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November 17, 2007, 01:23 AM
As a mega-fan, I thought I'd open up this thread.

This is a great series. It's my favorite genre, and favorite category in that genre (locked room mysteries). I like to think I'm even responsible for turning the once-sketchy Wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kindaichi_Case_Files) into what it is today. I love it! Feel free to discuss why you love it too!

As a mystery fan, I thought I'd start off by giving my opinions of the ones I've read or seen. I'll use spoiler tags to hide my review section so this post isn't too long, but you may feel free to click this first spoiler tag without being, well, spoiled! After that, though, it's at your own risk! (I put in my possibly-spoilery comments in spoiler tags in each section so those who feel inclined can read just the ones they've already read - I'll try not to be too direct even then, though)

1) Opera House Murders: The one that started it all. Pretty good job of setting the tone of what goes on later. I liked that Kenmochi is immediately a fan after this first encounter. The impossibilities were only average, and it could've used more clues pointing to the killer, but the one they did have was good and practical. 8/10

2) Mummy's Curse: Nice and gruesome. The key clue pointing to the killer was a bit of a stretch, but the "locked chapel" solution was neat, and itself a clue. Had a few twists I didn't expect. 8/10

3) Death TV: VERY nice solution to the main impossible crime; I was impressed at its cleverness... or at least use of obscure Japanese history. One of the clues was a little too obvious for my tastes, but overall I was very impressed. 9/10

4) Smoke and Mirrors: One of the few I solved completely: killer and method, although not all of the reasoning behind the motive. Not horribly difficult - just right, I think, for the average reader (ie not mystery freaks like myself). A different take on the "taking revenge for someone else's past carelessness or greed" motive, and thus refreshing. Clever of the translators to work a clue into the title. 9/10

5) Treasure Isle: Not too bad. Feels kinda blah, though, story and crime-wise, although the killer's identity and methods are interesting, not to mention being one of the first and only male killers to not die. The impossible crime wasn't bad, but not stellar either. 6/10

6) Legend of Lake Hiren: No real impossible crime here, so I was disappointed. However, I can't BELIEVE I didn't catch on to the key clue until the very end! It's so obvious in retrospect that I was slapping my forehead the entire time! I guess that's a benefit in working with Japanese character names. I'm also sure it was a lot harder in Japanese too, for obvious reasons. Still, not a bad story - feels better than Treasure Isle. 7.5/10

7) Santa Slayings: Interesting story. Someone else told me they felt the killer was a little too "obvious," but I'm not entirely sure I agree. I myself had to figure out the method to figure out the culprit, and even then I didn't catch on to the motive and such. The close-to-home death was surprising. Funny to see Kindaichi pick up more fans among the police. 8/10

8) No Noose is Good Noose: Okay, I must confess: I fell for not one, but TWO major red herrings that completely blinded me to the killer's identity, despite circumstances that should've told me otherwise. The key clue - the motive clue - was kinda specialized, which I don't like. The fact that everything hinges on the motive clue was weak too. Otherwise, pretty average fare. 7/10

9) The Headless Samurai: Nice and creepy, especially given the fearful atmosphere by the villagers involved and the assholery of a particular suspect. The locked room solution is cunningly hidden. Still, this continues a pattern that appears off and on throughout the series of the killer being the person who calls Kindaichi in, which is something I wish they'd lean less on. 8/10

10) Kindaichi the Killer: I hated that this was split into two volumes - it was unnecessary and jarring to my efforts to figure things out (which I didn't). The introduction of a key supporting character was pretty funny, I'll admit. Nice use of "The Fugitive" style suspense. I suppose the key clue was KINDA fair, though I didn't like that you had to basically squint to figure it out. 8/10

11) Playing the Fool: Very average. The "locked room" was disappointing, and the atmosphere never really got that charged, although the unusual point of view that they used for a good deal of this tale was interesting. No spoilers here, which tells you a bit about my regard for this one. 6.5/10

12) House of Wax: Why couldn't TokyoPop put the crime scene map somewhere other than right in the middle (or was it near the end) of the volume, WITHOUT page numbers? It led me to look at something I shouldn't have! :( Even then, though, both major clues and "locked room" weren't that well executed, though the solution to the latter wasn't bad at all. Plus, it gets a point for the Columbo reference. 6/10

13) The Gentleman Thief: Not too bad, after the last two, although there's a MAJOR error in the "impossible murder" execution that the author didn't realize, and never addressed, which punctures things a bit. And I can't believe they brought back Takato, but not yet the Gentleman Thief! Though maybe that's in the works... Average all around, but hurt by the error. 6.75/10

14) Graveyard Isle: Nice atmosphere, somewhat weak impossible murder that I was able to figure out fairly easily. Unlike Smoke and Mirrors, there's a big clue in Japanese not converted into English, which shows TokyoPop's reduced effort (along with the map placement in House of Wax). I disapprove, though that's not the fault of anyone on the Japanese side of the manga. Still, an improvement over the last few volumes. 7.5/10

15) The Magical Express: Sadly, the special nature of the killer led to an entry in Wikipedia about him, spoiling his identity. Thus, I didn't read this one as closely as I should've. Still, the use of stage magic was effective (even if the "impossible" was a little too easy - an unfortunate habit of both Kanari-san and Amagi-san is to make the clues a little TOO apparent near the end, for those "slower" readers. :) It does harm things in my eyes, though. 7.5/10

Skipping a bit...

16) The Forest of Cerberus: I first saw the TV series version on YouTube, then the scanlation of the manga right from this very site. Each has their good and bad points. The killer being a previously introduced character who was innocent AND the subject of a red herring was very well done; though the TV show replaced an original character, they did a good job at equalling the emotional impact. The TV show was also better for us non-Japanese speakers; non-Japanese speakers sadly won't be able to figure out the key clue. Oh, and a TOMATO IS A FRUIT!!! On its own, very atmospheric, though the TV show obviously does a somewhat better job with it, and not just because they had live action - I liked their version of the ending sequence better than the manga's. 6.75/10 manga, 7.5/10 TV.

17) The Murderer from the Silver Screen: Another scanlation from right here. Sadly, a disappointment - both killer and method were too easy for my tastes, plus only three suspects is too few, IMO. I accidentally skipped ahead in the scanlation, though I'm not sure I wouldn't have figured it out anyway - like I said, too easy. :( 5.5/10

18) The Plot of Russian Dolls: Saw the TV version of YouTube only, which cuts a suspect, if the bit of the (non-translated and more faithful) anime version is an indication. Not a bad story, and a clever locked room solution. Their use of a major supporting character is nice, though the impact is greater if you've already read/seen The Forest of Cerberus - if not, you might not take that suspect seriously. Still, a clever puzzle. 7.75/10 TV.

19) The Legendary Vampire Murders: Seen only the TV movie special adaptation. Apart from casting it as Kindaichi's first case, it just FEELS faithful, especially since they probably didn't skimp on the number of suspects. Very nice "impossible" puzzles, although certain coincidences and the evidence that pushes the killer over the edge to confess are kinda weak. Still, a strong effort. 8.5/10 TV.


I'd like to see more fans speak up! Maybe together we can see more of the New Cases that TokyoPop refuses to give us! At the very least we can put some good discussion into the series, which search tells me hasn't happened on this board in a long while!

Join us!

December 15, 2007, 11:50 PM
I really like this series and to be honest I like it better than Detective Conan but people can't be bothered scanlating or subbing anything kindaichi-like lately. If I could get a hold of some raws for wither the manga or the anime I'll try translate them even though my japanese isn't that good. Unfortunately it's quite hard to get a hold of things.

In fact as a mystery lover, I love this series!!!

December 23, 2007, 11:12 AM
i know were u can get Detective Academy Q scas if want.

May 08, 2008, 08:04 PM
Apologies if it was wrong of me to "resurrect" this thread, but I wanted to continue with my reviews from my first post.

20) The Undying Butterflies: Not a bad story. If the reader uses the Internet to look up something that the writer draws attention to in a rather obvious way, it's fairly easy to break the killer's alibi. The reference back to a previous story is pretty neat - it added a lot to the story that wouldn't have been there otherwise. Still suffers from the "LOOK! HERE'S THE IMPORTANT CLUE!" syndrome I mentioned in a previous review. Nevertheless, a pretty good entry. 8/10

Also, I found out that TokyoPop, in some VERY recent sources, implies that there will be 27 volumes of Kindaichi! That covers the entire second series as well! I suppose it's too much to ask for to hope that they have the third series, considering they said they'd not even have the second. And it's still uncertain whether this bit of news is just an error. But still, there's hope!

(Someone in a blog suggested that fans make a push, if necessary, to make Kindaichi one of TokyoPop's online mangas. I'd be willing to do that if need be!)

One more issue: it seems that one of the Kindaichi stories borrowed heavily (in terms of solution) from a highly popular Japanese mystery novel of the late Eighties. Is this a common thing? It's not technically stealing, but I feel uncomfortable with it, if only for the obvious reason that I don't like finding out the solution to TWO mysteries by reading just one!

Sherlock Holmes
May 10, 2008, 08:46 PM
I love Kindaichi as well! I'm a BIG,BIG MYSTERY LOVER!

Too bad they only subbed like 14 episodes of the series, but I'm so buying the manga right now!

Kindaichi is one of the only good mystery mangas out there. Detective Conan is other good one. Detective Academy Q is awesome too, but it is also not getting scanlated anymore...Does anyone know any other mystery manga?

December 30, 2008, 03:31 AM
I'm hoping that since I resurrected once, I can do it again.

I recently discovered a place I could purchase Kindaichi in Japanese. However, I don't have a scanner. Would there be any value to buying them anyway, as potential raws in the future?

Also, anyone know for sure whether TokyoPop's officially dropped the title or not?

December 30, 2008, 07:07 AM
Kindaichi's actually one of those rare series that is available as a bilingual edition, published by Kodansha. They're worth looking out for. I saw them in Singapore's Kinokuniya this past weekend.

And I don't think that Tokyopop has dropped it; it's just that they do entire story arcs in one volume, so they may take a little longer to release.

December 30, 2008, 08:09 PM
Yeah, I've been looking for the bilingual editions, but I haven't found any yet. How far in do they go? I assume all the way through the series, since I know they've done really recent stories in that form too?

As for the potential raws, I just realized that if I scan them, I'd have to "read them," and I'd see who the killer is before I could understand the story. I don't think I want to do that. :(

December 31, 2008, 07:00 AM
Ah, sorry, the bilingual editions only go up to Amakusa Treasure Hunt (Treasure Isle in TokyoPop I think?) so far. With the English licensor so far ahead already, Kodansha may see no point in continuing the bilingual releases.

January 03, 2009, 04:02 PM
need help....
i'am a fans of kindaichi files comic, where can i gets this scanlated version???

January 03, 2009, 05:20 PM
Uhm, uhm... let me merge your post with the Kindaichi thread first >.>

The manga is only scanlated up to chapter 3. Maybe someone else knows more about getting access to the bilingual version? This manga is on my wishlist since a long time as well.

January 03, 2009, 08:34 PM
From what I've been able to find out, Tokyopop is the furthest ahead of anybody.

As for getting the bilingual editions, you should be able to order them through Kinokuniya, but as I mentioned, they only have six volumes out so far... they keep reprinting them so they may show 2007 publishing dates, but the last new one actually came out in 1998, I think.

January 07, 2009, 06:51 AM
I think I can find some1 to translate them if there's RAW's, because she is a fan of this series!

Yep she does it if there's the raws of this... LINK (http://www.silkbook.com/search_result.asp?SearchOption=3&SearchText=%A4%D1%BE%F0%A9%BA%A4Y%A1B%A6%F5%C3%C3%A4%E5%A4%5D)

January 08, 2009, 05:46 AM
So are there any scanlations of kindaichi?

February 12, 2009, 02:39 AM
Yes, but not much that TokyoPop hasn't done already; all I've seen (online, at least) are the first two volumes of the New Kindaichi restart.

I really want to know what'll happen, and what CAN happen, now that TokyoPop's apparently abandoned it.

February 14, 2009, 01:31 AM
I was told DCTP is going to sub the anime and I am working on the manga personally. also for you DAQ fans i am working on it, AGN is not defunct, the cleaner is on hiatus

Sherlock Holmes
February 14, 2009, 10:43 PM
I was told DCTP is going to sub the anime and I am working on the manga personally. also for you DAQ fans i am working on it, AGN is not defunct, the cleaner is on hiatus

DCTP is subbing the anime? You are working on the manga? AGN is not dead?

Wow. It's like good news, after good news.
AND, besides all those good news, I have one more good news.
I'm saving a bunch of money switching to Geico! *gets shot for lame joke*

July 03, 2009, 05:17 PM
episode 14 -16 will soon be done by kindaichi academy works

Sherlock Holmes
July 04, 2009, 09:23 PM
YAY! That's great news!

August 10, 2009, 01:10 AM
I just (very belatedly!) found out about TokyoPop dropping the titles again :(

Back in 2005 when we first thought the series had been discontinued at TokyoPop, my friends and I hastily pieced together The Kindaichi Project (http://www.momichi.net/kindaichi) to try to garner some interest in the series. Then we found out we were wrong and I gleefully abandoned it for new ToykoPop releases instead.

But with this news, we're going to make a second effort to do some scanlations so hopefully it can get some more promotion in the online community! We'd be starting off with the short cases first because we're absolute amateurs and are only doing this because we love the series so much and want to share it with others. This (http://community.livejournal.com/kindaichifans/9911.html) is an example of what we can do and we'd mostly be translating from the Chinese volumes.

Please let me know what you think of this plan and whether you have any tips/suggestions to share since we're all very new to this process!

August 10, 2009, 01:20 PM
I approve, please do it :clap

I would really love to read this series. It's one of those I can't read because it's too long (and therefor too expensive to import), though, I know you won't do the licensed volumes. But from the few chapters I've read from older scanlations, it's such a shame that this series is so little known compared to other detective series. It is really good.

August 10, 2009, 09:08 PM
I approve, please do it :clap

It's one of those I can't read because it's too long (and therefor too expensive to import), though, I know you won't do the licensed volumes.

Aww, I completely understand your situation! I was trying to avoid ordering them online to save on shipping as well and so it took me nearly a year to collect the volumes available from TokyoPop. But yeah, I'm uncomfortable with uploading their translations and it'd feel silly to do it over again because their localization of the series was mostly excellent! So I do apologize and I hope you can find them someday at an affordable price while these shorts tide you over :D

August 25, 2009, 03:41 AM
Komi: I actually found your site sometime ago and was back then very sad that there were nothing released. I am very happy your trying to resurrect the project now. Glad I still have been checking, whether this would happen.

I have bought every Kindaichi that I have got my hands of, but a few volumes cost way too much (you see what I mean by looking for Amazon prices). For the very reason, I haven't bought some used volumes, which unfortunately cannot be found as a new anymore (it's out-of-stock everywhere), so I guess I won't be reading those. Maybe you will reconsider releasing the hard to get volumes when TOKYOPOP's license expires and they decide to give up? Don't know when that will be though. But at the moment, I feel it's great that your doing new cases. Waiting for the first complete manga release. Good luck with the project!

By the way, almost every Kindaichi manga volume is already available as a raw, if that knowledge helps anything. Then there would be no need to scan them twice.

August 29, 2009, 10:35 AM
Hi Batanen!

I'm just curious which volumes/cases it is that are considered "rare"? I think I've pretty much managed to get the entire collection myself, whether it's in Japanese or Chinese, though I would love to get my hands on one of Kodansha's bilingual manga! (http://www.amazon.com/New-Kindaichi-Files-Treasure-bilingual/dp/4770026706/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1251559810&sr=8-24) If it's the TokyoPop releases you're talking about, however, then that will have to be something we'll consider far in the future because I don't wish to undermine their work. I'm really sorry that you can't find them for a decent price though!

Oh, and thank you very much for the hint about the Raws and the good luck wishes! I think I've managed to find Raws of everything except the short cases, which I've been having to scan the Chinese versions of. I wish I could promise a speedy release date, but my translators are all good friends of mine who are indulging me in between their busy lives. Hopefully I will have one case to release for you soon!


Sherlock Holmes
August 29, 2009, 06:06 PM
Don't worry about speed. Us mystery fans are a patient bunch, haha. Thanks for doing this, we all love Kindaichi.


September 05, 2009, 07:23 AM
Hi Komi!

Well for the ones who live in the USA or maybe in Canada it may not be that difficult to get all at reasonable price. A few weeks ago I saw an Amazon offer which had the volumes I am still missing. Price would have been about 7-10$ each, but the international Amazon shipping cost made the total too much. Shipping would have been 12,49$ x 3 and it was not possible to combine the shipping cost even though the mangas were all from the same seller. When I got interested in Kindaichi, I should have waited a good package offer. Now buying manga one by one is too much for my wallet.

At the moment my country only offers volumes 5, 6, 13, 16, 17. When those are sold out, there won't be anymore Kindaichi. I also have been using Bookdepository.co.uk (http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/). They mainly offer the recent last two volumes. In addition, Bookdepository is selling some Kindaichi volumes at the price of 17 euros. Publisher is said to be Paw Prints, who is that?

I think the first six and the last two are easiest to find at a good price. I would say, especially the volumes 9-12 are the most difficult to obtain. Luckily, I bought the volumes 10-11 when the local online shop had those. Actually, I got the last pieces.

I know about Kodansha's bilingual manga. Those are also rather expensive as you pointed out and nowdays even more difficult to get. However, I have the first four volumes. I bought those because I thought they had a new story as it's named The New Kindaichi, but in the end it's the same story as in TOKYOPOPs manga. Here is a few images I took (sorry for the quality, can take a better if needed):

* Cover & Back (http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/5416/bilingualkindaichi.jpg)
* An example panel (http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/3083/kindaichitext.jpg)

I am very fond of these. However, I would rather read the new cases of Kindaichi. So, if you're interested in exchange and have volumes I am missing, I could negotiate about exchanging. You probably can get TOKYOPOPs editions back easier than I. PM me if you're interested and I give you my MSN/email address or I could directly contact your email if you let me have it.

September 09, 2009, 11:30 PM
Well, since all Kodansha titles are no longer available on MangaHelpers, I thought I'd post here to let anyone interested know that we've got the first chapter of one of the short stories up on our website!


Hopefully we'll have the conclusion chapter up fairly soon!

September 19, 2009, 09:21 PM
I know that there is a bit of talk about kodansha usa coming soon possibly doing some manga so, who knows kodansha might save the day. yes episodes 14-16 are coming we ran into a lot of different problems. good news is that we currently have 4 translators for the anime so I hope we will not run into the problem of no japanese translator again for a long time.

November 28, 2009, 12:58 PM
it is coming we have up to episode 20 translated.

September 03, 2012, 07:39 AM
So are there any scanlations of kindaichi?

If you have a Apple IPhone, you may want to download from the AppStore.
Just search for 金田一. There the full case series and short series. It's free too!

February 01, 2013, 09:36 PM
yeah one of the best manga mystery... atleast not KnKF find their time translating this series on both manga ang anime. Only 29 episodes are sub perfectly but from 30 to 54 bad translation, bad quality but still you can understand the story well for me. :)