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September 10, 2007, 05:14 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm Blank. I read mangahelpers and use it as my source for everything Naruto but I haven't ever really felt the need to post. However, one my beloved Naruto fixes seems to be lacking these days - Reviews. So I figured I might do one to share my insight or just give others something to do ^_^.

So without further ado:

Chapter 368


Thanks of course goto Kylara for the raw, HisshouBuraiKen for the translation, and cheeky for the work on the mangamonkey scanslation that I am using.


1. It seems interesting that Karin notices the feathers. When I first noticed the bird on Itachi's shoulder (which has always been closely tied to his genjutsu), I assumed Sasuke was already under Itachi's genjutsu. The fact that Karin can see the feathers strikes me as odd. Either Itachi is still there, actively executing the genjutsu or his disapearing act was a ninjutsu. An alternative could be a lingering area of effect for the genjutsu, but this seems unlikely.


2. Something that has been obvious for some time, but I thought I might point it out. The fact that these two work so well together is a definative indicator that they function as a team. This, of course, reaffirms the notion that Zetsu works alone, or with himself as it were.


3. The fact that their headbands share the same akatsuki markings seems significant. We've seen missing nin before and they don't share this headband trait (the exception being Sasuke's symbolic headband). From the conversation they obviously belong to Pein's faction in the civil war. Logically this means it can be asumed that the slash through the headband is inherently unique to Pein, which also makes me think that Akatsuki was in fact his in the founding. His prior speech fits. Where Madara comes into play? Who knows at this point, but he seems to have been and external factor that came about later.


4. Jiraiya truly is a master of his frog contract. It was nice to see some insight into his information-gathering skills. Anything Jiraiya is always amusing. Not much to observe here, just an awesome use of corny humor (feathers and bad Japanese puns).

Rating: Well I don't actually believe in giving ratings. Most of us are hardcore Naruto freaks and will read the chapter anyway. To assign a numeric value to the quality of each chapter seems unfair considering they are all pieces to the puzzle. Some chapters have to be slower and some less significant.

Thats about all the specifics I can pull out of that chapter. Thanks for reading ^_^

Edit: b/c of mass fireworks plugins & safety stuff the post didn't go through the first time -> should be fixed

September 10, 2007, 06:30 AM
Awesome Observations ;)

I really love it that you've done this! I hope you'll do it regularly from now on :)

September 10, 2007, 06:48 AM
Agreed, Sarmad.

Glad you see Itachi's crow involving jutsu as a probable Ninjutsu, BLANKedOut. You actually reinforce my inklings all along--->I believe it's a type of Bunshin.

September 10, 2007, 07:09 AM
First of all thank you for writing a review. Like yourself, and probably most others that used to frequent GK-sama's comments, I sorely missed reviews too, but unlike yourself, I was too lazy to write one. Your observation of the feathers was rather insightful. I did not pick up on that When I read the chapter.
There is however, one point I disagree with; I am pretty sure the horizontal slash across the forehead protectors is a sign that the wearer is a missing nin. Every ninja villain, from Zabuza all the way until Pein, has it. The reason, I think, these cannon fodder ninja have it too would be that they betrayed their village when Pein took it over, that I have to agree with.

Anyway, once again, thank you so much for writing a review.

September 10, 2007, 07:48 AM
You know, considering how well attuned Karin seems to be with chakra, maybe she was just seeing the residual chakra left by Itachi's genjutsu?

September 10, 2007, 09:15 AM
In the form of feathers... I like this stab at the theory, but Itachi did not look into Sasuke's eyes before the bird was present---the bird was originally there. Feels like an accent of Itachi's new Bunshin style---then there's the fact the jutsu was used before on Naruto, how did Itachi jump from Genjutsu fade-out to another Genjutsu in the cave... where is he? A clone seems to be involved somewhere, and if one was with Naruto, it's probably granted that another was with Sasuke.

And why would Sasuke fight a genjutsu? He should be able to see through them.

September 10, 2007, 11:47 PM
Thanks guys! I'll try to be a good replier like GK always was.

@ Sarmad: I appreciate the support. I'll try to do some regularly, depends on how much a chapter has to offer. Recently it has been a lot and there are many generalized patterns that seem to be coming to their end. Expect more from me - defiantly =).

@ ornis: I like your bunshin theory. That is actually the what I was thinking as a second possibility to genjutsu ever since Itachi's encounter with Naruto. Then again, any clone of Itachi is bound to have genjutsu (not that he needs it). Just to play devil's advocate: the eye contact wasn't shown but it doesn't necessarily have to be eye contact, or for that matter, even shown for it to be a plausible explanation, considering the nature of genjutsu. If it wasnt for the fact of the bird, I would pin it as ninjutsu. The bird could be, as you possibly implied, a represenation of Itachi's unique clone technique. But, I'm not ready to relinquish my bird / genjutsu association when it comes to Itachi just yet. In the end its probably both, genjutsu with a ninjutsu clone; still is weird that the Karin noticed the feathers though. You're right, Sasuke should have been able to see through genjutsu, then again shouldn't he be able to see through ninjutsu too? Itachi's intimate knowledge of the sharingan seems to be helping him in this department.

edit: I rechecked. Sasuke didn't have his Sharingan activated when he first encountered Itachi, therefor he was already put under genjutsu before he was able to see through it (making the bird on Itachi's shoulder a very clear indication of the genjutsu). Also the clone that encountered Naruto seemed to be just a shadow clone, however to stay within Itachi's style it tends to exit via birds that are probably a form of minor genjutsu (we have seen others exit with leafs, sand, etc).

@ kiddo7: Ya, sharing my thoughts with people online (and not just locally) is actually quite interesting. I do however have to be redundant here by disagreeing with your disagreement of my statement. I stand by my claim that the slash through the forehead protector seems to be unique to Pein (proof below).


@ biotech_vertigo: That is actually quite a clever explanation that I didn't seem to consider, but there is a reason is didn't cross my mind. In the frames themselves, the feathers are drawn in, even when the rest of Hebi approaches. This in concurrence with a character (albeit Karin) verbally referencing them defiantly indicates that it was Kishi's intention to make it clear that the feathers are tangible to the group. Karin is good at sensing chakra, but to see the visual of a dissipating genjutsu would be something.

September 11, 2007, 09:36 AM
Finally another reviewer!
And a good one, too. Your thoughts are good and interesting and i hope we will ehar more from you soon.
Keep up the work plZ!

September 12, 2007, 05:38 AM
Nice review ^^

There is however, one point I disagree with; I am pretty sure the horizontal slash across the forehead protectors is a sign that the wearer is a missing nin. Every ninja villain, from Zabuza all the way until Pein, has it. The reason, I think, these cannon fodder ninja have it too would be that they betrayed their village when Pein took it over, that I have to agree with.
I agree with kidoo.

Why Zabuza hadn't? Maybe kishi didn't figure it out back then. It's said, that kishi told, that if he would, he would do some re-done of the first arc.

Basically I think it's what kiddo said. Even if scratch means shinobi who btreayed his/her village and fled, it can also mean in this concept a Pein soldiers: for example his men in Rain Village had scratches on protectors, and Hanzou's not :p

September 12, 2007, 06:26 AM
hey dood thanks for the review, i've actually missed these
quite abit especially considering that the manga has picked up in
these past couple of months. i was actually almost at the pont where
i was gonna make one myself but im a pretty big procastinator so
im glad someone else got it done ahead of me.

about the actual chapter itself though, im surprised that you didnt delve
into konans ability abit more though is guess while its obviously useful
and ehh... pretty?? i guess it doesnt really evoke the same sentiments
as a giant fireball or something. also while as a whole i quite enjoyed the
chapter im find the 17 pages thing is really starting to seem way too short
especially with the extremely descriptive action of this chapter.

anyways thanks again

September 12, 2007, 07:10 AM
@ Helltroll: Thanks man. Yea, count on more reviews in the future ;).

@ juUnior: ^_^ back. But, your point is substantial, therefor I shall substantially reply


You couldn't ask for a more recent chapter. In the chapter it is stated that Deidara has left his village and is little more than a terrorist. No doubt, he would have been a high ranking missing-nin in the bingo book. Despite all this, his headband remains free of slashes. =D. The scratch is exclusive to Pein, or so it seems thus far.

@ ophidial: I defiantly feel you on the 17 pages getting shorter deal. About the depth of the review, well I chose things that seemed out of place or new in this chapter (expect the last comment..which was just my love for everything Jiraiya emerging). Next time I write a review I might cover more bases.

September 13, 2007, 06:56 PM

Pervy Sage and your review is awesome. Keep it up. :thumbs