View Full Version : My first clean

November 02, 2007, 01:57 PM
For now, I did it with paint & gimp. And it seems all I did was whiten some greys and blacken dark spots. Am I cleaning correctly?

The font used is Times New Roman. So it doesn't seem mangaish. Can anyone recommend a proper font?
http://imagenerd.com/thumbnails/th_tsubasa-wy-vol01-page-0051BlSz.jpg (http://imagenerd.com/show.php?_img=tsubasa-wy-vol01-page-0051BlSz.jpg)
http://imagenerd.com/thumbnails/th_scanlationaEHM.jpg (http://imagenerd.com/show.php?_img=scanlationaEHM.jpg)

November 05, 2007, 04:57 PM
Hi...looking for some fonts? Try blambot.com, dafont.com

You can also find fonts here: http://www.unblessed.net/guide/main.html, where I got my first font, Wild words :) - You should read thru this guide esp about how to deal with gutters, leveling and typesetting. After you learn the basics about scanlation, you should redo your first clean and post it up for comments again. I'm sure you can get better feedback at that time. :D

Good luck~