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September 16, 2007, 09:33 AM
2 hours earlier.
Jacques looked at the exorcist in front of him. The girl was hurt.
Both physically and mentally and now he decided to kill her soul forever.
“I decided to give you your innocence back my dear lady. With it I give you the opportunity to join me.”
He put the shiny cube on his lips and kissed it and suddenly it became dull and unsettling.
“I gave it my special charm. With it it will be a lot more powerful
but if you ever intend to betray me the outcome will be the same as with the poor Suman Dark.”
With a smile Jacques left the tent the innocence was now again in the ribbons as if it never left.
But instead of the flashy pink colour the ribbons turned pitch black.

Again the situation turned worse. Luck was never really on their side but this time it really screwed with all of them.
“Everyone! Don’t even think of fighting. Run from him. Madeline create a barrier.”
Lyra said to her team mates.
A Blue barrier erected between the exorcists and the Noah.
Jacques smiled and tried a swift strike against the blue cube in front of him.
To his surprise it bends a bit but it did not shatter.
“I changed its state. It changes the direction of the enemies power.
He can’t destroy it and or walk around it. Let’s run now.”
“We can’t just run away again we lost that munchkin already!
Lets get inside the camp and start our diversion plan.
Belle put something on fire now! Then show us where the captives are.”
Belle took her baton and started chanting.
“Innocence activate! Foxfire!”

Dozens of small fire foxes shot of the baton’s tip and ran through the camp.
Screams and explosions of burning Akuma’s where heard.
“The woman is in the tent in front of us.
Ameratsu-sama should be bathing now so the there is no one in it except her.
The bookman’s cell was not on my patrol so I don’t know where it is.
The wolfman was about 2 miles north of here on an island in a small lake”,
Belle tried to talk while they where running through the camp.
Slowly she ran out of breath and slowed down and need Madeline’s help to keep up.

The tent was like an oven.
Stephanie tried to take a glimpse out of the tent but Ameratsu,
out of an unexplainable whim, tied her on his bed to “get used to his bed sheets” as he explained it.
Fermium rested on her chest and its weight made breathing harder as it already was.
Suddenly the tent opening flew open and suddenly the barely clothed Steph was surrounded by Madeline,
and unknown pink haired exorcist and one of the Noah’s companions.

“We need to get her of the bed and then run north.
Could someone put the cat in a basket or something? Munchkin will kill us if we leave it here” said Lyra and began untying the girl.
Comforted by the finders Stephanie began leaving the tent that gave her some of the worst nightmares.
The tent where her wish to give peace to a certain someone moved forever out of her reach.

I hope the chapter was worth the waiting. To purify the ribbons again Steph needs to meet Hevlaska btw

rhapsody blue
September 16, 2007, 09:48 AM
hehe! i feel special because i'm the first post and i got a spoiler beforehand :D

i really like the title and how jacques wanted to "destroy her soul." my big question is what would happen if stephanie uses the ribbons in the state that they're in right now? would she become corrupted or will they not "listen" to her?

really good chapter. don't forgot to claim another one ^^

September 16, 2007, 09:56 AM
oh, suspense is arising and I am the one who has to continue this hunting :yelling
Meeeh, I will try my best. Good chapter, Rai, and I agree with snooge about the title and the way Jacques treats things like this. He's so cruel. My, the cruelest of all and he is a PRIEST. A PRIEST!? O_O

September 16, 2007, 10:02 AM
She can use it normally but sooner or later
she would become a fallen being like Suman Dark in the mange if she would use it against a Noah or Akuma too often it's the same for Belle or Uriel and their corrupted innocense.

Oh Magier chan ^^ Don't forget he was more or less only acting all the time because he liked long speeches and truly believes the Noahs are god true apostles. Maybe white Jacues would have become a normal priest but we'll never know since his black side is pretty messed up :D