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October 21, 2007, 08:27 PM
Perspiration gathered at the brows of the exorcists; these battles are for their lives not their pride. Great difficulties are in store for exorcists who choose fight rather than flight… at least that’s the theory…

Chapter 89 - Wide Eyed Terror

Eny ran through the forest, her uniform tearing on branches as she fled from the pursuit of the demon called Noah. She was moving but her pursuer was catching up to her she could hear the crunching of fallen leaves under his boots and could hear the soft humming of his throat.
That bastard is trying to psyche me out, she thought then as she was running a branch whipped in her face scratching her across her cheek.
Eny could feel the fear rising in her gullet in the form of bile. The acid rose but she swallowed it back down, it leaving a very bad taste in her mouth. The humming was intensifying and the tune he was humming was a children’s tune which sent a definite chill up Eny’s spine. If she was caught she was done for. Her hands began to tremble and her knees began to get weak as her genius brain came up with all the possibilities that can happen to her if she were to get caught. Her mind wandered back to the tent where she encountered the Noah, the room of which was filled with the pungent odor of sweat…and something else. Her veins went cold at the thought and her body stopped paralyzed and she fell to her knees, her eyes widening as she heard the crunching of footsteps stop behind her. A gloved hand reached down and stroked her cheek.
“Oh, it’s so soft.”
Eny swatted his hand away tears pouring from her vacant eyes.
“Oh your still fighting huh? I thought that maybe you would have given up hope…” he leaned down and whispered into her ear “especially since I turned your precious kitten into DUST!”

Eny began panting loudly at his words. She could feel a shrill cry at the bottom of her throat just waiting to escape. Her eyes widening she clutched her chest and let it go.
Her scream would never be heard.

Flames was running at top speed, his reflexes and senses felt like they were sharpened to a razor edge. He leapt up escaping an exploding hail of arrows sent to him by Michael.
I need to lure him away from Blade
He could feel the tamed wolf in his soul, it was awful. It seemed as though the Innocence he had always possessed wasn’t quite the same. The feeling of his wolf innocence was wild and it howled whenever it entered battle. It caused the blood to curdle in many akuma and he was sure it had been weakened. He moved away swiftly as another hail of arrows created a crater in the ground he was just occupying. He landed on a rock and he slipped on its surface causing him to fall and smack his head on the rock sending intense pain to his brain he clutched his head tightly, but as he looked up he noticed the gently arc of the arrows embedded with dark matter as they reached their crescendo. He rolled to the side but was still caught in the impact the earth crumbled beneath the density of the arrows each arrow destroying the earth. The ground turning black as the dark matter seeped out of it.
“Have you given up Wolf?” the voice said hidden in the forest “Have you realized that I’ve just been playing around with you?” he began laughing as it became apparent that Flames was being toyed with.
Flames leapt to his feet running this time with the intent of preserving his life not luring him away.
“Scared huh? I can tell because I can see the look of fear in your eyes. I wonder how long you can last in my forest….hehehehahahAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
Flames heard the laughter and as he ran the feeling of fear began to cloud his brain.

The ground cracked beneath Madeline, her ethereal shield sinking into the cracked earth.
“What is this Uriel?” Madeline shouted through the loud cracking causing her to lose her to fall to her knees causing her barrier to dissipate.
Uriel took his chance and charged his glove and leapt to attack Madeline in her blind spot, but when he hit his shockwave hit an ethereal wall sending the shockwaves of his attack everywhere causing the ground to crumble and trees to shatter. Madeline looked into the face of the traitor and the gem on her ring turned red capturing Uriel.
Madeline turned to the captured Uriel suspended in mid-air inside a translucent red box. “How do you feel now? Being the one who’s trapped and feeling helpless?” Madeline’s ring glowed softly and the square shrunk in size. “Do you like the feeling you little bitch! Because you ruined my church, I’ve had nothing but problems! It is time for you to pay the Price.”
Uriel looked at the nun, letting her believe she had the upper hand then he charged the dark matter gloves with energy at hit the square with full force causing it to explode and scatter sending Madeline flying into a tree. He moved with an evil aura towards Madeline’s lying form. With one hand Uriel picked up Madeline and shook her violently to consciousness.
As her eyes peeled open she saw that she was in the grips of the bastard Uriel and he was charging his fists, the very same one which he used to destroyed her powerful barrier. Her eyes widened in fear as he reached his fist back and let go.

The pink haired nymph squared off against the demonic school girl. Each staring one another down aware that each were formidable.
An explosion was heard in the distance and it cued the women to start their onslaught on one another. Magier lifted her sword, it wasn’t Xero but it would be enough against this exorcist bitch, she is going to pay for making me bleed. She swung the sword down cracking the ground as she missed Lyra who leaped into the air ready to impale the Noah. She flipped backwards the blade on the spear narrowly missing her throat cut open her shirt revealing some of her midriff. “Ha! Exorcist that was good now let me try!”
Magier lifter her sword once again in defense and struck at Lyra with snake-like speed and accuracy. Lyra was barely able to keep up with her movements making it hard for her to retaliate. Magier continued the relentless onslaught.
Lyra eventually began to read the movements and found an opening and parried one of Magier’s strikes to the side and began twirling her spear in a rapid motion a smile spreading across her face as the tip of her spear was beginning to glow a bright yellow. “Noah, this is the first time I’ve actually had a chance to fight one of you, make it memorable!” She said as she whipped her spear around Magier’s eyes having a hard time following it and she slammed the tip of it down on Magier’s shoulder sending her to her knees and she whipped her spear around her waist and had it slap her across the face. While Magier was still shocked from the pain Lyra jumped back and shot her charged energy bolt causing the ground to shake. A grin on her face she felt elated, the NA branch has taken out its first Noah.
The smoke cleared and far away from the crater where the energy blast struck was Magier. Her right eye was a dark blue and when Lyra looked into the eye she was paralyzed with fear. Magier appeared behind Lyra and she could hear a tune that reminded her of childhood and then it all faded black.

Belle was sad of the action she had committed but resolved herself that it was the right thing, now Gabrielle might find happiness.
All of a sudden a complete aura of evil engulfed Belle causing her to shiver in fear. “Don’t worry my child.” said the dark figure “I’m sure Gabrielle would love the company…in hell” Jacques clutched her shoulder tightly.
Belial gasped she forgot about Jacques. It was because Gabrielle had a grudge against her that Jacques had let her fight her by herself. He had let her out of the chokehold and let them fight each other. Now It was her and the leader and he was lightyears away from Gabrielle in strength.

Stephanie felt an increase in her strength just what she needed to help balance the playing field against her evil twin. The countless encounters with her sister have been pretty unbalanced, but now she felt that finally this encounter might actually be more even and now she has a boost. Her weapon wasn’t right though, the gift from Jacques was needed. The thing is she already decided to use it but will it effect her use of innocence?

This is actually just for the authors on the site it. Eny will be aided by Daniel and Zane will be helping out Lyra. I left hints that there will be help.
Eny's scream would never be heard- cause Daniel has used his Sound Seal and Lyra hears a little tune from her childhood and everything goes dark. Zane is using Crying 3 on both of the girls. Hopefully you liked it.

October 22, 2007, 04:44 AM
Wow, the exorcists are really in fear, huh?
Awesome writing style, DS. I love this chapter of yours. You could clearly feel the exorcist's fear, how they cling to their life. I just wonder how I shall get them all to the camp....
I guess my chapter has to get longer than I thought, haha. :amuse

October 22, 2007, 01:36 PM
wow... this is just an awesome chapter DS.
I look forward to the counter attack ^^

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Ooo, cool. =3 Nice chapter, I love the hopelessness of it all, it's rather chilling.

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yessssssssssss... i can finally post without that "automerged double post" function annoying me.

i really liked this chapter since it built up the suspense. it's just a typical manga chapter - last one made it seem like the black order was going to win, but this one has it that the noahs have the advantage. nice ^^d

what makes this also nice is the fact that your "author's notes" was what i had in mind and was hoping kcampy or magier would write about in their coming chapters. so thanks for reading my mind, bff

ds, let me know if you want another chapter

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I am confused. Do Zane and Daniel travel with Rinvak? I think so, ne?
Because this would be perfect for my chapter.

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I am confused. Do Zane and Daniel travel with Rinvak? I think so, ne?
Because this would be perfect for my chapter.

Yep, they did. :)

Thanks ^^