View Full Version : Nightmare Luffy

November 05, 2007, 08:28 AM
This is a stroke of genius from Oda turning luffy up to the max without using any of his current skills.
Now i know that we wont see this form for very long but i was just wondering what people think its going to be like for the few chapters we are going to see it what are we expecting and such.

Another point i was wondering about which is along the same lines is that seeing as luffy can hold these shadows in his body does that also mean that Moria could put shadows in himself to build up his abilities for the battle to come ?

November 05, 2007, 05:30 PM
I think N-M-Luffy is just much stronger, a little bit bigger and more dead-looking than the normal Luffy. I guess we might see him very soon. In the chapter of this week or in the following chapter I guess. The three of them might not be able to fight against "rubber"-Oz for a long time. But we might see N-M-Luffy in the end of one of those chapters so save their asses.
And I think Moria should be able to boost himself...maybe he is able to keep many shadows inside of him without a time limit. Then he could perhaps insert Robin's shadow....
Recently I thought about Moria's "real" body. I thought that he might be just a small person who somehow was able to grow physically. Maybe due to some shadows he "ate" or he can just stretch his shadow permanently. And you know that the body has to follow his shadow (I was always surprised about his long throat XD).
I would love it if they beat up Moria and Oz. Then Moria shrinks to his normal size and everybody just gawp at him thinking that they were almost destroyed by a dwarf and an idiot.