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October 26, 2007, 10:57 PM
Phew! That was awesome.

Back in the start of Septemper, I stopped reading Bleach completely. I was tired of going through the repetetive cycle of spoiler hoarding, weak chapters, and bitching about Kubo's degradation on a weekly basis. Memories of Nobody was the fever pitch; Madhouse captured the magic of Bleach in an extended filler, when the actual chapters didn't. So I swore off the manga altogether.

An hour ago, I downloaded everything from 291 to 297, this week's chapter.

It was SO much better. At least 100 times better. The main problem I had with the series was the lack of density in individual releases; reading it as a whole volume straight through eliminated that problem. Seeing everything play out in one sitting, after 2 months without a single glance, was cathartic--vindictive even.

I got to see Neliel in action, the entirety of Neliel and Noritora's backstory, all of Dondochakka and Pesshe's skills, Tesla's release, and Zaraki's re-appearance this week in one go. Not only that, but we FINALLY got updates on Chad and Rukia slipped in there, something I've been whining about since last spring. It was actually fun to read, and much more satisfying. I feel genuinely satiated.

So yeah, I'm not reading this series weekly anymore. It works much better volume by volume. And I'll probably be doing the same for every other weekly I'm following (One Piece, Naruto, and Hajime no Ippo), since I've been blah about those for a while.

To those of you who kept at it every week: how have you felt about the arc since the Nel revelation? I haven't looked at any discussion threads on any forums, so I'm completely out of the loop.

October 27, 2007, 12:25 AM
My post in the discussion thread was my first in the Bleach forums here for quite a while. Bleach and Naruto have felt stagnate to me for a while now, for opposite reasons. However, I've been watching Bleach a bit closer ever since Nell transformed, and from then up until this chapter, the series is definitely picking up. With glimpses of Rukia and Chad, followed by Zaraki's appearance, I think I'm finally begining to see the light at the end of this arc's tunnel.

Anyway, reading lump sums of manga is soooooo much more gratifying than the long, painful weekly reading (even moreso for FMA, which is monthly). Also, to me, 296 was an amazing chapter. The reason? I didn't touch the spoilers whatsoever. When Nell changed back, I swear I almost died. :P

Oh, and good to see you among the living. Lol.

October 27, 2007, 08:19 AM
For me I almost stopped reading bleach during Ichigo's fight with Grimjaw. I thought is was really lame how ulquiora was "defeated" so easily and I did not like Ichigo embracing his "dark side" so openly without any visible consequence (unlike many others). But I have stayed with it and actually liked the latest episodes more and more. But then I have always been kind of easy to please in this regard.

October 27, 2007, 10:53 AM
I'm glad to see something from you gigantor! I am glad that seeing it on a volume by volume basis is more pleasing than on a weekly basis. I have enjoyed it every week for the most part, but I am also somewhat of an optimist. I will have a few thoughts posted on this week's release if I can find time in between research and a take home exam (damn you grad school!).

I enjoyed Neliel's release, and it made sense to me as to why she was a centaur-like creature, as I explained in my thoughts on last week's chapter.

I have a few thoughts as to the Kenpachi appearance, but I shall save those for my quick review.

October 27, 2007, 01:01 PM
Thanks, guys.

Quartz - I haven't been so satisfied with a runthrough of Bleach since Ichigo-Byakuya III. And that's where I first caught up with Japan. It was SO worth the wait--I can't imagine doing this, or any SJ series for that matter, on a weekly basis again. Even in light of the fact that, as you said, the chapters have been very good since then.

Kiddo7 - That was the main reason I gave up on it, too. After having to slog through that, we got a twist that most of the forum had anticipated since Nel was introduced. It just didn't seem worth prowling here and clawing for spoilers after that--and it ended up being much better because I didn't.

Kakashi - I think seeing the whole Nel-Noritora fight at once put each individual chapter in perspective.

I could see myself complaining about something almost every single week: at 291, that Noritora obviously wasn't down for the count: at 292 and 293, that the fight was barely covered; at 295, that her Fraccion could really fight; and 296, that she changed back in the same chapter that she released, and that Noritora didn't release himself.

But since I read it all at once, I got a much better sense of what Kubo was planning on doing, and there was no time for any ill-placed grievances to fester. That was the main reason it read so much better, I think.

In regards to my posting here; it'll probably be commentary on 7-8 chapter bunches from now on. So I'm not going to hang around here again until the end of December. I'll fall back once 298 comes out.

October 27, 2007, 10:47 PM
In regards to my posting here; it'll probably be commentary on 7-8 chapter bunches from now on. So I'm not going to hang around here again until the end of December. I'll fall back once 298 comes out.

Hey, whatever works for you. It reads better, so all you have to do is avoid Bleach like the plague until then. It works better as you care less. Mid-July to late September I was in a heavy Naruto phase, so Bleach seemed to run faster and better since I was hardly anticipating it at all.

October 28, 2007, 12:34 AM
^ You know what the funny thing about that is?

I can't remember what it was like NOT being on the RAW grind. I've been doing it with Bleach for nearly 3 years now, and started with Naruto 2 years before that; at this point, it's routine. I've gone on hiatus with other series, but it's the first time I'll do it with ALL the weeklies I'm following regularly. I want to see if it'll work out as well with the others.

As to doing a formal review for this time, I don't know. I've basically said what I want to say here.

And thanks.