snail pace, his blood clouding the water. He didn’t have to worry about other predators in the lake for the akuma could have killed them already or if he had extended grace on the creature that blast of electricity sure killed everything in the lake. Then Flames broke the surface his lungs gasping for air. He tried to swim to shore but his arms were broken so he just sat there lying until.

“Oh my god!”

September 07, 2007, 01:40 PM
Cool chapter. Thanks for explaining how Flames got out. I should have done that in my chapter.

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September 07, 2007, 04:07 PM
yes! finally i can post without worrying about an "automerged doublepost".

great chapter! it's nice to know that our favorite werewolf suffered psychological damage in addition to the physical ones that jacques and his followers made him endure. so does flame have his innocence still? or has jacques already corrupted it?

Cool chapter. Thanks for explaining how Flames got out. I should have done that in my chapter.

don't worry about it. we're a group of writers after all and we got each other's back :amuse

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finally back and traveling is over for this year ^___^

great chapter :)
more Flames more fun

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I love the chapter. It explains Flame's escape in good details.
I guess he has sometihng like two Innocences: A werewolf one and the Innocence in his spear. But Jacque corrupted the one in the spear so that it's almost of no use for Flames, I guess.

I love the description of the surgery-like room, especially since I love such rooms.
It almost feels like Jacque is way more creepier and crueler than Magier when it comes to torturing.

rhapsody blue
September 09, 2007, 10:46 AM
I guess he has sometihng liek two Innocences: A werewolf one and the Innocence in his spear. But Jacque corrupted the one in the spear so that it's almost of no use for Flames, I guess.

i thought jacques merged them together in the last chapter. i wish ds didn't get banned now so it would be easier for him to answer -_-;

anyway, i have a question: should i place this chapter before kcampy or leave it be? it makes sense chronologically but should we keep it in order of how we wrote it?

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Hm~~ I dunno, just let it this way for the time being ^^

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I think it should go before my chapter. It would make more sense chronologically. T_T Sorry again for messing it up.

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don't be so hard on yourself, kcampy. everyone makes mistake and this isn't that serious.

ds, if you're reading this, do you want to claim a chapter?

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Thanks snoogen.