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September 27, 2007, 01:36 PM
Welcome to my Lite version of my observations. I apologize for the wait. But first things first, thanks to Kylara (of course for the excellent raws), Manga Share and Blud for the scan and Hisshouburaiken for the translation.

I realize that this is coming out about the time the new chapter is, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway, ^_^.


1. Prey and Predator and then Predator again

Hurray! Again with seemingly biblical reference between the Hawk and the Serpent here. While this may appear to be my first comment, it is deceiving. It did this last, but with my new time restrictions I can’t put out as much information as I want. So, for now I will choose not to include my observations on this matter because I had no time to finish them.

2. Karin Gifted, Suigetsu Expirienced?


Karin, master of chakra-sensing that she is, failed to recognize the chakra pattern of kage bunshins. She went so far as to describe the predicament in a baffled manner. Not only did she not recognize it, her lack of knowledge was reaffirmed by her response when the kage bunshin dissipated.

Suigetsu on the other hand (at least after seeing it dissipate), knew exactly what it was. His character is veiled behind a mysterious past. I am anxious to see how much interaction he has had with particular parties within the Ninja community.

Despite Karin’s talents she seems to be lacking in experience. The kage bunshin jutsu, despite being banned (in Leaf) and probably being quite rare, has been seen used by numerous Shinobi (Naruto, Kakashi, Sandaime, Konohamaru, and even that Rock Nin in KG). Her lack of experience with kage bunshins is understandable, but being highly proficient in chakra-sensing, one is expected to know the finer details of chakra. She is gifted, but lacking even the rudimentary understanding of kage bunshins, which indicates that she lacks experience and has thrived off her innate abilities. She has always struck me as the weakest fighter in Hebi. Her apparent lack of knowledge of particular ninja tactics (not necessarily information, e.g. orochimaru) will definitely surface in some manner during future battles.

3. Three Thrifty Thoughts Through The Trio


Ok let’s see here (and for lack of substantial or, rather, sizable amounts of material here, this is more of a half comical artistic observation):

A) Juugo – here with his ‘oh’ face again. Wait, no, that’s not the one. It appears to be the same cool and scary style associated with his darker half. This does not necessarily have any profound foreshadowing. In fact, I highly doubt that he will go all sadistic in the next chapter. It is just nice to see his character portrayed so sinisterly.

B) Sasuke, eating too many brownies are we? Enough said on that, deduce what your will from it, most simple explanations lean towards nothing significant. It’s just cool to look at a chubby Sasuke.

C) Something about her posture strikes me as odd, un-ninjalike one might say. There is nothing I really want to pinpoint here, but again, Karin stands out as the weak link from an aesthetic standpoint. While there is little to substantiate this point, there is fairly nothing to disprove it unless you consider her glasses menacing. Overall though, placing little importance on her representation here would be the safe path. Trying to induce the mentality of an artist through his/her work is a shoddy thing at best. I just wanted to provide something to read =).

3. Perfectly Perpetuated Plot Pragmatism Perfection


Yay for plot continuity! Funny, I mentioned Ibiki in last chapter’s review but I didn’t really think that Jiraiya would use him as a resource. Jiraiya’s style and allotted time required a practical, yet not instantly lethal method; ergo Ibiki is perfect for achieving his applicable goals.

4. Perceptive Paper Cuts


Konan’s ability was able to detect Jiraiya without seeing his undisguised self (poor Jiraiya, his disguise was a total wash, he should have stuck with the mustache). She might be another chakra-sensing specialist of sorts or (if we are to believe she has a past with Jiraiya), something about Jiraiya could have been familiar and blown his cover.

5. A Lover, Fighter, Student, and Body-snatcher


Sorry for the brevity of the following comments:

Obviously, the fact that Pein refers to Jiraiya as Sensei implies that Jiraiya taught Pein in some capacity at some point in time. It could be one of a few scenarios. Because of time constraints (>_<), I will go over just two. One, Pein was a refugee or foreign ally that was granted the privilege to train under one of the Sannin, likely at an early age. Two, Pein was the third member of the team under Jiraiya. Granted, the picture (which shows Jiraiya’s team including Minato) looks nothing like him, but considering he is a body switcher – who knows. The first body seen in the shadows is at least his more permanent vessel because he has been seen throughout all the Akatsuki interactions in it. Eh, oh well; Three, an old Leaf underling that also trained under Jiraiya. The second and first are the most reasonable and the second seems most likely despite the lack of resemblance. Konan seems to match the second teammate and unless Pein was just a random Ninja friend that also trained under Jiraiya, he is probably the third.

Addressing the Pein’s new body -> It is defiantly an clone. The need to store it indicates that it is either a biological clone, but to be less incongruous with the plot a better theory is that the clone is a special clone that requires storage to maintain the unique chakra principles that they contain. Either way, they are real bodies not too dissimilar to kage bunshins (but without the same properties). The fact that it appears to be Deidara’s body doesn’t surprise me. Pein has recruited him for his ability (via proxy of sasori) and has commented on the nature of Deidara’s ability before. It does interest me that he switched bodies after first detecting the disruption. What led him to make the change? I wonder.

Pein mentions that he no longer holds any love for Jiraiya; this strongly implies that he did at one point have an emotional attacment to him. Konan also has intimate knowledge of Jiraiya’s techinuqes. Even without elaborating, it can be deduced that Pein and Konan were both students of Jiraiya at some point. Pein seems more likely from the translation and less likey from the picture of Jiraiya’s old team. The opposite applies to Konan.

I ran out of time before this next chapter. I figured I would post what I had of my review and shorten the rest. I will be back on later to answer any replys (I'll make the time damnit!).

September 27, 2007, 03:50 PM
Only one thing to say;
I loved how you nailed the involvement of Ibiki in your last review. And I also beleive the both konan and pein are former students of jiraiya.

Tha Uchiha
September 27, 2007, 11:31 PM
As for Karin, she just relies too much on the chakra sensing ability, we know that Naruto has perfected the bushin technique, he can disperse his chakra evenly. Sasuke is well aware of Naruto's trademark move and knew it was a bushin. After seeing it go "poof" Suigetsu could tell it was a shadow clone. Well that's just my two cents, anyways nice observations, it was again a pleasure to read!

September 28, 2007, 11:21 AM
Finally! I've been waiting on this review. And once again you came through and didn't disappoint. First things first, I applaud your seemingly impetuous use of alliteration, purely poetic. Ok, moving right along, I agree with your analysis of Karin, although she's good for measurement and detection of chakra, she seems largely inexperienced and ignorant toward more of the basics. Like you said, Kage Bushin is a 'forbidden jutsu' but that jutsu sure enjoys some widespread usage in the Naruto universe. It's by the far the most used 'forbidden jutsu' in the series.

Congrats on being dead on with the Ibiki reference last time, you've set the bar quite high with your prediction and reviewing ability, please don't disappoint...(no pressure lol)

Naruto does a great job of maintaining continuity, it's an integral part of the series. I love when minor details escape our memory only to return and prove major at a later time.

I understand that members of Akatsuki are automatically super villainous and super powerful based on the reputation of the organization, and I'm also aware that it's still early on, but I'm not impressed Konan's "abilities" at all. Clearly we've not seen much of them, but this origami jutsu isn't doing it for me. I don't think Jiraiya will have a difficult time with Konan at all.

It's also interesting to note that Konan and Pain are most likely Jiraiya's former students. It also appears that Konan has an apprehension towards engaging Jiraiya in combat either because of his abilities, or because of their former teacher-student relationship, or maybe even a combination. Jiraiya seems some what enthused upon seeing her again, commenting about her growing into 'one hell of a woman."

I can't wait to see this next fight. Finally more of Jiraiya's techniques will be revealed, and Konan now has an opportunity to impress me.

September 28, 2007, 05:06 PM
@ kiddo7: I didn’t quite nail it per se =/. His name came to mind being the forerunner in interrogation; I wasn’t too far off about his involvement =P. Thanks for the support. I’m sure you’ve seen this, but the spoilers address the ladder part of your comment. It’s too soon to discuss this outside the spoiler thread but I just though I’d ambiguously mention it to provide some type of response =).

@ Tha Uchiha: I can’t deduce if Suigetsu recognized the kage bunshins from the initial description (my guess would be yes), but you’re right; he defiantly recognized them after the “poof”. Karin, however, did not recognize them even after the “poof”, which was the last nail in the coffin for me that proved she was inexperienced in some aspects. By the way, your avatar amuses me ^_^.

@ GM83: Ah, yes, someone noticed my amusingly articulated alliterations (is the irony there too corny?). It doesn’t surprise me that it was you that first posted on them - perspicacity indeed.

Again, the fact that I brought up Ibiki was just because it best fit the circumstance that would perpetuate the plot’s pragmatic nature. When I mentioned him I wasn’t so optimistic as to presume we would actually see him. I was pleasantly surprised.

This is true, retaining a generic infallibility, continuity, and interconnectivity are all key in dynamically amazing series.

Konan appears to be a two part Ninja: one part chakra detection specialist (like Karin) and the other specialty (her origami is almost defiantly ninjustu but I wouldn’t rule out genjutsu entirely, just yet). Using this perspective, I predict she will be a Ninja that the ordinary level Ninja would fall before instantly because of her unique jutsu. Kakuzu stuck me as the same way. I am inclined to believe that a Ninja such as Jiraiya won’t have too much difficulty with her.

Jiraiya fighting at without a disability – that will prove to be a most excellent fight indeed.

September 29, 2007, 08:53 AM
Perfectly Perpetuated Plot Pragmatism Perfection

Pissah! That's some good stuff man.

Like everyone's said, nice call on Ibiki.

Also, I think you could be right about Karin. Her acutal field experience is probably lacking, especially if she's been hanging around one of Orochimaru's hideouts for who knows how long. However, I could see Naruto's kage bunshin style throwing her for a loop, since not many people could pull off such a large quantity of clones. To Karin, it must have seemed like her chakra sensing radar screen was flipping out.

Your analysis of the team hebi image was damm interesting too.

September 29, 2007, 02:32 PM
@ MadDog: Thanks man. You have a valid point that pure quantity of kage bunshins could have been disconcerting and could have possibly fooled Karin. I would be tempted to believe this, but the difference between one clone and one thousand should all hold the same properties. Even if it was a trick (something I assume would be hard to mimic to a good chakra detector), when it went "poof" she still didn't recognize it. So, your point it good and it may have confused her either way, but she still seems to lack experience with the kage bunshins.

Yea, team Hebi is a very interesting setup. Most of them are not skill bread, but rather the result of some heritery or experimental techniques that raise them to a certain caliber of Ninja. I consider them more as tools of Sasuke rather than actual fighters with the exception of Suigetsu. He is the only one not bound to Sasuke for apparent reasons. Autonomy, loyalty, and slight defiance, in addition to his own agenda all are part of his repertoire. What this means for the future is hard to say. He could be Sasuke's greatest ally or quickest defector.